Friday, March 07, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day:: 3-7-2008

quote: "Because the pact beneath ordinary life (If you / give me enough money, you can continue to fuck me--) // induces in each person you have ever known / panic, and envy before the abyss, // what you come from is craziness, what your / mother and her mother come from is // craziness, panic of the animal / smelling what you have in store for it." (from "Watching the Spring Festival," Frank Bidart)
links: Today, I will present links to you in order of urgency. As in: link #1 is a "must-read." Link #2 is also a must read, but if you're pressed for time and ambivalent about your daily reading, I implore you to read #1 first. And so forth. Also, do not ignore the bottom of the list, it is a virtual ocean of beautiful, shimmering, eager pearls of yourtime-worthy wisdom. Also, per always, your choices will be guided by your own subjective interests in my varied interests -- which, let's face it, is why we're all here, right now, together ... because we all ("the readers") have multifarious interests, just like me. I may be the only one with the severe crippling identity crisis resulting from said conflictsofinterest, but obvs ... enough about mememememe, just read:

(1) our undergrad fiction workshop critiques the 'Esquire' Heath Ledger story (@nymag)
(2) Sam Anderson on Richard Price's Lush Life (@nymag)
(3) touch your self help: on debt (@the simon)
(4) some html tags i hope i never write (@yankee pot roast)
(5) Megan McArdle on truth in memoir (@the atlantic), freelancers push for their own zone (@ny metro)

and also. also.: i'm working on "What I've Been Reading" ...