Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday Top Eight: It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

This weekend I had the esteemed privilege of visiting the real "Carousel of Progress" (inspiration for my "Carousel of Progress" blog segment), now located permanently in Tomorrowland, Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida. Howevs, my so-called friends didn't exactly grasp the glory of this laid-back journey into innovations past -- post-Carousel, Cait wouldn't even look at me and Natalie used it against me later when she wanted to ride this lame-o car thing. Believe it or not, this silence/blackmail treatment was a much more promising response than the group reaction to "The American Experience" at Epcot (also my idea -- I sort of go crazy at Disney, like I fully had maps and itineraries and stuff, which made everyone's heads explode), which I thought they'd never forgive me for. As soon as the lights went up, Cait said, "I can't talk to you for about ten minutes." Also though, I feel it was all very educational and they'll thank me later, probs around Christmas-time when someone breaks out the Trivial Pursuit.

So yes, last weekend I went to Disneyworld w/Cait, Alex and Natalie. It was wonderful! Magic! We made memories! Seriously, I can't talk about it right now, I miss it a lot, I'm moving to Tom Sawyer Island, my number one feeling is nostalgia. Actually, my number one feeling is "sick," 'cause I am. My glands are plum-sized, and the turbulent flight that made us all puke this morning didn't help this throat/ears situation. Luckily, I didn't start feeling sick 'til last night, so it didn't ruin our lovely weekend.

We Love Magic!
Normally in this state of illness, I'd be lying in bed moaning softly to myself while reading. Howevs, now that I'm a finalist in the Lesbian Blog of the Year contest and receiving a lot of referrals, I figured I should probs update my blog so as to look deserving. I don't want people thinking Auto-Fun is all I do, 'cause obvs Auto-Fun's really like the potato product to the beefy entree of the blog posts themselves. I don't like beef, except cheeseburgers, but you get my drift. In the future, there will be no beef, only robots and spaceships, FYI. I've been to Tomorrowland, I know whereof I speak. Also I'm an astronaut, see photo, to the right to the right. So you have to vote for me now -- it's really important; if I don't win I'm going to scream and cry. Also, thanks for getting me this far kids, you're special people, I mean that.

So, back to my topic. Urm, I like things like the Carousel of Progress 'cause I love robot-people, a.k.a., auto-animatronic figures. I like history and I love old-school Disney stuff created to promote bizarre outdated American propaganda and a quaint exclusive belief that family, national history and Inventions are the foundation of society/alleged prosperity. (In truth, the foundation of our society is money, drugs and sex, obvs.) I just find it interesting from a cultural P.O.V., especially in comparison to my childhood memories of these exact shows. Also, I think it's super-weird and obvs I love weird stuff. For example, my friends are total weirdos; Natalie spent the entire flight to Orlando talking to the flight attendants in the back of the plane, seriously, the entire flight. She got free wine and cashews too. This is why Natalie is a Supreme Being, and one of my heroes for life.

When I told my Mom that everyone hated me after "The American Experience" she fully understood my affections: "It's like animated wax figures!" OBVS. My Mom gets me: we're bonded 'cause when I was a little fetus, I lived inside her belly for nine months, we had a lot of feelings together.

Howevs: we all decided that every Disney ride (aside from the 'coasters and Splash Mountain) could be improved by a sudden steep drop at the end. For example, Cait suggested that The American Experience end with the Mark Twain/Albert Einstein robot (he claimed to be the former, but looked like the latter, who yes, isn't American, but whatevs) saying, "Oh, BTW: gravity!" and then the whole theater just going WHOOSH and -- A DROP. You know?

Anyhow, The Carousel of Progress, which, as I said, my friends didn't appreciate, was a very cathartic experience and inspired me to think about all the ways in which progress hasn't been actual "progress" but rather "annoying." Coincidentally, I do think about this periodically for your entertainment in a little Segment I call "The Carousel of Progress." Previous editions include: COP: Melted Cheese/Dead Poets Edition (May '07), COP: Beverage Bottles, Google Empire, Transportation, Interns (May '07), COP: Promise I'll Be Perfect From Now On (Jan '08). This one, inspired by the number of "new-fangled inventions" cited on the ride, will cover some historical things that I wish we still used. It will be shorter than the introduction.

