Thursday, February 21, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day::2-21-2008

quote: "I've been out as a lesbian for many years. I've stood on many stages in many cities and yakked on and on about being a lesbian. But as soon as I talk to someone from Lansing, especially someone older, I use the ability to say the "l" word. I was assuming, well, hoping, that George and Esther already knew. When I was home, Esther had said to me, "We've been hearing about your work in New York. It sounds very interesting." I latched onto the word "interesting." In my mind it becomes a midwestern word which means "deep love and acceptance for lesbians."" (Lisa Kron, "A Few Notes from the Midwest and Abroad")

links: (1) The Poetry Foundation's brilliant new project -- match great poems with great graphic artists for "The Poem as Comic Strip." Its mission statement & project archives can be found here, (e.g, Emily Dickinson!) (, (2) Interview with Ellen Forney on her new book of Illustrated Personal Ads (@the reverse cowgirl), (3) Newsweek investigates college sex mags and asks why people who talk about sex all the time aren't having any: "On-Campus Sexperts" (@newsweek), (4) It is becoming abundantly clear that I'm going about life all wrong, the new culprit is clutter: "Oprah's Clutter-Man: It's Never About the Stuff" (@mediabistro), (5) You're all gonna feel bad for not loving the Indigo Girls when you see this. (@youtube), (6) Statistics on email snooping (@salon), (7) Sneaker Shopping Party! (@nymag)