Monday, March 10, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day:: 3-10-2008

quote: "I've always believed it would prove to be an algebraic matter finally, an equation in which the factors are economics, history, class, and electricity, although not in that order necessarily. Or maybe we just sat down across from each other because there was nowhere else to sit. Possibly that's the whole basis of all my passions, although somehow I can't believe that. " (from "the old age home," by sharon thompson)
links: the l word episode 510 lifecycle: recap (@autostraddle), sam anderson wins the nbcc's balakian award (@critical mass), a chart of geek love, inspired by gary gygax (@nytimes), don't hate on male dancers (@newsweek), text generation gap: UR 2 old (JK) (@nytimes), music critics like albums everyone else hates (@times uk).