Also amazing: the real COP hasn't been updated since '94, so the "family of the future" is wearing virtual reality helmets, talking to their oven, and sporting high-tops, striped rugby shirts and pleated pants. Apparently the COP was Walt Disney's favorite attraction so they're not allowed to take it down ever, I dunno, there are some crazy COP fans out there. Hurrah! I'll be torturing my children with this in twenty years!
The COP focused heavily on electricity and so forth (it was originally sponsored by General Electric), like, "We've got this fancy gas lamp nowadays" and, "It only takes seven days to get to California by railroad train!" So I got to thinking about seriously old-school stuff that I wish we still had.

Wednesday Top Eight/Carousel of Progress: It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

8. Horses
First off, you can ride a horse home even if you're drunk. I mean, I wouldn't recommend it, but it's possible. Also: less pollution. In 8th grade, our Sex-Ed guest-speaker told us that girl horseback riders probs have special sexual thoughts while riding, which I don't think was true ... though it stirred up a lot of controversy among the disproportionately large horseback riding population of my dork-school. Another advantage to horses is that they're less expensive and they can talk, like Mr. Ed.

7. Non-Digital Cameras
Now that digital cameras are an option, you've gotta have one, otherwise everyone else is gonna have way cuter photos than you 'cause they deleted the ugly ones even before the three-second auto-save kicked in. But I miss the surprise -- that eager awaiting of your mysterious post-vacation photo development. Also -- I miss the efficiency afforded by winging it. Like: take the photo, the end. There's no taking it, checking it, taking it again, checking it, taking it again ... and so on. There are advantages to Digital Cameras, but my glands hurt so that's all I'm gonna say about that.

6. Telegrams
I'm not sure how these worked exactly, but I feel like it forced people like me to choose sparse and specific poetry over endless ramblings, and forced people like you to choose sparse and specific poetry over the telephone, which I loathe. Honestly most of my knowledge of telegrams comes from YA Historical Fiction novels where the protagonists received a telegram that Papa had got himself killed or had his leg blown off in World War I or whathaveyou. Really I just don't like the phone.

5. Record Players
They feel organic. I like the way albums look, and how they age, and the scratchy sound that may or may not be how records actually sound. They remind me of being a kid and leafing through my parents' collection of Beatles albums. I remember the smell. As far as I know, mp3s do not have a smell: they're just another set of words on a screen, like everything. Also records are super hipster now, yeah? And I'm an almost-hipster. So.

4. Letters in the Mail
I like e-mail too, but I really love old-fashioned letters. I've talked about this before, I think. Pen pals and so on? I won't repeat myself.

3. Dirty Books and Magazines
I feel there was something elementally pure about the (proverbial) old days when kids would discover sex by digging up an old magazine or finding a steamy scene in a pulp fiction novel, rather than clicking on a computer and seeing some weirdo woman made out of plastic getting sperm sprayed in her eye. Sexual activities are highly personal, generally intimate, and ridiculously specific and it seems our first encounters with sex should be either actual or, at the very least -- personal, intimate and specific. Books force you to engage your imagination in a way that television and movies, by definition, don't.

2. Knickers/"Knickerbockers"
UPDATE: My usage of this term has been questioned in the comments section, so let me clarify. The term "knickers" is now generally used to refer to underwear. Howevs, if you read pre-electricity lit, you'll notice that "knickerbockers" are commonly referred to as "knickers."

"The term "Knickerbockers" traces its origin back to the Dutch settlers who came to the New World — and especially to what is now New York — in the 1600s. By the late 19th century, the term had come to mean the style of breeches the settlers wore that buckled just below the knee, which became known as "knickerbockers," or "knickers".

