Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Top Ten: So She Comes From the Land Down Under

Hi! As you know, when I get so so busy with my super-important life, I often outsource my Top Ten -- former guest-bloggers include Natalie, Tara, Lozo and my brother Lewis. Just like Natalie, Crystal from Australia was subjected to guest-blogging while visiting yours truly in NYC. It's one of many activities offered to guests here at Chez Planet Harlem, along with flying, dogsledding and watching Katlitter's vlog twelve times. ("I've got ADD real real Bad ...") Crystal has her own blog actually, it's called Disappear Here, but if I link to it I imagine she'll delete the whole thing, which she does about every 3-4 posts, and I'd like to discourage that behavior. Without any further ado, I bring you CRYSTAL. Also, as usual -- my notes are in italics/brackets.
Hi guys. I'm Crystal from Australia, guest-blogging from Riese's couch in NYC. I feel like over the last few weeks I've sucked up a lot of Riese's time that she would've otherwise spent dedicated to her blog, and so I'm making amends by helping to deliver a Sunday Top Ten.


10) Planet Harlem
The cab driver entrusted with transporting me from my midtown hotel to Harlem two weeks ago totally unnerved me with a 20 minute lecture on why I shouldn't be staying in Harlem. You guys, what I didn't realise was that Riese lives in the ghetto. I'm a suburbs girl, I don't even know what “ghetto” means, you know, except that Kelly Rowland has a song called “Ghetto” in which she essentially repeats the phrase “So Ghetto” over and over. [sidenote:I'd assumed, based on Crystal's rough-and-tumble past, including several citations of sleeping on rocks/streets, that Harlem would be ... um ... easy street! I underestimate the power of my own neighborhood.] But what I do know is that on my first night here, I was up on the roof with Riese and all of a sudden there was banging and crashing and sirens, like some serious shit was going down. We ran over to the ledge to see every cop in Manhattan apprehending these dudes who they'd just rammed off the street with their car. The thing is, I'm an uncomplicated and sheltered girl who doesn't like putting herself in risky situations, and so I just don't really see this kind of action in Sydney - serious, we Aussies are all too busy hugging koala bears to get into too much trouble.

Actually, Harlem has been a very comfortable and problem-free place to stay. Riese has a beautiful apartment, lovely flatmates, a wicked rooftop, a Starbucks within walking distance and one of the most comfortable couches I've ever slept on. When I told Riese that I was coming to NYC, she kindly offered: "we have a couch [available]. It pulls out. It's gotten really good reviews, four stars." Now I don't want to the kill-joy that points out false advertising, but the couch doesn't actually pull out into a bed. To Riese's credit, I'm sure the couch did once pull out before Carly and Alex broke it (allegedly). [They did.]

9) South by Southwest

Crystal at SXSW on Sixth Street
I'm really on this side of the world for my annual pilgrimage to Austin, Texas's annual South by Southwest (SxSW) music festival. I always have a great time there but it was super special this year 'cause Riese, Cait and Tara joined me.

Initially, the SxSW journey was all about 2008's hype bands, sex, drugs and rock n' roll - but that changed after Cait & Riese discovered that Uh Huh Her was holding a SXSW fan documentary competition. Clever, right? 'Cause Uh Huh Her's new album is called Common Reaction, and this video is all about recording the reactions of the fans ... anyway so moving right along... [SIDENOTE OMG IT'S OUR VIDEO! WANNA SEE IT? HERE IT IS!]

Riese: I hope you guys know we're only going [to sxsw] to see Uh Huh Her.
Me: Then I hope we'll be able able to get into the [Uh Huh Her] showcase.
Cait: I'm going to SXSW at 8am tomorrow. I'll scope us out a good spot.

We agreed that this video competition was a basically personal invitation from Uh Huh Her to Riese to create/win a contest, and so we were 100% focussed on attending all three Uh Huh Her shows and capturing stellar footage. Tara and I did manage to get out and see some real bands, specifically The LK (from Sweden) and The Breeders, both of who rocked our socks off. Oh, and - I bought a cowboy hat, and it's the best cowboy hat ever.

