Friday, September 29, 2006

Cause We Know How to Treat You Right in the House of Blue Light

Today's Topics: The party for that fantastic/horrific building "BLUE", The SHARE benefit at Chelsea Piers, The fact that tonight at the 34th street subway station, "Gereldine,"** the fiancé of my ex, "Randolph,"** introduced herself to me, said she recognized me from the marie claire article (which, for the record, she totally disapproved of), and then after five minutes of painful conversation said "Well, this is awkward, I should go" as if this situation of HER DESIGN that I just described isn't like, OBVIOUSLY THE EPITOME OF AWKWARD?!!! God. I avoid people I KNOW, let alone people I'VE NEVER MET BEFORE who have like, slept with my future husband. Of course, at this rate, I'll never have a future husband. Nor will I ever live in BLUE, but that's because it reminds me of the tile in the showers at the Ann Arbor YMCA.

So I have this theory about New York, like about how it's impossible to really do anything? I mean, you've gotta make some cuts somewhere. This is actually a pretty complicated theory with a lot of geometric shapes involving the complex relationship between time and life (despite what we were told as children, those two things do NOT work well together). I'll describe the specifics another time (there it is again, TIME, that bastard!), like maybe this weekend. But for now:

In the past, when I "went to work a lot," I took my cutbacks in the Social Department. This was easy because it's hard to get me out of the house; I don't like other people, I usually lived somewhere around Calcutta, I'm generally riding the wave that is Chase Overdraft Protection and my window of fun-drunk time (anchored by sober time on one end and tired-drunk time on the other) is pretty small; we'll say about 3 hours max. Now that I'm mostly "working from home," I feel like I'm making that "going to work" cutback and so I need to amp up the Social, and also I'm really into these things:
1. Free drinks ("free" also means that I'm someone's "date" to a "not free" event, like the cruise)
2. Excuses to wear Outfits
3. Events where there might be photographers or the Snapple Lady.

SHARE had really great wine and food (though I couldn't really eat while double-fisting a POP champagne mini-bottle and a glass of wine), and Haviland Stillwell was one of the celebrity "sous chefs," which meant that she smiled next to a table of amazing cupcakes and looked talented and well-dressed while I got drunk. Since this is a great organization that does wonderful things for women with breast cancer, and I did meet the Snapple lady there, I can't really make fun of it. But I CAN SAY that the wine was so good that on Ninth Avenue, before dropping me and Hav back off at home (and by that I mean Hav's home) Karen parked her BMW, turned up the tunes and she and I did the twist in the street like we were in "From Justin to Kelly." It was HOT.

Stephanie works at Corcoron (not to be confused with the "Stephanie" on the Corcoran website who you ought to contact if you'd like to live inside a mosaic) and so we went to the Blue Bash to get drunk. Some genuis party-planner decided to make mojitos for the masses of clamoring people, like, with fresh limes, and we had to wait in a huge mass of men in royal blue shirts and messenger bags and young ladies (who were basically on another ozone level since Steph is 5'9 and I'm 5'10) while the bartender like, basically went to Mexico, started a lime farm, grew a bunch of limes, and then squeezed them into our drinks individually along with peppermint she grew out of her ass while we were all aging and not aging well.

We played the drink tables like a game o' roulette and by the time they ran out of drink, we were good and likkered up.

Then we found out there were no bathrooms. (Full disclosure: the building is not completed. There are also no walls.) Because if they put bathrooms there, people would get them confused with the windows since the windows look like shower curtains. So we went to my second-favorite architectural monument:

Back at the party, everyone was done imagining what their lives would be like if they could afford to buy an apartment (this is how things work in my fantasy life where everyone is as poor as me). Stephanie and I were long gone, Cool, Drunk and only out the .99 cents we had to pay to get fries to use the bathroom. This was the scene we left behind for grease and urination:


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Even Though the Stars are Blind: My 25th Bithday

Isn't everyone excited to hear about my birthday? And look at the photos?

Okay, look: you aren't.

You want me to talk about something funny that happened at Gristedes or about flannel shirts. I mean, unless you were there, in which case you've had your H+M thong in a wad just eagerly anticipating the steamy photographs of me kissing 19 smokin' hot party girls.1 Unfortunately, those photographs do not exist.

