Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tegan & Sara Concert Recap Will Go Here Really Soon

This entire blog post is no longer valid, but it's probably better than watching paint dry, if by any chance that's what you were doing before: Once upon a time I asked in a post: "Could someone send me the Tegan & Sara song 'This is Everything'"? And then, within 30 minutes, four people sent it to me, and all four of those people received, in return, selections from my stash of naked photographs of Haviland. It was like magic for those people. Also, I love them more than you.

Wouldn't it've been fun if you'd been one of those people? Well this is your chance! Wheee!! How? Well, keep reading! Also, my computer is currently about to crash, as I've mentioned a 10-15 times. Why's it about to crash? Because my one year of free Apple Care expired two weeks ago, I'm actually kinda happy with life right now, and I no longer owe Visa all of my limbs, just my first-born.

This whole impending-crash situation started when Haviland, out of the goodness of her beautiful heart, burned me the new Britney album and then I tried to upload it, my computer freaked out, and it hasn't stopped whirring/thinking ever since, though I've tried shutting it down and restarting it and all these things. The same thing happened to Hav when I made her an Ani CD, one could argue we're being punished for bad taste. Anyhow, I have an appointment at the Apple Store tomorrow, they're pretty packed right now I guess with tourists who got tickets for their five year old niece (who's dying of SARS, obvs) to see "The Lion King" and now because of the stagehands' strike have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do besides fix their iPhones/Pods. What was I talking about?

Oh yeah. So I still need the Britney album (except "Gimme Gimme," which I have) and I'd like to obtain it for free. Wanna email it to me? TOO LATE! SOMEONE ELSE ALREADY DID! Your computer will probs explode if you send me the entire album at once, but I figure if I throw this out there, along with the fact that Lozo is 6'3, [And also: I'm 5'10, Haviland is 5'5, Natalie is 5'5, Heather is 5'3, Carly is 5'8, A;ex is 5'5, Cait is 5'10, Stef is 5'6, Crystal is 5'10, Lainy is 5'4, my roommate Ryan is 6'3 and my other roommate Zoey is 5'5, um ... I made all of those heights up based on my personal opinion, except for mine, which is fact], the tracks will trickle in and maybe I'll obtain the whole album over the course of the evening. Sooo ... if you have an unprotected version of the Britney "Blackout" album, please email any of its contents (except, as I said, "Gimme Gimme") to marielyn176@gmail.com.

Until I get it, I absolutely cannot write about last evening's events, which include and are not limited to: drunken hijinks, a cover of "Umbrella," Kim Stolz, the V.I.P area, and me jumping up and down like a complete lunatic and dancing as if I actually am a person who should dance in public. Also I thought I broke my ankle (from an accident suffered while running like a roman candle on the street after the concert) but then I went to the gym and I feel soooo much better now. It's good because the injury prevents me from sitting like a Spider Monkey in my chair, as I am wont to do.

Also I cannot possibly email anyone I need to email, including you, if I don't get this music ASAP.

Also, while you're at it, my wish list also includes:
-Any of the contents of Tegan & Sara's first album, "Under Feet Like Ours" - GOT IT
-Timbaland's "The Way I Are" - GOT IT
-Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" - GOT IT
-Prince "F.U.N.K." - GOT IT
-Hannah Montana's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" - GOT IT
-Pet Shop Boys "Always on my Mind" - GOT IT
-New Order "Bizzarre Love Triangle" - GOT IT

Don't judge.

Or, you know, I could just keep listening to emo music all the time and be sad, or I could listen to "Don't Cry Out" (Shiny Toy Guns) for the 83rd time. Oh. 84th. Up to you.


Lozo said...

i'm starting to feel like you only keep me and my super-hot manliness and height around is so you can trade it for dates for readers who send you stuff. and i'm ok with that.

Crystal said...

I think I'm really 5'9, my mind changes with every guess.
I've got that New Order song but I'm too incompetent to send it.

kate said...

i think i may've sent you a file. who knows really? all a bit complicated

kate said...

too late and the wrong song. brilliant!

Haviland Stillwell said...

Hanna Montana, Riese? Really? You know my therapist has banned her 8-yr-old from anything Disney channel-related. Which I think is hilarious.

I can't wait to hear what you're going to say about last night...hm...maybe you should let me read it before you publish it?

stef said...

i'm 5'5, but thanks! OH MY GOD NO WORD VERIFICATION LOADED AND IT STILL WANTS ONE ANYWAY. ok, it's slkrlfz..which is like roflmao, but while wearing silk.

carlytron said...

I am actually 5' 7". I don't want to mislead your readers. I have the Britney album and will send it tonight. I have most of those other songs. But not Hannah Montana. WTF?

Last night is a blur of alcohol, screaming/rapping/singing, and injuries. Brill evening.

riese said...

1. To everyone who sent me songs: my life is now complete. And my itunes. Which is funny, because tomorrow my entire computer will probably be destroyed.

2. OMG here's the thing. I feel like everyone says they are 5'5, so some of you must be lying. Is that the default height that women claim to be? I mean, I haven't been 5'5 since like, the early 90s, so I don't know what goes on in your short little brains.
2a. I was lying about making up some of those heights, some of them I got directly from the horse's mouth, which, on average, was 5 inches below by mouth, or from the horse's myspace. And some I just estimated based on my own genius.

3. Lozo: I keep you around for your large penis.

4. Haviland: I can't believe that you know so much about your therapist. Also, the Disney channel was the only channel I was allowed to watch, aside from PBS. but it didn't have commercials then, maybe it has commercials now.

5. Carly and Crystal: I think it's better if people think you're taller than you actually are. And Carly I really feel like you're 5'8, I know we've discussed this before. Or maybe the real secret is that I'm actually 5'9.

6. Kate: You probably did, it was probably awesome.

stef said...

my license says i'm 5'4, but i'm def 5'5. at least last time i measured myself. whatever.

tonight on svu, the suspects' mom was this amazing drug-addled hooker and she told one of them: 'heroin's got your mama by the soul - it's taken me to places jesus don't go!' and i thought of you.

i downloaded lindsay lohan's "jingle bell rock" from mean girls. not judging.

riese said...

ok stef you're gonna have to email that to me asap.

Mercury said...

I <3 The way I are and Girlfriend. I have a the way they are remix I think I quite possibly like even better than the original. Anyway, you sound happier lately, that's awesome.