Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Funday Happy Day! Monday Tuesday Happy Day!

Look! Auto-Fun! One of you told me it was better than nothing and I'm hoping at least 3-4 of you agree with that. also your responses to my last post made me feel totally better about life and everything srsly.

I started writing this Sunday Top Ten last week about my Top Ten Non-Emotional Scars, inspired by last Friday night (March 20th), when got drunkity-drunk-drunk and banged my eye on the edge of a door which reminded me of the last time that happened in 2003. But then when I was writing it I started to think that might be gross. What do you think? Don't tell me about your own non-emotional scars, I will need you to save that feedback for the Top Ten if it ever happens. Sidenote; besides a post-H&R-Block-Incident glass o'wine, I haven't drank since the eye-bang, yet I continue to run into walls, doors, and other humans.

Option Two: this Wednesday, while most professional lesbians will be enjoying the sun & surf & drunk-girls-in-cargo shorts at Dinah Shore, I will be going to OHIO! with my dearest Natalie. She's from the fine suburbs of Cleveland. Why? Because I'm a good friend. Anyhow, I was also thinking I could do a Top Ten Most Amazing Things About Ohio. Then I remembered how Crystal thought Ohio was in Michigan and I don't want to alienate my international readers any more than I already do. But who doesn't want to talk about The Beast and The Raptor, you know? RAWR!!!

Q: What should I write a Tuesday Top Eight about?
1. Top Ten Non-Emotional Scars
2. Top Ten OH! OHIO!
3. Both
4. Neither.

The future is in your hands, grasshopper(s).

Soooooo Autostraddle !! FYI, here's what's been going on there this week:
1) Stef's interview with Hesta Prynn of Northern State on her new solo project, in which they start a riot grrrl band called Tyra Mail.
2) Weekly TV Time With Carlytron : Gossip Girl, Battlestar, How I Met Your Mother and MORE!
3) New Photoblogger Robin asks "Queers Shot Weddings Here, Don't They ?"
4) Crystal Loves Kangaroos ! Meet our resident Aussie!
5) Green-on-Meghan O'Malley - interview with the amazing lady behind Queering Domesticity !

Also we're working on making a more easily navigated L Word Recap/Info repository, check out the hottest coolest gallery of L Word cast photos on the entire interwebs (always in progress, obvs), and we now have a fan page on Facebook! Become a fan now !

Quote: "And we will be ready, at the end of every day will be ready, will not say no to anything, will try to stay awake while everyone is sleeping, will not sleep, will make the shoes with the elves, will breathe deeply all the time, breathe in all the air full of glass and nails and blood, will breathe it and drink it, so rich, so when it comes we will not be angry, will be content, tired enough to go, gratefully, will shake hands with everyone, bye, bye, and then pack a bag, some snacks, and go to the volcano!" (Dave Eggers, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius)

1. The Celebrity Twitter Ecosystem: "It seems that — just like the rest of us — celebrities enjoy hearing about other celebrities, and Twitter lets them participate in a giant cross-disciplinary mash-up of a conversation." (@the new york times)
2. All My Heroes: fourfour's "mere administration" is our vacation. That rhymed, right? Yeah? Go team!
3. The Web at 20: Not Old Enough to Drink, Yet Drives Us to It: on the 20 worst things about the internet. Twitter and Julia Allison top the list. Oversharing ranks. I'd just say that it prevents sleep by making communication with other "humans" instantly possible at any time. (@gawker)
4. This guy explains why the claims that Internet addiction should be considered a mental disorder are stupid. (@psychology today)
5. These Books Won't Change Your Life: "The phrase implies some instant metamorphic shift in the essence of our character: not just a new opinion on whether something is right or wrong, but a shift in the very fundamentals of our being. The sort of change where you're forced to admit at parties: "Well, before I read Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, I was just plain Steve. Afterwards I'm afraid I found myself to be Stevian, the Magician of the Night." (@the guardianuk)
6. An argument against Twilight, which I still haven't read, but decided it was misogynistic after reading an article in bitch magazine, which might not be the fairest way to judge. (@london review of books)
7. Mythbusting the MTA Fare Hikes (@east village idiot)
8. What a Girl Wants: Some Lesbians Enjoy Gay Male Porn (@jezebel)
9. What is narcissistic personality disorder, and why does everyone seem to have it? (@slate magazine)


Haviland Stillwell said...

i am obsessed with the my little pony piece!!! wtf? OBSESSED.

riese said...

