Monday, May 12, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day :: 5-12-2008

Omg lmao rofl, we're going to see tegan & sara tonight! That's right, it may be raining outside, but imaginary sunshine tugs joyfully on our heartstrings. Why? Well, this week's off to a rip-roaring start and, in fact, should probably just end tonight. Quit while we're ahead, etc. I mean, I actually wrote a Sunday Top Ten on Sunday, omg is it The Big Kelkian Reveal?!, I love Amy Sedaris, and, oh right ... yes we can! Let's hold hands, climb trees, take those pills, sing in the rain, talk hard! OK I feel gross now and probs can't use any more exclamation points for at least 24 hours. I guess it depends how the concert goes.

If you don't remember what happened last time at Tegan & Sara, let me refresh your memory with this snippet from Carly's recap of the event: "I kept saying "You guys, they're totally going to end it on Living Room" ... so then it ["Living Room"] came on and I SCREAMED like a schoolgirl and then everything was a blur. What I can piece together was that Riese screamed too, jumped on me and we went crashing to the ground. My head nearly went through a glass table and all of our combined weight landed on my pointy little elbows. So, needless to say, they are totes achy right now. But it was totally amazing, I was so drunk it hardly stung, just a massive rockstar moment."

Luckily, last time we were prevented from doing any large-scale damage or pulling off any totally irreversible tomfoolery 'cause we were in the VIP area (less people up there) and Haviland was with us. Hav generally ensures relatively responsible Riese Behaviour. Howevs, as I've mentioned few times, she moved somewhere, I think to Romania possibly, or Burma, I can't remember, she hasn't blackberry messaged me in over ten hours. Oh wait, JK, just checked: she has. Anyhow, I'll be there, with bells on, along with A;ex, Cait, Tinkerbell, Natalie and Chase.

Tegan: "I think that the reason for [the album's title] has evolved. It just started to feel like everything's a bit of a con. For me, during this record, I was projecting this really happy extroverted image, but inside I was sad. And Sara was writing a lot about anxiety and marriage and death and commitment, and then you do all these stereotypical things, you buy a house and in the end it's ..."
Sara: "Well, it prevents you from thinking about what the reality is, which is that we're all just shuffling towards death and we're all going to lose everything."
(interview, The Guardian UK)
1) This is my favorite blogger of all time that I don't know for real. Her name is Kristen Iskandrian. She just posted a new blog post. When I discovered Kristen, I emailed all my friends about it and they thought I was kidding. I wasn't kidding, she's my favorite writer on the webs for reals. Well like top ten. For sure. This new post isn't like her other posts at all, but obviously it is still brill, just for different reasons. (@ifeelmyfeelings)
2) I couldn't figure out how to make a joke about this article on the movement to eliminate stigma around mental illnesses like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia that would be tasteful in any way, so um, here you have it: "Mad Pride" [@nytimes]
3) Rich (of fourfour) and Slut Machine do "Pot Psychology." Listen, if I ever recommend a video, it's cause it's good or has conjoined twins and/or me in it, so really, you must trust me. I trusted Stef, who lead me to it, and now I pass it on to you, grasshopper. (@jezebel)
4) I became fascinated with this woman, and her marriage to Robert Lowell, just right before she died, which was stunning timing, but still: Elizabeth Hardwick: "An Original Adventure" (@the believer)
5) Also there, the full text of Hornby's latest Stuff I've Been Reading which's like mine, except better. (@the believer)
6) The Sexiest Woman (Barely) Alive: "They're all white. They all have long hair and they're almost all blonde. They all have the same high cheekbones. Each woman is allowed exactly one deviation from the norm, and the deviation is immediately remarked on -- her tattoos or extra-dark eye makeup or her curves. The girls of FHM are obviously products of a fundamentally icky consumerist objectification, but their engineered homogeneity also reveals an incredibly limited imagination." (@the star)
7) London gets to see the SATC movie before we do. (@the guardian uk)
8) Interviewing the OK Cupid guy (responsible for nerve & onion personals, among others): "OkCupid is going to get the hot, trendy, hipster, cool, grunge, 27-year-old, who just wants to hang out and chat with interesting people, and if something happens romantically, so be it." (@the village voice)
9) Cynthia Nixon has a girlfriend, loves her, is pretty and successful, is in that big movie that's coming out soon, is subsequently asked retarded gaymo questions by reporter: "Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon Plans to Marry" (@the mirror uk)
10) Hollywood Sex Scene Database does the Top Five Scenes to Incite a Revolution (p.s. TALK HARD!!!) (


jen said...

woohoo, i'm going to the concert too! i have to admit, i'm a tegan and sara concert virgin. so i just hope they're gentle. have a good time!

