Friday, May 09, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day :: 5-9-2008

quote: ""Tell me about your life. tell me all about it, don't be shy or afraid. tell me about your beautiful past. Speak it to me. About your first feelings and impulses. About how strong and fine they were. How pure. And high-grade. And about how those around you responded. About the gestures. About the faces. What did the hands feel like? And about the hearts. Could you feel their hearts beating beneath their chests? ... And the darkness. Tell me about the darkness. The depth and the intensity of it. Its feel. The grit of it. Of what you lost in it. The black of it. If you died in it. Or if you lived in it. Tell me about it. Speak it to me. Speak the hatred of it to me. Don't be afraid. Spit on me. Don't hold back. Spit it. That's why I am here." (Robert Aluetta, "Stops")

1) "Why don't you ever get anything done with your life, Riese?" "Because I'd prefer to spend my entire morning watching conjoined twins video footage! La la la!(@one d at a time)
2) How we become the stories we tell about ourselves/ remember things that never happened: Total Recall (@Miller-McCune)
3) Obvs, a $10-bottle of "drinkable" pinot grigio -- What Motivates the Wine Shopper? (@the ny times)
4) "It hurt to walk. It hurt to sit. It hurt to lie down. But even worse than the pain in my ass was the pain in my heart. It hurt to be conscious. So it's no surprise that the following day, when I returned to the city, I had a nervous breakdown." Rev. Jen Miller, Seeking Asylum (
5) I don't know if this counts as "meta" or not: "The Hype Cycle" (@n+1)
6) Fifteen great examples of web typography. Oddly, OurChart is not listed. (@ilovetypography)
7) Sometimes, life is super magic, and Sam Anderson opens his review of The Lazarus Project with "Aleksander Hemon is ragingly addicted to semicolons." (@nymag)
8) Seriously this is amazing ... fourfour presents, in video, The Major Themes of the Anna Nicole Biopic: "Imagine the people who brought you Goddess (Showgirls' fictional extravaganza) applying their talents to a Lifetime-movie version of Anna Nicole's life (while cluelessly retaining about three percent of the boobage), and you're more than halfway there." (@fourfour)
9) The first seven pages of Tao Lin's new poetry book, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. "it will take an extreme person to make me feel less alone / the effect of being alone for a very long time / is that i have been thinking very hard ..." (@c-btherapy blog)
10) I like to re-read this, every now and then: "My Misspent Youth" by Megan Daum (@the new yorker 1999)


Adam said...

at the risk of starting 'that' again...

dear n+1 article author,

step away from the Adorno and no one will be hurt.



The Brooklyn Boy said...

A quick heads up: The Sam Anderson article is a duplicate link of the typography article.

In case no one says it, thanks for providing quality procrastination material all my blog life. :)

MeL said...

Carl Rogers, On Becoming a Person. I stole this book from my public library many moons ago. It still makes my brain hurt in that beautiful, wonderful, growing sort of way. Like it's going to erupt out of my skill, sending shards of bone and brain scattering off in all directions on the four winds to travel the world and return to me one day. It gives me hope that one day I'll be whole, that one day the hunger and thirst to absorb more and be more and feel more won't be so desperate. It makes me feel like the aching never-full-ness of my soul is a virtue, a reflection all the greatness left to be discovered in this brief, brilliant, blinding existence.

Pretty impressive for intro to psych 101 assigned reading, really.

jenn said...

Up to now i have only got to link 3 but,

1) I am not sure if the ladie/s have a good country voice i am not a fan could you enlighten me? also my head is now fizzy!!

2)Me and my friend made up a story when we ran away as teenagers that we went to london and got jobs, we still to this day start to talk about are time in london till we slowly go silent as we realise it was a story we made up, we were at a b&b in the next town!!

3) my guid to buying wine, abv(has to be over 14%,bottle size 14 classes to a bottle!!!

dont worry i will not comment on all links!!

riese said...

adam - I don't know who Adorno is, but I'm just glad I saw Forrest Gump the weekend it opened so no one ruined it for me with all the hype that came after. I was like totally surprised at how lovely it was! Also, somehow, I'm still engaged w/the Sam Anderson debate.

bb - Thanks for the tip, should be fixed now ... and, obvs, you're welcome!

mel - If I was your Intro to Psych 101 teacher, I'd give you an A++ even if that intro was the entire paper and you had no more paragraphs.

jenn - i have a lot of questions for the conjoined twins as well, but i don't think I have any enlightenment on it. I mean clearly she's not a good singer, um, totes, also, my guide for buying wine really is $10-$15. Also, I like Rieselings the best, 'cause it's like White Zin but without the social stigma.

Adam said... comment was, itself, n+1-worthy in its pretension.

I just couldn't shake the feeling as I read the article that "Hey, I read this before! Only it was written 50s, and was more lucid...and then again...but it was written in the 80s, and was exactly as obscure."

I probs give them too much credit by thinking they go all the way back to Adorno when I know in my heart of hearts that the entire article was cribbed from a dogeared copy of Bauldrillard's word-vomit.

I consider it evidence of God's beneficence that the word simulacra wasn't intoned at us in a dark rite of one charlatan summoning another.

jenn said...

the twins song is now my ring tone on my mobile(cell phone) it is class totes?
many many many questions for them!

what is the world comeing to when there is a social stigma on wine? what next, i just dont think i can cope, what with super talented twinnies and people looking down on me for my wineeeeooooo tastes!?

ms. malapropos said...

I completely share your adoration of Sam Anderson. I had my students do a stylistic analysis of a paragraph from Hemon's novel, and they talked a great deal about how his syntax influenced the overall mood. Then I shared Sam Anderson's analysis and they chuckled through the whole thing (in that knowing way). They were just so tickled that not only was someone in the real world talking about semi-colons the way we do in class, but also being playful about it. Semicolonialism.

burningsteady said...

I'm leaving you a mega return comment:

Madness was really good, but it does take its toll. I'm not manic proper, but the manic voice she uses to write the book sent me into a several-day anxiety spin. Like it just kicked my brain to that space. So, a good read, but with caution.

I miss 'zines. Now it's all literary journals and fancy highbrow lives. Which, admittedly, is so much fun, but just not the same. I used to work in the library at school, and I saw that we had boxed equivalents to 'zines. A bunch of artists/writers photocopied stuff, created random little things, put them in a box, and then shipped them out. It was the coolest thing I've seen in that regard.

&Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.