"Until World War II, in the USA and Canada boys customarily wore short pants in summer and knickerbockers or "knickers" (or "knee pants") in winter." (Wikipedia)
Anyhow, I always wanted to wear Knickers like in Newsies. They're not really flattering, and some mainstream fashion providers have unfortunately attempted to co-opt the Spirit of Knickers into Capri pants, which are not the same thing. A lot of my pants that I think are long pants turn out to be knickers at heart 'cause I'm too tall for pants. I think baseball players still wear knickers, right? That's a funny word, knickers. I wonder if I have any NyQuill around.

1. Treehouses
As expressed in the Tegan & Sara song "Come on Kids," "we've got trees we've yet to live in." While in the D-World, we obvs took a climb around the legendary Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. It's probs the best ever made. I've decided that when I get older I am going to live in a tree like The Swiss Family Robinson. When it rains, I will wash my hair, and when it's cold, I'll curl up by the fireside and write letters to Mama, B., and Grandmama. I'll be like Julia Butterfly except with no purpose. Seriously, we were taking notes on the design of this thing. How hot would it be if I blogged from a treehouse? Then I'd win the contest for sure. I'd need a waterproof computer though and a better hairstyle (also waterproof), someone invent that stuff STAT.

You may notice that knickers are being worn in the center photograph.


Lozo said...

the lead is down to 65. i wish my genitals could have done more for you.

Lozo said...


i'm far too competitive.

chrissy said...

Actually, Lozo, it's down it 63. I do what I can.

Riese - I miss non-digital cameras too. I remember in like 4th grade I used to go to Caldor with my mom and pick up our double prints of our 27-exposure Kodak film from our vacations down south and getting SO excited.
I used to have a penpal in middle school. Her name was Hannah and she was from Germany. We wrote like, 3 letters to each other and we sent each other friendship bracelets.
Horses terrify me. I fell off one when I was 2(!!!) and I haven't been able to get back on one since. They're gorgeous, but I can't deal with them.

Yeah, I pretty much just poured out all my feelings into this one comment.

chrissy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chrissy said...

I seriously fail at this commenting thing tonight. So pretend I wrote that first comment after Lozo's first comment. Cool.

.elida. said...

Holla for the swiss family robinson! I effing loved that movie and I have not-so-secretly wanted to live in a treehouse for-freaking ever. And you know what? I WILL live in a treehouse one day. I just decided.

Also, maybe instead of waterproofing everything, you should have some people invent a lighter weight, more secure roof so that water won't be a problem.

Oh, and be careful lighting a fire in your treehouse. If you make it like the one from the swiss family robinson then it will basically be made entirely out of bamboo and that shit is probs wicked flammable. I'm just sayin.

One more thing: one Christmas my cousins posed for a family portrait at Sears at the request of their crazy mother. Their even crazier father insisted on dressing ALL FOUR of his sons, ages 4-10, in knickers. They have never forgiven him.

Loved this COP. :)

Jenners said...

Hi. I like this post!
I don't like the phone either. I always thought it might be fun to receive a singing telegram!
The newsies did look so fetch in their knickers!!
Also... Feel better soon.

Razia said...

Knickers is my all time favourite word ever. Although I actually didn't know that they were weird pant-like things, I just thought that it was a synonym for panties. I learn so much from you.

ms. malapropos said...

Tree houses rule. I have this group of boys who sometimes cut their last class of the day to go smoke weed at this one kid's house. I've spoken to the mom about it. She's single, works hard, and when she gets home her house smells like dope. So I spoke to the most sensible of the bunch, let's call him George, and I'm like, "Look, George, you can't go smoke dope at that kid's house, it's killing his mom. You gotta go somewhere else." There was a lot of back and forth, and finally, in exasperation, I said, "Build a goddamn tree house for chrissakes!" And about 10 kids stopped what they were doing, looked up, and said, "a tree house?!" Like they'd never even heard of such a thing. Then George says, "No way, we'd be at war with the bums every day."