PHOTO: Natalie models Crystal's cowboy hat.

8) Meeting Uh Huh Her / Leisha Hailey

The highlight of SxSW was hands down Uh Huh Her's 9:15 guest DJ spot at this random nightclub. We arrived at 9:15pm, but the band was nowhere to be seen. About 9:45, they saunter/stumble in, and Tara (designated camera-person) proceeds to march right up to Leisha Hailey and starts in all: When are you playing? You were meant to be on stage 30 minutes ago, so wtf?! We've got a video to shoot and some real bands to see.Actually, Tara was totally polite about it, but the message remained crystal clear [sidenote: this is a good example for me as my friends are attempting to teach me the nuances of "crystal clear communication.] Alice responded by mumbling something and looking to her iPhone as if it'd rapidly SMS her an excuse for her tardiness. They shared a few more words, shook hands, and Tara made her exit. Alice was left looking at me expectantly but I had nothing to bring to the table, so I gave her the two thumbs up and ran away.

When they finally started their DJ set, we convinced Cait to go ask Leisha to play some BETTY. The jury is still out on whether Leisha Hailey understood the joke, but hilarity ensued regardless. Stef, a SxSW warrior, got kicked out of the venue prematurely for being drunk and disorderly, and we followed shortly after.
7) Hotels / community living
I feel like I've stayed in a lot of hotels this trip, and I'm fairly certain that if Cait was to never share a bed with me again then it would be too soon.

Times Square's Paramount Hotel -- where I stayed sans-Riese for three days prior to relocating to Planet Harlem -- was the most interesting experience. I booked this hotel 'cause I read a review where some disgruntled guest rated the Paramount 0 stars out of 5 'cause "the staff was flirtatious." 'Cause I've got no standards, this review SOLD me and I picked a room called "The Petite Suite." The whole hotel had some crazy decor and the room would've been more fairly represented as the "Don't Bother If You're Over 5'1 or 90 Pounds Suite."
See Photo:
The review was true however, they earned 5 out of 5 stars from me and many generous tips.

A stuff up with our hotel reservation in Austin lead us to spend our first few nights in a room about ten minutes away from downtown. The room wasn't really equipped for four adults, meaning we had to sacrifice all available floor space to achieve adequate sleeping arrangements. It was close living quarters, but as long as you didn't want to open the mini bar at the same time someone wanted to open their suitcase, it was all sweet.

Cait: Can we just stop and talk about how our room is one big bed?
Riese: It's like summer camp!

6) Public Transportation
I've been to NYC many times but I've never taken the subway before because, as Law & Order is the only TV show we get in Australia, I've born witness to a plethora of plots relaying the message that I'm likely to get killed or harmed on the New York subway. Now -- I don't necessarily count on Dick Wolf to determine my personal barometer of what's safe and realistic in this world, however my suspicions were confirmed when Tara took me on the subway for the first (and possibly last) time and I was nearly killed and/or harmed. Tara was so enthralled in some witty/intelligent tale I was telling that she didn't realise we'd arrived at our stop, and when she did, she ran off the train suddenly and I followed a little too late, getting stuck between the doors. My life flashed before my eyes, along with a number of other scenarios where I'd get separated from Tara indefinitely and find myself selling coke in Chelsea until I could afford cab fare back to Harlem.

It's probably a well known fact that the cab drivers in this town are kinda crazy, but the past few weeks I've experienced madness to an extent I hadn't anticipated. Tonight, my cabbie jumped out mid-drive to engage in a lengthy screaming match with a policeman telling him not to drive down a particular street -- with the meter running. I tipped him anyhow 'cause I was a little scared he might yell at me too.

