Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Hey Kids! Guess what, it's the Fourth of July! Light a cracker on fire! I'm in the Dirty Jerz this weekend and won't be blogging 'til Monday, BUT -- I will definitely be commenting on July 3rd's "Auto-Win Book Club #1a: The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (page 165)" and I am really loving hearing what everyone thinks about it too, it's really awesome.

FYI, here in the United States, The Land of Freedom, we commemorate the anniversary of the day the Brits decided to leave us to deal with our own drama.

Last night I couldn't sleep, insomnia stronger than sleep aids! Too many thoughts, too many ideas, and my brain far too tired from aforementioned thoughts/ideas to accomplish anything of substance, e.g., packing.

So I read Orlando for a little while and read The Warhol Diaries for a little while and then Tinkerbell made a movie. It's silly and not good, but Haviland & Carly & Alex & Tinkerbell & Matthew are in it, and they'd like you to see it. Also there's flying lesbians, like celebrity circus!

happy fourth and keep talking about Wao, I know I will!