To make this as painless as possible for everyone involved, I have decided to forego my own witty narration and rather I will narrate this story only with one-liners from the following sources:
-Quotes found on the website to promote Jackass The Movie 2
-Lyrics from Paris Hilton's FANTASTIC New album
-Exercpts from the September 23rd entries in various diaries of Marie Lyn Bernard, circa 1993-2005.

Please see footnotes for specific quote references.

"Uhh..Yeah...That's Hot..Uhh...Yeah...get it started, huh...Yeah..."2

"In the dream I keep having, we are in the law quad, and we are holding each other and he tells me how much he wants to make love to me, and for all the right reasons."3

"I gotta tell you something, Its something that you just might like. Nothing in the world can stop us tonight."4

"I can't believe I'm fishing for sharks with Steve-O as my bait!"5

"I was lonely and I didn't know it, I was so sad only I didn't show it, You came like the sun breaking through the clouds, and I found what you're what I couldn't live without."6

"Then, Dad drove us to the parking structure, why we did not know and neither did he! We ran up and down campus and went to the top of the parking structure and spit on people."7

"Do you think I'm sexy? Do you think I really care?"8

"What do you say we pile on and get weird?"9

"I can make you nice and naughty, be the devil and the angel too."10

"There's not a whole lot of ways this can go right."11

In this photo we are such rockstars/I look so drunk and dumb (that I had to put it in black and white so not to show the ruddy complexion I have recently acquired, most likely due to the brutal vodka shot forced upon me by this Karen-Walker-wannabe power-les) that even Steve-O, Marie at Age 8 or the legendary paris Hilton couldn't really put the image to words. Needless to say, Stephanie's pose is authentic rockstar. Damn.

1That's true. I'm not exaggerating.
2"Turn it Up," Paris Hilton 2006
3Marie's Diary, Sep. 23, 2003
4Paris Hilton, "Nothing in This World" 2006
5Chris Pontius, Jackass the Movie 2
6Paris Hilton, "HeartBeat" 2006
7Marie's Diary, Sep. 23, 1994
8Marie's Diary, Sep. 23, 2005 (I believe I was eloquently quoting the band "K's Choice," who also sang "Not an Addict," which was a good song for that week)
9Preston Lacy, Jackass the Movie 2
10Paris Hilton, "Stars are Blind" 2006
11Johnny Knoxville, Jackass the Movie 2

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Top Ten: Things That Make Me Cry

My publicist1 still has my camera, which contains the documentation of my 250th birthday party, which WAS A TIME. lieu of the ladies and the kissin,' I'm gonna talk about crying. I know, this seems like a departure from my general commitment to producing physical sensations abbreviated with some of our favorite acronyms (yes, I'm talking about you, LOL. ew.), but crying, or COL, is also funny.

I'm thinking about crying because, like many of us who are a bit fucked up, I live with the constant suspicion that sooner or later, people will discover that I am Awful and that I am a Bad Person, and so I'm always surprised when a birthday comes around and I receive more love than I suspect I deserve. In fact, IT MAKES ME CRY.

I'm not a big fan of sentiment. In fact, I could consider my life thus far to be one huge crusade against Sentiment, much to the dismay of people who have Tried to Have Emotions In Front of Me (I'm better in print. but out loud--that's a lot to handle). So, although I've successfully trained myself to rein in my tears for Sad or Hurtful events, in the process I've become a bit of a lush about crying over Beauty. And Happiness.

Fuck. I just did it again! I just got all teared up from the last scene in the season finale of "South of Nowhere," which I have seen NO LESS THAN ONE ZILLION TIMES already.


10. Birthday Cards from Good Friends. They get me every time. In fact, I keep 'em. And then when I clean my room, I read them again and I feel like Stuart Smalley. Gets me kinda misty. Rain-forest-y, even.

9. There's this recording from the season finale of the first American Idol of Kelly Clarkson singing "A Moment Like This" right after she won, and she goes "Some people wait a lifetime for a--" and then her voice totally cracks because she's so overwhelmed with emotion from winning American Idol!! and then I totally cry.

8. Seeing people who I care about do amazing things that show how talented they are makes me cry. On the cruise, they had this cool thing where you could watch the shows on the TV in your room, which is pretty much the laziest thing ever but when I didn't make it into the 7pm showing of "Broadway Belters" (you can already see that I am about to talk about crying, musical theater, and a gay family cruise, so basically if I was a guy talking about this, you could safely assume I would never get laid again) so I saw it on video. And when Haviland, dressed like a wedding cake ornament, started singing 'Defying Gravity,' yup--I started crying! And THEN when I was watching the show live--CRIED AGAIN.