Katyn said...

the COP is one of my favorite rides as well. is it bad i want to, like, steal all the antiques in the scenes? also, is it just me, or does the dog live forever?

helenaraye said...

Mention of non-digital cameras remind me of finding this thing of film from like ... this weird Christian camp I went to (because the only summer camps we have in Canada are Christian ones, apparently!) when I was like ten that I have yet to get developed.

Possibly I should do that, like, right now.

Totes laid down my vote. Hope you get your duck!

Allie said...

This is slightly off topic, but having seen Cait in pics from Disneyworld here and at autostraddle, I'd like to formally request she reconsider her stance on photography during recaps. Cause, um, I think she's cute, and I'd like to see more of her. Thanks, that's all.

Lozo said...


a;ex said...

Knickers? Knickers are most certainly underwear as far as I'm concerned.
But you can call knickers whatever you want - you're glands are swollen.

Also, my number one feeling is treehouse. Let's build it. Cait's awesome with rope. We can invite people over and they'd have the say the password in order to get in.

caitlinmae said...

My heart just about exploded at this post.
Carousel of Progress? Horses? Non-digital cameras? SWOON. Also- the pictures are fantastic. I think the Autoverse should always be photographed in fantastic locales wearing silly hats. Even if it's just, like, in your bodega buying orange crackers.

The Carousel of Progress is my favorite ride. In the history of ever. I went on it three times in a row the first time I was in Disney "as an adult" and basically destroyed friendships for life. So, I feel your pain.

Also: RE: riding horses drunk- Didn't that happen in black beauty or something? Wasn't it totes sad?
In my experience, riding drunk can only lead to
1. vomiting off the side of the horse
2. winning your horse show.
True story. Only time I've ever won was the day I rode still drunk from the night before.

YAAAAY you're back!

caittt said...

omg my right gland is the size of a clementine, unfortunately it's not clementine ford. updating the COP is number 7 on my list for disney and once that happens i will ride again, until then i am in a total boycott. i love this list, i love a tree house, i love nostalgia, it's my number 3 feeling at the moment, right after sick and NOOOOOOOO, obvs.

allie, holla, your request has been taken under advisement.

also little foot, you design it, i'll build it, riese will write about it, haviland can act in it, team work baby team work.

Lozo said...

55! i feel like a sports dad getting wrapped up in his kid's game. win or i won't love you anymore!!!

and what is the treehouse password? new england clam chowder?

caittt said...

wait i just re-read my comment and i sounded like a douchetard, allie, totally thank you for your kind words, i am not a picture person, but it's appreciated, seriously.

ok lozo i love that you are totally on top of this contest, it's amazing for reals. we have plans for a last minute push if necessary, just fyiz. the password will be sent out via private message cause the internets are scary.

Haviland Stillwell said...

knickers are definitely underwear, but actually, also, the pants that you're referring to were briefly available for purchase at H&M last year...for reals.

caitlinmae said...

What is the difference between Knickers, Culottes and Gauchos?

The Brooklyn Boy said...

"Never fear -- Brooklyn is here!"

I just might have rocked the Newsies look for four straight Halloween's. (I was in different locales each time, ha.) Spot Conlon = My hero.

Also, we had a treehouse in our backyard, and a dog that was able to climb up the ladder -- rungs about a foot apart. That was just kinda funny.

eric mathew said...

i'm not gonna lie i loved the COP. It was just so much fun to sit down and watch. I really enjoy how well everyone matures in it as well. They all look so hot when they are older.

I have to agree I love sending letters. All those years at camp taught me to keep writing them. And it is totes fun to get a letter even if it is just a cable bill, because when you pass people you know you look popular.

well i'm glad you had fun. but rest your voice between this and the spice girls concert you need some down time.

eric mathew said...

the indigo girls dance medley is here. be excited.

Crystal said...

