Monday, November 19, 2007

So Keep the VLOG On Before You Hop Into Bed

My computer won't stop humming, it's been whirring around like a dervish since rejecting Britney's new album last week. I gotta take it to the apple store ... bad news for y'all, as I'll consequently probs complain about it on this blog when I get stuck there for the best most beautiful years of my life. I think this's the first time EVER I've posted a Sunday Top Ten on Sunday and then another blog on Monday, but it's a Very Special Episode of Monday today. Let's be honest, we've shared a lot of big moments together here at Auto-Win, including events like um, the The L Word Season Four Premiere Party, the Uh Huh Her concert and The R-family Cruise. Hm, yup, think that's most of 2007's reportable outings. But, aside from, obviously, The L Word Season Five premiere party, tonight's Tegan & Sara concert is one of the most anticipated events of the winter of our discontent. Actually in this Vlog we seem somewhat content, it's eerie.

I'm still gonna respond to the comments on the last post too and this one, I mean, it's basically still Sunday in blog-time.

This vlog is also a very intimate moment for all of us --as well as for all of the people in the world everywhere who believe in magic , the power of love and the fact that this computer noise is driving me fucking insane -- because it's our first vlog filmed in daylight. This means you see us for who we truly are, not who we are in perfect lighting. We do a reading from "Full House," based on some scripts we got off of this weirdo website for people who like to write fictional stories about the Tanners and transcribe entire episodes into PDFs for us to do dramatic readings with. We did a scene where I got to be Gia, and another where I was Danny, and Hav was DJ and Stephanie and I forget, whatever, seriously I am going to smash my computer into a wall, and then it's gonna be really sorry that it wouldn't stop making this annoying whirring noise, I think this is what happened to Britney and why she fell off the deep end, I mean, it's her album, her computer's probs like Darth Vadar breathing right now.

Anyhow, if you live in NYC and are at the concert tonight, you should say "Hi!" to Haviland, she's really nice. I'm a weirdo in person, as I think I've mentioned before. Or say "Hi" to Carly, Stef, Vicky, Cait, Cesar, Matt or anyone else who looks friendly. Feel free to bring me drinks or small children or a yacht, or your Mom. I have two Moms, actually, so I don't need any more Moms, what I need is a genius from the genius bar to fix my godforsaken computer. Also, P.S., check out our dear LOLing Lainy as a small child, being corrupted by Jodi Sweetin, in the pic on the left. Also, those white overalls called, they said "We're so awesome, we can call you on the phone."


laurrrrita said...

other tegan and sara paraphernalia that you should probably know about if you don't already: they have a new ep: i'll take the blame, sara sings in/is in a the video for the reason's "we're so beyond this."
excellent vlog, by the by
word verification: ciybhsx = cybersex?

asher said...

i'm confused about hav getting time off for the writers strike.

isn't she in a broadway play?
hasn't that been written already?

anyway - enjoy the show. and give us the full recap.

Jo said...

right now it is 4am. why am I still up? Because Microsoft Excel ate my lab report. I have been cursing my existence for a few hours now, but I want to thank you for reminding me of Tegan and sara, because I will be seeing them Wednesday night. That is the only thing keeping me going right now.

dewey said...

I feel we're defiantly being spoilt recently, what with the regular posts. I like it, puts me in a happy mood in the mornings before I have to go to college.

I’m so jealous that you get to see Tegan and Sara today when I have to wait until March!! I will be anticipating a recap soon!!

Rehab.Hell said...

Didn't the Murmurs have a song called Genius...

Leisha had a premonition that Britney would fuck up your computer so to undo the curse you have to play some Murmurs or Uhhuh Her

Crystal said...

My speakers blew up on my computer today and so I can't hear the vlog. But if the hairstyles were anything to go by, I'm sure it rocked. When the speakers shorted, tears welled up in my eyes. Tragic but true. I wish I could blame Britney, but I think my own music being the cause is just as valid.

a;ex said...

Haviland's choice of singing randomness this time was the best. Flashdance?! I almost died. And was that a little piece of "Ride My Pony" by Ginuwine?! Oh girl!

Riese, you should wear your hair a la 'full house' style ALL (or as I may say it: "awl") the time... it was so damn hot and I think the rest of NYC (and soon the world!) would agree.

Razia said...

