Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Can VLOG Right Now, There's So Much Drama!

[A'ight, two of THE VLOGS are on here now and comments are back on, apparently linking out is v.confusing, which is fine, I understand, I don't know how my phone works.] I took this theater class at Sarah Lawrence where we learned to be Actors by expressing all our Feelings and crying in front of strangers. There were no actual plays involved, obvs, how tedious. It was like group therapy or a revival meeting but for college credit and w/o a gospel choir. Sooo, on the last day we did, surprise, an emotive exercise--we stood in the middle of our ring o' classmates, screamed an affirmation of "how we prevail," and then jumped up and down yelling our affirmation as a group. It was very beautiful, my heart grew three sizes that day. Mine was "I prevail because I learn something new every day." The girl I had a secret crush on said "I prevail because I know that I'm beautiful." I was like, yeah you are. It was also my last day at Sarah Lawrence, and I shouldn't've been jumping 'cause I was injured, but hell, you learn something new every day. Anyhow, I'd emailed Delp that same week (my best writing teacher ever), to update him about dropping out of college etc., and he wrote me this in return:
Marie, dear Marie ...

I thought you were dead ... take some time off ... heal the leg and heal the mind ... go someplace sunny where you can live on a quarter a day ... in the words of Joseph Heller: "what does a sane man do in an insane world?" ... I'm just about ready to hang it up myself ... we teach math and physics and chemistry to everyone and we've ended up with a country like we have? Jesus ... it's enough to make me sick ... so be true to your heart's passions ... become, of all things, a writer .... the world needs the truth now more than it ever has ...
(12. 13. 1999)

Remember yesterday when I wrote that blog? I do! Your comments are so beautiful it hurts to look at them. JK, it doesn't hurt, it's awesome, I can't talk about it without sounding Emo. No, it does hurt, but in a beautiful way. Thank you.

I really was going to delete it about an hour later, but that gets me to the point that brings the first paragraph back around: What did I learn yesterday? If you want to stop yourself from deleting an embarrassing blog, a good idea is to have friends over, kill 1.5 bottles of wine with Carly (this is a pattern, see, I'm predictable), make 10 hours of vlogs and not check your email. Haviland will check your blog before you do, and she'll tell you "Riese, you can't erase it," and you'll say "ok!" 'cause you'll be drunk and making a vlog.

Wanna see it? The trailer I edited (Autostraddle Vlog #1), is below, but if you wanna watch all three, you've gotta go here, to my homosexy teevee recap blog Autostraddle, to watch them. Seriously, it's really good/brill/hilarious and it's worth the extension of your index finger and the external out-click, besides, everyone should try to keep their fingers nimble.

Here's a Blooper Reel that Carly edited with her skills. What's it for? Hmmm ... go here! It's all about The L Word inside jokes, thus auto-straddle's exclusive on it.

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