I agree re: records becoming super hipster, but only because I want to be a super hipster. My record collection got taken in the house-mugging, it was the only hip thing I had going for me.

Your Disney tales bought back a lot of warm and fuzzy memories of the great Silvester Vacay of 1989. It probably wasn't really '89, but it was fun.

riese said...

lozo: If you'd been to the American Experience, you'd say that I should ask not what your genitals can do for me but what i can do for your genitals.

Also: 51!

chrissy: I remember being really careful about who got the doubles. like, "omg, can I have your doubles?" was like a big deal like frienship bracelets.

.elida: That is a really good idea about the roof. I feel like there must be someone on this blog who knows how to build roofs. Also a good point about the fire in the treehouse, maybe I'll get a new fangled gas lamp.

Jenners: Totes fetch in the knickers. I'd like to make fetch AND knickers happen.

Razia: And I learn so much from you too. Thank you for having faith in my statement that knickers are not just underwear but also the name of a kind of pants, unlike my 3-D friends who questioned my authority.

ms. malaprops: That makes me sad about kids these days in approximately 500 ways, but also I feel that was one of the most perfectly told anecdotes of all time.

katyn: I think that eternal life for dogs is one of many things that's been invented over the last 21 years of progress.

helenaraye: That's magic, you need to get it developed right now!!

Allie: I know, riiightttt??!!! Thank you for your participation in the "cait clearly would enjoy a photo session" campaign.

Lozo: Ideally, I'd like to get it down to 42, which is my favorite number.

a;ex: That's probably because you spent time in London, thank G-d you didn't get stabbed, 'cause knickers are not just underwear, see update. I think the first thing we need is a tree, the second thing is some plastic red peppers, and we are clearly only a few ladder rungs away from Swiss Family Style Living.

caitlinmae: OK, my heart is exploding to find another human who's as passionate about the COP as I am, 'cause seriously, I felt like a little crazy for a minute. I mean, I am crazy, but usually it's a different kind of crazy. Also you've validated my horse theory too, so really, all I can say is thank you for the affirmation, I feel a little less alone.

caitttt: I bet that girl was going NOOOOO because her family wouldn't let her ride the COP again and instead were trying to make her take the Tower of Terror on the claim that it'd change her life. Teamwork makes the dream work, clearly, in all aspects of production.

Lozo: Is that the red or the white?

caitttt: all I can say is YES WE CAN.

Haviland Stillwell: Yes, H+M is always on top of the questionable fashion statements. The only thing that could make it appropriate would be time travel. Also knickers are not just underwear, see update!!

caitlinmae: The difference is primarily in the bottom of the pants, though there's many other differences. Knickers taper below the knee, culottes are straight leg and end at the knee, and gauchos are baggy throughout but flare at mid-shin.

Also, I could be totally wrong about all of that, I just wear sweatpants.

brooklyn boy: I used to have that quote on my computer, 'cause I was in love with Brooklyn (Gabriel Damon) We also had a treehouse like thing but no dog. What an incomplete childhood.

eric matthew: You never cease to be my hero for life. "They all look so hot when they are older" is a brilliant reason to love the COP. Also "it is totes fun to get a letter even if it is just a cable bill, because when you pass people you look popular" is a brilliant reason to love mail. Really I can do nothing but praise you, I have a feeling the Indigo girls dance mix will make my head explode.

Crystal: You still have your haircut and your mac going for you? I feel your muggers are very confused about their own style goals. We will go record shopping in NYC and you can get re-hipstered on St.Mark's. And I Love that you don't know what year you went to Disney.

Lozo said...


also, i have never been more pleased with your comment responses than i am today.

Crystal said...

Hi, me again. You're really going to take me record shopping?! Wicked. You know how I'm crazy for St Mark's.

The only time I ever sat down and tried to put a date on any life-event was when I wrote you that timetable. It's since become an invaluable reference tool (although I question its accuracy) - but gave me no clue as to when that whole Disney thing happened.