7. OK, this is sort of unrelated to happy-tears, but still it's weird. So I read This Blog by Rachel, who just started her junior year at Interlochen (which is pretty much where I'd like to be pretty much forever), and she linked to an essay by her writing teacher, Kate Angus, about crying in New York City, and it was really good. And also it made me cry.

6. When Pete hugged me and thanked me for helping Krista write her essay to get into Yale, I cried. Yeah, like tears almost fell out of my eyes. Just being happy that someone I love has someone lovely who loves her, and that she got into Yale, and that she actually thinks I had something to do with it, when clearly she was more than qualified to get in, regardless of any hungover essay-doctoring I performed, like, moved me.

5. I cried when I got my passport.

4. I cry (present tense, because I can't say for certain that I won't watch it again. And again.) at the season finale of Sex and the City when Magda tells Miranda "You are good. This is good." I also cried in the season finale of Sex and the City when Big asked the girls if he should go get Carrie. I cried in the season finale of Sex and the City when Samantha told Smith-Jerod she cared about him more than she ever has for any other man in her life. However, I did not cry when Big told Carrie she was "the one."

3. Sometimes Stephen Dunn writes such beautiful poems that it makes me cry just to think about it. Like "The time I thought I was in love, and calmly said so, was not so different from the time I was truly in love, and slept poorly and spoke out loud to the wall." BEAUTIFUL! Hey, wanna know what SD says about crying:

I have had such privilege
and have wept
the admittedly small tears
that issue from it, and for years
have expected some terrible random tax
for being born or staying alive.

2. Sometimes (like yesterday) I'll be happy, and something (like the Indigo Girls' new album, 'Despite Our Differences') will come on my ipod, and I will cry. Because of THE BEAUTY. Of, like, IT ALL.

1. So, to Haviland, Janet, Stephanie, Katy, Nicole and Cameron: Thank you for coming out for my birthday. And to My Mother, My Grandparents, My Brother, Natalie, Ingrid, Krista, Scot, Tara, Lainy, Jenni, Maggie, Jeremiah, Malaina, Stephen, Karen, Sherri, Christina, Lauren, J-Nads and Jordan Catalano, thank you for: 1. remembering it was my birthday, 2. taking it upon yourself to wish me a happy birthday.


Also I just read this fantastic article in Women's Health about why we cry. And how women cry more than men.

1Ha! I don't have a publicist. But wouldn't it be cool if I did? Yeah it would. Holla! (cameron has my camera. she's my agent, which is close. to publicist. relatively.)
2Mrs. Soames, in Our Town, says: "Don't know why it is, but I always cry. I just like to see young people happy, don't you? Oh, I think it's lovely."

Saturday, September 23, 2006

When I Get Older, Losing My Hair, Many Years From Now

So, I am 25 today. Which means I am basically a fossil. So in that spirit I have re-created one of my favorite features from Esquire magazine, 'What I've Learned.' Click on the thumbnail below to get a peek into the wisdom I've acquired over the last quarter century, when I haven't been drunk or wearing MC Hammer pants. Actually, some of this wisdom I did acquire drunk. I'm not exactly William Shatner or Evil Knevil or Lou Reed. But I know a few things, child.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Be All That You Can Be: On Craigslist/The U.S Army

There aren't very many things that would inspire me to post twice in one day, because, as previously discussed, I lead a very busy life of working out, making fun of Stephen, going on holiday with Haviland, reading magazines, being a poorly photographed rockstar, eating fake ice cream, being poor (which my psychiatrist heard as "being a whore" which was a fun conversation in which he suggested I seek employment at Scores, which apparently has pretty dancers who "make a lot of money"), being a fairly well photographed rockstar. And oh yeah, writing. I mean, I wouldn't have posted today at all if Stephen hadn't made out with a Lesbian.

But um, the U.S Army, which as we all know has fired a lot of valuable BUT GAY language specialists recently, is now recruiting on CRAIGSLIST.

This ad isn't exactly "An Army of One" or whatever that thing was about what happens when no one else will join the army but you, but it's pretty damn close, just without photos.