Adam said...

I'm not sure which I like more about the blog you linked to: the crisp, declarative writing (so lean and muscular...sinewy), or the complete disregard for design/legibility.

Whenever I post something on the web I get all hung up on making it pretty and increasing comprehension and the like, and she just throws down and is like "this demands's worth the work." I wish I had a pair like that.

Natalie J. said...

That blog was interesting. I have an exam on the Western Canon on Wednesday, I might just parrot that. It's got to be better than writing all of my insights a.k.a. nothing at all.

Jaime said...

I am in love with Pot Psychology. I once saw Rich at my gym and am really sad that he moved too fast for me to stalk him.

Off to go read that blog you recommended now. Have fun tonight!

pat1mi said...

"Let's hold hands, climb trees, take those pills, sing in the rain, talk hard!"

You are totally one of TnS’ biggest fans… Right now I have a “martian wish”for some footage and a vlog from that concert. Have fun!

dani said...

girls (said by kit),
have so much fun with tegan and sara. they will rock germany in june...I am sooo looking forward to that. so..enjoy, get drunk and dance!

eric mathew said...

omg have fun at the concert safe. Remember to take your shawl (that was the Mrs. Brady in me). I am kind of peeved that London gets the movie before us...I mean it was filmed in NYC it just seems kind of odd, because movies usually get the Euro circuit after us. hmm.

dewey said...

OMG, I wish i was going to Tegan and Sara.

I can't go when they come to London in June bcause i have a stupid exam first thing in the morning the next day, i was all up for going anyway but i was persuaded that it was a bad idea. It hurts me a inside that i won't be there, ive had to limit my listening to them so as to prevent further heartbreak.

Crystal said...

Have fun and T&S tiger. I'm jealous. So jealous. Possibly so jealous that I can't even work.

It kills me that I know those lyrics.

maygin said...

this is my only relevant story about your plans for tonight. one time, i read in a magazine that tegan and sara were sisters AND lesbians. because my reading comprehension skills have dropped off since high school, i totally took that sentence in the porn star, jerry springer way and cannot erase that thought from my mind, no matter what i do (not that i've really tried that hard). so while you all are singing along to songs about feelings, i am home, trying to resist the urge to buy lurlene mcdaniels books on amazon.

riese said...

jen: oh they were! they so were.

adam: me too. i mean, you can't tell, but i get so concerned with if there's enough bells and whistles to draw in a crowd that i can't just say "here is the work. read it."

natalie j.: i've never heard the term "parrot that" before, and I LIKE IT.

jaime: Okay, what gym. What time. No one moves too fast for me to stalk them.

pat1mi: We brought the video camera, but filmed urm absolutely nothing. Mostly 'cause everyone else was, and we were kinda near the back. I mean, because I'm lazy.

dani: done and DONE. Well, the getting drunk part.

eric mathew:we did not bring shawls, however, we accidentally all wore matching bright american apparel hoodies, which was cute.

dewey: I feel like it's safe to say at any given moment that I wish I was at tegan & sara, for sure. i won't tell you about all the witty banter, 'cause then you'll get so jealous for sure.

crystal: look, i don't wanna be part of the problem, i try so hard to get roughed up, fists on up, it looks the easy ...

maygin: I can't imagine being that close to my sibling as they are, like they have to sing love songs together which is kinda intense, but i guess so did donny and marie, and anyhow, i think about that a lot, but I think that they get asked that question a lot, and they're always like, omg, we're twin sisters, not lovers, why does lesbian mean "lovers of incest," etc., or some witty quote about it that i could look up but i should work instead and may i recommend "baby alicia is dying"?

jen said...

okay so i would like to apologize for last night. like i said it was my first tegan and sara concert and i admit i was having a few (dozen) drinks and i saw you and semicolon outside after the show and i think my exact words were "wooohoo automatic win!!!!" and i believe i high-five semi but i'm not totally sure. but you guys were all laughing and it looked like you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

i love that you love t+s. i'm canadian so have had the joy of ebing exposed to them early on and have seen them, no joke, 8 times. Hope you have a good time!!

a;ex said...

Jen, I'm so glad you decided to shout "auto-win!" on the street last night, and then posted to apologize about it.

Thats amazing. I don't remember whether or not we high-fived either cause I myself had a few dozen (two) drinks.