Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fun is automatic, like poetry, and insomnia, even on 9-30-2008

[sara torres]
quote: "in my replies, i tried to console him by pointing out how hard it is for human beings to think beyond their immediate situation. it is a matter of feeling and not of reason: prone to consider the present their abiding lot, they are incapable, so to speak, of seeing round the corner -- and that probably applies more to bad situations than to good ones." (thomas mann, doctor faustus)

1. Do you understand how this economy thing affects you? Me neither! Read this. Is My Money Safe? and Other Questions to Ask (@nytimes)
2. Regardless, we are moving to a treehouse, making our own jam, growing hemp blankets. The Greater Depression Can Be a DIY Renaissance (@lifehacker) (sidenote: I must point out that I did not find this article all by myself, A;ex found it and shared it. I cannot take credit for this great find, therefore probs also cannot weave my own baskets or find my way through the woods.)
3. This is where we came from, where we should be going. In Conversation: Gloria Steinem and Suheir Hammad (@nymag)
4. Also Jessica Roy talked to Tao Lin and discovered NYU Alum and Poet Tao Lin Does Not Care Whether or Not You Think Print Is Dead. It's chock full of words I wanted to cut and paste for you. Maybe you could just read it instead, because then you could read those words, and many other words too. Here's some of what I wanted to cut and paste for you: (@nyu loca)
I promise to myself that I will never get another real job for the rest of my life. In part because when I have no responsibilities or obligations my feelings of meaninglessness and confusion increase in quality and become more intense and “honed” and even “beautiful” in a way that feels good to me, and which I like to write about, and also which makes me feel more “original” and amused, as a person, treating my life as a “work of art” or something. I feel “I have gone too far” with this answer.
5. "Tag": Poem by Anne Carson. (@the new yorker)
6. The debate, a twitter play-by-play (@twitter blog)
7. Good News: Can Late Night Comedy Sink McCain? (@the nation)
7. The Sexy Puritan: Sarah Palin embodies a powerful new Christian right archetype. What could that mean for America? (@slate.com)
8. It's like great mysteries of life: Two and A Half Show: The Worst Show Everyone Else is Watching. (@gawker.com)
9. The "A" to this "Q": Sarah Palin is ruining my life -- I rant about her; I can't stop thinking about her, I cannot stand to look at her is actually quite illuminating. (@salon.com)
10. Nine People track their sex-related budgets for one month. (@nerve.com)
11. LiLo's publicist says they're just good friends. Ugh ugh ugh! (@tvguide.com)
12. Out in Hollywood: Starring Roles Are Rare (@nytimes)
13. Apparently there is a party in Williamsburg called "choice cunts," a "raw party for rare queers." I've looked at the photos, I still have no comment, don't know what to believe, etc. (@village voice)

insomnia poem #14

the soft life is like sleeping in your palm and/or cheek
remind me why i fell so far for hard
like my teeth, which i learned today
are cavitied, present tense, chewing fence

remember when i broke all those wine bottles
and glasses, crunching careening full throttle
well i think there's still glass in my foot

remember when i had epilepsy
remember when i told you how to remember me
remember when i wanted to live in a tree
there's still glass in my foot and i carry it with me

remember when i woke up with blood on my hands
how i hurt myself for that and how we bleed
over everything, one long river
and my feet are spry wing'ed goldfish

a lot of blood is what i remember.
i mean blood as a metaphor
for life, but liquid.

goldfish forget everything
therefore i am the opposite of a goldfish
also i am the opposite of a band-aid.

this is just to say if you cut your hand
i have a plan to bail out the economy
and to save the world. follow me
one sec brb.


Vashti said...

First off, I just have to say that it's so weird being three hours behind you now. It's like time travel [which I've been doing a lot of this past week]. I definitely saw that Salon article earlier today but didn't get a chance to read it and then kind of forgot about it. So thanks for posting it and reminding me. I sort of really relate to that lady though. I can't stop looking up/paying attention to everything Sarah Palin. I was watching her interview with Katie Couric today and, yeah, it was ridiculous. Cuz I mean, really? Reallllllly? Also, if the downfall of our economy is going to lead to a DIY revolution, I came to the right place. Everyone here is a hippy and obvs organic so I can just mooch off of them for a while. I have a splinter in my foot and I can't find my tweezers.

