Thursday, March 20, 2008

Auto-Fundaliciousness :: 3-20-1993

Oh, you. People. Who read this. In all of its ... its everything/nothing. I know I've been phoning it in a lot lately, but good news: The L Word ends this Sunday. I'm fantasizing that next year I'll have a book deal and a real live dog (as opposed to my current dog Tinkerbell, who's stuffed with cotton but still very sweet) and an intern who likes it rough ... and I won't punish you 'cause Ilene's punishing me.

Real question: is the Auto-Fun better than nothing, or would you prefer I reserve my everything for cranking out blog posts? It doesn't take long to put out (ha! get it? "put out"?) the Auto-Fun but when it's been a while since I've posted a "real" blog, I start to feel guilty every time I put out an Auto-Fun instead. But there's a few actual posts in the works, clearly. Flying lesbians, contests to win dates with beautiful women for under $4,100, etc.

Also, FYI, it's not 1993. I'm testing you. Check your hair & your pegged jeans, get back to me.
quote: "dream sweetly. steal something for me, something random and worthless. stay drunk, have fun, and use that 4 letter word more 'cause as much as it probably shouldn't be true? and I could not sit down and outline the parameters for how it's true, or anything is, I love you." [anonymous, 7.07]
links: autostraddle recap of season five, episode 511: lifecycle (@autostraddle), my book! dirty girls! (@rkb), dealbreaker: the manorexic (, obama's speech (, the "urbane tomboys" (@NY Observer -- and Jaimie calls bullshit @surplus), the consistently stunning cass bird photographs the trans-everythings of NYC: "Secret New York" (@out magazine), hollywood loves the heartland but only to a point (@nytimes), q&a with the author of Cover Girls, a book made entirely from women's magazine text-blurbs (


eric mathew said...

i'll intern for you.

it would be the best thing since kosher bacon.

joke..but serious.

Han* said...

i think you should save your resources for sweaty elliptical runs and creating blogging gold. also, you could use the saved time for trying out new and amazing hair styles and deep frying cheese crackers.

Mercury said...

I like auto-fun when I'm bored online, which isn't as often as it should be...

Amy said...

I like auto-fun because of your propensity to put up writing-related links, so my interest in it is totally about me. Though I do enjoy longer posts as well.

Jayde said...

I prefer your longer posts. The auto-fun is kinda boring sometimes. (sorry - just being honest!)I usually laugh so hard at your other posts.

Jayde said...

P.S. 1993 Rocked!

laia said...

i am pro auto-fun! i generally like the quotes, as well as the links.

keep it up! you have only one recap left.

ps. don't forget to check your tip jar! i am sure you'll get a lot of tips at the end of the tlw season;)

ps. I have a request: do you have any hints on where to loook for room/apartments in NYC?

Allie said...

If I might refer back to a previous comment in the context of a grammar lesson, the part of your blog that I cannot live without is the auto-fun. I love the longer posts, too, of course, but let me explain it this way:

Everyone loves a good, long meal with friends, the kind that starts out with drinks at your apartment, then you go to a restaurant, then for more drinks, and end back at the apartment eating grilled cheese and drinking wine right out of the bottle seven hours later. Those long nights are the best. But they are special, and if you did them every night, you'd be 500lbs and hung over all the time. Usually, we eat in smaller meals (if you're me, you nosh all day, eating five or six teeny tiny meals). That's how your blog is for me...I love the long, blog-gold entries, but they wear me out. I can only handle them maybe once a week. But Auto-fun is my intellectual noshing...I can come and go ALL DAY, clicking, reading, actually getting back to work...clicking, reading, doing my job, etc.

Please don't take my auto-fun away!

a;ex said...

listen woman... keep the auto-fun coming. also, make me some apple pie while you're at it.

Adam said...

I heart the auto-fun; you know my giant heart for the auto-fun. Probably 75-80% of the things I link to my friends are farmed from it.

The one thing I miss during long auto-fun only stretches are the comments. I'm not sure if this can be helped, since I dig that you don't want to have 7 different comment threads going every week, but I do find myself missing the auto-universe wide banter that picks up after a long post.

Lozo said...

i don't like your double-standard with the comments. i'm not cool for turning mine off, but yours are off for pretty much 95 percent of your posts. maybe i want to talk about something you told me to read. who are you? who are you to tell me what i can and can't comment on? huh? huh?

that being said, i intern for HJs.

Lez said...

BTW, I LOVE your L Word recaps! I think they are fantastic and funny! I'll miss them when they are gone.

I just started reading your blog this year, and I can't tell if you really love or really hate TLW. You always keep me guessing. I think if you really hated it, you wouldn't blodg about it....

riese said...

