Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day :: 6-3-2008

quote: "The more withered the reality, the more gigantic and tyrannical the dream. From the dark hole of a bar on a street of sickness and whores comes a teeming cloud of music sparkling with warmth and glamour: Sweet dreams of rhythm and magic-- Look in and see dark dead blurs slumped on stools." (Veronica, Mary Gaitskill.)

links: 1) Okay, now The New York Times Magazine has officially gone from being controversial to just being weird. This Sunday's cover story: Tyra Banks. Good thing she doesn't have any tattoos or ex-boyfriends. (@the new york times magazine)
2) The Coffee Junkie's Guide to Caffeine Addiction (@nymag)
3) A surprisingly eloquent article about Angelina Jolie. With links to a retrospective of prior articles including one from 2005 which she states: "Men don't really like skinny, do they? Ever since I dated a woman, I know what it is to grab a curve on a woman's body. Skinny's not fine when the lights are low." (@vanity fair)
4) The Book Collection That Devoured My Life: "I'm not a snob about books, but I'm probably a show-off -- as who isn't? My showing-off is of a pretty low-key if not completely abstruse sort, though ... it's rather a closed circle; I impress myself." (@wsj)
5) My neighbors smoke crack on my stoop, but apparently the real problem worthy of immediate legal action is when your neighbor is a "bohemian" woman offering tantric massage. Goddess Bless America. Let the woman spread the tantra! Damn the Man! (@sexpros)
6) RKB talks to The Reality-Cast (RH Reality Check: Information and Analysis for Reproductive Health) about the links between feminism and erotica and her new book Dirty Girls! The podcast also covers an NY sex ed battle involving the crazy pro-abstinentence people, gay couples celebrating their new rights, etc. From the podcast, RKB is talking about "Fucking Around, " AKA MY story!!!:
"It's really beautiful, and what I love about it is that it almost makes me cry when you read it, but it's also really sexy. And anyone who can do all of those things; who can make you laugh and can make you cry and can really turn you on ... is a really good writer."
-RKB, talking about memememeemememe
7) Poem: "Dearborn Suite" by Phillip Levine: "Henry, master of Dearborn, / who loathes sharing the light / with the unenlightened among us." (@the new yorker)
8) "Chances are, if you came of age in the '90s and have an even glancing relationship to music, you made your fair share of mix tape for various friends and lovers. If those parties reciprocated, and if you are a pack rat, their lovingly curated compilations are probably still in storage somewhere in your home. Go dig one up ... let the aforementioned wistfulness wash over you."Mix Tape Nostalgia"(@utne reader)
9) "The tip of the tongue state" occurs once a week: "What's That Name?" (@the boston globe)
10) "It’s not just about bodies, or running time, of course but of dramatic scope, theatrical invention and sheer entertainment value. “August” is a big play in just about every way.": "The Big Cast, Bigger Canvas, of Broadway" (@the ny times)

most recenct autowin: "It's 4 AM and your girl is lovely, hubble (Obligatory SATC Post)"
[all photos by julia fullerton-batten. see more of her work : here.]


Mira said...


mary gaitkskill = totes brill

You've inspired me to make a mix tape. Not you technically but the article about Mix Tapes.

I need another coffee.

Tyra Banks = crazier than Emily Gould. Did you see the video on the times website about her different smiles? You need to.

My word verification is "urakiqzb" which I think is Ukraine for Dummies.

a;ex said...

oooo! thanks for the article about my girlfriend, Angie.

Of course its eloquent - there's certainly a reason why I used to purchase two magazines when she was the cover story: one for highlighting, one for the photographs.

Julia said...

Loved the Vanity Fair article, and loved "Dearborn Suit".

(I admit I wouldn't have read the poem if it hadn't name dropped my city. But I'm glad I did. I always forget how much I like poetry.)

Haviland Stillwell said...

I'm with RKB...your writing consistently makes me laugh, cry and turn on! And that's just the emails, forget the BLOG!

Dave Lozo said...

those poor butterflies.

riese said...

mira - I saw the video about the smiles, and although I am smiling with my eyes right now, the rest of my face is twisted into a squint of disbelief. I need another coffee.

a;ex - firstly, i didn't know angie was your girlfriend, that's so hot! Tinkerbell and I will be in bed all day watching Gia if she wants to come play!

julia - When anyone writes a poem in the New Yorker about Michigan, you can count on me to post it. Michigan is a great state for poetry, srsly.

haviland stillwell - awwwww! you're my no.1 fan. I'll have to send you an email later.

lozo- the butterflies? what about the girls? they're starving!