Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Under Feet Like Ours, Under Vlogs Like Ours, Uh Huh ... Her.

On Monday night we went to see a music show featuring the band Tegan & Sara, it was quite delightful. I adore Tegan & Sara all over: music, witty banter, stage presence. Natalie remarked, "This is the best rock 'n roll concert I've ever been to!" I'm not gonna divulge how many concerts she claimed to have attended (en total) in her entire life, I'm hoping she may've been exaggerating for dramatic effect on that, like I often do. We've been besties since college, therefore we share some key personality traits, e.g., a tendency to spark up a story with a little glimmer of fiction. On a scale of 1 to 10, this particular post is written at a USA Today reading level. There will be a powerpoint presentation and short video after class, in the meeting room, with danishes. xoxo gossip girl.

I've got a lot of shallow vapidity to cover today, so on with it, yes.

Okay so; Tinkerbell didn't go to T&S, which was valuable foresight, 'cause we all accidentally wore brightly colored hoodies from the same store -- therefore, we already looked like the M&M's Street Team (or the Tellitubbies) and would've looked ridic w/the added element of comedy/childhood/dymensia implied by the tote-age of a stuffed de-strapped dog sporting American Airlines wings.

Luckily, Tink makes plenty of appearances in our latest vlog, which covers the following topics: durrrrr.

Honestly; I think I used all our best footage on the first one, recklessly, w/o any consideration for the future. Perhaps 'cause at that time I had bleak overall feelings about the future. Then, yesterday, I decided instead of hating everyone per always, I'd just love everyone! Really, I mean, it's just as fair/unfair.

Then, only hours after making that new life choice, I was forced to reconsider: some people enjoy, it seems, screaming along to Tegan & Sara's already quite harmonic melodies, therefore reminding me both why I hate everyone and of sing-a-longs in Kindergarten and on Sesame Street. I get the desire -- I do it sometimes too. But you don't need to SCREAM sing along, this isn't System of a Down or heavy metal rockers, they're quite lovely w/o your harmonies. I've seen the Indigo Girls live a bazillion times, so I know from sing-a-longs.

I think it's possible we're getting too old for this -- my companions agreed. Therefore, we'll have to pack the next couple years as full to the brim with this kind of activity as possible.

But really: the concert was awesome, there was loads of witty banter, and I enjoyed spending quality time with Cait, Alex, Stef, Natalie, Chase & Ang and Ms. Jackson. I'd talk about the concert, but how do you talk about concerts, I think that's like dancing about architecture, right? I think I said that last time, but then tried to write about it anyhow, and I imagine whatever I said last time goes for this time too -- I love them, they played this and that song, omg, are you jealous do you wish you'd been there omg. They told lots of cute stories, unfortunately Carly was not there and therefore I had no one to tackle when they played "Living Room," so we all left relatively unscathed. There was heaps of witty banter, like a story for every song, like Raffi! Super-cute.

Maybe Stef will do a cartoon recap?

Afterwards, someone tried to pass off a flier about some other place we could party at (unfortunately, I'd surpassed my daily allotment of "other people time" about four hours prior, also: sleepy sloos time) and Alex whooped and gave them a high-five. We inquired re: whooping, she looked dejectedly at the flier and said: "I thought it said MADONNA, not MONDAY."

So anyhow, we made this vlog. Believe it or not -- 'cause we do enjoy talking about the same things over and over again, and you might think I'm recycling old footage -- this vlog contains 100% all-new never-before-seen footage. Topics include: global warming, the health care system, Encyclopedia Brittanica, Fellini films, your Mom, truth in memoir, flying lesbians, how to get a date with Haviland, dancing lessons from Alex, the United Nations, world peace, and the proper position of second-wave feminist discourse within the modern fourth wave pro-sex feminist movement. JK, it's about nothing at all whatsoever.

Speaking of videos! Leisha & Cam have debuted their video for us (part of the Uh Huh Her SXSW Video Contest Winning Prize Package), and you can watch it here ! Obviously, they were held up in post-production -- special effects, animation, etc. Anyhow, clearly we'll be collaborating in the near future, 'cause I am really good at following people around and talking to strangers. No but honestly, wouldn't that be awesome! I'd be like "Alice, what the frickin' frack?" JK, totally professional, obvs.


Anonymous said...

goood job boo! excellent. i feel as though leisha and cam will really benefit from your awesome editing skills. i'll just sit in the corner and direct, as per ush although it won't be the same without the stillwell faces.. also, it's too not to in the too young for rock shows stuff... speaking of, what're ya doing on thursdayyyy? holler

Haviland Stillwell said...

i definitely need to make cameos in the uh huh her videos...they need faces and junk...hilarious vlog and very sweet - and i miss semicolon!

a;ex said...

I can only hope Stef does a cartoon recap. I need memories and since we never take photos, stick figures will have to do.

I love how Haviland's a vicious little creature in that vlog at one point. Miss you too bugaboo!

omg Thursday the planets are aligning I think.

Also, Tegan and Sara won my heart last night for real.

stef said...

i'm doing cartoons for you right now obvs, i have a lot to talk about, i can't believe you didn't mention the person who yelled AUTOMATIC WIN at you. if that person is reading right now, i think alice pieszecki owes you a vlog too. most of my recap is about an horse, i think natalie and i are going on tour with them cos she loves rock concerts.

seriously, i haven't watched your vlog yet but i watched yoplait's and it made me a little concerned.

Crystal said...

UHH totally phoned that one in - I guess it only confirms the need for you to take a more active role in their video production.

