Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Every Day is Christmas Day Top Ten Holiday Specials Spectacular

(My brother) Lewis & I had a team meeting today and decided next year we're gonna do this thing on a nice spring weekend. Mom said okay if we can go on outings. I said let's go to the Henry Ford Museum, Lewis said okay. I said let's go when Greenfield Village is in season, Lewis said "that's pushing it." That's fine, I'll churn my own butter, I don't need a historical recreation village to work my wood for me.

Anyhow speaking of the good parts of Christmas, as a young Jew in Amerika, I grew up la-la-loving Christmas Specials. They warmed me from my navel to my gut (short path physically, but long path emotionally) and made me yearn to be like everyone else, as I so often did as a child. In retrospect, perhaps this elementary burning desire to fit in was a kind of overcompensating -- feeling intrinsically abnormal (queer), I wanted even MORE to constantly appear normal (Christian). In further retrospect, I think it's 'cause Christmas Specials rock, I love the endings with the HANDEL! and the CAROLS! And the pan out! Everyone smiling & doing that squeeze-hug thing!

I've been writing this in bits and pieces. As much as this is a Sunday Top Ten obstensibly about Christmas specials, this is just a scrapbook of my slapshot brain in ten-minute intervals over the last three days.
The perfect present for anyone on your list. If they don't like it, then they're a bad person. Srsly. So it's a win win.
+++"Sunday" Top Ten:
Every Day is Sunday for Jesus Top Ten Autowin Christmas Special

10. Cross-Country Reunions: People from far-away places all come together for the joy of Christmas, yeah? Jonathan Franzen's novel The Corrections is not actually a Christmas special, it's a book (one of my top ten favorites actually), but anyhow it takes about 500 pages to unravel the events resulting from the mother's determination that the family MUST have a "real family Christmas" that year. It's a popular plot for family-reunion centric films and television cast reunions. In the Autowin X-Mas special, Haviland would come all the way from L.A. (or Savannah, where she currently is) to someplace we all wanted to be like Belize.

Actually, my day-to-day functional "family" -- my friends, that is -- we're never more spread out than we are during the holidays. It's weird, that urban life does that to you, and then going home you end up feeling more disjointed and out of sorts than you do the rest of the year, which I think is the opposite of what Charles Dickens intended. Or G-d.

It might surprise you that for two girls who spend most of our Christmas vaycays texting each other in all caps about various neurotic inabilities to exist outside our prescribed comfort zones, Haviland & I share a deep burning love for The Christmas Special. Especially A Very Brady Christmas. We made a whole vlog about it but there was no sound. These things happen. Not in X-Mas specials, in X-Mas specials there'd be a miracle, and the miracle would be Sound. 9 times out of 10, "a computer disaster being fixed" would be my kind of miracle.
9. Angels: It's dangerous to confuse people with angels. (Magnolia: "it's dangerous to confuse children with angels.") I do it all the time, I'll never stop. I wouldn't mind a Juliana Hatfield angel, like Angela got in My So-Called Life's Christmas episode, Angels. Hatfield's voice is probs how angels really do sing. Soft, but weathered. Santa wasn't a huge surprise for me, it was always hard to believe one dude could buy and carry around all that shit. But angels? Why not? Why the hell not?
Jordan : My old man used to knock me around, too ... he hasn't done in a couple of years, though. He's too scared. 'Cause the last time -- I-I threw a chair at him.
Rickie : Well, I'm going to light a candle for you on Christmas Eve.
Jordan : Oh, yeah, you think that changes anything?
Rickie : Yes.

[At the end, Jordan lights a candle. 'Cause he feels the spirit of hope & togetherness, just like the whole Chase family as they all go to church together with Rickie because his Dad beats him but they're all together in church and singing and the angel died from freezing but that's okay.]
8. Pageantry!: I used to love this book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever -- the Herdmans are this white trash family that everyone else hates. The kids fully smoke & swear & drink and eschew church but by some YA novel-esque twist of imagination and ridiculous fate, they're all cast as leads in the annual pageant. As expected, Hijinks ensue. I can't remember exactly, but I feel like it was awesome and everyone got the true meaning of Christmas in the end, which is good will & brotherhood to all mankind. There's nothing I love like a poorly put-on community theater-style play, and I put on many in my day.