Jaime said...

Oh god I love Epcot so much. I am supremely envious of you. Epcot. Disney for nerds. Also, I find knickers really sexy. And no, I'm not one of those folks whose sexual awakening was via Newsies. I just really like them. Loving Epcot wasn't enough to make me a raging nerd, I suppose.

Rebecca said...

I voted for ya, Riese. I'm sad I haven't been able to keep up with your blog the way I'd like to, my work IT peeps blocked blogger sites.

I have a record player, I love playing old classical music records on it. And my Grease album. And letter writing...can't say enough good about it. I have a goal to send one real letter a week. Usually I end up sending 4 or 5 at a time once every two months. But it's a goal. I buy stamps and everything! I think I mostly do it because I love stationery so much, though, and what good is stationery if you're not sending it out?

Chloe said...

My mom did the whole Disney world map thing when I was growing up. Actually I think she still does it. She even has a fanny pack to keep the maps. And first aid, of course.

And also, the whole letters in the mail thing was sweet. And I totally had a pen pal. She lived in England and we partied when i went to London when i was like 13. (my mom had itineraries, maps, and a fanny pack there also.) I still get excited when I get mail. That's my life in a nutshell.

caittt said...

the only people that have ever cried about the COP are the people who were tortured riding it, no one would dig their heels into the ground about riding again, i mean even the 3 year old next to me knew it was the same dog over and over. what kind of progress is that? also i am pretty sure the tower of terror changed your life, i saw the look on your face. lastly i just remembered our random lesbian encounter and the wheel chair and everything else and i've decided we need to go back immediately.

natalie said...

old school 7$ kmart disposable cameras are really all the rage. that is, of course, why i had one with me during our trip to the 'house of the mouse'.

i would like to clarify that i did not spend the ENTIRE flight with the flight attendants and the cute pilot--just, like, 94% of it. marie got a free biscoti out of the deal and cait, another DC. soooo, cleeearly, i was taking a hit for the team. or, mayber, errr, i really enjoyed it.

COP was hands down the most ridiculously awful ride ever. seriously. i am sorry to those who commented about their love for it. however, it wouldn't have been AS bad if marie would have not dismissed my request to ride the cool car ride as some sort of misguided desire.

cait, you had an uncanny ability to draw wheelchairs towards your ankles.


eric mathew said...

how excited am i that you plugged the new dance vid on your blog...??

so excited.

to the point where I now have to eagerly plan the follow-up. This will be hard to top...but I think I can.

chrissy said...

Totes freaking out because you're only behind by 20! I got a few messages on Facebook from my friends telling me they voted for you.

Random question - I ordered my auto-gear on Saturday, but with no mail coming on Sunday or Monday, how long do you think it will be until it comes? I wanna make all the kids at school jealous when I show up to class wearing one of the shirts.

riese said...

lozo: It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.

crystal: I will, and I do. I agree, the timetable is an invaluable reference tool.

jaime: Epcot is disney for nerds. I mean, in addition to the American Experience, we totally learned about organic pineapples. I'm starting to feel that there are a lot of obscure things that link so many of the people I've met on the interwebs. I just had this revalation. Like Epcot, and Newsies. Maybe I'm just talking about dorkdom. Which is fine.

rebecca: hiii!!! and thanks for voting. i hate work it peeps who block blogger, damn the man. I like making my own envelopes when I send letters. I feel like in ten years when everyone gets over the thrill of new technology we'll all be writing letters again.

chloe: so did mine, I think I learned it from her, and it's odd, 'cause she's so anti-the-man that I'm surprised in retrospect she was so into d-world to begin with. her fanny pack was turqouise. I still remember. My Mom also had iteneraries and a fanny pack in London, which feels kinda like disneyworld to me too, 'cause it's so close to liverpool, and there's a few wax museums.

