Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day:: 2-26-2008

quote: "No body stops dreaming it's twenty-five or twelve, or ten, when what's possible's a long road poplars curtain against lost, able to swim the river, hike the culvert, drive/through the open portal, find the gold hive dripping with liquid sweetness." (From "Cancer Winter," Marilyn Hacker)
links: (1) My hero Sam Anderson on blogging's place in literature, his review of Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks of the Wild Web: "Don't LOL" (@nymag), (2) The L Word, Episode 508 RECAP (@autostraddle), (3) ANTM Recap (@fourfour), (4) Write Like Nobody's Watching: Janice Earlbaum Explains Why You Should Have a Journal (@thepublishing spot)