Though I did execute an admirable production of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (I was Cindy Loo-Hoo) in 1991, I haven't had another chance to exercise my video making skills with any of the classic stories of Christmas. Maybe next year. Haviland can be Dasher and Vixen. I'll be Cindy Loo-Hoo again, obvs. I epically failed the first time around 'cause my cousin Glen made me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants for real -- when it was announced that it was Christmas-time he popped out of bed like a jack-in-the-box with big wild eyes and went "IT IS?" and then you can see my little Bam-Bam ponytail just bobble on my head as I attempt to contain myself.

When you're a kid and you say "I almost wet my pants" you're usually actually kinda serious. Now it's just a figure of speech I guess. Obviously everything's under control in that area now and also was at the time. I've been writing this in stages as I have a series of small, self-centered meltdowns, and I think that comes through in the writing. I wonder how many people really read the random middle bits, I bet you mostly skim through. Get the start, get the end, comment, go read AfterEllen. For all of you in the middle, don't be surprised if you get a miracle in your stocking.
7. Sing-a-Longs: Say what you want about Jesus, that kid wrote some smokin' hot tracks. Mom used to hate it when I'd try to turn Christmas songs into Hannukah songs just so I could sing them, but I WAS DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS. Boyz II Men's "Let It Snow" didn't necessarily imply Jesus. Driedel Driedel Hoo-ha is a bad song. I'm a big fan of David Bowie & Bing Crosby singing "Little Drummer Boy." My heart melts for "Do They Know It's Christmas," and all other charity-centric Christmas musical ventures. War is Over? Possibly one of my favorite songs of all time.

In the secret Christmas Special of my life, we'd all gather together and do "Hark Herald the Angels" like at the end of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and I'll turn out to secretly be an amazing singer. I love it when that happens. OMG! I just remembered that I've gone all X-mas season without listening to my favorite Christmas song of all time, "All I Want For Christmas (Is You)" by Mariah Carey. I gotta crank that shit up tomorrow on the drive to Ohio!

Sorry, I went to youtube to look for a video, and I saw her (I only subscribe to Susan Powter, FourFour and Sara Benicasa, I'm very picky obvs) and her new video titled "the best holiday gift ever." This is my gift to you. No it's not the gift of wellness and fat-burning. It's the magic of transcribing anything Susan Powter says onto paper. It's one thing to hear it and quite another to read it. I'm not skipping anything here, that's not what the dashes or ellipses mean.

"This is the finale because i'm keeping my hair like this for as long as I like 'cause the stuff i'm gonna do with black roots and blonde tips -- the freedom of it! The feeling of it on my head -- don't even ask -- I'm gonna be doing a lot of big sweaty stuff -- and I just -- need like -- cute that you can -- POSH SPICE-E it up -- because it's time you see what's going on, I haven't been able to show you -- it's time you understand -- should I tell you? That I just did a yoga class, but not just yoga, not even just -- when I talk about exercise, don't even think that you know what I'm talking about, because you don't. I'm talking about wahtever I do which sometimes involves exercise and whatever I do which sometimes involves and weaves in and I take pieces from sprint energy and burning fat and yoga and step and I do whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I do it and by the way it's FREEZING."
5. Surprise Guests: A new puppy! The Ghost of Christmas Past! Santa Claus! The soldier is home from war! Families Reunite! It's Rickie! The kitten is warm! It's Elijah! It's Jesus! It's Tickle Me Elmo! Daddy's dressed as Santa Claus! the Surprise Guest unites the cast of said Christmas special, is unexpected and delightful and often homeless. Often enters in large wintery trenchcoat, shakes off the snowflakes and is embraced by children. Is a breath of pine-green-fresh air. I'd like to request Ryan Clayburn or Uh Huh Her. Those would be my top two favorite unexpected guests who are alive. Tinkerbell wants me to mention Littlefoot but she'll see her soon enough.

Sometimes it's not a surprise guest so much as it is a surprise FROM a guest. Like in the Saved by the Bell Christmas special, which takes place in the mall (the mall is one of my many obsessions), where the girl Zach is crushing on turns out to be homeless. Luckily it's Christmas so everyone gets some turkey. I don't like turkey but if I was homeless I might change my tune.

