Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello it is Sunday Morning and I Am Tinkerbell

Hello family and friends. This is Tinkerbell. You can see me over there on the right with my boyfriend Littlefoot and our new friend Krystala the Koala.

I told Riese that tomorrow I would like to read her Sunday Top Ten because as you may know, I am now learning to read so that I can read the 'zine, it is one of my top ten feelings. I can already write, so speaking and reading are my two next steps but anyhow enough about me let's go back to Riese, who has taken an ambien 'cause she needs to be asleep, it's too late, there's no stores open, she's going to show up tomorrow with crabby eyes and sad face and dark under-eye circles and no cute outfit because I don't think David Bowie is burlesque.

okay babypop just said that if she comes out of the shower and we are not all asleep we will be in big trouble. other people who are in trouble include Sarah Palin that bitch is going down, Mary Kate and Ashely (I saw it on a magazine at the Wal-Mart today), the photographer for the shoot tomorrow who gave Riese a long list of pre-photo shoot rules but apaprently Riese is such an experienced pro at photo shoots she dindn't need to read the rules, she's just gonna wing it slash model through it slash hopefully write a blog or something 'cause she feels like there'll be some downtime. She looked at the rules about an hour ago and then had a mini-panic. That's how she ended up in Wal-Mart looking for an outfit. Unfortunately pink panties with Flirt on the ass aren't what the olden times burlesquers wore we know that for sure.

Tomorrow Riese is supposed to participate in a photo shoot that she estimated would take about two hours. She is mostly slender therefore it does not seem to me, Tinkerbell, that photographing the limbs and arms and feets and headspace of Riese's lovely body would be a seven hour affair but apparently there are other women and one man and one kinky queer butch top (correct me if I'm missing a label there) who aslo require to be photographed. Then we will be concluding the day of festivities with a group photo, I hope I can give someone bunny ears or Tinkerbell ears.

OK Babypop is coming back, me and littelfoot must to hide before everyone sees that we posted a blog for riese.


Oo Lynnie oO said...

haha, oh tink. what a fun thing to read after i in fact take my ambien and need to lay down.

cao said...

a little drunk...but the first two sentences were good...go tinkerbell...thinking about book club and how i didn't answer any questions but did read the blog...but didn't answer because i couldn't remember my fave part. p.s. LA pub crawls involve a lot of walking.

michele said...

hello sunday morning! I hate being drunk and hitting on your bff's (male) roomate while simultaneously being in love with said (female) bff. what' sup with that. normally i swear i'm quite coherent. english lit phd-level articulate, some might say. but those some are fools. or fooled. maybe I should've saved this for feelings hour. but there are so many feelings at 4am. pls excuse me for not controlling myself. was this at all related to your post? umm...well my bff is on ambien, if that ties in somehow.

caitlinmae said...

ambien gives you prograde amnesia, tink! you forget things tht haven't even HAPPENED yet!
but I hope you get to be in the photoshoot too! I know that old timey burlesque folks probably didn't have accessories as darling as yourself, (or so well attired) but I'm sure they'll make an exception.

a;ex said...

UMM this is amazing -- your (oops! I mean Tinkerbell's) crazytown post has inspired comments of the same caliber.

Anonymous said...

the fact that one of the labels of this post is 'babypop lays down the law' elevates it to a higher plane of amazing. Good work tink. And go team grammar! I love grammar, so much so I had 5 goes at my openning sentence, before giving up in a flurry of whatevs.

eric mathew said...

Hi Tinkerbell,

Your typing skills have gotten very proficient. I have so proud of you. The only think that is wacky is that your friend the Koala got a lot of camera space in the picture.

A little girl next door keeps singing a song from "Enchanted," but doesn't know the words.

Hope the photo shoot went well.

eric mathew

riese said...

oo lynnie ooo: just be careful oo lynnie ooo because of the sleepwalking thank you love tinkerbell.

cao: just be careful if you are drinking not to drink too much and then fall over on your feet love tinkerbell.

michele: i would say michele that you need to pick the girl not the boy because love is stronger than hitting. i believe based on my belief of riese's standing in life that an education in truth does not necessarily get you to good places in life at any time of day love tinkerbell.

caitlinmae: thak you caitlin mae. i went to the photoshoot but riese made me wait in the bag which is okay caitlinmae because it was important to me just to be there for her no matter what love tinkerbell.

a;ex: I'll caliber your comment lay down the law hooha littlefoot shmooch pooch love tinkerbell.

anonymous: i agree with you about the planes like in the song by mia which are amazing as you have said in your comment love tinkerbell. i love the flurries at the ice cream shop, and the nightlife love tinkerbell.

eric mathew: hello homosexual eric mathew, my favorite homosexual of the high seas, koala is very pretty and not a star yet like tinkerbell but i would like her to become a star because she deserves it and we got her in the mail. i know all the words to everything that's ever been said ever. xoxo tinkerbell.

eric mathew said...

Tinkerbell you just made my night. I love you. i think with a little hard work K-dog could be great. She could be the biggest thing since Bindi Irwin.

Crystal said...

Hi Tinkerbell. I had no idea that you and littlefoot were dating. I guess it could have been implied and I just missed it. Anywho, congrats. You two are going to have beautiful offspring. Krystala the Koala looks a little mangey, you must show her how you maintain such beautiful fur.

Oo Lynnie oO said...

i've been warned of the sleepwalking. so far, so good. Good lookin' out