Monday, May 29, 2006

Dionne Warwick is Love: In Good Times, In Bad Times, I'll Be On Your Side Forever-More

I don't like American Idol. Well, I watched it the summer Ruben won, but I did a lot of things during the Summer of 2003 that were bad/awesome for me -- I watched reality television, ate nothing but peanut butter and melted cheese, bought a shiny white used Lexus (Awesome!) and drank vodka while waitressing. [I mixed it with Vitamin Water and drank from the Vitamin Water bottle. I totally still do this, because I'm Forever Young.] But I was living with girls who said things like "I used to want to be a dentist! I totally wanted to go to dentistry school, but I don't know why! Isn't that weird?" after watching dental reconstruction on Extreme Makeover, and thus, Idol was often on.

I get embarrassed for the really bad singers ... and I think Paula Abdul has lost her mind and that's similarly painful to witness.

But boy was I glad that I saw it last week! [Haviland had what the people call "McPheever."] 'Cause it completed the WOC* circle of Dionne Warwick! To refresh:

1. Dionne Warwick Incident One: Haviland and I discuss the music of Ms. Warwick during an initial AIM conversation.

2. DW Incident Two: as mentioned in an earlier blog post, we're strolling along the street, checking out some funny scattered trash when we notice that a Dionne Warwick album is inexplicably also literally sitting on the street, at which point we both wet our pants (in spirit).

3. DW Incident Three: After witnessing several performances starring "Soul Patrol," McPheever and various lite-rock-radio favorites, like Meatloaf and a [creepy looking] Clay Aiken, we joked that DW had to be next!

Lo and behold....
she totally was.

*Weird/Of Course: Adjective describing the myriad of ways in which the universe collides, narrows, and kicks ass--a coincidence on a massive and clearly cosmic scale.


the belligerent intellectual said...

How does a "discussion" on Dionne Warwick's music go? Like, "Hey, do you like Dionne Warwick?"

"Yeah, but I never really believed she could read people's minds, you know?"

marie lyn bernard said...

If only AIM logs was activated on my work computer, we could get to the bottom of this. As our best recollection it was:

me: (joke about dionne warwick)
hav: (something about actually kinda liking her music and another actor playing it in his dressing room)
me: yeah, but i never really believed she could read people's minds you know?

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