Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time to Auto-Win Some -- Happy Birthday Lewis!

Hi blog! How are you? It's my brother Lewis's birthday. It's also Bloomsday, a holiday for smart people who can read a lot of words at once. I can't believe it's been a whole year since the last time it was Lewis's birthday. I'm not 100% sure how old he is, but I'd guess he's not a day over 13. I mean ... he's um, must be about 25. He's growing into quite a man, he is very tall, much taller than he was when he was first born.

Here's the rules!

1. Send an email to "Lewnard@gmail.com," with a BCC or CC to autostraddle@gmail.com. The title of the email must be "Happy Birthday Lewnard."
2. There will be two prizes awarded: one will be selected at random from everyone who completed the mission.
The second will be selected based on overall creativity and genius displayed in your birthday wishes. For example:
- Animated gifs
- Clever wordplay/poetry
- Anything involving an e-greeting for a different occasion, but tailored for the birthday situation
- Creative photoshopping
- Any photos or other images
- Music
- Glitter
3. If you choose a format which won't allow you to send it to multiple recipients, then just forward it to me.
4. If you don't have time for anything creative, just say Happy Birthday and send it off, you'll still have a shot at the random drawing and besides what else are you doing. Do you have a job? Probs not for long. So snap to it!
5. You have until midnight on June 16th (today) to complete this mission. If you live in Australia, that means you've got 'til 2 P.M. on the 17th. Late submissions are accepted, but not encouraged.
6. Some extraneous information about Lewis: he lives in New Orleans, this is his blog, where he writes and publishes complaint letters to companies that mess up. He lives in New Orleans, got a degree in mechanical engineering and likes chocolate ice cream and long road trips with Riese & Tinkerbell.

Tomorrow I'll make him pick his favorite birthday email -- based on overall creativity, depth, humor, and usage of glitter -- as well as another winner chosen at random. What do they win? Two (2) birthday emailers will win a copy of the compilation THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT, a mix-CD compiled by Team Autostraddle with a custom DIY Hand-Made CD cover a AND! I know! It gets better! And each winner will win a chance to win even more -- a free raffle ticket for our upcoming Autostraddle raffle, which includes prizes from our sponsors like Showtime, Babeland, Craftster, 410bc, Early2Bed, Cleis Books, PurePro Massage, Uh Huh Her, Buttonhead and more!

Also look, Alex & I went to the NewNowNext Awards and interviewed peoples on the red carpet. Watch!:

now the video is over.