What if I left comments on every day and added a link to one of lozo's posts in the auto-fun with the declaration that anyone wishing to share their feelings about lozo's post can do so here, and i'll make fun of you. I could go for a "nice quote" every now and then, 'cause I like affirmation, too.

caitlinmae said...

As a huge procrastinator I find that the Auto-Fun gives me at least semi-intellectual, definitely interesting things to read.
I also forward it around everywhere, so it makes me seem well read.
That being said- I do miss longer entries... my heart goes pitter pat when I see them

Megan said...

I'm not a fan of auto-fun, only because I'm a huge fan of your actual posts, so they have spoiled me.

riese said...

It's not an either/or situation really ... it's not that auto-fun is instead of a blog post, it's just that I haven't had time to write real blog posts and I was wondering if the auto-fun is better than nothing or if it's just a tease.

interns! eric there will come a tie in the future when i may come to you with a favor ...

han*! I should go to east harlem where they deep fry everything, hm.
amy! it is also totally about me.

mercury: let's change that. how?

amy: yay! it's for me too, of course. it's good to feel that others care about these things that i also care about that sometimes i feel like no one cares about.

jayee: ok, point taken. i think a lot of what i like is stuff other people think is boring, but I'm totes at peace with that. Maybe one day a link will surprise you and be totally funny!

laia: Oh I'm all over the tip jar. Every time I get something, paypal is supposed to email me, i think ... hm. - I'd look in Harlem, it's really the only affordable area of Manhattan. Just be careful it's in a safe neighborhood (stay below 125th) and don't listen to anyone who tells you hooha about gentrification and young professionals, they're usually lying. There's always Brooklyn and Astoria if you don't mind the commute. Most important thing is how close you are to the subway. Craigslist is a good first stop, don't get roped into broker schemes, if it seems to good to be true ... it is.

allie! you make my heart sing! point well made, and also what i imagined. Sometimes I feel like if I crank out too much wine/cheese/long meals, I feel like comments dwindle 'cause it's just too much to read/handle ... digest. So thank you for affirming me, and in the best way possible.

a;ex: WOMAN I hope you cut off the crusts. You know how I feel about crusts!

adam: For you, for you, you are the soildier that leads and encourages my auto-fun army as you know. I'm going to figure something out with the comments.

lozo: 1. I never said you weren't cool for turning yours off. 2. I will turn mine on and wait patiently for you to read something I link to and want to have a conversation about it. I'm very excited for this, I hope you like the NYT Book Review!! Also seriously I'm going to start commenting to you on my blog now, get ready. Nice offer with the HJs, I'll think it over.

lez: thanks! And I for sure love/hate the L word. I mean, I hate it more than I love it, that's why I need to talk about it so much,

caitlinmae: ooh! I like hearts going pitter pat, I'm sold! and anything i can do to participate in the illusion of making you seem well read, I'm all for it. I think the auto fun makes me seem well read, too, possibly, even when I'm totally not.

megan: well don't worry, the auto-fun has no impact on the production of longer posts. I think there's some parenting proverb about how the lord giveth and he taketh away. or something. wheeeee thanks for your input.

But it matters to me enough to make links that are releavant to me and the bizarre combination of interests (great literature! women's rights! pop culture!) i hope I share with at least 30% of you ... so I'm gonna keep it, but I'll put up comments and maybe limit like 3-4 auto-funs a week or something, depending on how much time I have when L Word ends. I would never stop doing it, 'cause I'd never do that to you Adam/Allie obviously. But I don't think I'll do it on normal post days, and maybe I'll try to say a little more about why I'm linking to these things rather than just listing them.

Lozo said...

you've got a deal across the board on your comments. i can't wait to hear semi's thoughts on the kansas city royals.

Atherton Bartelby said...

Oh I am sooooo happy that I haven't been the only blogger in remiss of late.

However, you have at least indulged your readers with the daily Auto-Funs, which is much more than I can say for myself. And they are fun, and still you, so therefore so much better than nothing.

(Wow. Are we loving my blatant abuse of the oblique tag today, or what?)

Jackie said...

I vote for real posts instead of auto-fun, I'll be honest. Also, more vlogs with Lozo. I have a huge crush. And I miss his comments because I want to bow down to how his bracket is better than mine.

My word verif is... oh, who am I kidding.

ana said...

for what it's worth, i don't think the auto-fun is a tease. i love it and of itself! i'm with allie--i usually check the auto-fun in the morning, then spend the rest of the day exploring all the neat little corners of the inter-web you've flagged for us.

so don't feel guilty when you put out an auto-fun instead of a real post! keep 'em coming!

Annie said...

Must, must, must keep Auto-Fun. It does all the work for me! You shouldn't feel guilty about providing a SERVICE.