Sorry about that, I made a humiliating your/you're slip up and it had to be erased.

You really don't drink in the day? Like ever? Like not even if you're at the beach or at a bbq or it's your bday or you're on vacation?

riese said...

laurrita: thanks for the tips!

asher: stagehands' strike is different than the writer's strike. they're totally unrelated, just happen to be happening at the same time. the stragehands are on strike so most broadway theaters are closed.

unfortunately Les Mis has been written already, if it hadn't been, I'd write it for them and it would be about three minutes long: the scene with the hand jobs, the factory girl fight, the scene where the girl mops and sings castle on a cloud, tell cosette i love her and i'll see her when i wakeeeee FINI

Jo: You might not be able to tell, but IMovie ate this film about midway through and I had to start again. But it still turned out okay. Hopefully that's inspiring. Also, vlogs are easier than lab reports, so..

dewey: Kids these days! I didn't even have internet in my room in college! Glad to bring joy howevs!

[sidenote: I totally did, the last two years. But my first year I didn't, I had to use my roommate's and she was, surprise, a lunatic]

Rehab.Hell: First of all, your name leads me to believe that you're exactly where I wanna be. I'll try to get Hav to do the "Say So" thing next time.

Crystal: You need to get some headphones ASAP, this is a not to be missed opportunity.

semicolon: Oh, goiiuurrrl (midwest accent), whatever songs you like or hairstyles you go for, you say the word and it is done, as we are your entertainment slaves, obvs.

Razia: Haha ... actually, I did a whole top ten on this topic once: Sunday Top Ten: Reasons to Drink before Sunset. I recall being a bit intoxicated during the daylight hours w/Heather on the cruise on 1-7 occasions, but usually no ... if I'm on vaycay I usually wanna walk around a lot and can't be drunk, I don't like drinking on the beach that much (ups the sticky sandy wet gross factor) and I don't like BBQs and I'm a weirdo who's been known to spend her birthday ignoring her friends to listen to an audiobook while walking the entire length of the island of Manhattan. I don't usually see other people before sunset either. Ok, here's the thing; I'm a vampire.

Haviland Stillwell said...

There is also a stagehands strike on Broadway, and we have been shut down, at least through the end of this weekend. My blog will tell you all about it - :)

Srsly, costume tonight - we need real suggestions.

asher said...

sorry, got my strikes mixed up, silly me.

hav - y'all can dress up as shane and dana, drop some x, and dance onstage.

i just remembered my favorite moment from the vlog... "and my girlfriend thought she was jesus."

stef said...

i'm going to tegan and sara dressed as a cat burglar, because that's how i dress in autumn and also i enjoy robbing houses. so if you guys want in on this, let me know...
i think my biggest LOL of this vlog was when it first loaded and i saw haviland's dj hair and died. the second biggest LOL was the manamana at the end, so all the full house was nestled deep in a LOL sandwich. well done, kids, well done.

also i feel really good about this being the new format for l word recaps.

cait said...

umm where did you even find those scrunchies? did carrie bradshaw teach you nothing?

amazing, obvs, all of it, totes brill

carlytron said...

that was brill. can we do a vlog before the show tonight?

also, if there are costumes, i need to know immediately.

wordver: fxxup
obvs this is a late-90s-rap-rock song title.

Bridget said...

costume ideas:

1) thundercats

or my all time fav -- ultimate fav ever

2) Jem


3) American Idol (winners, losers, judges, crazy ass fans etc)

Bridget said...

side note: you don't drink in the day time?

srsly? we need to correct this

dear dear chicago said...

oh miss marie. be careful about the sound. turn your computer off whenever you can, and back up your files immediately. i've heard the terrible whirling sound twice... it means your hard drive is dying.

i hope, for your sake, that this is not the case for youuuuuu.

LainyRae said...

and btw the overalls were not white. they were a light jean color..... i remember really liking them. oy. yet another reason i seem to have repressed my childhood. my sister's gonna kill me if she sees you put that up.

Irish and Jew said...

