Friday, January 30, 2009

Automatic Fun - January 30th 2009

Around late February/Mid-March of 2008 I was informed three times in one week that I hadn't written an actual Sunday Top Ten in months, that I hadn't written anything good since 2007, and that I was clearly just "phoning it in." I wonder when that'll happen this week. This blog is weird. I still keep writing it like I'm talking to 20 people, but I'm not, I guess, not anymore. I'm talking to a lot more people. But I don't know how to do that. So hey, you, and hey you x 19, you look beautiful today, I love all your feelings.

Quote: "She could remember being a child. It was a child's game in a child's afternoon, before time or distance were factors. When you were told you couldn't move or couldn't see. And for those moments you are paralyzed or blind. You freeze in plae. You don't move. You feel that you have been there for years. It does not occur to you that you can move. It does not occur to you that you can break the rules. The world is a collection of absolutes and spells. You know words have a power. You are entranced. The world is a soft blue." (Kate Braverman, Tall Tales from the Mekong Delta)

+ Curve reports that GLAAD has announced its nominees for annual Media Awards - by default, The L Word is nominated, Suzie Orman's snagged a big prize and Tyra Banks is somehow involved.
+ True Love, a poem in The New Yorker by Barry Gifford.
+ I think the fact that this New York Times article exists is kinda funny. It's about the Burger King Whopper Sacrifice Campaign on Facebook and it's titled titled "Too Many Online Friends? Time to Delete."
+ The Rumpus Interview with Margaret Cho
+ Jossip has The Wheels on The Blog Go Tweet-Tweet-Tweet: The Hyper-Expanse of the Microblog: "In the past two weeks, Twitter has gone from a cute little thingamajig you read about every once in awhile, to something that everyone's doing."
+ Desire
+ This Movie looks incredible, I must see it.
+ The New College Rankings - based on employability of graduates, at The Daily Beast.

Insomnia Poem

I think I need
more beauty in my life
she said turning palm open
for something else

like a shot, wife of lot
you've got salt on your back
your eyes are black
i've got an attack
every time i fly
i'm enchanted by the descent,
the small buildings getting bigger
i mean that it gets me every time.

toes on unwashed sheets
and winter gets worse every year
manic planet, manic panic
we used to paint our hair
with magic markers.
And the mome raths outgrabe.


LittleTink said...

my dearest mary lyn reise bendito,

ZOMG FIRST YAYAYAY HIHIHI AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! i hope your eyes aren't gushing blood because of that greeting bit above. if they are, please make it stop. if they aren't, please write more.


p.s. word ver = bedrapa. not kidding. i'm scared.

Vashti said...

So I'm stuck surfin' the webbernets in the basement of my complex because my roommate decided she wanted to go to bed two hours ago at frackin' 8:30.

My number one feeling right now is filling out my room transfer request form and gettin' the hell out of my hall where I am a total outsider.

My number two feeling is commenting second because LittleTink is quite sneaky.

e. said...

Have I mentioned that I love your insomnia poetry? Well I do. Especially your tidy, organic biblical/literary allusions, it's very T.S. Eliot (or someone) of you. Thanks for loving all my feelings, ps.

Mercury said...
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Mercury said...

I love you. my word ver is "saltese." this is a real word that nobody has thought of a definition for.

I think it is an adjective for "like tears." as in. "This is saltese." etc.

I have had 1 shot because that was what was left in the bottle. I have no job and nowhere to be ever and so I feel like I must get stuporously drunk.

that is saltese.

LittleTink said...

vashti: arf! :D

sherri said...

We love all your feelings too. Yay for poems!

I went through a bit of a Barry Gifford phase last year. I read his novel[la?] Wild at Heart in one sitting at the bookstore because I was poor. That man basically has my dream career since he writes in every possible medium. I'd settle for just one of them.

I feel dorky admitting this, but as the movie webpage was loading and all I could see was the title, I briefly thought it might be a parody of Jenny Schecter, since that's like her favorite word. It does look interesting though.

Liz said...
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Liz said...

actual Sunday Top Tens are overrated. I like em better when they come on Wednesdays or in eights. eight is a nice number.

your blog IS weird. not going to dispute that. But so am I. aren't we all anyways? weird I mean.

I loved that Margaret Cho interview. I do love vanilla cuddling.

rae said...

just an fyi, a short film version of pariah is available on itunes.

autumn m said...

soooo..... i love insomnia poetry. and Margaret Cho. and little tink. and riese. and myself.......

ok so apparently im mildly retarded cause i didn’t know what SXSW was. ga im sooooo freakin sheltered. i must go to this!!!! it seems so....amazing. that is my new goal for the next 5 minutes. then i will find something i like more. i swear im retarded.

LittleTink said...

autumn: zomg ily too!!!!!
riese: i'm takin over this shiz!!

riese said...

Little Tink: My eyes are okay and not bleeding. I don't want them to turn black like Maya in Heroes and then kill everyone in the room. Also I have to go do my Mary things and have a potato. Keep a knife under your bed for real, I'm not kidding.

Vashti:Part of the advice you may actually get one day is that you need to get a single! and then you will be able to sleep better. I had a single. It's for winners.

e. Thank you for loving all my insomnia poems, ps.

Mercury: Hello love. I imagine you have lots of places to be, just nowhere that you want to go. I feel like you can fix the latter, and then make a ladder. The saltese will pass. Or I hope so.

sherri: I knew nothing of this man until I read that poem, and now i am reading your comment and thinking there is so much that I don't know and I could know more. jenny's parody will be called viper.

liz: actually furthermore i feel that eight is great. we're all total weirdos, especially me and tinkerbell.

rae: Excellent. Thanks!

autumn m: Last year we went to SXSW and Caitlin and I only went to Uh Huh Her shows which is sort of embarrassing, I don't know if I can show my face in that town again. But I hope so.

LittleTink: You crafty little puppy.

Vashti said...

So I was just sitting doing some homework for my social inequality class when I saw a picture of a woman building a house. I thought to myself, "Hey.. this picture looks really familiar.. ?" Then I realized that I HAD seen it before.

You posted it here. I'd recognize that picture anywhere.

Just thought I'd share.

Leah said...

btw your life must seem like Groundhog Day during L Word season because I feel like I JUST SAW THE DAMN SHOW AND READ THE RECAP, and now it's on again tonight...

I can't keep up.

I tried finding message boards on the feelings of the trans community on Max, and I found very little. I saw some (stupid) article praising the show for how wonderfully they were representing this "real issue that trans f-t-m face" and I'm like wha? I would not say this is common. Am I just being ignorant, or are there "pregnant men" headlines popping up all over the world?? If so, I missed all that and apologize...

Elizabeth said...

I heart your poems. I have a book for you... but I don't know where to send it. I could put Autowin, NY, NY... but I think it might get sent back to me...