Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day::2-13-08

quote: "It would be embarrassing behavior if the person was real. But he wasn’t. He was a writer. The character was going to starve unless he made money on his art. Which was basically my ideal. Nobody ever told me how to live, they told me what not to do. In all these books about the lives of artists that I read, I mean they weren’t guide books but they took the simple beliefs in art and freedom and carried them to outrageous lengths. I could do that. " (Eileen Myles, "Inferno")

  • Now in English: A Conversation With Jorge Luis Borges (@Habitus)
  • I honestly couldn't care less about the Grammys, as they seem to have nothing to do with good music (neither do I, I just won the sweat-drop award, obvs), but I think I will pretty much read anything that Rich writes, and agree with every word, and be glad I read it, and so: Grammys Recap, grasshopper. (@fourfour)
  • Emo Caves For Everybody! Down With Happiness! (@newsweek)
  • The Planet Podcast for Episode 505 (@the planet cast)
  • It's your SECOND-TO-LAST DAY to vault me into lesbian-rubber-duck ownership by nominating me as the lesbian blogger of the year!!! Put the URL in the body of your comment -- I'm in the Top Three but Aiming for The High Valuts of Magic Shooting Stars so you must join ranks to make the dream a reality to achieve and, so on.