Saturday, February 16, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day:: 2-16-2008

Quote: "I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty. Call the child "innocence". The worst of us is not without innocence, although buried deeply it might be. In my work I try to reach and speak to that innocence, showing it the fun and joy of living; showing it that laughter is healthy; showing it that the human species, although happily ridiculous at times, is still reaching for the stars." (Walt Disney)

  • Tom Stoppard on the Nabakov debate: Burn It. (@The Times UK)
  • "There's nothing wrong with doing nothing" on vaycay (@The NY Times)
  • Generation Obama! (@The Nation)
  • The crazy-ass shit we do to get into the right classes in college (Wharton is the worst, apparently), taken to task: Class Warfare -- When Getting In is the Hardest Part (@The Chronicle of Higher Ed)