It's called:

***The US Army Needs Your Foreign Language Specialty***

(thanks for "going easy on the all-caps," USA!)

Then it goes on to describe the job in question:

The US Army needs intelligence collection specialists proficient in the following languages:

(then it lists like, every language except English, unfortunately, Stephen)

You must be a US Citizen
High School Grad or higher
17 to 41
Good moral character*
Good health

*Sorry, gays!

Since I love Freedom, SGT. Morris (877-243-7058), I did some matchmaking for you and found this guy on craigslist. See, you guys are both on craigslist, so you're both looking for somethin'! Also he was in M4W, so he's not a Gay.

1. He doesn't speak Arabic, but he speaks something way better than that. He can "HEAR YOUR BODY TALKING TO ME" (his caps) and he can hear bodies talk "in a language of ENCHANTED, BEAUTIFUL DREAM-LIKE VISIONS!" (his caps). Which, I'm pretty sure, is exactly what we need out there to catch Al Queda.
2. He has been tested for "AIDS/STD's" (his grammar). Yup. Good health--check!
3. He would like to "share a whole universe of fascinating adventures." AKA IRAQ!!
4. He has been "forced to give up" his apartment "as of October 1st," which means: 1. he can't "host", 2. he's totally looking for a new place. Um, how about a new place in...IRAQ??!!
5. He has "rare and unique gifts" for "rare, blissful and hallowed mansions of Tantric pleasure." HELLO moral character!

Please comment only if you love Freedom.

But seriously, also, there are gay people that actually want to be in the army, and the fact that this country actually kicks them out of the army is one of many absolutely ridiculous things happening on like, the Earth, right now. Sign this petition to lift the ban on gays and lesbians in the military: Lift The Ban dot org.

She's Got Similar Features, With Longer Hair

First of all, when I'm not at the agency, Stephen Barbara, AKA Rambo, AKA Mediabistro's HOTTIE IN PUBLISHING, misses me like Bobby Brown misses Whitney. Second of all, he's found a new lesbian (a real one, not a faux-lesbian like me who actually dates boys and is constantly starting sentences/long-winded fables with "so my ex-boyfriend...") to swap sexual innuendo with. And to make out with. In fact, it is fellow hottie in publishing. Apparently, like many high-powered politicians, they were brought together in the heat of a powerful moment and started making out like schoolchildren. See that head twist? Yeah you do.

I mean, Stephen and I never made out or anything. But I can say with 95% confidence that Stephen, like most men, had a vested interest in my sexual activities with females, and I discovered quickly that the only way to catch his roaming attention was:

Me: "Stephen do you want any office supplies from Office Depot?"
Stephen: (silence)
Me: "Stephen, didn't you say that you want manuscript boxes?"
Stephen: "Huh?"
Me: "Office Supplies. Making office supply order. Do you need anything?"
Stephen: (silence)
Me: Stephen, last night I fucked two blondes with fake tits with a ten inch dildo, do you need any manuscript boxes?
Stephen: "Uh, no, just a box of Pilot pens--what was that about the dildo?"

Second to "I'd love to make out with your girlfriend, check out that be-donk-a-donk" (his word, not mine), Stephen frequently expressed a burning desire to hear me say: "Guess what I did last weekend? Devilkitty!"

Speaking of ME, it's my birthday on Saturday. For Stephen's birthday, I purchased him a brand-new copy of the perennial classic "Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret?" because I thought it would help him understand the YA market as well as those funny feelings he gets "down there" and his overall yearning and anxiety for More. Hopefully he will get me something also spectacular.

Okay, also, could everyone please make Stephen their myspace friend?

Many of you may know that Stephen had a blog, called Rambo the Agent, which he discontinued because he felt he couldn't talk about the stuff he wanted to talk about on it. Right. I think you can see where I'm going with this.

Also I'd like to mention that, despite his J-Lo Glow evident in these photos, Stephen did not spend Labor Day weekend in Bermuda. He goes to Tanfastic in New Jersey.

The photos are from Rob Hogan, via mediabistro. Holla!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Top Ten: Sunday Morning, Up With the Lark ...

Over the past seven years of my epic post-high-school life I have failed at many things, including but not limited to: three serious relationships, "getting out of debt," reading Crime and Punishment, opening a savings account, visiting Natalie in London, convincing freshdirect to deliver to 460 E. 115th St., "success," making dentist appointments, Being On Time, returning phone calls, etc.

