Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Your Cleverly Planned [Pre] Vlogs

I'm writing to you from my 20th consecutive hour of "being awake." But that's fine! 'Cause we're gonna dig everything man and we're gonna find IT. You know, IT! IT! IT! Also, it's warmer here in California (I left the East Coast in the early AM, and compounded with my insomnia and the three-hour time change ... well, here we are) and I'm here with Haviland and therefore this particular post comes with VIDEO!

I've uploaded this super-special video VLOG PREVIEW to blogger rather than YouTube because YouTube is trashy and I'm not that kind of girl. I mean because I'm sleepy and YouTube is cranky. I mean it's because I'm in California, and it's sunny (except not now, 'cause it's night), and because I'm punk, and so is your Mom. Because YouTube takes too long and this is just a preview anyhow it's not professional I did it in iMovie.

I'm accumulating footage -- I've still got stuff from November, I've got outtakes from my most recent journey to Alexi's Closet, The Hot One (Haviland) and I filmed some advice vlog today (also I cut off all my hair again last week, these things happen) ... and we're gonna film a little more while I'm out here (coming back Sunday) so feel free to posit any advice questions to us in the comments or at ENJOY!


mar said...

I liked your reasoning of uploading to blogger, reminded me of the kristen wiig character on snl who does the "just kidding.." bit and that made me laugh. Then I remembered you are somewhere warm right now and I stopped laughing in order to properly envy you.

Ozbot said...

It is possible that prolonged exposure to being awake, makes you even funnier? I think so, my friend, I think so.

Haviland Stillwell said...

awwww. y'all, for reals, we're all about advice giving this weekend, so fire away. i know you all need help. ;)

dewey said...

This has nothing to do with this but i so dreamt about auto-win the other night.

The auto-win comments had turned into weekly meetings where i imagine we talked about are number one feelngs...

however at this particuar meeting you'd bought a new hat and wanted to know whether to wash it or not...:S.... dont ask me....twas my imagination

Alexi said...

Awwww Haviland and Riese.
You two together.. its like seeing the sun shine again after living in Alaska with Sarah Palin for like a year.

Vashti said...

Aww, I love vlogs! I can't wait. I feel like I'm at a disadvantage now that we are in the same time zone because usually when you post late at night/early in the morning it's still relatively early for me. But now, not so much.

call, break it off said...

i've got one for the H+R advice vlog:

so i'm trying to woo this girl but she is all hot and cold. we started off with flirty banter between friends, but then we hooked up and she got all weird/awkward/uninterested. should i be over it and move on or continue pursuing?

and if i'm not gonna go there then how do we go back to the friends realm? or is that wishful thinking?

BioGal said...

Does the advice Q need to be just about relationships, because mine is about my career? Or does the idea of having influence over my ability to feed and clothe myself in the future scare you too much to want to answer...?

Well, in case you're feeling adventurous....

"My PhD is currently nothing to do with gender/queer/LGBTQQ theory... but it could be. I could take an extra year and weave in some relevant stuff and feel like I am contributing to the development of knowledge in an area I am passionate about promoting and supporting. Or I could finish the bad boy off this year and then plan to do more queer-related research/writing later. Should I stick with my thesis and worry about doing something LGBT-friendly afterwards? I am not worried about potential earnings being affected by my thesis topic, but my choice of academic career (if I choose to continue on this path anyway - I might decide to own a shoe shop instead) would be affected - some Universities are enthusiastic about LGBT-subjects, some are decidedly not. I might be shooting myself in the foot for some opportunities, as much as opening doors to others.

So, do I stick to the straight and narrow, or go academically gay?"

Any and all advice would be appreciated - but there is a deadline as I am meeting my supervisor next Wednesday - eek!

rod said...

ooh, I'll play!
I'm a gay teacher, and I've recently been asked by a few of my braver pre-university pupils studying queer theory about my sexuality. It's a nice school, but there is the same amount of homophobia that you get in any school. Do I embrace the gay and get it over and done with, or keep quiet and let rumours continue?

Also, do I need to move on from converse shoes? If so, where to? Please prioritise this question.

autumn m said...

YAY!!!!! autumn loves vlogs!!!! she loves them so much that she gets so excited and starts talking in third person!!!! autumn can't wait!!!

eric mathew said...

ugh typical that I would miss you when you're out here! i am in scottdale all weekend. boo hoo.

anyway i loved the l-word video and like usual you are adorable.

but there was haters. i investigated and it was piper and her friends from st. jessup la amaculada our lady of little saints writing those mean comments.

i saw S.P. on fox news and she looked 100% different... not like a rupal in but i'm a cheerleader different, more like a mommy got some plastic surgery different.

kath said...


1. the fact that you are now officially on showtime is really exciting. i've been reading this for like, two years now, and im really excited that you're movin' on up in the world. like the jeffersons.
2. what on earth was up with the youtube comment including "fuck you you carwash cunt." i do not understand that. i have thought about how that insult works. it makes me think of little mexico. where they sell alcohol to minors at a carwash.
3. obvs jenny is not dead. the mary magdellen situation is what will happen. except ilene will become jesus. because we all know she has a god complex.
4. im excited for the vlog. love the preview.

also did you do that lezberado thing in your room? because i like the pictures on the walls. very cool.


gossip girl

riese said...

mar: It's not warm so much as it is perfectly temperate -- not too hot, not too cold. It's just right. MMMM. I like her, Kristen Wiig. I think she's their next big thing.

Ozbot: I hope so because the next few months will probs not be big sleep opportunities for me.

Haviland: Haaaayyy you're gorgeous!

dewey: ooo I love autowin dreams. Also I think we basically do have weekly meetings where we talk about number one feelings. I would like to know how to wash hats though.

Alexi: Awwww. Or it's like seeing the sun shine again after being in the cold & rain for a year. You should drive here in your thunderbird we can go to the canyon.

Vashti: I know last night you were still twittering when I went to bed, and then I realized we were on the same coast.

call, break it off
BioGal and rod:
thank you! we filmed & answered your questions today, be excitant!

autumn m: riese loves autumn speaking in the third person! riese can't wait to make the vlog too!!!!

eric mathew: scottdale? is that a real place or are you in scotsdale arizona, which may or may not be a real place, I just know that I've heard of it.

god, piper and her friends are such dishwasher twats! they are always trying to rain on my parade. luckily my parade, much like obama's parade, will go on even with their hate. wheee-ho!

kath: I like to reference the Jeffersons too when I talk about movin' on up. I did that once in something I wrote and it was edited out, I didn't understand that.

if they sold alcohol to minors at car washes in america, i would've gotten my car washed like every day. i feel like the more you say car wash it could be a sexual term. anyhow we have discussed and decided it means that your car wash is very clean.

yes i did do the lezberado thing in my room, which i wasn't prepared for, next time I will have to clean and put signs on the wall that say "death to ilene chaiken." haviland loves it 'cause those are collages that she made me on the walls.

DJL said...

I just want to say that I'm not sure what Lezberado is, but you keep mentioning it in your Twitter updates and I've been walking around singing, "Lezberado...why don't you come to your senses...." for a day now. Thanks for that.

jack said...
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