Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tagged: All The Good and All The Bad That Comes With Me

I think it takes me about a month to implement my initiatives, e.g., a month ago I expressed an intention to blog more frequently and with greater brevity. That mos def didn't happen, though, arguably, if you include auto-straddle, it totes DID HAPPEN, except for the brevity part. I'm still rolling with that Great Mysteries of Life topic in a google doc somewhere, to be continued soon enough. But then yesterday I got tagged by Jaime and I figured I'd get it out of the way.

TO DO: List 5 things that certain people (who are not deserving of being your friend anyway) may consider to be "totally lame," but you are, despite the possible stigma, totally proud of. Own it. Tag 5 others.

That "TO DO" could be the subtitle of my blog. I've done research to uncover what's considered lame by other people who've done this meme by tracking back Jaime's tag. I discovered a whole parade of theater bloggers, it was very educational. I learned a lot about Molière, he really pumps my nads. [NAME THAT MOVIE, LAME-OS]

At first, I thought everyone was copping out and secretly posting the Top 5 reasons they are super-awesome, especially since Jaimie's list was essentially "Things that make Jaime Riese's hero and idol for all of time." Then, after the track-back, I re-read the topic and realized everyone was doing as they were told -- the instructions, after all, did specifically state that only "certain people" need to find this thing lame. Touche. [I really need to figure out how to add accents to letters, anyone?]

There's this quote, from Ghost World?

Rebecca: This is so bad it's almost good.
Enid: This is so bad it's gone past good and back to bad again.

That's sort of how things are with lame, except that it goes back to good again just one more time. Like talking about my affections for Star Trek has become post-hip, like, it's pretty much cool again, 'cause it's sooooo not cool.

ii. You Wouldn't Like Me, If You Met Me

So I'm trying to think of things for this list that are Actually Lame and simultaneously Appropriate for Public Consumption and Yet Unsaid and Ownership-Worthy. Hum. Not much overlap. I need new life experiences so I'll have more material. [Looks out window.] NM.

Also: stuff that happened in the past doesn't count as lame, because it's in the past. In order to be truly lame, it has to apply to the present, completely and without apology.

I think I just sprained my finger from typing. Seriously, I'm not lying. That's probably the lamest thing to ever happen to me ever. Ow. Wow. Seriously I. Fuck. ow. Urgh. Surely there's a Percocet (ow) around here somewhere. (eeek)

Then there's the things I've admitted to, probs more than once, that truly are lame; like honestly loving The Indigo Girls, drinking too much, owing Visa my first-born child and all my limbs (notice that since April, the stakes continue to raise), reading the entire Gossip Girl series (last year), not returning phone calls, having bad time management, knowing more about Beverly Hills 90210 and The Real World (old school) than I do about Russian Literature, and not leaving my apartment really ever due to a variety of unresolved issues pertaining to the state of my heart, mind, soul, and psyche. I could go on, but I already have. As I said, could totes be a subtitle.

iii. I Love Y'All More Than You Know

Don't you feel like "lame" is the new "badass"? Like, people, including me, especially me, like to make confessions about things they know are actually super-cool, like "I go to art museums for fun, alone," because the right sort of people will see that and be like "OMG, that is so not lame! I also go to art museums for fun! We should go together, except that you like to go alone." Like if I say I used to write novels for fun as a kid, I don't honestly think that's lame. I think that's badass. But I can't say that, that would sound egotistical, so instead I'm like "OMG I was suuuchhhh a dork! I used to write NOVELS for FUN while other kids were smoking crack!" knowing that most people will see that and be like "OMG, she was uncool before uncool became cool," or whatevs. Then you'll lean over and take a deep inhale off your crack pipe. Earlier today I was thinking: what's the difference between me and the lady who lives on our stoop? Not much, besides crack.

