Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekend Auto-Fun :: 3-22 & 3-23

"I wanted to teach myself how to hate what I loved, and love what I hated, but each bite of my hamburger overwhelmed me with its goodtastingness. I tried to put it down, but I couldn’t. The flat pickle discs that had long ago, in some faraway jar given up, were returned to their zenith. The earth with its grains and its sunshine and its animals and its ketchup. I ate hot-faced with two hands, head bowed. There was just enough in the soft purse for the week. On hamburger day, I always bartered with my appetite, which howled like a wolf protecting a forestful of cubs. From the chagrin of the line. I would defend my cubs by eating them."
(Kristen Iskandarin, "Lunch")
1) New! RKB interviews memememee!: "Dirty Girls author interview with Marie Lyn Bernard" (@Dirty Girls Book Blog)
2) All Bookish Social Networking Websites Considered (@NPR)
3) "The New York woman's answer to the metrosexual" is women who prefer to dress "like boys" ... 'cause hoodies & jeans are apparently "boy" clothes. Gender neutral anyone? Mom?: "The Urbane Tomboy" (@The New York Observer)
4) New research reveals that "money can buy happiness, but only if we spend it on others": Give Your Money Away and Be Happy (@The New Scientist)
5) "I’ve had famous clients—maybe not governors, but well-known business guys. People you read about in the Wall Street Journal, and let me tell you, if Michael Jackson or, like, the Dalai Lama came through the door, I might get surprised. But Eliot Spitzer? No way. What I’m selling, you never get surprised who’s standing at the counter.”: "Secrets of the Megapimps" (@NY Mag)
6) All about collegiate acapella: "Perfect Tone, in a Key That's Mostly Minor." (@NY Times)
7) National Magazine Awards Finalists Announced (@ASME)
9) Tales of a QVC Home Shopping Employee (@The Smart Set)
9) In honor of Spitzer; ten recommended books about hookers: The Hooker Prize (@abebooks)
10) How Apple got everything right by doing everything wrong. (@wired)
most recent auto-win: crystal guest blogs the friday top ten - she comes from a land down under
most recent auto-straddle: the l word episode 511: lunar cycle recap


Katyn said...

re: Urbane Tomboy
a) i think i just had a brain hemorrhage reading that
b) to quote ellen page on SNL: why does everything have to have frickin' label?

dickycarruthers said...

what about lozo's posts on college hoops? i was promised i could leave a comment. you're a big liar. you're probably not even a real lesbian. i bet you and lozo do it in hotels ALL THE TIME.

p.s. lozo is so brawny.

eric mathew said...

loved your interview and the video with it. great x3.

Katyn said...

that should be "have a frickin' label." apparently i forget indefinite articles when i post at 6am.

asher said...

so, i swear i just saw a;ex on a logo spot they play during commercials. please respond and confirm my discerning eye.

riese said...

katyn: Yeah I found that one on Jaime's blog and was like "Really?" I'm consistently appalled by the fact that stories like that get greenlighted.

dc: Oh, don't worry, there's a plan for the unveiling of THAT too. There may or may not be brawny paper towels involved, should any messes arise.

eric mathew: Thank you! And thank you for reading it/watching it!

katyn: Last week I wrote on my recap that it was 510, not 511, and it's in the url forevs.

asher: Oh, that was her alright. It's her big debut!!!

asher said...

i felt like such a stalker when i saw it. cos i was like 'that has to be her, i've seen her wearing that shirt.' of course all of that occurred in my online pseudo friendship through you with her.

let's just chalk it up to the fact that i'm a designer, and therefore a visual person.

a;ex said...

I love your "In the Flesh" reading, and I'll pretend this wasn't the 45th time I've watched it via youtube.

Asher - I totally love how the t-shirt was the give-away. I can probs relate to you... you know, having shared graphic design cred and all.

Also, I think I need to stop wearing the same shirt...