But one thing I have been consistently good at (perhaps, in fact, the only thing):

Going to the Gym.

Yes. Rain or Blizzard, Depression or Happiness, regardless of my energy level (which we all know can be easily adjusted by swallowing various pills and liquids, duh), I have made it to the goddamn gym. People often express awe at this dedication, especially because I don't look like I "need" to go to the gym (I think the American Heart Club or whatever those people are called who don't like margarine would disagree with you there, but whatev) so I'd like to give you some tips on How to Work Out, for if you wish your girlfriend was hot like me. Dontcha? Yeah, dontcha?


Check it.

10. The Rule of Vogue: Yes, Vogue is lovely. It has lots of pretty photographs and long articles with lots of words. Unfortunately, Vogue is not-bendable. The spine on that creature is serious work. If you attempt to place Vogue on the reading deck of your stairmaster, it might tip over. Often; ditto for Elle and Vanity Fair, depending on the month. This photograph, mercilessly snatched from Gawker's Fall Fashion Magazine Weigh-In, pretty much sums up the problem, and also it involves a scale, which is something that the Ladies At the Gym (henceforth referred to as the LATG) like to stand on while they deliver monologues to the room about water retention and their stupid husbands. I don't know why they do this, or what that scale has to do with the gym, but whatev. They should make the LATG's thighs slimmer, and also this magazine, so then we can all be happy and quiet. W is also impossible to read at the gym, which I think is because most people who read that magazine don't eat food, which means they'd get tired at the gym.

9. The Rule of The New Yorker:* Yes, The New Yorker is lovely. It has lots of long articles with lots of words, and if you read it, then you can say things like "So, I read this piece in The New Yorker" which sounds a lot better than my usual intro of "So, I read this piece in ElleGirl.." (RIP), but unfortunately the level of literacy and concentration required to read The New Yorker makes it largely unsuitable for gym-lit. When one is bouncing up and down on a machine like a hyperactive monkey, one will encounter trouble following a sentence from beginning to end, let alone figuring out what it means. And we all know TNY is complicated enough already. This is sometimes possible on the Stairmaster. Which brings me to:

8. Stairmaster Lit: There are a lot of magazines that are a little bit too complicated to be read on the Elliptical Trainer, but are not exactly The New Yorker. This includes Esquire, Bust, Bitch, Poets and Writers, Newsweek and New York Magazine. You can read these on the stairmaster, but not really on the Elliptical.

7.Stationary Bicycle Lit: You can read just about anything on the SB, except for Vogue. I used to do reading for school on the SB. But FYI, the SB is for pansies.

6.The Rule of Natalie Raaber: Natalie Raaber can read coursepacks on an elliptical trainer. How does she do this? Well, she has impeccable posture. Most of her movement is concentrated in the lower half of her body, and she moves her arms gently as if she is a fish gliding through water. In fact, NAR is also capable of highlighting key passages while exercising. You'd really have to see it in person to understand. I have tried to replicate her form, which was nice because back in our college days at Liberty Athletic Club, we'd work out in Ellipticals across from each other at the gym so we could wave/smile and I could observe her at work.

5. Evergreens. The best magazines to read at the gym are (in order of good-ness) Glamour, Women's Health, Marie Claire, Jane, Curve and Allure. Why? Short-ish articles with plenty of variety in form and function, easily cracked spines, nice photos, enough content to last through 30 solid minutes of cardio.

4. Best. Week. Ever. The best time to work out is between the 3rd-10th days of the month, because that's when all the new magazines come out! In fact, it's hard for me to take a day off from the gym during this exciting time. Glamour is the first to come out, FYI.

3. Post-Best.Week.Ever, After the Magic. After you've read the Top Ten and the month presses on, you have to start digging if you don't want to get fat again. The following magazines often enter into rotation during the last two weeks of the publication cycle, depending on specific benefits of content (e.g. an interesting article, an article by Mary Gaitskill or Pam Houston or Jim Harrison, a feature on an L Word or Six Feet Under cast member, 100 outfits under 100 dollars, articles like "Why You're Poor, You Slacker!" or "Best Books Ever, so you can check them off and feel smart," important NYC city guides like Cheap Food You'll Never Actually Eat Cuz All You Eat is Eggo Waffles, photo layouts featuring Jake or Maggie Gyllenhaal): Nylon, Seventeen, Shape, Fitness, GQ, Self, The Advocate, Entertainment Weekly, Maxim, Health and Details.