As always, please forgive my rambling. Also forgive my lack of comments recently [I swear, I had every intention of doing the book club. I read it and everything!]. Apparently starting college is a really big deal and a lot of time and effort goes into getting settled. Who knew?

Love from the land of rain and granola.

Meghan said...

You picked all the things I was glad I read on Jezebel and bookslut today. I have been a neglectful commenter also, apologies. The insomnia poem, along with being lovely, reminded me I should make an effing dentist appointment already.

Anonymous said...

i love the auto-fun of the day today. your brother looks like little bluth. does this mean that portia de rossi is really your aunt?

a;ex said...

I think I love twitter more than I should. I was waiting to see "maverick" on that graphic... but instead "pork" was?

I'd just like to point out that "oh Dear God" is a hot election topic on election.twitter.com

Though the page wouldn't load for me, I can assume that I'd like to punch Lindsay's publicist in the face.

Haviland Stillwell said...

fantastic auto-funs! and ps...i feel the same way about much of your top 10 as you do...even dating the 27 yr old at age 18! (except, he was the young one...i think we broke up bc i was too mature...HA) and props to the massive amounts of ass-kicking fun...to this day, the best riese pull quote ever...one that will be on every online profile i ever have, dating all the way back to friendster '06. :)

also, lewnard really does look like cera! and he's getting a lot of press - lewis should get on that to be a double!

Jul said...

Thanks for your post...interesting stuff....

Dave said...

Every time I click on something, it's either blocked or the url is wrong. Why must you tease me?

And seriously -- take that effing Yankees hat off.

riese said...

vashti: I wish I was three hours behind me, it'd be like time travel or the zach morris time freeze. I can't stop looking at Sarah Palin stuff either, I'm obsessed. I don't know why, it's like I keep waiting for the one thing that'll teach the republicans to switch sides, but it'd seem there's no convincing. I will be making sweaters and rapping with my bongo drums. I love rain and granola.

meghan: ooo really? I'm not sure if I even checked jezebel yesterday. My dentist tought me how to brush my teeth. It was very illuminating.

anonymous: Yes, yes she is. Tonight.

a;ex: I must have missed the pork part, maybe papa vega was yelling at the teevee. I love that you have become the master of twitter.

haviland stillwell: Best Haviland pull quote ever was when we went out like the second time and you were like "what are we gonna do? Are we gonna have massive amounts of ass-kicking fun?" and then you did your cute laugh and I was like, aw, she rememebers my myspace/friendster/whathaveyou profile! lewnard should defo be a double.

jul: thanks for your comment ...

dave: Okay I've checked them all, and they all work. I love the Yankees! Lou Gerhig plays for them!

autumn m said...

i too have an unhealthy obbsession with everything Sarah Palin. i think thats the plan. i was talking to a friends little sister, who is 16 and head of her town republican thingy thing. i asked her what she thought about Sarah Palin, her answer was, "I think she is the best thing that has ever happened to the United States." WHAT!!!!! i laughed so hard i choked and couldnt breath. Really Sarah Palin?? Really???

eric mathew said...

a. your brother is cute, i'm just putting it out there.
b. a Rosh Hashanah cocktail.... appletini's and have the glass rimmed with honey...

i would say that makes a sweet new year.

djl said...

That Palin link didn't work all day. I swear. But now I can see all those other links Palin comparison. See what I did there?

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin, ugh, she's so ridiculous I'm still hoping she's really just Tina Fey playing an elaborate joke.

Lindsay Lohan's publicist can't be serious. Is this the same publicist she had a couple of years ago when there was denials of her cokehead hijinks? Reminds me of Neil Patrick Harris' publicist saying he's "not of that persuasion".

Happy Jewish New Year!

Lexi said...

Um. Apparently my 2008 Republican Leadership Team is ready to fight for me.

At least thats what I got in the mail today. Does fighting for me mean telling me what I can do with my body and who I can marry?

Bridget said...

jesus h. this is brillant

"are cavitied, present tense, chewing fence"