I'm free on Thursday.

eric mathew said...

omg ladies of beautifulville you basically just made my evening...so many amazing things in this vlog.

- mlb/riese...don't fret. this was wonderfully hysterical and your hair looks obvs real good even when you messed it up. also you really know how to rock the AA Hoodies. oh and your laura benanti joke...hmm to good.

-Little Bird, Little Haviland...obvs i have been practicing saying your name...like i'm not even kidding. but you know i will be there when you get your wax statue...hopefully they put you somwhere good like near tina tuner or andrew lloyd webber.

-woman of the night/a;ex... your one liners are killers...for real. love them love you.

-cait..oh hi. we haven't met yet, but your laugh is contageous.

-tinkerbell...don't fret baby girl, you will book a show...i know it. remember how you almost were on tila? please return my calls so we can do body shots this week.

love the best gay jew this side of the east coast,
eric mathew

p.s. MIA = great. it is the big song at ronnie's house parties.

Dave Lozo said...

M&Ms have a street team?

supr said...

riese, youre a flippin star. i guess it makes sense not mentioning your fan in your blog, you dont want to encourage the paparazzi. wish i could claim responsibility for the outburst, but unfortunately i was nowhere near t&s or automatic win on monday night, despite my best efforts.

the vlog was awesome, obvs.

i am also free thursday. i dont know whats going on but i like to feel included. so consider me crashing your shindig spiritually (obvs not physically).. yeah, i dont know why i know me either.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Semicolon might have dropped the most classic line on the PR Day Parade EVARRR. I Lol'ed at work. Pretty hard, ha.

I once met friends at the parade after covering a game, so I was business casual, and my buddy's girlfriend's friend goes, "Juan, you're Dominican, that's close enough, it's all love today. Sash, you're a whitey, but you look rugged enough you can pass. But Couch, you ... you're one of these."

And he stuck out his thumb. Never lived it down. Hilarious.

The end.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

I'm sealing the deal on my new apartment tomorrow night, thusly unavailable til 9 or so. For the record. ;)

Chase-her said...

omg alice is talking to you ha! i got goosebumps and hard nips on that one, so exciting...and um, sooo sexy...and they barely moved. all i gotta say is lips, yum. uh huh.


dewey said...

I have to say, its painful to read about Tegan and Sara awesomeness, however i am glad you guys had a good time (she says through gritted teeth)

Also, i think the UHH message is immense, just that they say your names is cool.

Anonymous said...

umm so i just saw uh huh .. her? and i might be a little blacked but i met LEISHAAA and i almost got killed by a bunch of angry lezzies bc i totes cut the entire line and i was like i dont want u to sign anything i just wanna say whaaaat up and leisha and cam were so cute and like heyyyy and they both hugged me and i almost died. then outside a girl offered to give me her autographed uh huh her shirt but it was her only layer so i was like um no, you should keep it. and i may have had a few too many cocktails and may or may not be closing one eye to focus.

anonymous aka nep

riese said...

anonymous: I know, we should like collaborate with them or something ... um, how's Thursday? It'll be to much fun! For reals!

haviland: You'd have to make a quick quick cameo, I think they like to keep their videos under 54 seconds.

a;ex: The planets are aligning, you say? This sounds like big news, I hope that tinkerbell and a video camera will be there! Stick figures beat photos every day.

stef: Next time I see you on the street I am going to yell BIG EXIT!!! And then you can make me a video. I think this comment was gonna be a joke, and it was gonna go somewhere, but then I lost it. You're generally funnier than me, take it ... Natalie should for sure tour with them, she'd be better than Penny Lane 'cause she doesn't do as much drugs.

crystal: Also, there's a joke to be made from "phoning it in" w/r/t the fact that they phoned us ... but um, I can't seem to think of what that joke might be ...

eric mathew: Oh! I love you and your fabulous feedback on the vlog for real! I'm glad you know who LB is, I just know she's a girl that looks like Haviland ... and omg, what are you doing Thursday night? Haviland wants to know if you always say your full name, or if it's seperate, like do you go by "eric" or "eric mathew"?

lozo: NOW THEY DO!

supr: I know right, I'm my own paparazzi, clearly I can handle taking great photos of myself. Also we have a video of Hav reading your comment, I just need to figure out how to work it into a vlog ... spiritually, I want you to close your eyes and think "UH HUH ..."

The Brooklyn Boy: Unfortunately that means you cannot come on our massive road trip of Awesomeness to Philadelphia to see Uh Huh Her. Also, the only thing that could've made that line better would've been if she'd added "and donkeys," cause they seriously have live donkeys there.

Chase-her: I love that you just admitted to getting "hard nips" on my blog, we're like in a whole new field of awesomeness now.

dewey: I just wish they'd said Tinkerbell's name!

nep: I find myself doing that one eye to focus thing way more than I oughtta. Like, for example, I was doing it at my own reading, which is always a very bad sign. Watch out for the lesbian leisha fans, they will mob you and you will not get out alive for real.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Well I am officially bummed I'm missing out on the massive road trip of awesomeness. I've got no time for life with the frakkin' playoffs going on anyway ... and yet I do things like stay out at open (and after-)mikes until 3 a.m. when I have to be at work the next morning (See: Tuesday). The planets will one day align, ha.

Also, it's probably best A;ex left the donkeys out because then people might have gotten confused about the rape targets, and nobody likes bestiality ... or rape. Ha. Wow. This comment took a whole turn I wasn't expecting.