3. Mag-a-Logs--Not Lit At All, Let Alone Gym-Lit: You know those vaguely sexual stickers in Lucky magazine (Yes! Yes! Yes!) that they stick in there so you can mark all the ways you'd like to waste your money that month? It's kind of cumbersome to use those while you are working out. It just involves a lot of movement. I've found a similar problem when I rip pretty photos out of Nylon and Paper. People give me weird looks, even more weird looks than when my subscription postcards are blanketing the cardio area or when I whip out The Advocate's Summer Gay Sex Issue.

2. 20 Ways To Not Get Hot Absl: You aren't gonna do those exorcises you just read about in Shape. I mean, I rip them out too. I put them in my pocket, and I sometimes stick them in my planner and carry them around for a bit. Sometimes I even consider looking at them while actually at the gym. But then it's laundry time, and out they go. Usually they involve complicated things like neon balls and stretchy bands and stuff. Who's got time?

I should also mention I go to New York Sports Club and it sucks, but I will never quit, I will keep going there until I die. I'd recommend it to no-one, cuz it's crowded enough already and I don't want you there hogging the one functional stairmaster.

1. Don't Work Too Hard. If your target heart rate exceeds um, whatever is a high heart rate, then you probably aren't paying attention to that article you're reading about the secret heath risk that your doctor isn't telling you about! Slow down. Take some time to enjoy the view of your magazine and to check out your calves in the mirror.

"Running is for horses, not for people."
-my grandmother.

*This does not apply to the Anorexic Girl at the Gym, who climbs the Stairmaster for approx. 4 hours a day, clutching a sweaty copy of The New Yorker as if she plans on hand-delivering it to the Top ETs when she lands herself in the goddamn hospital.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Some Prep School Punk's Plan to Perpetuate Retribution

Today I want to talk about threats to the American people.


But instead I have to watch this douchebag talk about NOTHING:

I wish Chuckie Cheese was president. Instead of money, we could have tickets. And instead of health insurance plans, we could have plastic mugs with broken handles and candy necklaces. And gumballs.

Did he really just say "No follow-up questions?" a.k.a., "Don't talk again, you'll call me out on not answering your question in the first place because I don't answer questions, I just like, say stuff."

Wow. "Dignity? What does that mean?"

I've got a follow-up question: "CAN I TAKE SOME TIME TO ENJOY THE VIEW?!!!"

Gawd. I hate that shrug-smirk thing he does, it makes me feel dirty. Literally. Like, dirty as if I was Valerie Malone in 90210 dropping off a paper bag of diapers at the house of the older man I was fucking.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pleasent Valley Sunday

"What happens in Georgia, stays in Georgia."
-all Debutant-turned-punks and all other Polites-turned-Cynics


10. Ridiculously temperate sunshiney days, riding bicycles with pedal breaks through aforementioned sunshine, feeling wind in one's sand-tossed hair, etc. Riding bicycles to ice cream stores that sell ice cream for $1.50 and sno-cones that taste like childhood. Fresh air. Trees.

9. The inability to communicate one's desire for mixed greens instead of French Fries; an all-too-familiar request to the waitstaff of various Manhattan eateries from the Casual Urban Neurotic (even the greasy diners, where those beautiful men in black aprons are disarmingly familiar with the nuances of steaming vs. grilling vs. broiling, and the art of serving sauce on the side), which resulted not once but twice with the conclusion "So you want a Ceaser salad, then?" "No, just mixed greens." "With Ceaser?" "No. Just greens. just lettuce." "You mean you want green eggs and ham?" "Yes, that."

8. At Fanny's, the beachside lesbian-owned eatery, Friday night's musical entertainment was fronted by a fat man with a guitar strap decorated with a pattern of Confederate flags. Lesbians with Janet Reno haircuts were more than happy to cheer and dance, Indy 500-style, for this Bluegrass performance. They also had a really cute waitress. Ow!

7. This same lesbian-owned eatery features a "Time to Eat Out" clock. Get it? More the patrons?

6. People who say 'fixin' to' and tell me to have a "super day" when I buy a magazine. Really, I guess: Southern Hospitality, which is a jolt to my Well-Honed Northern Assholitosity.