Ooooh I hope the show is great tonight! I almost blogged today about the time I took the Chinatown bus up to Boston to see T&S in 2001, met Tegan in the bathroom and made a total fool of myself by acting like a drunk valley girl. Awesome.

riese said...

sti;;we;;"":the comstume of the day waa drunky mvftimlrtdpm/

asher:dudr we totally fif that for real except that hav didnt do any e, that was all on me to bring on thrplrsdire taon. omg i a m yoo dtumk to type

stef - i love LOL sandwich it is my fave kind o f sanwiich
cait - the scrunchines were actually headbands

cartylone: wjats uup where are you let me tackcle u in honor of ur favrite song

btifhrt you str our dsbiot only s minur oo l
frst fvjivsvpjp: o ur yrd i have downlaoaed eberutjmg to nak up and i am waitnnf for the explpofe

lainy yur overalls are bss
irisih and jew i feel lik ea mau have touvched tegans butt but i am not sure

kate said...

i appreciate that hair almost as much as i appreciate haviland matching her song choice to her t-shirt

Haviland Stillwell said...

Thank you, Kate! I was waiting for someone to notice that and comment. You are the sharp winner - are you a script supervisor for a living? :)

riese said...

Um, can I win comment of the week?

riese said...

Okay, this was way harder than probably translating ancient Egypt script into English, but what follows is my best possible translation of whatever it was I typed last night:

stillwell:the costume of the day was drunky mcdrunkerson.

asher:dude, we totally did do that for real ... except that Hav didn't do any X, that was allll on me to bring on the [sic]. omg I am too drunk to type.

stef - I love LOL sandwich! It is my favorite kind of sandwich.

Cait -The scrunchies were actually headbands, maybe we are not real New Yorkers?

Carlytron: What's up? Where are you? Let me tackle you in honor of your favorite song.

Bridget: Bridget, you answered our question only a minute too late!

dear dear chicago: Oh yeah, I downloaded everything to back up and I am waiting now for the explosion.

Lainy: Your overalls are boss.

Irish and Jew: I feel like I may have touched Tegan's butt but I am not sure.

[Sober update: I have no idea what I'm talking about. I think I meant Sara.]

cait said...

you auto-win comment of a lifetime, hands down totes. the look on sara's face in the 2nd pic is amazing, definitely you could be touching her butt, also carly I hope you are ok/not too bruised/etc.

a;ex said...

I'd like to get in on some of that tackling actually.

btw, I appreciate your usage of semicolons in your drunken state.

stef said...

i feel like we could easily flip one of the sara photos in photoshop and just say it's tegan, whatever. then you could claim to have touched BOTH their asses. i think vicky explained the subtle differences between them to me but i got nothin'. you guys are the lettuce and tomato of my LOL sandwich.

asher said...

where are these pictures of you grabbing sara's ass?

please tell me y'all made a vlog at some point last night.

Anonymous said...

Tegan and Sara do a nice cover of Dancing in the Dark, a song by noted New Jerseyan Bruce Springsteen. I'm just sayin'.

Is the noise from your PC coming from the cdrom/dvd-rom? Or from somewhere else (meaning the disk drive)? If it's the cd/dvd, then there's probably (probs) a process running from when you tried to download Britney. Shutting down and restarting could possibly end this process. And the noise.


riese said...

cait: Thank you for recognizing my brillarity. I realised today in the shower (yes, this is becoming a very special comment) that I have about 30 bruises on my body, only 2-3 of which is new from last night, so clearly I'm untouchable, I don't remember getting any of these.

Oh, I'll get you in on the "tackling" ...
And you're totally right. The semi-colon is really close to the "l." I mean, just look at how I spelled "Stillwell."

stef: Dude, do it. Photoshop. Magic. GO. In retrospect, I think I actually touched Kim Stolz's ass. It's like a BLT.

asher: Oh, they're coming. I just remember that it took like 30 minutes to take the picture and she was getting totally impatient. There is no vlog though! Because I have no video camera or actually, no camera at all. Without my laptop, I am nothing.

Anonymous: I know, I saw it and I la-la-love it. I linked to it yesterday, there's a hot video with some random guy who gets on stage and starts dancing.

I think I've restarted my computer about a thousand times since the Britney thing and no dice. It's like the sound that they make when you are starting a new application? I can't figure out where it's coming from, it sounds honestly like it's coming from my entire computer. Advice? I had to restart it post-Britney and the disc wouldn't eject til I told it too, also.

Anonymous said...

Re laptop noise. I'm not a Mac expert, but this problem started with Britney, so I suspect this has to do with iTunes and DRM/copy protection issues. I would delete the Britney song you managed to upload, then restart the Mac.