Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Automatrons of the Daylight :: 7-9-2008

A while back, if I remember right, my life was one long party where all hearts were open wide, where all wines kept flowing.
One night, I sat Beauty down on my lap. --And I found her falling. --And I roughed her up.
I armed myself against justice.
I ran away.
[from "A Season in Hell," by Arthur Rimbaud]

insomina poem #2.

when i rub off my eyeliner
i get two black eyes.
like i've been in a street fight,
me vs. the street,
no contest,
i'm street-wise, personality
as disguise
my palms are coal full,
joyful, another day older.

i ate all the cashews.
i don't like peanuts.
this is what remains.

when i rub off my eyes
i get two blank stares
like that blink-blink i get
when you don't get it.
clap on, clap off,
blink blink blink blink
slap. i just ate another peanut.
i do things i don't like
all the time.
not people,
just peanuts.
p.s. i'd prefer cashews.

-by Marie Lyn Bernard at 2:40 AM, July 9th

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6. While we're on the topic of my boycrushes, Sam Anderson reviews The History of Hooch. (@nymag)
7. Jaime on Rules of Frugal Living that She Refuses to Follow (@cheaphealthygood)
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9. The works that have influenced Obama illustrate that he would be the most literary president in recent memory - and one likely to govern from the center. What Does Barack Read?
10. Diane DiMassa & Cristy C. Road talk about Live Through This.(@feministing.) Which I read and will talk about in the next stuff i've been reading.

Me and Haviland made a Vlog/Advice Column! Wheee! I hope you're on the edges of your seats!


e. said...

(blink blink blink blink slap:

feels like the story of my life, recently.)

Cashews trump peanuts, but I'd prefer nerds. I like the coal-full joyful palms, and you vs. the street.

Here is a poem in return, it's by Neruda:

"I entered the amethyst grotto:

I left my blood among purple thorns:

I changed skin, wine, outlook:

Ever since, violets hurt me."

(I'd write you one myself, but my poems are shite.)

Looking forward to the H&R Advice Column, I'm teetering right on the outermost edge of my seat.

Bridget said...

"i do things i don't like
all the time.
not people,
just peanuts."

I'm just going to say yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Regarding the Obama article, I would like to point out to those not planning on reading it that it's worth doing so just for the photo of him in his Harvard Law days. Just saying. Apart from that, interesting read. I was only hoping for a literate president this time - but literary? Looks like the US might hit the jackpot.

Jaime said...

For some reason I've gone autowin comemnt radiosilent lately, so, um, hi! Thanks for the link!

dani said...

I'm back ( the Spice Girls...)
LOVE your poem, i want more!!!!

emily kate said...

ooo! Totally am (on the edge of my seat that is)!

And the poem is lovely. Although I think you should try pecans, as they're much better than cashews.

jenn said...

I love this poem and trendy pic style you are going with!
more please?
also im with you're good self on the nut side of things, cashews are so ahead in the nut wars!

riese said...

e.: my poems are also shite, but that neruda is something good. I like the idea w/r/t the violets.

bridget: literate, literary ... and literal. I'd like a president who says exactly what it means. maybe that's high hopes. Yes. Yes. Yes We Can!

jaime: You're welcome!

dani: Your wish is my command!

emily kate: If I don't like pecan pie, will I like pecans? I like cashews more than the rest, except choc-covered almonds.

jenn: also, your wish is my command!

emily kate said...

pecan pie and pecans are not the same. Not at all. Pecan pie is weird and gelatinous (I rather like it, but I always feel kind of guilty about that). But yes. Real, toasted pecans are wonderful things. Especially on vanilla ice cream and covered in hot fudge. Which is what you should eat late at night in the middle of the summer when you can't sleep because it's too hot in your apartment. That or lime popsicles.