I'm reading Jonathan Ames right now. I've read all the other Jonathans (Franzen, Lethem, Safran Foer) already, he's my last one. He reminds me of Lozo, except with a lot of differences. I've been bugging Lozo to read this book I Love You More Than You Know and he finally said he would, which inspired my consent to item "one" on this list. You'll see. The anticipation is whetting you to the core, I'm sure, you're resisting the urge to skip ahead, like cheating at Choose Your Own Adventure.

Ames is pretty unapolageticaly lame & gross a lot of the time, even moreso than Lozo. Most popular contemporary humor writers, especially men [as our society gives men greater latitude for public confession of repulsive/lame behavior], these days are intensely self deprecating. But there's like, Nick Hornby self-deprecating, where you admit to being lovesick or dumped by a pretty girl or being impotent or liking cheesy music or some such thing, and then there's Jonathan Ames self deprecating, in which you admit things that are truly worth embarrassment, like battling a persistent anal itch for over a decade. If you do these things well, you endear your readers, intimately and fondly. [Also, in today's reading Ames quotes Sylvia Plath: "Every woman adores a Fascist/The boot in the face, the brute," perfect lines, those.] Nice work, boys.

iv. Right, So The List of 5 Additional Lame Things About Me

Anyhow, obviously I am putting off writing this list. This list is the Lamest thing about this whole Lame post. There're many lame things (like I remembered I referred to myself as "totes lame" in therapy yesterday, but as for why, well, that's between me and the Doctor) not included here. That's why I'm writing a book. It's called "26 Years of Automatic Lame."

OK, I think I feel self conscious a little, like, still recovering from that thing where every retarded thing about myself I'd ever confessed to & owned was attacked viciously. Trying to forge ahead anyhow in this world-changing mission of Being Lame.

v. Five Things About me that are Actually Lame:
(oh wow I really want to insert something that's secretly badass and dorky, secretly relaying my intellectual achievements and lifelong commitment to learning and education under the guise of lame-ness, but totes trying not to cheat waaa)

5. I just wrote a recap of The L Word Season Five PROMO. You know how long a promo is? One minute and eight seconds long. That's being generous, too, I think there was some empty space at the end. Because I LOVE/HATE THIS SHOW. Seriously, Season Five is gonna be HOT.

4. Even When I'm Broke, I Still Buy Magazines. This annoys Haviland most of all. Actually, when thinking about this post, I thought mostly of Haviland going 'That's LAME, Riese," and making an "L" with her fingers, then re-stating: "LAME!" Avoiding that statement and that gesture is a primary motivating factor for me when pondering life's choices, like: "Do I really NEED to buy Nylon, Paper, Glamour, Radar, Bitch, Bust, Curve, Marie Claire, Vogue" -- see, just then, I was about to insert some "smart" magazines in there to sound cool, like The New Yorker or something, but let's be honest, I've bought The New Yorker four times in the last 12 months, and one of those times was for TB, though, actually, I read it on the train to Mt. Vernon and enjoyed every minute of it, honestly. I'm gonna be a magazine writer though so I gotta read these things OBVS. Okay, I'm done with this one.

3. I Keep Nearly Everything: I keep everything: at least three forests' worth of paper in my room/storage space in Michigan/boxes/closets. HOWEVER now that I'm writing this book, which is, surprise, mostly about memememememe, I'm glad to have Everything, though it makes me a highly immobile pack rat, which isn't conducive to my fly-by-night lifestyle. Presently I'm sorting through middle school notes, it's crazy, we were all such gossipy bitches. Our tiny school for gifted kids, our tiny social circle, three guys that weren't ugly/into GURPS-- and we were obsessed with our drama and subsequently so blunt/straightforward & unself-conscious about our cruelty ... playing w/adult emotions, mimicking adult situations, but going about it all as children. Our obsessions: the "list" of Who David Liked [we all liked him, though most of us turned out to be gay or bi, oddly enough], who was allied and apart, who'd talked to who on the phone, who was BSFs or BFFs. [ BSF=Best School Friend, opposed to BFF. 'Cause it was private school with kids from all over the city geographically, everyone had two best friends: school-friend and "home" friend. Remember when you used to just have friends based on who lived in your neighborhood? I guess we mimic that in college, kinda, but we acknowledge the strange artificial quality of our friendships, determined as they are by who happens to be assigned to our hall.]