Who will be the surprise guest at tomorrow's Bernard family Christmas? Wouldn't it be funny if I was like -- ALEX! No. The surprise guest will be Tinkerbell. At the Hannukah party, she was not well received. I do not have high expectations for X-mas recieving of Tinkerbell. Hopefully next year I'll be dating someone famous but secretly gay, like Ellen Page, 'cause then my family would be eased into the idea gently, via movie star.
4. Muppets! The first X-mas special of all time, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, featured a cast of 100% wooden puppets. Why not muppets? 'Cause they hadn't been invented yet. Luckily times have changed. No offense to the wooden puppet movies, I loved those too.

Muppet movies combine all of my favorite aspects of visual entertainment: Muppets (I'm actually 1/2 muppet, true story), carefully coreographed singing & dancing numbers, witty inside jokes, and famous people dancing with muppets. This year's Muppets X-Mas Special features Jessie Martin, Mayor Bloomberg, Jane Krakowski, Uma Thurman, Whoopi Goldberg, etc. It doesn't hold a candle to A Muppet Christmas Carol or A Muppet Family Christmas. To be honest I only watched about 10 minutes of the new one. Where was I? I love muppets. What was the point of this Top Ten? The point is that somehow I've managed to spend the last three days entirely in my head, no matter where I've been.

Which is why I wish I was a whole muppet, not just a muppet in some pictures.
3. Random Star Buffet: Instead of actually writing this, I've been watching the Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special with featured special guests Cher (iconic pop diva!), K.D. Lang (lesbian lounge singer!), Laurence Fishbourne (serious actor!), Frankie Avalon (cheesy 50's crooner!), Charro (lunatic with big boobs!), Whoopi Goldberg (versatile comic actress!), Magic Johnson (basketball star!), Little Richard (actual singer!), Grace Jones (wearing an incredible outfit and signing!) and Oprah Winfrey (talk show host!) This video of KD Lang (starts around the 2:00 mark) in a denim bedazzled DRESS singing "Rockin' around the Christmas Tree" will probs make your head explode. (See screenshot, left). Pee-Wee's special is really first-rate, you should watch it.

In my Christmas Special, I'd also like to assemble an all-star group of unrelated iconic figures. Obvs Haviland Stillwell and Tegan & Sara. I'd need some good dancers, maybe the cast of "In the Heights" or those little boys from Billy Elliot. Julie Goldman 'cause she's funny. Barack Obama -- good speaker, very popular right now. The Fab Five in their college form. The revival cast of "Sweet Charity" doing "Big Spender" or Audrey Hepburn doing the dance from Funny Face. RuPaul. Maybe if The Cure wanted to stop by. I'll think about this one I have some more. Who'd be in your variety show?

3. Even though we're adults and adults have problems our tragedies are overcome by the spirit of family and togetherness!

The best christmas special of all time, 1988's A Very Brady Christmas, is the perfect archetype of how adult Christmas should go. See -- Marcia's husband just lost his job, Peter's having an affair with his boss, Bobby dropped out of school to become a race-car driver, Jan's getting divorced and even Sam the Butcher has left poor Alice for another woman! Then Mike gets trapped inside his building! WHO WILL SAVE CHRISTMAS?

Well the kind recapper on IMDB explains: "In the end, Mike gets out of the trap after Carol (and the rest of the gang) sing O Come All Ye Faithful."

So there you go. No but really -- this never happens. Maybe if you're in Jesus's family, 'cause I thnk it happens sometimes for birthdays. But never has someone been like "man, we were all really down about Uncle Horace leaving Aunt Gertrude for a boy he met at the gas station, but then the spirit of Christmas overtook us, Grandma even learned to walk again! We just sang O Come All Ye Faithful!" In this sense, Christmas movies are the best kind of sci-fi fantasy films, and they fill you with a hope rarely replicated in life. If you've got the real thing though, then man -- you are lucky. I had it once. Honestly, I did. We did. I loved Christmas so fucking much, it was the best time of the year. Now we've got some grab bag of adult tragedies. Liars, tramps and theives. I'm the liar, Tinkerbell is the tramp. Just FYI.
2. Travel Debacles Resolved by Magic Polka Bands!
Did you think I'd get away without relaying a moment-by-moment recap of my X-mas travel debacle? Of course not!