5. Birds that chirp, audibly, and also fly from branch to branch.

4. A television set and an SUV that, if combined, would equal in square footage the approximate size of my room in NYC.

3. Pick ups like these two gems:

a) Three shirtless men in a car feel prompted to literally stop driving and send a representative to talk to "the prettiest girls we've seen all day" (obviously, me and Haviland, looking absolutely stunning in our swimsuits and un-made-up faces). He asked us 'what was goin' on' that night. The most remarkable part of this particular interaction was his tattoos, which included a marijuana leaf on his arm and a big ol' Jesus Christ on his chest.

b) A beachgoer passed our sunning spot to ask if we knew how to get water out of a lighter. We did not. He let us know, "I'll be back later to swim with y'all ladies." HOT.

2. Actual long walks on the beach, accompanied by actual stimulating conversation, tenderness, and heart.

1. Allegedly: eyeliner, lip gloss, hand lotion and concealer. JK! Try and stop me with your absurd color-coded warnings, you fascist bastards! Orange? Seriously? Are we seriously still using this? I've got a color code for ya: brownish black, which is my fave shade of CoverGirl eyeliner, and me going without it is a threat to My Security and to everyone who has to look at me. Take that, Al Queda! And um, the government! And the color ORANGE, which doesn't look good on anyone but is also the color of my hand lotion. You know, the lotion I rubbed on my hands in the air on the airplane.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Have Spent Nights with Matches and Knives

I told Haviland she had to listen to my voice mail--Brian, a friend-of-a-friend who saw me read at "In the Flesh"--was running the tag sale for the recently deceased legendary dominatrix Eva Norvind/Ava Taurel and wanted me to come to Eva's dungeon that very night to compose a "fun" invite for the tag sale of her remaining possessions-- I believe his exact words involved: "We've got whips, we've got chains, we've got nipple clamps, strap-ons, handcuffs, shoes, magazines, videos, corsets, a flogging table, an hydraulic lift and DILDOS, DILDOS, DILDOS!!"

Haviland shot me a serious stare: "We're obviously going, right?"

Although I knew I should be packing (this was 1.5 weeks ago), I also knew that I should not turn down an opportunity to score some free handcuffs.

Haviland, because she's a Broadway actress, snagged me an invite to a cruise for gay families, during which she wore a pink Glenda gown and sang a song from "Wicked" for the delighted audience of tots and their doting parents.

Me, because I'm an aspiring freelance writer, took Haviland to a dungeon on 57th street and attempted to slap her unsuspecting ass with a leather whip, a bamboo cane and a flogging paddle.

Today, Susie Bright praises my snappy little invite.

I make exceptions to my Slacker-Blogging-Pace for shameless self promotion, obviously.

In other news, i think I just drank a whole cup of coffee with half-and-half that has totally gone sour.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Well, I'd like to visit the Moon, on a Rocketship High in the Air

So when you have a birthday in September (e.g., September 23rd, like ... surprise ... MEEE!) and you start a new school/school-housing-situation almost every year and when also even after college you like to pretend that September remains the ideal month for Reinvention/Life Makeovers, you end up having totally Random Birthday celebrations/celebrants. If I was in Michigan, I'd obviously be going to the Macaroni Grill with 20 of my (then) closest friends for free** house wine.

**It's not actually "free," really, unless you have shady ethics and no qualms with what could technically be categorized as "stealing." But I worked there for like, a million years, and servers only get paid 2.25 an hour so we gotta stick it to the man by having big dinners there with servers who ring up one glass instead of 100 glasses because the server would obviously be my friend too because, like I said, I worked there. P.S. it's Almaden. The stuff that comes in a box. So even "free" is more than anyone ought to pay for it.

Highlights of my Random Birthdays include an overnight trip to the booming tourist spot of Flint, Michigan (the hometown of Michael Moore, who documented Flint's utter despair in 'Roger and Me') in grade 5 (we had buffet dinner at our dilapidated hotel and went to the dilapidated children's museum and ate my favorite food, Astronaut Ice Cream) and a 10pm romp at Oasis Hot Tub Gardens in grade 15 (aka junior year of college) with a boy I stopped dating that same week.