Our fights back then were vicious and unrestrained, executed via insidious notes passed in class. Sometimes it seems like maybe it'd be easier if we still did it that way, instead of cloaking all our conversations in niceties. Like: DEAR ANN, I HATE YOU AND SO WILL DAVID WHEN HE HEARS ABOUT THIS. YOUR FORMER FRIEND, MARIE. That's actually a nice one, because I was clearly being melodramatic. Usually it's far more biting and subtle.

2. My fashion icons include: Tank Girl, Annie Hall, Roller Girl, Blondie, randmoized girls in magazine ads and layouts, David Bowie, Sporty Spice, Ellen, Shane and Joan Jett.
In fact, I've got an entire file folder of ripped out magazine pages of people sporting looks I like. They collect dust. But every 2-3 months or so, I'll come up with a fairly brill outfit, and I like to think it's the influence permeated as I ripped. Also, mostly I think I keep magazine pages to make me feel better about "4." Oh wait, I'd like to add someone to this: Serena Van Der Woodson. The outfit she just put on to go to school is one of the hottest things I've seen in my life. I'm not attracted to her, but she rocks that field hockey outfit. That's a lie I am attracted to her, though I usually don't go for blondes. La la la. Sometimes though. Whee la la.

1. This Sunday, I've agreed to participate in the BLOG EVENT OF THE CENTURY: Riese & Lozo's Strip Club Trip

Who: Automatic Win and Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog?, supervision provided by Big-Exit, and accompaniment provided by anyone who's interested. Seriously, anyone. Even if we've never met. I'd like to make this as weird as possible. Seriously. Although after the party is the after party, and after that is the hotel lobby, etc.
Where: A Yet-to-Be Determined Location, Probs in Midtown Manhattan, The Innermost Circle of Hell.
Whence: I've never been to a strip club before and I'm afraid the stripping ladies part will make me sad, like when I see mainstream pornowhathaveyous and I get depressed thinking about the girl and all her problems and wondering why she's in porn (this doesn't apply, obvs, to honest women-empowering porn producers, I guess), but I'll likely be too drunk to notice. Lots of strippers are empowered. I knew a stripper once, she was drunk. Hi-dee-ho. No really, a lot of them are. It's hard work, stripping. Need good leg muscles, etc. Long, strong, firm legs ... etc.
Also: In addition: It'll be funny. I mean, tell me you aren't already counting down the minutes, because you probs are. We might pre-party at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone. Seriously, I think it'll be the most hilarious thing ever and if you're not excited well then YOU SHOULD BE.

Now that I've fully explicated all the details of my lameness, I will go to my emo-cave, then perhaps eat a meal best suited for a 12-year-old, like a bologna sandwich and Campbell's double noodle soup.

Oh, I need to tag people. It's okay. Urm, I'm too lame for that. Anyone wanna do it? Last time I tagged people, compliance was reluctant by all parties. I'll retro-tag you. I'll think about it. BRB.


Crystal said...

This post made me LOhL left and right, just so you know. That's left AND right. Not center, that's totes boring.

The egotist in me agrees that lame is the new badass.

Jaime said...

That's awesome. All of it. You are my hero. I'm also totes jealous of the strip club field trip.

riese said...

Crystal: The Lame-ist in me agrees with the ego-ist in you.

Jaime: Totes not too late to get in on the action, kiddo. "Action."

Jaime said...

I'm seeing a play that evening. So unless this is Legs n Eggs, I probably can't.

Jo said...

the movie reference = breakfast club? right?