Christmas specials often involve a travel debacle. These are generally resolved in madcap hijinks and a scene in the airport where the bedraggled traveler will beg for a ticket to anywhere so they can see their family. I cannot imagine this kind of desperation but apparently it happens. JK Mom, it happened to me actually just this weekend.

Obvs I'll be writing Delta Airlines to share my feelings about their performance on Saturday. I arrived at the airport at 3 P.M. and arrived in Michigan at 6 A.M. the next day, meaning it officially would've been faster to drive. Also then I could've brought the kayak. I don't mind airplane delays -- I count on them, actually -- but I do mind an airline insisting that the flight is on time as we sit panicking in traffic, insisting the flight is on time when they tell me I won't even get ON IT 'cause after waiting in line for 10 minutes, I'm 3 minutes too late to check my bag -- I'm calling Alex telling her she's gonna have to come back and get me, I'm calling my Mom telling her I won't be coming home since they can't get me on another flight, and I'm actually upset about this, 'cause my Mom I know will be upset not to see me and I bought a kayak already -- I mind Delta insisting the flight is on time as I literally sprint to the gate, only to then sit through seven hours of them periodically switching the departure time to the present time about every 10 minutes when clearly that isn't gonna happen. It was just ... weird. I could've spent all that time at home, complaining to Alex & making animal noises with Natalie or perhaps exercising at the local gym. Or buying presents. I could've even felt safe wandering more than ten minutes away from the sign, which continued to tell us we were leaving in the next ten minutes.

It was kinda like I was having sex with Delta, and as soon as we started Delta said they were gonna come and i was like, oh, okay, that's unexpectedly quick for you, Delta, but still, that's cool, I'm on board, and then they were like, "no, it's too soon," and you know, we did other things unlikely to immediately incite orgasm or they closed their eyes and thought about my mother making cookies, and then went back to it and then Delta was like "omg, I'm almost there," and I was like ok and we were doing our thing, and then they keep saying they're almost there and then it's like hours and hours pass of me giving it my all and then it's the next morning and still no one has exploded all over the keyboard. Then we get on the plane and wait on the plane for another three hours, which I guess the analogy for that would be unnecessary cuddling when I want to go to bed. Or them being like "now you!" and me being like "I don't even give a shit anymore."

In Home Alone, Kevin's Mom ends up traveling home with a polka band headed by John Candy. I think? That would've been neat.

1. Happy Ending with Singing and Happiness and Togetherness where all is calm and all is bright.

I guess the thing is about Christmas Specials is you know it'll have a happy ending. Not just any happy ending, but the kind where everyone you love is gathered around a mutually loved place, having been through something tough, and the camera zooms out at the end to show everyone who's there, together, and there's music or maybe food, maybe a new dog or random homeless person.

And you watch the whole thing knowing this'll be the ending -- 'cause that's the only thing that's the same about all of these specials and movies -- which's more or less how we all want life to work out too, is knowing that all the delayed flights and fleeting angels and snowdrifts and yelling at strangers are just the little debacles you get through to reach the food and the music and the hugs. The kind where the camera turns and the angel is gone but someone winks, or smiles, knowing they were there, and everything's okay. Or something like that. The tree is all you ever wanted, the wagon makes your dreams come true, life really is that simple. And I'm pretty sure it is, actually, it's ME making it so fucking complicated.

And the grinch's heart grew six sizes that day
xxx xxx


stef said...

i'm sorry, i haven't finished reading this yet, did you just call grace jones the wife of david bowie?

oh honey.


riese said...

yeah that seemed wrong to me too, but that's what my Mom told me. i thought he married Iman. That's probably wrong too. Then I Thought i remembered him marrying a white lady who was bisexual and then I thought maybe I was thinking of like mick jagger or something. I don't know up from down here.

Anonymous said...

Muppet Family Christmas is hands-down the absolutely best Christmas special ever. I still have it taped off of TV from the day. Osh Kosh B'gosh commercials, M&Ms that were plain, Doublemint twins, all of it. Wonderful.

Fozzy, we're all in a hurry...

Vashti said...

So, I kind of forgot what I was going to write about in this comment so I'm just gonna skim through again and try and remember..

