Friday, February 29, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day:: 2-29-2008

Hey Kids! We're in L.A., looking for: 1)Shane, 2)Angelica, 3)Haviland. We found "3." Also, Lozo and I made a Vlog, and it's gonna rock your socks off. When I edit it.
quote: ""The world is ending out there and people are just getting cosmetic surgery and watching debutantes get screwed up the ass." (Claire, Six Feet Under)
links: (1)Anorexia Amongst Ulta-Orthodox Jews (@The Forward), (2) JK About the Ten Dollar Bottles of Pinot Grigio (@The Boston Globe), (3) Everyone is in Jail (@The NY Times), (4) Episode 508 Lay Down the Law Podcast (@The Planet), (5) Ron Sillman on Blog Traffic (@Ron Sillman), (6) OMG I Saw Mary Oliver Read Already, It's Like the Spice Girls, I'm so Lucky!!!! (@Seattle PI)
Temp Image of the day from Episode 509 of The L Word: Liquid Heat


eric mathew said...

Omg,. Tell Havs we miss her. Go get some Tasty De together...and multiply life by the power of 2.

chrissy said...

I envy you and your airplane travels.
Miami, Disney, now LA. Luckyyy...

A Riese/Lozo vlog...intriguing...OMG do one with Hav while you're there! Everyone misses her! (And you!)

I think I'm gunna make a real vlog this weekend after my shirts come so you can see me in a my tech weekend misery. Joy joy joy...

eric mathew said...

i teched last weekend chrissy. i feel your pain.

Lozo said...

you say "vlog" i say "sex tape."

anyone want to know what my word verif is?

Laia said...

"this is the way that YOU live"
(the others are stucked in our offices)

take care!

dorothy said...

This is more an auto-straddle comment- but does the pic of the day mean that Haviland is going to be part of this week's re-cap over there? I miss her there.

a;ex said...

OMGZ is that molly and shane?!
oh girl! Cait totally called that one.
also, hot hot hottttt.

chrissy said...

My word veri for this comment is:


AKA Lozo's drunk off his ass.

Crystal said...

I found Angelica, she's with Shay at the Lucky Strike Lanes on Hollywood.

I don't really know what I'm talking about, I just wanted to comment from this side of the world.