I watched that l word promo at least 10 times. Kate Moennig's hair (and the rest of her) looks super hot. It looks like season 5 will be better than 4. At least that's what I'm telling myself (as is probably every other fan who refuses to give up hope)

"He reminds me of Lozo, except with a lot of differences"- el-oh-el

stef said...

somewhere on my long list of things that have happened that are pretty surreal and outta control since we started actually like, hanging out, somewhere near the TOP of this list is CHAPERONING A FUCKING STRIP CLUB OUTING WITH RIESE AND LOZO.


i don't think actually agreeing to do this is in any way lame, but i think the fact that we're all like "SDFIOWETET this is gonna be the best BLOG ENTRY EVER" is pretty lame.

riese said...

jaime: legs and eggs, hahaha.


jo: Right-O. I am one who also refuses to give up hope. I figure -- may as well hope.


stef: Haha. Chaperoning. I hope you bring a camera and snacks, and lets come up with a system in case we all lose each other. Like my brother and I used to wear matching outfits to help my Mom find us if we got separated.

No, it's so lame it goes all the way to cool, back to lame again, and then back to cool.

stef said...

i'm thinking family whistle, like almost famous.

obvs i'm more of the miss cuthbert type chaperone, a league of their own style. making sure you pay attention to all you learned in charm school, poise, posture, etc. if you and lozo poison my dinner so you can go swing dancing, we will have a problem. i don't have a functional camera and we're not allowed to really take pictures anyway :(

Razia said...

Make sure you're totally inebriated before you walk in. I made the mistake of agreeing to stop off at a strip club on the night I was filling in the painful role of designated driver. I don't think I've donated to as many charities as I did in the fortnight following that.

rk said...

the accents-key is in the second row between "?" and "return". first type in the accent, then the letter. or you can just apple+c and apple+v them: á, à, è, é; it was quite a discovery when i figured out how to type accents. i needed it for a french course, which was only bearable because of the wandering cliché teacherette (once she brought a fan, because it was summer, therefore hot). how lame is this? how lame is this comment? öäüô! this is my favourite: ø; go sweden! and: i'm looking forward to the stripclub-sunday-top-ten.

Haviland said...

i am so annoyed that y'all are going to the strip club while i'm out of town. really, papi?

cait said...

i just have to comment on the fact that one of the notes in your picture says SAVE US. what exactly did this person need saving from? also there is lots of teenage girl handwriting, which i never really had, even when i was a teenage girl i could never master the bubble letters.

let me know if they play 'harder to breathe' at the strip club. i've only been twice [for random parties, obvs not my scene] and randomly it was played both times

i am on attempt 4 of word verification- lame

Lozo said...

if the yankees lose tonight, sunday could be a problem. i'm going to have blogging responsibilities from 6:30 to 10. 10 the latest, though.

ABeos said...

i'm a grammar nazi. i think that makes me lame.

that being said, i saw this and thought of you.

(editing comments also makes me lame...)

riese said...

stef: I know about the pictures, i wonder how that gets enforced. I'm sure I could buy a spy-cam somewhere.


razia: Oh, I will be. Drunk.


rk: Thank you. I just tried to use it but it didn't work, maybe that's a text-edit problem.


haviland: I can't believe you're going out of town the weekend we're going to a strip club.


cait: Oh, that's for the animals. My friend Amelia liked to decorate her notes with propagada about saving the earth. She would write "S.T.E." in big letters on the outsides of all her notes, and then sometimes draw pictures of animals and illustrate their cries for help. She also drew peace signs and ying-yangs. She was a pretty amazing girl, truly. What's really amazing though was unfolding the notes, covered as they were in this eco-stuff, and find "Do you think I should go with William?" "go with"=go out with.


