Friday, May 30, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day :: 5-30-2008

I still don't know how to use Final Cut, but I gave it my all -- the Logo NewNowNext Awards Red Carpet Video is up on youtube: (1) Part One & Part Two. It's also up on The L Word Online's video page.

quote: "Sometimes I think the people to feel the saddest for are the people who are unable to connect with the profound -- people such as my boring brother-in-law, a hearty type so concerned with normality and fitting in that he eliminiates any possibility of uniqueness for himself and his own personality. I wonder if some day, when he is older, he will wake up and the deeper part of him will realize that he has never allowed himself to truly exist, and he will cry with regret and shame and grief." (Douglass Coupland, "Life After God.")

2) Jenny Allen is The Sleepless Woman -- "I fall asleep, boom, and then, four or five hours later, I wake up—like it’s my turn on watch, like I’ve just had a full night’s sleep. But if I act as if I’ve had a full night’s sleep, if I get up and do things, I will be pitiful tomorrow. I will confuse the TV remote with the cordless phone and try to answer it. I will not notice any of my typos—I will type “pubic school” this and “pubic school” that in e-mails to people whose public schools I am looking at for my daughter.": I'm Awake. Are You Awake? (@the new yorker)
3) This article reminded me of what happened with me & [redacted] magazine ... except my story never ran. [blessing in disguise, in so many ways.]: "The Times Magazine dapples Sunlight On Its Memoirist." (@the ny observer)
4) Jeanette Winterson interviewed for the Sydney Writer's Festival (@sydney morning herald)
5) "What is it about designers? Who are we and why are we the way we are?" Because they're cute, obvs! : "Defining the Designer" (@viget inspire)
6) RKB interviews Kerry Cohen on publishing and her "memoir of promiscuity" (@lusty lady)
7) Video games might not be that bad for you, but I still don't want to watch you play them. (@the prospect)
8) We'll find out tonight! "If SATC the series was promotions heavy, SATC the movie is positively heaving.": "Why retail hopes for Sex and the City won't pay off." (
8a) Classical Allusions in SATC: "Urban Mythology" (@radar)
9) "12 out writers share insights into the genres in which they tell their stories" -- this segment includes Sarah Waters and Rebecca Walker: In Their Own Words (@afterellen)
10) Hope! Hope! Now gays can get married in the sunshine, return to the trash and traffic, remain married: Paterson Sneaks Gay Marriage in Through the Back Door (@nymag)


dewey said...

Wooooooo first comment!! I want to post this before someone else gets the chance so proper comment to follow...

dewey said...

(The deleted comment was me but when i posted it half had dissappered so here goes again)

My word veri for the above included the word bra and because I'm an immature teen that makes me lol.

Anyways I was going to comment on the videos, good work girls!! I am truly impressed with your interviewing skills, the camera work, the editing and obvs the sound by Mark and Papi made it.

I also feel the need to share that today I have had numerous txt/phone calls from people checking I’m alright, apparently I wasn’t in too good a state last night. I’m still intrigued as to how I commented twice

eric mathew said...

Okay so not only am I happy you shot in 16:9 (because its so trendy right now) but your final cut skills are very good. i am imprssed. now i don't have to give you a private tutor session.
i just have a lot of feelings right now and i have to get ready for sarah's movie,


Anonymous said...

Were you waiting for the first person to notice that the date is 3/30/08?
Because if you were, it is I, anonymous.

e. said...

Oh, that was excellent! And Tinkerbell: what a star. You must be so proud, she's come such a long way, (from being exploited as a drug mule because of her built-in zippy-pouch, to making out with Michelle Paradise on the grey carpet!)

The Wilson Cruz autograph bit was maybe the very best thing, ever.

(Also, because I really must know: are you all actually that much fun in 3-D? And that good-looking? Or is it just the vlogging magic?)

A. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A. said...

I think I'm far too straight for that whole entire video. It was pretty damn entertaining though.

...Tinkerbell really gets around.

^I was the deleted post, spelled something wrong and couldn't just leave it.

Dave Lozo said...

Douglass Coupland stole that quote from me.

Adam said...

I concur re: designers.

dani said...

the award goes to ... mark and papi.
tinkerbell will get her star on hollywood boulevard....maybe next to haviland stillwell.
the videos are great. i'm really impressed. good jobs girrrls.

riese said...

dewey: I'm an immature almost-adult, and the word bra still makes me laugh. I think i'm going to hire Papi to do sound on my next project too, she's really something. You commented twice because everything you said needed to be said twice, and the fates intervened.

eric mathew: the best part is, I didn't even do it on purpose, 'cause I don't know anything about video anything, so that 16:9 was a lucky break. Also; omg, loved the movie. Really they did all kinds of things that annoyed me and I still loved it. I loved it just for being what it is.

Anonymous: Haha, I know, I love that no-one else said it. Actually my secret plan was to post-date it for Friday, but blogger wouldn't let me do that 'til I got home last night ... and then I did.

e.: The fact that I knew where to find that Wilson Cruz poster within 5 minutes of awards departure time is also the best thing ever. Tinkerbell IS such a star! Michelle Paradise wants Tinkberbell to call her!
(I hope that I'm far better looking in real life than on video. But clearly, I am totally that fun in 3-D! All the time! Howevs, it's a popular opinion that all that fun gets irritating after the 10 minute mark though, promise.)

A.: I know, Tinkerbell plays the field, but she mostly loves Littlefoot for sure.

Dave Lozo: I knew it, I knew you were secretly a wise sage and popular contemporary novelist.

Adam: Holla!

dani: OMG, it would be so cute if Tinkerbell could make little pawprints at the chinese theater with Haviland's handprints next to it. Thanksss!!

eric mathew said...

i know. for real. when sarah gave jennifer the purse it was like tears till the end.

caitlin said...

waittt, i thought i commented on this, but nope! i am word verification retarded.. so umm YAY!! good job! this was awesome, you kept all the funny parts, there are no quiet parts, everything is a good part!! yay! wheee!! also to whomever asked about the hot/funnyness: riese was sick, but sucked it up for new! now! next!, but vega always looks that hot, and riese always looks that hot minus the red nose! as for the funny, the jury's still out on that one, holler.

riese said...

Still, I love that only anonymous has pointed out that this post is dated March 30th. I think I like the neatness of 3-30, 3-31, etc.

Eric, that's amazing that that part made you cry. Personally, I was tearing up over miranda and steve on the bridge. I think I had to cover my head with my hoodie during the purse part 'cause she said "St. Louise" or something weird like that.

Caitlin, your! comment! is amazing. The jury has returned and I am not guilty, not funny, not! now! next! we're facebook friends for life and also I'll never give you a 24 hour hold. Obvs!

Julia said...

Super jealous of the interviewing opportunity. You guys looked like you were having a blast. I would have been way to star-struck to function.

And way to have Carly show up, all be it briefly. Fix that, if possible. I've missed her. She seems ridiculously fun.

(Is that a creepy statement? It wasn't meant to be.)