I also learned about these modes of transportation that Riese (and no-one else I have yet to meet [sidenote: everyone]) calls "Gypsy cabs". I was amazed when Riese told me that if I was to stand on her street corner, random cars would just pull up beside me and offer me a ride... [sidenote: this's cause they seem to think any white person in my neighborhood is clearly looking to get out asap] and that it's completely normal and safe to get into the vehicle. In Australia, we call this kind of thing Stranger Danger.

5.) The L Word/Parties
Ever read Auto-Straddle and wondered what really goes on at an L Word party? I did -- and now I have the answers. Sadly, I didn't witness any Hollywood TV style behavior worth reporting, like sorority-sister pillow fights, but still I attended two and they were a lot of fun!

As soon as I got here, Riese sat me down in front of the TV and forced me to start watching from Season One. [sidenote: "Guess what I'll be able to do when I get to the states, tiger? I'll finally get to see this L Word show you're always talking about!" - Crystal, email, a long time ago] I made it through S1 and part of S2, but needed to take a break when Jenny started writing a short story about a woman who's born mute who one day discovers that she can understand and speak the secret language of the manatees. Also, did anyone else find it incredibly disturbing when Tina set a place a the dinner table for her positive pregnancy test stick? OMG.

4) Some of my Non-L Word/SxSW social activities
On my first night in NYC, Tara picked me up and took me to this bar called Karma where we smoked Hookah (flavoured tobacco out of a giant bong-like device). You can't smoke indoors in Sydney, so I felt like I was living a little on the wild side. [sidenote: Karma's actually one of the only places in the city where you an smoke indoors.] We met many aspiring writers who came and sat down with us, leaving us with cigarette lighters and memorable quotes to coin, such as "if you want to fuck me, buy some art". Later on in the week, Cait became mildly disgusted at the state of my footwear [sidenote: one of her shoes was missing a sole] and took me shoe shopping in the West Village. Stef took me to a cafe that served vegan food. I hung out at St Mark's a lot and got embarrassingly excited when I realised a dude in Trash and Vaudeville was on the phone to Slash. Riese, Tara and I went to the Mercury Lounge because Yuko Honda and Sean Lennon were performing, and we saw a lot of short guys with tight jeans and sports coats.
3) Learning
I've always had a tough time commenting on Riese's blog because I've never really understood all her references, like about Duane Reade and its incompetent employees (it's true!), or why anyone would combine peanut butter with chocolate (ace!). I know all about these things now. Cait & Riese also taught me a lot about serious community/social issues that I'd been completely unaware of, namely the poor education and health system in this country. I always knew that I was lucky to be raised in a country whose government (in comparison) invests greatly in the well-being of its community, but to discover that most kids in America don't have their own text books was a real eye-opener for me. Riese lent me this book called Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol that explores the poor education system - I recommend it to everyone who has not experienced the inequities of the US education system first hand. [sidenote: and everyone who has]

I've experienced (and overcome) a few language barriers since being here. I've found that my common phrases like "I'm not fussed", "peak hour traffic", "how're you going?" and "cheers" are not terms that Americans easily understand. Store employees give me an impatient sigh if I take the time to construct a polite sentence instead of just barking out my order. In Austin, the owner of the hot sauce shop told me I 'must be Australian' because I said thank you when he gave me my change. I thought the accent probably would have given my nationality away, but it was interesting nonetheless. Afterwards, I walked into a bar that had a sign saying 'Cheers Mate' Is NOT An Acceptable Tip In Texas. It was funny, but maybe you had to be there. I also learned that in America, you guys don't only type in acronyms - you also speak in them, and it's kind of hilarious. I had no idea until I met Riese and Cait, who literally do lace their spoken out-loud sentences with OMG, WTF and LOL.
1) Meeting Riese and Co.

L to R: Crystal, Natalie, Alex
A long time ago I posed this thought to Riese via email: I've been to NYC so often that I've probably walked past you in the street, [and so it's interesting that] we're here now, talking, on the opposite sides of the world. If had run into each other at some stage, in person, pre-emails, would we have stuck around to hear each other out? And based on all of this, how much do we really have in common with those we think we know, but have never met?

