Monday, March 03, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day:: 3-3-2008

quote: "New York remains what it has always been: a city of ebb and flow, a city of constant shifts of population and economics, a city of virtually no rest. It is harsh, dirty, and dangerous, it is whimsical and fanciful, it is beautiful and soaring, it is not one or another of these things but all of them, all at once, and to fail to accept this paradox is to deny the reality of city existence." (Paul Goldberger)

links: The Charms of Wikipedia (@NY Review of Books), The L Word Episode 509: Liquid Heat RECAP is slowly coming together (@Autostraddle), Taking a Virtual Break (@The New York Times), the first two paragraphs of Hari Kunzru's short story "Raj, Bohemian" may/may not be describing you/me and also, new Stephen Dunn (@The New Yorker).