Lozo:a'ight, well,I guess your team loyalties are pretty clear-cut then, so, haviland: Or maybe we won't be going this weekend after all?


abeos: I will check it out. Grammar nazis are awesome.

stef said...

the only thing lamer than wussing out on a blogger meet-up at a strip club for the express purpose of blogging about it is wussing out because you have BLOGGING OBLIGATIONS. blogging about SPORTS. lozo, get a fucking life. i could look at my own boobs at home. i CHOOSE to do this with my sunday night instead.

JESUS, go play dungeons and dragons while you're at it.

you snooze, you lose, bro. have fun staring at dudes - dudes who aren't even in the same ROOM. if you need us we'll be at the hustler club. with haviland. alert the gawker stalker.

Lozo said...

hey, jekfaces, who bailed last week because they "didn't feel like it," huh? yeah, wasn't me.

and besides, the yankees will probaby win tonight.

and besides, the game will be over no later than 9. were we getting brunch at the strip club?

riese said...

OOO! OOO! MEEEE!! I was the one who bailed because I didn't feel like it.

I don't eat brunch, as a rule. Surely I've mentioned that somewhere.

Anyhow I know what you're getting at. It's all good. Go Yankees! Wheee!

Oh man, the temp agency just called to see if I'll take a job where I have to go in every day til the end of the year, that makes me want to die. I don't know what to do. Gonna go jump out the window, BRB.


Lozo said...

omg! lol!

seriously, i'll bail on my blog tomorrow if haviland goes. my head would explode if she came, too.

heck, i'll probably bail on it anyway.

riese said...

Haviland is singing Saturday night at this new talk/variety evening featuring New York City's top talent from 11pm-2am. It's called Saturday Night Underground and it's at the Laurie Beecham Theater at 42nd street, probs was once a strip club, and then she's getting on a plane to San Diego at like 6 A.M. We could go to it, and chant "STRIP STRIP STRIP," but it might not be the same. Like, they might not strip?

It does sadden me that I'm having my first strip club experience sans Stillwell. But I don't know exactly what to do about it, besides, you know, rescheduling again.

stef said...


dewey said...

Come on, you can't reschedule the whole trip again! That even annoys me to think you would and I have nothing to do with it. Obviously I understand it sucks that Haviland will be unable to attend but you can go again, infact that would give you a good excuse to go again. As for the Yankees I no nothing about baseball but I’m sure its worth missing to go to a strip club!!

Not only are you guys looking forward to the trip but we readers are eagerly anticipating the blog about it. You cant get our hopes up and then reschedule!! I was going to say something about it being lame but to be honest I’m slightly confused as to what we’re considering as lame.

When I clicked on the comments I think there was something I was going to say, but then I read the comments, wrote that and have totally forgotten what I wanted to say! Ah well, good blog, hehe

riese said...

Don't worry, I feel like we're still going, yeah? We're still going. Right, I mean, wouldn't that be like, Meta-Lame, if we didn't go? (right guys?)

Good thing the temp agency never called me back again when I said I had to go home for the holidays, which apparently was not acceptable for this hypothetical position I'd likely've quit before December anyhow. Then when would I have the time to write about it?

No, we'll go. We can always go again with Haviland. Seriously I'm already preparing myself mentally for the daunting task of being a genuinely social person in two days, I'd hate to do all that pep-talking for nothing. Although my head would also explode if Haviland was part of the Go-Team, plus she has really good social skills which compensate for my lack thereof. But you know, you win some, you auto-lose some, the Yankees win some, like tonight, they'll win, etc.

Christine said...

Folded up in 10 tiny little squares...

OMG today was the 90210 rerun where Kelly dumped Brandon and he went to Palm Springs for the KEG convention and Ray abused Donna for the 18th time...

Yes...I did watch it...instead of more productive things...

All I gotta say is I want one of those backpacks with the sprayer that shoots out margaritas...or 'slo gin fizz'. What the hell is that btw?

rocketdyke said...

count me in. sunday? i can do sunday. seriously. im coming.