I had this fabulous idea for a quarter-life crisis party where everyone dressed up as what they wanted to be when they grew up---obviously I would be Chris Weber, Ramona Quimby, Nolan Ryan or Shirley Temple, and all the guys would be like, basketball players and firemen and astronauts and the girls would be movie stars or like, pregnant fat ladies with expensive shoes or like, Cher, or whatever it is girls want to be when they grow up. Mostly I just want to see people dressed as astronauts and eat astronaut ice cream.

Then I realized it would only be cool if I had like, 1,000 friends, or could have a co-party with someone cooler than me, or if I was Paris Hilton. Bruce Springsteen and I have the same birthday so that's a possibility, esp. if someone dressed up as Bruce Springsteen. He might not like my theme but he also might totally be into it.

Speaking of September birthdays.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY INGRID GREENFIELD!!!!

some disclaimers have been added, post-initial-post, to the following dialogue:
Hav (who is 25-going-on-12, and very young, fabulous, thin and gorgeous, and, in fact, i'd like to add, looks about 19, though her maturity exceeds her tender years): is ingrid turning 25 or 26?
Me: 25, like me.
Hav: why are you guys so young? (by this she means that for our grade in school, Ingrid and I are very young. In fact we were the youngest members of our class for most of our lives)
Me: because we were child prodigies so we started kindergarten early.
(hav laughs)
Me: I'm serious!
I'd also like to add that all of Haviland's body parts are perky, firm, and full of youth and vigor.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday You See, She Had to be Free, but Somehow I've Got to Carry On

(While we're on the topic of "things I didn't do," I'd also like to mention that I also did not write the 15 e-mails I owe various people that I love/want to love/gave birth to me, write a book proposal, return phone calls, be responsible, do laundry)

10.That Moving Thing. That No-Phone Thing. Followed by that Last-Minute-Decision-to-go-to-Nyack-Thing.

9. The Degrassi Every-Episode Marathon This weekend involved the moment I've been waiting two weeks/all my life for: Paige and Alex's lesbian love affair! Also it's pretty much the best show on television. I also enjoyed the 3,546 promo spots informing me that Shawn is coming back next season, which is awesome, 'cause he's smokin hot.

8. Sometimes we actually have the conversations you fantasize that we have.
The photograph below followed several glasses of wine, a breadbasket, assorted appetizers and the fruit I stole from the bar for Hav which the waiter informed me he did not "appreciate" (Yeah dude, DUH! Wanna know what I'd appreciate? The goddamn mixed greens I asked for or the bread you're clearly like, harvesting the grain for as we speak. Then I wouldn't have to be diggin' for orange slices like a soccer mom at halftime):

Topics of Discussion over aforementioned drink/snack/meal:
First Girl Crushed On
First Girl-Kiss
First Girl Fucked
Various drugs and their reported vs. actual effects on sexual activity
Why Lesbians do it in the Bathroom, and while we're on that topic, let's talk about all the times we've had sex in the bathroom.

7.This is what I'm dealing with, people.
This is a little photo collage of various messes from my room, circa ten minutes ago.

6."You Girls Look like Models!" "We are!"
Preparing for our future as Friends Forever with our own beautiful houses in the beautiful land outside of NYC who will be doing lots of photo shoots for Vanity Fair.

5. Turning boxes (most not so clearly labeled as this one) into a a bedroom.

4.Everyone in this place was eating lobster except these two monkeys.
A sunset, seafood, cabernet, and a discussion of things like how good it feels to be teased, tied up, spanked and burnt by talented lovers. See the photostrip I created with my superior photoshopping skills. We're just absurdly, ridiculously cool.

3. Shelter from the Storm?
There was a bit of a storm here on Saturday. I was moving/setting shit up, and, like most of my quests to "be budget," my hunt for plywood quickly resulted in a more expensive affair: paying two five-foot-tall men in raincoats to carry a boxspring and a bedframe (which I purchased while totally soaking wet all over everything) to my apartment and put it together. Outside, the tsunami raged and fresh undergrads in Harlumbia giggled and puddle hopped.

2. Cruisin' Together/The Waterfront Seating Hunt

1. I spent a shitload of time in line at Duane Reade, obviously. E.g. just now. I rewarded myself for the thirty-year wait with some Reese's Sticks, which were quite tasty and I enjoyed eating them as I was heckled on my way home in my SupaLova sweatpants (aka I bought them at Big Dee's on 14th street and cut them up).