It's impossible to realistically answer the question of whether two internet friends would've become friends if they'd met in person first -- and thanks to the internet itself, we really don't have to answer this question anymore. Many of my friends back home couldn't understand why I'd go stay with someone I'd only ever communicated with via email [sidenote: and skype! 'cause I freelance for Crystal's company and she had to train me, I haven't open that application since.]

They definitely couldn't comprehend how this person had become someone I'd consider to be one of my closest friends. Walking into Riese's apartment and meeting her for the first time is one of the most comfortable first encounters I've had -- I didn't feel like I needed to impress her or show her who I am, 'cause I knew I'd already done so virtually. On the surface, we're not that similar as people or personality types, but underneath it all we share the same basic human qualities, the ones that really matter: e.g., compassion, love, kindness. And for those of you who wonder about such things, in 3-D Riese is similar to as advertised on this blog: outrageously funny, intelligent, warm-hearted, and not at all keen on leaving her house (for real). I also had the pleasure of meeting most of her friends, such as Cait, Alex, Natalie, Stef, Tara and Carly - and they were all awesome people, because like attracts like.

Okay, that's all from me, it's my last day in the USA and I've got a plane to catch. later.

Hi guys it's me again, Riese. Unfortunately Crystal whipped this baby out prior to last night's journey to The Red Lobster in Times Square (trivia! Red Lobster's owned by Darden, which also owns The Olive Garden, where I used to work). I felt The RL would offer a pure American Experience, and, had we gone earlier, she would've been able to discuss her very first bite of a Cheddar Bay Biscuit.

Last week Crystal had drinks with Diana, who she'd met through my blog, and last night Diana joined us for Red Lobster. Natalie was telling Diana our (Nat & I's) legendary love story -- how we'd met (English 125), the first time we'd really hung out (we ran into each other outside of the bookstore during the first week of our second year at Michigan), the standard lies Natalie infuses this story with (Natalie: "Marie! Hi!" Me, In Natalie's Creative Re-Telling of the Sory: "Let's go get dinner, I think I have AIDS."), how Natalie'd pursued our friendship. And it was funny, really, that Nat had to emphasize that unlike most of my VIPs, we hadn't met online.

I never thought I'd be the kind of person to make so many cyber-friends, you know? ... though I was likely destined for that fate the moment I picked up my first pack of Magic the Gathering cards. I met Haviland through a friend (a friend we'd both met on the internet) pretty much the same week I started Auto-Win, but aside from Natalie, most of the people I talk to regularly are people I've met through blogging.

Maybe it's easier this way 'cause blog-friends, unlike real-friends, will say: "it's okay, we don't have to hang out, I want you to finish the recap so I can read it." But mostly I think my plethora of cyber-originated friendships can be attributed to the fact that these people, by reading and talking to me, are at least kinda drawn to my sensibility and sense of humor ... and consequently, I'm drawn to theirs ... during the Dark Fall of '07, I probs talked to Crystal more than I did to any living breathing friend -- maybe around 10 emails a night. It helped that I was writing for her company and she was sorta my boss (instant legitimacy beyond any instinctual certainty). I worked out a lot of issues talking to Crystal that I couldn't discuss with anyone in my "real life" -- blogfriends or not. Before Crystal even landed stateside, we already had at least 10 facebook friends in common, and Tara even met her before I did (I was still in L.A.), which was funny, and awesome.

