Thursday, March 27, 2008

We've Got Trees We've Yet to VLOG In With Semicolon: Half-Blog, Half-Vlog ... Are You Ready For Spring?

3/25: So Natalie got me this Lenny Kravitz t-shirt -- it was free. I don't care one way or the other about Lenny Kravitz, his music, or going his way ... but the shirt's delightful. I should make friends and then invite people over to look. I just turned on this magical box in our living room, it's fantastic. I was having trouble writing, then reading, then email and so here I am! This happened Monday night too: the deaf girl from The L Word was good in the dance show. I think I need to see Nim's Island, there seems to be a treehouse involved. The Office is funny.

3/26: Sometimes when I can't sleep I just look at photographs. Like Alex just told me about, and I like the nerve photo galleries or photo blogs 'cause they get really ace photographers there, and mostly I can link out to good photographer websites and then follow links all through the night. Or I like her famed good looks and and achtung baby.
So I was going to do a Top Ten called "Who DOES That"? You know that expression? Some questions I might typically include have, over time, answered themselves: Who reads Reader's Digest? My grandmother. Who listens to Michael Bolton? My grandfather. Who does crack? The people in my neighborhood. Who watches World's Wildest Police Chases? Matty, it was his favorite show, he LOL'ed: "Look how stupid those motherfuckers are! Isn't it funny?"

Like -- Who eats at Long John Silver's? I've seen advertisements. I've seen the yellow-and-blue shacks peddling fried seafood -- buttered lobster bites, jumbo fried shrimp, fried fish with hush-puppies, fries, you name the artery, it's got a product designed to clog it right up. According to its website, there's 12,000 LJS ... yet in the informal survey I've been conducting for the last few years, I don't know anyone who will admit to eating there. I'd also ask about White Castle, but my Mom used to wax nostalgic about her childhood and teenaged trips to the joint and former love for its burgers. But that was like a hundred years ago.

3/27: So, since I couldn't seem to pull together the actual blog I've been trying to write for today, I've decided to keep the good parts of it (about one paragraph total) as a springboard towards an even better blog later this week. So instead, for today, I made a vloggity vlog with Alex/Semicolon/A;ex!! Once upon a time, Alex Vega won the comment contest ... and now she's all grown up. It just goes to show you kids that if you dream it you can do it!

This vlog includes a discussion of many spicy topics, includin: Alex's suspiciously frequent visits to the dentist, a Katlitter tribute, drumsticks/cucumbers, RuPaul, alcohol, balls, flying lesbians, the meaning of life and Semicolon's famous comment which won her the comment contest back in October 2007. Special appearances via vintage clips of Haviland and Lozo.


caitttt said...

Oooohhh first comment.. I love wild police chases, for reals... Are you and littlefoot related? Also katlitter and I are in a fight for not having out back in the contest... Uh huh... Her

eric mathew said...

ummm. OMG. words cannot express my love for that vlog hillarity. its like riese+ a;ex + great music x alcohol = amazing antics that are better than sex. i'm not even kidding.

oh you 2!

green said...





hearts. stars and horseshoes. clovers and blue balloons.


Lozo said...

omg!!! this was totes awesome!!!! for reals! my number one feeling is LOL ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

ok. i left my headphones home today, so i haven't watched. but i'm pretty sure that's what i would've felt.

stef said...


were you just ON THE PHONE?

Katyn said...

i was not ready for winter. or for it to keep coming back like an annoying ex-lover. or the fact that due to there still being snow here, i didn't finally pull out my "really, papi?" tee to wear until yesterday and realized there's like black sharpie or something on the bottom of it and got really sad. i hate winter. p.s. tide stick is not as amazing as kelli ripa thinks.

Crystal said...

Omg are you guys twins? But more importantly - where is katlitter? I feel like she'd leave the most perfect comments on the YouTube comment boards right now.

When I See You Smile was gold, made me el oh el. Anywho, nice one, this made me miss you both.

jen said...

where can this amazing comment left by semicolon be found? it just sounds too good to miss out on.

alicia said... two questions!

1) This whole you and A;ex looking the same thing is a joke right? You look nothing at all alike...people are just ridiculous.

2) Since you were probably wondering when someone would ask. What are you guys drinking there? Water? Tumblers full of vodka? Please tell me it's the latter, or else my view of the world will be skewed.

a;ex said...

oh eric mathew!

aww Crystal, the fact that you LOLed over When I See You Smile made me miss you.
Come back to America.

Cait/guys, srsly... where IS katlitter?

chrissy said...