caitttt: I feel like that girl wasn't 3, she was like, 2. And she loved it, she was like "OMG it's the same dog! what fun! and look at the appliances jumping out of the fridge!" Also our random lesbian encounter was magic, I feel like even though I was only drunk for about three hours of our trip (22 minutes of which was spent at the american experience) I'll continue to have random memories here and there as if i was drunk the whole time. like the splash mountain incident.

natalie: 94% -- pre and post 'fasten seatbelts sign.'
ok, I feel like if we stopped calling it a "ride" and started thinking of it as "theater," we might all like it a little bit more. Like I feel like it was more entertaining than um, les miserables or something. I mean, at least it didn't get you wet, speaking of people (cait) taking hits for the team? wheeeee! also i love you and can't wait to see the photos!

riese said...

oh there's been late adds! okay:

eric - i'm just glad that you used the verb "top" in your comment and won't give you suggestions on topping as i trust your authority.

chrissy - probs in 2-3 days? everyone will die of jealousy clearly and then narrow the lead to 0! we've got til march 3rd, so there's still time to get a little crazy and triumph. I mean, clearly I need that duck, this is very important. also, we all need to see lozo's package.

Lozo said...

never underestimate the power of denial.

or the fact the lead is down to 22! i might need to make a waxing appointment next week!

Lozo said...


caittt said...

1. auto-fun of the day made my head explode. i have a lot of shopping to do.

2. splash mountain flashbacks just made my morning


Katyn said...

i just tied the vote. woo.

Katyn said...

eff. now you're down by one again. damn.

a;ex said...



Irish and Jew said...

Ugh digi cameras. I dropped mine in the toilet a month ago and now I feel useless. What is sadder is that I work for a leader in the digi camera biz I just haven't gotten around to getting a new one. In other news college friends of mine were "digging up" oldie pics and pulling the embarassing "tagging" crap on facebook. And a friend of mine said "I have no old pictures of us" and I sighed and repiled, "Yes you do but we're old, and they're all caught on film."

I guess I need to purchase a scanner.


PS: Yahhh Treehouses!

Rebecca said...

What do you use to make your envelopes? I do that too, I use 11 x 17 magazine pages (W Mag works well) and I like to use saucy pics that toe the line with the postal service. I wrote a blog post about it, with picture samples, but I don't know how to post a link in comments.

It must be a new IT person, they blocked everything good. I might have to quit my job now.

Lozo said...

up by 3! what have i done?!?!

supr said...

45 comments by the time i get around to it! of course 8 of them are lozo, keeping tally for you, but thats helpful, so rock on. i was just looking for some helpful saturday autofun links, noticed wednesday has 1 billion comments and really wanted to be comment infinity+1. score.

is the password to the treehouse "purplemonkeydishwasher"? because if so, i want in. if not.. then i accept being rejected. i did that to myself.

Lozo said...

down 22. wtf. i demand an inquiry.

chrissy said...

I seriously think Dorothy Surrenders has a pack of about 100 tech-savvy monkeys (or squirrels) stationed around the continent voting for her blog to win. I really don't have another explanation for why there is such a newly large gap in votes...

Katyn said...

i concur! how is it that you went from being only a few votes apart for quite awhile, and then 12 hours later you're behind by almost 100 votes?? i smell a dawn denbo-esque assult.

riese said...

lozo - don't cancel that appointment, the audacity of hope remains


katyn - oh! it was so possible then!


irish and jew - I have a scanner, but scanning old photos takes forever. I got a new digital camera for Hannukah, which I've been asking for for years, but I somehow drained the batteries before even using it and now i need to get new batteries ... in the mean time, I just let my friends take the photos.

rebecca - magazine pages, always magazine pages. I think I used normal magazines, not big ones like W, but W would be a good one. Sometimes I'd have to tape two pages together, or something.

lozo - i don't know but do it again.

supr - i want the password to be "infinity + 1" is that possible do you think?

lozo - results?

chrissy - my other theory is that she has more readers than I do ... and actually, it's the pre-L cap that did me in.

katyn - IT'S ON!