I think in a few years, when the internet's been around long enough for us to step back and think about it really -- it'll probs seem quite marvelous. For loners, who don't believe in the inherent value of live socialization, this is a pretty legitimate space to communicate. Most cyber-connections never translate into real life, but it's quite affirming that they so often do. That someone who knows the ugliest rawest weirdest parts of me would actually want to sleep on my couch, which doesn't pull out, 'cause Carly and Alex broke it.
"The internet is, for loners, an absolute and total miracle. It is, for us, the best invention of the last millennium. It educates. It entertains. It transforms. It facilitates a kind of dialogue in which we need not be seen, so it suits us perfectly. It validates. It makes being alone seem normal. It makes being alone fun for everyone."
(Anneli Rufus, "Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto")
"No one, wise Kublai, knows better than you that the city must never be confused with the words that describe it.
And yet between the one and the other there is a connection ... on the outskirts where men and women land every evening like lines of sleepwalkers, there is always someone who bursts out laughing in the darkness, releasing the flow of jokes and sarcasm."
(Italo Calvino, "Invisible Cities.")
Also okay everyone watch the video and go to the Uh Huh her contest youtube page and vote for us to win this Uh Huh Her contest, if we lose we're gonna be really pissed. Like this:

(SXSW Photo)


DH said...

OMG first comment!!!

I cannot believe that I wrote 75% of this post and I'm still not worthy of a label. Really Riese?

Nice edits tiger, for real. I'm glad you mentioned Red Lobster, I feel like it was a solid highlight.

Jaime said...

All my friends I made through either theatre or blogging. I have two blogger friends named Isaac, so I can't even refer to "blog Isaac." (They're "gay Isaac" and "pretentious Isaac.") I need to find more, I think. A stable of Isaacs. Like, collect all six!

stef said...

that picture still cracks me up.

i'm also really proud of getting kicked out of the uh huh her thing, but seriously, that was what new england residents call "wicked lame." i could hear goldfrapp in any bar in new york. i don't care if yoplait pushed the play button at all. crystal, her name's not alice, it's yoplait. that was a rough day, aka the best day ever.

i love the idea of choosing a hotel because they have a reputation for being flirtatious.
cait told me the cafe i took crystal to was in rent.. i got nothin'. the only broadway show i've seen in the last ten years was les miserobvs.

aaand almost all of my close friends are people i met off the internet in one way or another.. it's a beautiful thing for weirdos across the globe.

nice seeing you weirdos.

Adam Tiller said...

In the same vein as Lozo's guest vlog catapulting him to stardom, I want to be the first to say that this post has caused a bit of an internets crush on Crystal.

Also, whoever rated a hotel poorly for having flirtatious staff is clearly dead, and probably has been for some time. That's insane. Who doesn't like being flirted with?

Dead people, that's who.

Anonymous said...

Wait, hold on... I'm not sure, but I think it was insinuated that Carly and I broke a couch? Maybe?
I don't know, can someone confirm this?

I can defend us soo hard right now, but perhaps I'll leave that to Carlytron.

This was the highlight:
We Aussies are all too busy hugging koala bears to get into too much trouble. Amazing, Crystal.

Also Riese, for the record, we didn't meet on the internets. Write that down.

Anonymous said...


What a touching post, weirdos.

And Jessie: I thought you were saying, "I'm not fast" not "fussed." That's why it sounded bizarre to me at first.

The highlight of SxSW was hands down Uh Huh Her's 9:15 guest DJ spot at this random nightclub. El oh el.

Dude: if we don't autowin that video-doc contest I'll lose all respect for Alice and never speak to her again.

riese said...

Crystal - and see, I could give you a label now, but that'd make you seem crazy.

jaime: I hate that now I have so many Ryans that the one I used to be able to call 'gay Ryan' I can't anymore, 'cause now I also have a gay Ryan roommate, and people get confused. I also know FOUR gay (or at least half-gay) Taras.

stef - Okay well, Rent is almost over, so you've gotta go catch it before it's gone. No day but today. What's amazing about the vom incident is that you were totally convinced you'd been wronged, and just needed water, it was like on Sesame Street when Luis was like agua aguaaaa

adam - Obviously I need to just become a matchmaker, like in Fiddler on the Roof, or perhaps the world's greatest pimp. I could dole out intellectual, witty & clever people, as well as Lozo.