1) The red titles. That's clever. No green though?
2) I read every word of all yo' blogs. I'll be expecting a miracle in my stocking, thankyouverymuch. [That is if we ever get around to putting up our stockings. It's Christmas Eve and we still haven't done that.. My family is crazy and insists that we're gonna make new ones this year or something. Obvs it's too late now and I see nothing wrong with the ones we have already.]
3) OMG I love The Muppet Christmas Carol! I haven't watched it in a few years but not for lack of trying. I HAVE TRIED!
4) While I haven't really listened to any Christmas music this year, I did make sure to listen to "All I Want For Christmas (Is You)" on repeat partially to annoy my friend but mostly because I can't help but love the song and secretly wish I could sing along without sounding like a total bafoon.

I guess that's about it. Merry Christmas! I'm guessing you'll get today [in Michigan/Ohio] what we got yesterday afternoon [in Illinois] which was Snowpocalypse 2.0: Heavy, Non-Stop Snow Replaces Subzero Temperatures. So good luck traveling today. Maybe the roads there will actually be plowed/salted [unlike the roads here]. BTW, they're mixing the salt here with BEET JUICE. BEET JUICE!! And get this, the BEET JUICE is clear! None of it makes sense to me. Just thought everyone should know.

Bren said...

Who's the thief? Don't leave us hangin'.

Or will we find out next Christmas?

DJL said...

I got to the point where you wrote "work my wood for me" and couldn't stop giggling. I'll eventually calm down and read more.

Anonymous said...

i love the 90210 christmas show when brenda brings home the santa and brandon sprays the house with snow cause cindy misses minnesota. also i feel like we had a muppet christmas cassette tape that meghan used to listen to all the time, but i may be confusing that with something else. i dunno. either way, happy holidays, i hope tink goes over better in ohio, i worry about her and her self esteem, she's thin enough, we don't need her losing anymore weight. l

DJL said...

I gotta tell you this. And I mean it. No exaggeration. Any time you reference the Fab Five, I giggle my ass off. Literally. It falls off. And it's hard to get back on because I'm giggling so hard. There I am, pants half-off, reaching down into the legs to secure my ass and get it back on my body while laughing. I love it.

Your Fab Five love is a Christmas miracle. I think it's more unlikely than getting pregnant without having sex (airline or otherwise) which, I think, makes you Mary Magdalene. Or Jesus. I'm not sure. I'm confused.

I also read this while listening to Happy Christmas, so this was like my special for 2008.

Elizabeth said...

Can the Christmas miracle in my stocking be the T&S/Julie Goldman Christmas Special?! Please? I've been a relatively good girl for most of the year... :D

Merry Christmas and Chanukah Sameach!

Crystal said...

The Delta airport/sex analogy was magical, thank you.

I've been forced to listen to the Mariah Carey Christmas album at work all week. It was tough, I'm really not a fan. I hope coldplay do a christmas album.

a;ex said...

Littlefoot thanks Tinkerbell for the shout-out, and says that soon enough isn't soon enough.

and also she looks really good wearing her Tink button.

Please pass on this message. Thank you!

autumn m said...

ok so i love the mention of Cher, cause well she is awesome and i love her. and it seems like i tend to sing the dreidel song all year long. im a pathetic individual.
so this is why i hate Christmas. everyone gets so hyped up and nothing ever happens. im on day two of a two week vacation, and im already going crazy. i took a nap today, after doing nothing all day long!! WTF! i think i am going to start cutting off bits of my fingers, for sheer entertainment. i cant drink my whole vacation away, but i can sure try!!
oh so guess what i got as a present. because my mom has it in her head that im still six, she got me a tickle me cookie monster (kinda like tickle me Elmo, but not) WTF am i supposed to do with that??? i think i am going to give it away. anyone here want a tickle me cookie monster? seriously.
ok im going to go drink my life away!!

ps. happy Kwanzaa!! or Christmas!! or Chanukah!!

Elizabeth said...


"i think i am going to start cutting off bits of my fingers, for sheer entertainment."

that was punny! ;) [shear...]

it's ok, I'll put myself in the corner for that awful one...

e. said...

