Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday [Auto] Fun Day - 01.25.09.

Hey dudes! Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Are you ready to take the plunge? I haven't edited our video yet, or written a Sunday Top Ten, or done laundry, or flown back to New York City. But one of those things will happen tomorrow, as will The L Word recap. BTW, if you like/tolerate/witness The L Word you should go watch Lezberado, it's a vlog-style show that Showtime produces online and I have it embedded on AutoStraddle. There was this other girl who did it, and now that girl isn't doing it so now I am and somehow over 500,000 people have watched it this weekend, it's the #1 most viewed People & Blogs Video this week and #24 most viewed overall, which's cool/weirdo. So if you like/loathe the show check it out.

I get back to NYC tonight (sunday night). It's always hard to come back from being away. It makes me think of always being away last year and then of a whole lifetime being away. I'm listening to "Swimming Pool," it's perfect 'cause part of what makes West Hollywood kinda dreamy is all those big boxy turquoise tanks of perfect artificial starshiney glow.

ZOMG! I just had the best idea ever. At the end of Season Six, we should have a roundtable discussion -- maybe in a podcast format, like they do at the Grace Paley Center for Media or whathaveyou -- like with all the people who've hated/pretended to endure the show for the last six years -- people who've been recapping for at least three years (i guess?) -- to talk about how it's changed our worlds and how the online community has shaped the show. Me, Dorothy Snarker, Scribegrrl, KC&Elka ... who else?

quotes: "She'd never understand me because I like too many things and get all confused and hungup running from one thing to another 'til I drop. This is the night, what it does to you. I had nothing to offer anyone except my own confusion." (Jack Kerouac, On the Road)

- You guys, Ilene Chaiken is the decider. She's not gonna tell you about her decisions because she doesn't want anyone to tell her that there are no weapons of mass destruction and it's a stupid war.
- I just discovered Proof, a new section of The New York Times investigating "alcohol and American life." I honestly find this subject fascinating -- not in a "hey bro i love to get wasted" kind of way, but in a genuinely sociologically and culturally compelling way. You should check it out.
- What's the word (blogstar?) for when a kid from your high school and your favorite blogger/recapper watch a movie together and write about it? "Gabe and Rich Watch a Movie: Goodbye Uncle Tom."
- The Planet Podcast for Episode 601: A Long Night's Journey Into Day.
- A Change Web Designers Can Believe In: Viget Inspire looks at the new Whitehouse.Gov, with a look back on Clinton's '96 page and after.
- Real Men don't like spas, says the Times Online UK.
- Obama's Inaugural Realism Promises Great Things makes my point about realism & pessimism being helpful attitudes, numbskulls!
-More Letters From "Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids' Letters to President Obama" at McSweeny's.
-Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story - n+1 reviews The Complete Centerfolds.
-My number one fear: the end of solitude. "Technology is taking away our privacy and our concentration, but it is also taking away our ability to be alone."
-Twitter Sexuality by Violet Blue at The San Francisco Gate.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I can buy the total inability to be alone. I mean, don't other people just get pissed off when things beep incessantly? I've found that the more shit that shows up online for getting in touch with me, the more inclined I am to just walk the hell away. I mean, leave me alone already, you know?

Or, maybe cranks will be cranks regardless of technology.

Anonymous said...

If you have a roundtable discussion on anything, you should include the cool chick from, I think they have the best pop blog out there anyway, and she's funny as hell.

asher said...

love the lezberado bit. but you better watch out - numbers like that could land you on The Soup. and that would be amazing!

also - thanks for reminding me about why i <3 the l word season so much - kc and elka! i'd totally forgotten about them.

sherri said...

"And Moennig, who plays Shane, the heartbreaker hair stylist and Jenny's closest friend, wrote in an e-mail, 'The murder thing is beyond my comprehension.' And: 'It seemed like something too big to bite off.'"

I love how the L Word cast members are starting to actually speak their minds about their bitterness re: Ilene's nonsensical decisions. I'm kind of excited for like 5-10 years from now when they'll be going public with stories of her on-set tyranny. Bring on the L Word tell-all!

Franké said...

Hey I will come to your roundtable discussion!!

riese said...

burningsteady: I think once we get over the technology, we'll learn how to fit it into our lives in a healthy way. Right now we're just learning as we go along and the possibility of being constantly connected keeps many up at night ... literally, I think.

Anonymous: Grrlplanet is awesome -- do they have a writer who's been doing recaps/commentary for many years? if so, let's dance! ... hmmm ... are you by any chance the girl you are speaking of? You can straight up plug yourself if you want, no need to hide, I'm not judgey, I do it constantly. Also I can't think about this 'til grrlplanet puts me on their blogrolllllllll

asher: Oh man, that would be my worst nightmare to be on The Soup. I think in the next episode I'm wearing sunglasses and speaking in tongues with a "kill ilene" sign behind me.

sherri: Oh god yeah. there is nothing I want more than an exit interview with the long-suffering cast. They've been a little vocal about not liking Ilene's decisions, even in the Season Two Land Ahoy commentary they're totally ripping on it. But when the show is over hot DAMN it's gonna be amaaazing what gets said.

Frankè: Hollerr!

Oo Lynnie oO said...

that best idea ever you just had really is like...the best idea ever.

asher said...

do it! and bring back all the castmembers Ilene has killed: Dana, Sounder, (and everyone who has mysteriously disappeared)

THAT should be the spinoff.

see - you're brilliant.

also - where's that image from? so pretty.

BioGal said...

Ooh, I really wanted to leave a comment on the 6.02 recap on thelwordonline but I couldn't find the wee linky-button. Apart from being awesome as usual, I wanted it noted that my favourite line was 'Joyce, cover your junk!' I love the idea that they refer to one another's lady-gardens as junk! So 18yr old boy! Love it.

sherri said...

Oh man I love the Land Ahoy commentary for that very reason. And because Leisha, Erin and Kate are ridiculously cute and hilarious together. Sigh.

Franké said...

Riese I fell so special, thanks for the shout out!!
I will hollerr!
Great Recap again
I wish I could have as classic lines as Alice or you!

autumn m said...

ok so i freaking hate it when it rains ice. like the gods are pissed so they make it to were it takes 3 hours to get anywhere. people were going 15mph in a 70. i was going crazy. and....i saw 4 buses in a pile up. and i saw a car hit a school bus full of children. stupid people....

i have a super huge major headache so i haven’t read any of the links. but i will i promise.

KayDee said...

can i have your autograph?
or auto-graph? that was dumb.

but i'm being serious, i'll mail you a stamp. if you'll mail me an autograph. it'll probably make me rich some day. maybe even two autographs so i can either be extra rich, or keep one.

i'm a creeper.

Zenmiester said...

Hmm, I don't like beer or "professional wrestling", so I'm not a real man, but I don't like spas either.