Also: people who are dead inside. If you know what I mean.

a;ex - OK as we just discussed you've totally lost your mind:
1. You and Carly broke the fold out bed.
2. Were it not for your ambitious commenting on the l word online blog, you never would've met Haviland for design work and therefore never would've met me, who wrote the l word online blog in the first place. That's called meeting on the internet.

I'm just glad we discussed this in the car and are now all on the same ... webpage! Get it?!!

b. - I thought so too. I was like, that is a very strange term along the lines of boot/trunk. Like, where does that come from, I have no idea.

Also, according to some bitter people on the uhhhuhher youtube boards, I have an unfair advantage 'cause I'm linked by the l word online. I can't begin to describe why this doesn't make sense/is irrelevant/also this is a contest.

Both you and Alice will suffer if you never speak again, as all your conversations thus far have been very productive.

MoonKiller said...

My sister said she's going to take me to SxSW one year and then we'll visit her friend in Fort Worth and hunt down Bryce Avary from The Rocket Summer.

I'll comment more on the morrow as I'm shattered. :)

Bourbon said...

This post is gold for so many reasons but mainly because it merges my two favourite blogs/bloggers. The subway story made me lol, for reals. Also, that "cheers mate" sign is ace.

Chrissy said...

I totally just realized I missed commenting on the last full-out post, and I almost missed this one. Things like commenting here are put on the back burner when one sprains three of her toes and decides to stay in bed for a few days.

Crystal NEEDS a label, yo.

I promise I'll comment more next time. For now, I accept the fact that I sucked this week.

Anonymous said...

ok i know this is totally off topic, but are you guys going to see tegan and sara on may 12? if you are you should make a video like you did with uh huh her... even though there's no contest. you know, i'm just throwing it out there!

by the way i'm a big fan of your blog and the l word recaps and i am finally getting around to commenting.

Anonymous said...

Crystalllll you totally sold yourself short, this was so good. I'm so glad you came and we had a chance to play.. Come back sooooon ya?

frank said...

i'm 6-foot-3, full of muscle. just throwing it.

i didn't get through this post. i got to the point of the video and it seems as though the audio was messed up, and i won't stand for sub-par audio work on my auto-win videos. the bar has been raised too high.

riese said...

moonkiller: You should go! I don't know who The Rocket Summer is, but it sounds like a fantastic band.

razia: I know, I was like "Razia has to comment on this one, 'cause she reads both of us, she's our target audience." Seriously I said that.

chrissy: Yeah commenting takes the back burner for me too, but that's 'cause all my toes do work which means people expect me to be places. Which clearly is a drag.

jen: oh you bet we are going to that concert. I think we'd do it in a hot second if there was a mysterious tegan and sara prize pack involved ... and if I had many more minutes in the day. and thanks for reading and commenting!

caittttt: um, hi! crystal this one's for you.

lozo: The audio was fine, weirdo, I think you need to give it another shot. At least everyone was ... you know ... speaking loudly, and clearly ... those of us without 6-foot-3 muscles to back us up.

elec-tri-city said...

Agreed. Net friends are by far the best because they don't care if you don't want to leave your house. And I sort of hate leaving my house. My social skills are questionable outside of my computer and my crazy text messaging skills.

Also, people tend to suck in real life, so I think it's killer that such a fantastic barometer is available for personality-testing. And, when you're done being social, click the red X button and you don't even have to have an awkward goodbye.

I think, sometimes, I'd be okay living in a room with six windows and no door. (and, obviously, lots of other amenities that are totally necessary for pleasurable living.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the craziness guys. Obvs we met only because of the existence of the internet.
It's okay, I fully have my mind back.

Crystal, this WAS good/amazing. What Cait said...

Also, where's katlitter?! for real!

Haviland said...

great post, girls!

crystal, riese is right about Gypsy cabs...that's really what everyone calls them.

what does fussed mean?

Anonymous said...

sorry riese, didn't mean to ignore you. obvs i loved your comments and added insight. also, hav, fussed means bothered, just fyi i am fluent in australian now.