I couldn't decide between a few pictures and then I was like, zomg, Haviland is going to la-la-la-love this one!

It's Wendy Plovmand, check it

a. said...

I'm going with option A.(and not just because hey a. is voting for a. thing)...

Non-emotional scars blog has so much potential.

Al said...

I haven't read the articles yet, I just wanted to say that it's funny you quoted A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers because I just picked that up the other day.

Now on to reading the links. I love auto-fun.

laura said...

both. i would love to see you come up with 10 good things about ohio because i can only think about about three right now.

Vashti said...

Ok, well, you already know I'm in full support of Top Ten Non-Emotional Scars [just because I want to talk about memememe in the comments, obvs] but I'm also interested in the Top Ten Ohio thing.. I mean, I grew up in the Midwest but I've never been to O-H-I-O. I just remember learning how to make a log out of the letters or something.

Fun fact: The internet is older than me.. But only by like 6-7 months or something.


e... said...

omg, can we talk about the guardian uk article? i could not disagree more with that dude! is he serious? ok, maybe not EVERY book will change your life, but i feel that some really can, and for me, really have. He says, "books are pretty useless to us." wha?!?!? crazy talk. ok, i'm done.

have fun in ohio :)

oh, word veri: foukedep. like fucked up? haha. why are they always so funny?

mon said...

i choose option 3. but between options 1 and 2 i would choose 1. rather than turning people off it could be a drawcard, you know, chicks dig scars etc etc. as long as you don't have pictures of exposed bone or viscera.. not that i personally mind that but other people might/probably will.

Allie said...

Ohio! Wheeee! Love Ohio! (Seriously, I'm coming out of the woodwork to support a blog about Ohio? Good thing I've been too busy to comment otherwise. I'm boring!) Besides, nothing is better than the Raptor.

Rachel said...

i choose option a. this chick does dig scars. but then again, we could all stand to learn a little more about ohio! doesn't that mean hi in japanese?

saint modesto said...

I'm gonna go with the non-emotional scars. But I would also like to see you come up with 10 good things about Ohio. Hmm.. I think you should pick it out of a hat.

Crystal said...

I'm torn between option 1 and 2. I do like to relate to stories about non-emotional scars - yet at the same time, I could obviously use the education about Ohio. It's a tough one. I'm sure both or either will be great.

Bokolis said...

It's potentially frat-boyish, but Option 1 works...though the top ten potentially emotional scarring experiences you simply brushed off your shoulder- if there are ten- could be the more enlightening exercise.

e. said...

My vote is for both, obvs, because then it will be, like, a top twenty. Supersize, globalize.

But if I had to choose between them, scars trump Ohio.

Bren said...

I’m interested in the Ohio option. I’ve never been, so I’d like to know at least 10 things about it.

I could get on board with the non-emotional scar thing as long as the pictures/visual aids are kept to a minimum. Blood creeps me out.

autumn m said...

3....for sure.

Heroinhead said...

Hello Whoever you are...

Is there a follow option on this blog.. or must I subscribe to posts?

Many Thanks, Shane.

Vikki said...

Scars or Ohio...hmmm...maybe you'll have scars from Ohio and it will be like a blogging jackpot. Not that I wish scars on you because I don't. I was going to poke fun of Ohio but people who live in glass midwestern houses shouldn't throw snarky stones.

Stuff Queer People Need To Know said...

That My Little Pony picture is priceless.

Anonymous said...

love that article!

i wrote a 30 page senior thesis of sorts on lesbian porn and made a documentary to supplement it...complete with interviews of funny french and british lezzies..and what i found out? most lesbians for whatever reason DO prefer gay porn. and ps, lesbian porn is horrible and fake. my argument was that it's designed to convince the straight male viewer that the girls aren't doing much to each other (the acryllics and soft petting don't help much) and they need him to come "finish them off," which's clearly not the case in real life.

never ever watch it, unless it's pink and white productions from san fran. that's the only porn i found after months of researching that even rang close to home. cheers!

Sherri said...

I vote for scars! It's not gross unless it's an open wound. I don't know if you like riding in the car as much as I do, but I'm a little jealous of your road trip right about now.

Holy crap look at all those links! You're enabling my internet addiction disorder, if it exists.