Anonymous said...

i wish i could see this event documented on video. good luck and be safe!! the only time i've ever had any interaction with a female stripper, she fucking drugged me!!! she forced me to take a mysterious shot right before she took us upstairs and then proceeded to give my guy friend a lapdance. then she turns to me and is all yours is free and like jumps on me. it was awkward and nauseating/violent-she was smashing her tits on my eyes. on the way home i was so drugged up i could barely talk and then my friend was like oh yea that happened to my boy here last time!!! (re: being drugged). i was like thanks for the headsup!!! DICK!

riese said...

Stef's just recruited another lesbian for Sunday night. rocketdyke: This new lesbian attendee is a law student. You're a lawyer! Discuss. (future tense: To be Discussed.)

Christine: Great episode. Seriously know what you're talking about obvs. Those backpacks were created by the same person who invented the SuperSoaker 3000 I think.

rocketdyke: Seriously, TOTES COMING.

Anonymous:The only time I've ever been drugged, someone took my iPod. I think I'd rather have a naked woman smashing her tits in my face than a stolen iPod. Actually, that's not necessarily true. I'll be sure to stay away from mysterious shots. I need to find a spy-cam.

LMC said...

Serena van der Woodsen is not my type, either, but I think I am kinda in love with her. How gorgeous did she look in the last scene when she and Blair met up and she was wearing that fabulous hat??? I think it's less that I want to be with her than that I just want to be her. Blair, on the other hand, is totally fuckable, if a little too femme for my tastes.

The strip club outing sounds like fun! I've never really been to one, although one of my friends from high school became a stripper. So, yeah, don't realy want to go to the local ones! Lol. I'd totes jump in on the outing if only I were not 4 hours away... :(

Delurker said...

I've read your blog for quite a while, and I've always enjoyed your writing. Why haven't I commented before? I don't know, I really should have expressed my admiration for your funny, insightful, beautiful posts a long time ago, but it just hasn't happened for some reason.

Oh, wait...I see that my word ver is iccuk. I suck? Great, Google is on to me.

Anyhow, you wanted to know how to make accents? (I know, terrible reason for a first comment, but what can I say - I'm an educator/ supernerd at heart)

On a Mac, to make an é, press alt+e, which will give you the accent with a bold line underneath it, then type an e. For an è, press alt+the key next to 1 (has ~ and ` on it), then of course an e. That should do it.

I promise to comment more from now on, because I think it's important to acknowledge people/things that touch you (enter dirty joke here.) I don't know you personally, but I read your blog regularly and thus feel like I should reciprocate. Give, not just receive, you know what I mean?

Anyways, I'll see you around here?

Emily said...

What about Blair Waldorf? Her actual style is not as good as Serena's but I would like to cop her lingerie style for sure.

rocketdyke said...

ok, so the yankees lost. so what does this all mean? lozo, you cant seriously be considering turning down an outing to a strip club with a group of hot lesbians to watch a baseball game, right? i mean... yeah. that would be totally gay.

riese said...

lmc: Haha, I think I've said that about Shane, it's less that I want to be with her than I just want to be her. (except smarter, better educated, more three-dimensional, and with a bit more flesh on my bones). They're all a little femme for me too -- but my favorite character from the books hasn't even come on the series yet, and she should be totes un-femme, if she is in the series. Vanessa, or Veronica, or something, I forget.


delurker: I love that your supernerdom has inspired this de-lurk-ifying comment. I also like acknowledging things that touch me, like strippers. JK. And totes understand about the giving/recieving thing. But I don't want to discourage people from just reading, either, since that's the implication of the format, and subsequently totes cool, and I don't want anyone to feel obligated to comment unless they enjoy it too, and that being said, Every de-lurk warms my heartstrings!

Omg, I just made an "é"! Whééé!!!!

