Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day :: 3-25-2008

quote: "How do we not go crazy, / we who have found ourselves compelled / to live with the circle, the ellipsis, the word / not yet written." (From "The Reverse Side," Stephen Dunn)

links: 1) Nissen wrote one of my favorite short story books of all time, Out of the Girl's Room And Into The Night: Thisbe Nissen on Thisbe Nissen (@Konundrum Engine Literary Review)
2) Sam Anderson! Reviews "Human Smoke" by Nicholson Baker (@nymag)
3) You Look Scrabulous: How a stuffy board game became a sleazy internet pickup joint (@nerve.com)
4) Life as a Tall Girl: "My entire life has been influenced by the fact that I stand way above the average height for both men and women." (@nytimes)
5) I've been thinking about this post a lot lately: HATERRR!!1!!11 (@fourfour)
6) Is Brett Easton Ellis (American Psycho, Less Than Zero) underrated? (@the la times)
7) The GIGANTIC NUMBERS on magazine covers investigated: "Dubious Digits" (@ny observer)
8) Why's it so hard to launch a Broadway revival of West Side Story? (@bloomberg)
9) Review of The Book of Other People (Zadie Smith) which I just finished reading: (@boldtype)
10) Prostitute Pictures: "I believed that in the action or drawing a prostitute, hidden parts of people may become revealed" (@project prostitute)

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ry guy said...

Why is it so hard to have a West Side Story revival? Not asking alex (a;ex to most others) to sing America, which she does so beautifully.

Lozo said...

wtf? i play scrabulous all the time. you can get laid in a scrabulous room? who knew?

"oh yeah, put your P and your Q around my O. right there! Bingo!"

Adam said...

The two articles I was most interested in reading now contain actual links; my day is complete.


Leftinent Adam
Auto-Fun Army

eric mathew said...

oh hey! umm so i did a new vlog last night...um and there may be a shout out to you.

so yeah...

Jaime said...

Okay, so what does it mean that I accidentally started two games with Lozo at once?

I just read The Book of Other People, too. (Well, sort-of just - since then I've read The Children's Hospital, which is amazing and I think you, and everyone, would love.) I liked it. And have been meaning to blog about it since I finished it, oh, a month ago.

riese said...

ry guy - i will have to witness this before i can comment. it is in her heritage, so i believe it.

lozo - is this an inside joke for people who play scrabulous? I've never played. In any event, I'd suggest reading the article, which is now actually linked. I realize saying that is like suggesting a deaf person download the this american life podcast.

adam - one of my favorite habits of myself is when I do that, which's often. I'm so happy to have assembled my little list that somehow the process of actually ShARING the list is err, lost in translation. salute!

eric mathew - really eric mathew? REALLY!!

jaime: I liked it too -- the mirandy july story i'd actually read in the new yorker, but i loved it when i read it then. i found the second half far more engaging in the first half -- some of the first stories, especially the one about the guy in the movie theater whatever that was, made my eyes bleed, but the last half was engaging and I liked the graphic stuff too.

i'm pretty sure what you said about playing scrabulous lozo means you are a lesbian, but don't quote me on that.

Lozo said...

bullshit. i read it. wait. read what? i read the headline. you want me to click and read some more too? jesus balls, marie. i'm just one man. next thing you know you'll be telling me i have to be on top once.

and jaime, it was great for me, if that helps.

Crystal said...

I was so excited to see the Bret Easton Ellis article - thanks. You know how I feel about Bret Easton Ellis.

Haviland Stillwell said...

ry guy - there is totally going to be a WSS revival...they are starting to cast it now...only those who are fluent in spanish are being considered for the PRs! Semicolon better brush up! ;)

riese said...

lozo - Look all I'm asking is that you pitch in a little more, okay? My thighs & eyes are tired from doing all the topping and reading.

crystal - I know, I almost wanted to say, "this one's for crystal."

haviland - you look like laura benanti