I always read the middles, just in case blog posts are like chocolates with delicious caramel/nougat/hazelnut centres. (Although the cherry ones? Tres ew.) I've been thinking about food a lot during the holiday times, because I always end up baking a ton of cookies, and especially this year because I ended up making Christmas eve supper for thirty five people, and I don't even really cook. (For reals, thank your deity of choice for lasagna, it is the divinely-sent striated foodstuff.) I used to love the holiday times as a child, but now with all my grown-up dysfunctional drama, they really just make me six extra kinds of crazy. Also, it's been like, -38 degrees Celsius here this week, I went outside and my eyelashes collected frost, as did the rest of my face, I mean it is lung-shatteringly cold, I saw a man walking outside with two lines of snot-ice frozen on his upper lip, but he was so cold he obvs didn't feel it there. I'm sure this is the primary reason people don't move to Canada, it's a great place, but kind of a bad location.

Also, I found the airline/sex analogy pretty apt/funny, and sympathize. I hate being strung along, it's like, just TELL ME AHEAD OF TIME if my fucking flight is cancelled. But I guess that would be useful, effective and considerate, three things which airlines such as Air Canada eschew as a matter of principle.

My number one Christmas Special of all time is "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", with its combined genius of Seuss and Boris Karloff and the original Bugs Bunny folks. We didn't watch it this year though, most of my cousins have now reached the age of majority, so instead of watching the Grinch's heart grow three sizes so he can carve the roast beast and sing fah hoo forres, we played beer pong in the garage (-30 degrees Celsius! Whee!) for five hours. Except I wussed out after two and a half hours and forfeited b/c of the cold. omg i love oversharing, 'tis the season, srsly.

riese said...

burningsteady: agreed. fozzy was the bomb, also, sidenote.

vashti: do people write in green? i feel like they don't -- but red. red is a color that people write in, or they should. i hope you got a miracle in your stocking. i hope it was fireworks.

when i left ohio actually there was no snow. it was almost temperate. we drove there in the rain though.

bren: it's my cousin he lied to everyone. he comes up later, or in the next post.

djl: nice wood.

anonymous: there is snow in a spray can? people miss minnesota? i feel
like there are so many questions i have in life that will never be answered.

DJL: on my grandparents bookshelf they have the "fab five" book that we got autographed by all the people in it, it was like my grandpa's birthday present one year. anyhow all weekend i was looking at it, thinking, lozo giggles his ass off when i talk about these people.

elizabeth: mine too, i want that to be my christmas miracle too. i call automatic win.

crystal: thank you for recongizing it, it was driving me insane that no one had mentioned it yet, and there lozo was talking about basketball. I just wrote "recognize" instead of "recognise," which means I haven't been working for too long. I need to write about value propositions.

a;ex: tink & littlefoot are wearing their buttons together now. anyhow you are number #67 weirdo. no, #67,000. jks.

autumn m: i know i go crazy sometimes on break, and sometimes i do nothing all day long during normal days too. i want a tickle me cookie monster for real i feel like that's basically a doll of me.

anyhow i need another drink obviously.

elizabeth: oh i totes agree, you're not in the corner you are front and cneter. also 'cause i'm reading a book right now where cutting off fingertips is a motif.

e.: from what you mentioned i like hazlenut the best. who among us has not been weary of nougat? i mean wtf is nougat you know? anyhow.

also thank you for mentioning my under-appreciated but triumphant analogy that no one else cares about except crystal and of course me and of course tinkerbell.

frost on the eyelashes, it's like you are a character in the snowman x-mas movie for real, i mean it.

i love how the grinch stole christmas. 'cause i'm a grinch. the grinch is clearly a jew.

asher said...

okay, so i was only able to skim that post, because i had so many feelings to share and i didn't want to forget them.

i tend to enumerate (is that the right usage? does anyone care?) my posts, so here we go:

1) the Home for the Holidays graphic drew me in. eventhough that movie is about Thanksgiving. my sister came home for thanksgiving this year, and eventhough i'm the gay one she was the robert downey jr to my holly hunter. you should watch that movie again and listen to jodie foster's commentary.
"being in a family is like being stuck in an elevator with random strangers that are completely different from you, and never ever being able to get out."

2) i already know i'm forgetting something. oh, totes loved the MSL recap - and then the angel froze to death bit. nice.

3) the ellen page reveal/surprise holiday guest - that's like the homo version of Notting Hill. write that shit!

4) at one point when my sister was stranded in chicago (from boston, en route to houston) my brother suggested we should just drive up there and get her. i said 'i'm sure we could hitch a ride with john candy.' and he made some joke about polka.

and that's all i can remember of my thoughts.

happy new year.

word veri - lanceli
like the homo lancelot?