DH said...

Hello from Sydney. I'm unsure of the correct guest-blogger comment etiquette, so I'm just going to reply to everyone's - even those not directed at me.

Crystal: I know, right?

Jamie: I like "pretentious Isaac", it has a nice ring to it.

Stef: It is the best picture I have ever taken, for real. Getting kicked out of a bar during SxSW is a real achievement - usually they have a super high tolerance for intoxicated patrons this time of the year. Cait also told me about the cafe from Rent and I didn't know either, but I was kind of impressed anyway.

Adam: Thank you, and you may also be the last person to say this. I'm going to reciprocate your internets crush because you always leave Riese really sweet comments, and I'm glad you didn't make an exception for this post.

A;ex: I'm sure it's been discussed offline already, but yes, Riese told me that you and Carly broke the couch - I'm just saying that this is what I hear. That you found a highlight in amongst this ramble is amazing - write that down.

B: oh em gee. I thought that you thought I was saying "fast" - but then also thought we had eventually reached an understanding that it was "fussed". I'm not fast nor fussed, for the record. If we don't autowin the Uh Huh Her video contest then I'm going to stop being their #1 fan, for real.

Riese: I think I forgot to pack my toothpaste.

Moonkiller: I recommend SxSW, highly. I don't know who The Rocket Summer are either, but I'm going to go and look that up. You'll be going to SxSW every year when you're writing for Rolling Stone, right?

Razia: What Riese said is true, we did have a discussion about how you have to comment because you're our target audience. So, thank you for commenting. I thought of you every time I watched the L Word, btw.

Chrissy: Thank you for your support re: my own label. I'm at a loss as to what one actually has to do in order to achieve this accolade.

Jen: If I lived in NYC, I'd be going to that T&S concert too. T&S is my number one feeling.

Caittt: Thanks dude. I will come back next year - but I hope you come to Australia first! You've already got such an ace grasp of the language, you'll fit right in here.

Lozo: That's okay, I don't get through your [sports-related] posts either. I suggest giving the video a 2nd chance... and then going to the YouTube site to rate it and vote for it.

Riese: Hi. I like the new format of Auto-fun, ps.

elec-tri-city: I think you and Riese probs have a lot in common, namely needing friends who are sympathetic to agoraphobia.

a;ex: Thanks! Where is Katlitter? Hopefully too busy making the next vlog - or stealing palm trees from Taco Cabana to put in the next vlog.

Haviland: I'm now a believer in the Gypsy cab - Riese read definitions of 'Gypsy cab' to me out loud off the internets the other day. See Cait's comment. Not fussed typically means that a person is not fussy (or is indifferent) regarding the outcome of a particular event.

Caittt: Well done, seriously fluent.

Anonymous said...

This was a really good top ten, even though it was on Friday, which is still a good day (especially this week because it's actually good). I'm still a little scared of internet people, I've never met someone online let alone met them irl, but Riese is obv a real person, so maybe that's ok.

Also I've spent quite a bit of time in Washington Heights and have yet to see a gypsy cab, I'm kind of skeptical of their existence. And jealous of the concert, and you gotta win the contest!!

carlytron said...

re: the couch, i'm certain i have no idea what any of you are talking about.

crystal, this was awesome, and i'm glad i got to meet you. come back and visit soon!

Bourbon said...

This is a very special moment for me. End comment.

Diana said...

Nice team effort here, guys.

Time Square Red Lobster and Jager bombs are really such a winning combo for getting to know people. Cheers to internet friends, yea.

riese said...

flynn: You've seen gypsy cabs in Washington Hills ... trust me. I even looked it up to verify and found even a gawker "ghetto pass" blurb about it. They're as real as you and me, fo' real.

carlytron: Look here I wasn't born yesterday.

razia: yay! end comment,

diana: I might suggest Jager Bombs be included, in some sort of Surf 'n Turf situation. Cheers to internet friends!