Y'all need to go to DisneyWorld this summer and vlog from there. Maybe I'll sell you a pretzel or some crap like that. Plus I can get you in for either free or ridiculously discounted.

Lozo said...

i can't believe you wouldn't let me do my midwest lesbian vlog girl impression, but you let semi do it. mine would've killed. KILLED!

and why did you put trips and dentist in finger quotes? is dentist trip code for something?

riese said...

caitttt - see i left out that part about how you love wild police chases 'cause i didn't want to embarrass you but then here you go confessing it to everyone. that's okay, it's nothing compared to the police chase between us and rovermom when/if we lose tomorrow.

eric mathew - i think you are a mathematical genius possibly of "a beautiful mind" or "good will hunting" proportions, because that formula ... you're onto something! you defo are.

green - i think, if you put all those things together, what you get is a fucking incredible piece of lisa frank stationary, on which i'd write "kudos ... love ... xxx"

lozo - omg, i can't wait til you get home and find out that though you might be lmaoing possibly not rofling. Just wait til the part where we make semicolon dance with earplugs in like the deaf girl on so you can't think you can dance or whatevs, that's good.

stef - OBVS pretending to be on the phone! I was imitating the girl from katlitter's video.

katyn - winter keeps coming back like an annoying ex-lover who gave you a cold and then stole all the vitamin c on his way out. is that black sharpie from you or did it come that way? 'Cause if it did, obviously I will send you a new one, if you email me your deets.

crystal - I think we may have officially scared katllitter away with our intense and constant fandom and appreciation of her work. It made us both miss you, 'cause you could've been in it talking about tardiness.

jen - oh, yes, that amazing comment by semicolon can be found near the end of the craziest comment chain ever -- which evolved into a sort of all night poetry slam online between me and this other girl for complicated psycholgical reasons and all the ones that she hadn't done as anonymous are deleted, but yah basically, you have to scroll down through all the crazy and eventually you will find cute little a;ex vega, making her comment.

alicia - 1) thank you! we get it ALL THE TIME, like people will ask if we're sisters, it's really creepy.

2)vodka tonics but just out of the glasses I own, which're like, um, normal water cups for juice or whatevers. I believe there was ice but it melted.

a;ex - just so you know we've been invited to hang w/eric & ronnie and we will make it happen.

chrissy - well we love disneyworld so you never know we might do it. hotel vlogs are the best , we think, 'cause then you can try to get the room servcie guy in the picture.

lozo - I don't know what you're talking about, what I not let you do? You would've done it too quietly anyhow. "dentist" is "lover" and "trip" is "romantic escape." Duh.

eric mathew said...

ronnie is such a little sneaky snake making plans behind my back. wow its so great though. have your peeps call my peeps.

i am SO good at math btw. my math course last year taught us how to write checks and balance a check book....oh math for design majors...i feel like sometimes it's like teaching a snake to walk.

Lozo said...

there were three things i wanted to do (not including you in the butt) which included impressions of people who shall remain nameless (and legless, if i recall) and one of them was the chick/dudes on youtube. i'm being discriminated against.

oh wait. i'm a lesbian now. let me go read an L Word recap. BRB. OMG!

jen said...

i finally found the comment and it was AMAZING!

i can only wish that one day i could leave blog comments that meet those standards.

riese said...

eric mathew - I love solving for x! Really I do. The rest of it, including anything related to checkbooks, is a nightmare.

lozo - yes, but our imitation was of people who'd done a video about us. it was an imitation founded in admiration and appreciation, not intended to make fun of someone who may or may not have legs, a girlfriend, and a 300 pound cankle. But I don't remember you wanting specifically to do impressions of our youtube heroes?

jen - don't worry, one day you'll drink too much tequilla and something magical might just happen.

Lozo said...

oh, that was a homage to the youtube girls? like a loving tribute? really? for reals?

please don't impersonate me then, because my no. 2 feeling would be apprehension. my no. 1 feeling, as a new lesbian, is always scissoring.

Jackie said...

Was that Littlefoot A;ex was holding?

riese said...

lozo - your number one feeling is supposed to be tegan & sara, that's before sex obvs.

jackie - yes. yes it was.

krystel said...

semicolon is so strange. strangely sexy.

elec-tri-city said...

a;ex has supreme teeth. seriously, those 15 or so trips to the dentist... omg. i wonder if i've developed a teeth fetish?

my cat just punched me in the face. actually, in the mouth. i bet tinkerbell & littlefoot are never so crass.

Daria said...

to Alicia... grrrrrrl, you blind!
they are sistahs from 2 dif mistahs.