And I look forward to seeing you around these parts ...


emily: I'd like to cop a feel of her lingerie. I liked her little polo get-up, too, I should add.


rocketdyke: That would be totally LAME. Totes still on, despite the yankees, don't chu worry.

Ollie said...

Hi Riese!
This don't have much to do with your post but I just wanted to tell you my BF has just come to visit from Australia and the French channel Canal + is showing the L word season 3 (puhleeze, huh?) and I showed him 2 episodes.
His reaction: "Is Shane supposed to be hot?" and I made him read your piece on Shane Catalano and he laughed so much. You cater to the straight, Australian, I-brew-my-own-beer-thanks crowd. WHich I'm sure is huge.

LMC said...

Ha. Yeah. See I'd like to be Serena and be with Shane. Lol. Of course, totes copying a lot of your comments re: Shane, ie. if I were Serena I would be smarter, less snobby, have better hair.

I'm just reading the books now, that's how much I loved the show, which is probly right up there on the "things people would consider lame" scale. Vanessa's the one with the shaved head--- I like her! She's my fave in the books so far (I'm only halfway through the second one) and I also like Blair's stepbrother Aaron, the one with the dreadlocks. I hope we get to see both of them on the show.

I like TV!Blair because she looks like the lovechild of Summer from the O.C. and Rory from Gilmore Girls, which is just great genetics.

Wow, I am getting WAY too into this show.

Haviland said...

Riese, are you coming to see/hear me sing tonight?

You guys should come. :)

Obvs we'll make a return trip to the Hustler upon my return. This sunday will just be your warm-up.

dion said...

I have to watch an episode of this L Word show - the promo + your recap are awesomely intriguing. We only really get hetero themed shows in Aus, with the exception of this one on the community channel about lesbian fencers. The sport, not the trade.

Anyway, this blog is great. I didn't even know what a blog was until a week ago and now I'm glad I do.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

For the record, I am jealous, and wish I could aid Lozo in balancing the random InterWeb hetero to homo ratio. Also, the entire comments section was HILARIOUS; special nod to Stef for decimating Lozo re: blogging obligations and D&D.

Also, I've totes been reading, I'm just a comment slacker these days. And in DC meeting my own InterWeb randoms. It's been a good weekend. Cheers.

Way to update the header. =)

riese said...

Ollie: Hi Ollie! I love the idea of a person named Shane Catalano. I just re-organised my little sidebar on auto-straddle. I am really into straight Australians who brew their own beer, I have an abundance of lesbian Australians who drink a lot of beer, so it'll be nice to sort of even out the playing field, so to speak.


LMC: Yeah, Aaron, I wonder if he'll be on it-- her gay Dad hasn't even been on it yet, right? I love Vanessa, obvs, my fave in the book, where's she at.


Haviland: Fo' Sure. There are free passes to Hustler club floating all over this city, we're in luck.


Dion: Haaayy! I think it's efifn' amazing that you've never heard of The L Word. You should watch Season One, it's all downhill from there. The person who runs the l word online site is Australian, actually, I think she watches them on YouTube.

Get ready for the blogosphere to rock your world !!!! I just wanted to say that, in my head, it involved guitars, like, a stage, some lights, a roaring crowd. Imagine that.


The Brookln Boy

What are you doing in DC meeting bloggers when you could be in NYC meeting strippers? I don't understand. And yes, totes header, 26, aging, ach, oy.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Haha ... I love how you advertised "meeting" the strippers and didn't challenge the coolness of the DC bloggers vs. you NYC kids. However, I might have heard whispers of a potential DC-to-NYC bus trip combo happy hour to finish off the home-and-home series I kicked off this weekend. You could make a second strip club special part of the package, I suppose. (That was a very alliterative sentence; I enjoyed writing it.)

And yeah, you'll have to tell me what 26 is like sometime, considering I am a wee lil baby of 24. Enjoy it, oldie. ;)

OOOOOOOHHH. Age burn. Whatchu got, kid?