Saturday, February 09, 2008

Auto-Fun :: Gradually Evolving Weekend Edition [Feb 9-10]

quote: "I am a man: little do I last/ and the night is enormous./ But I look up:/ the stars write./ Unknowing I understand:/ I too am written,/ and at this very moment/ someone spells me out." (Octavio Paz)

  • "Involuntary hospitalization becomes still more complicated when you’re dealing with bipolar disease, the very nature of which is cyclical. Being crazy doesn’t make you stupid. As long as you refrain from attempting suicide, homicide or any other documentable action (legally, there needs to be “specific and articulable” evidence of your inability to function normally to continue a hold), you’re free to sign yourself out ... [by trying to avoid wrongful commitment] we have cast out Britney Spears, and others much less famous, from the havens where they might have been helped.": Learning from Britney Spears' Troubles (@NYTimes Op-Ed)
  • You guys, everyone is totally still reading after all: Dawn of the Digital Natives (@Guardian UK)
  • For those of you who still believe girls look better in thongs than in boyshorts, Lozo's store is open for business (@CafePress)
  • "How could I NOT have a crush on Obama?": Obama Girl (
  • M is for Mememememe: Erotic Alphabet Contest (@cleis)
  • Nate from Gossip Girl swings at life as a teenage heartthrob. (@NYTimes)