Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day :: 3-26-2008

quote: "To protect ourselves, we spun cocoons out of TV, books, video games, early stolen alcohol, and dreams. And then one day we realize we're grown up yet still all muffled inside what we've built around us. We don't feel real. 'There were often times when he would feel as if he were lifting out of his body and observing himself from above," Dan Chaon writes in just about every one of his short stories. All the writers my age write about blackouts and floating. We try to get out of these cocoons and make our way down to where our bodies are. We try shoplifting and racist/sexist/ageist humor (trying to offend our way out); we get naked on stage. We try sleep deprevation and razors on our skin. We date creepy, scary sleazes who we half-hope, half-fear might do the cutting for us. But we're so used to living inside a dream, even cutting feels dreamy. We can't get out. We can't wake up." (Lisa Crystal Carver, "Drugs are Nice")

1) I love this man, and how he thinks, and makes art: "How John Waters Maintains his Obsessions." (@nymag)
2) America's Next Top Model Recap: "Giddy Up!" (@fourfour)
3) How to Grocery shop at 99-Cent Stores (@nytimes)
4) A Unified Theory of The Hills: "Pretending to Be Yourself Isn't Easy" (
5) List: "Text Messages That Would Have Been Helpful" (@mcsweeny's)
6) "Dropping the Torch": Dave Eggers on the Olympic Torch Relay, genocide, Frisco (@nytimes)
7) Queer Kids have a lot of feelings, oppression, therefore need drugs: "Gay Youth Report Higher Rates Of Drug And Alcohol Use" (@medical news today)
8) "Why the fuss over Obama's pastor when Bible-based damnations of bad behavior are a staple in American religion?": "War of the Word" (@the nation)
9) "The Sushisexuals" --on, dating (
10) "How Kids Too Cool for Exercise Keep The Winter Pounds Off": Hips of Steel (@the village voice)

(I tried to write an actual blog post today, but it's not working. It'll come soon. In the meantime, drop in on the Uh Huh Her contest message boards. We're trying to auto-win, which might not happen, but anyhow ... fun for the whole family!)


green said...

wow. just came back from the message board. don't you just <3 a good flame war?

i know i do.

your replies were classy, though. not that i expected anything less :)

chin up, little rhubarb!

Katyn said...

this is also an interesting perspective on the obama/wright hullabaloo.

Anonymous said...

this is really for lozo, but i also just wanted to say riese, i am totally ok with not winning the uh huh her contest, i think it's hilarious that we could lose to an insane brit talking crazytown about what the concert would have been like.. xoxo rovermom

lozo- i just needed you to know how amazing it was that you were able to incorporate a picture of snow white into your blue jay preview post. that is all, just wanted you to know, also my word verification is fdshdskjhdjs, just fyi.- cait

Lozo said...

i like how cait likes to appear to be anonymous until the very end of her comment. it throws me off. but thanks. i'm running out of clever pictures to go with teams at this point.

also, "it'll come soon." that's what she said.

Razia said...

"This functionality is not available right now. Please try again later."

From: youtube
Re: trying to sign up in order to engage in combat, ha jks jks. In order to clarify that WISHING to be somewhere is not the same as BEING somewhere. Poor little delusional souls...

Can someone also let those idiots know that this video is meant to inspire other fans to go see UHH, not sit in their rooms and all complain that UHH hasn't come close enough for them to see. And then record it. For my viewing torture. DIdn't they notice Crystal in the video, she sure as hell doesn't sound like anyone who lives close to Austin. If an Aussie can make it than a pom can get her ass out of her pjs and on a plane too. Excuse me, I would like to type more about how dumb people are but my eyes are bleeding from watching PODCASTS. I'm super human, ps, I can see things that don't exist. Like pictures in a sound file.

eric mathew said...

dear riese,

good articles. saw cry-baby today...i don't know...i love john waters...but it just was kind of a miss. i feel bad because a lot of work goes into shows...yeah.


supr said...

"did i leave my toga @ ur place?"

i love auto-fun.

i couldnt agree more with razia's comment about the australian accent taking away the entire point of the brit's video. i love that reading other people's conversations on a message board can infuriate me so.

riese said...

green: i know (i can't believe i responded at all or why they're totally getting my goat so to speak) ... i have a dream where all people don't say anything to anyone online they wouldn't say to their face. or you know, my chin. which i'm keeping up, grasshopper! thanks!

katyn: I love these stories being kept out of the media. Thanks!

cait: WHAT?!! We're gonna -- what? -- we're gonna win! (Probs not, but totally zen about it)

lozo: I know it gets me every time. Also, I'd like to say that when you talk about me in your blog, it pains me to not be able to comment right back. I'd tell u what I wanted to say, but I just tried opening your vlog and it made firefox crash.

razia: You Tube really picked a fabulous time to undergo site maintenance last night, yeah? I mean, come on, I'm sure I had about 30 honors just waiting to spring themselves upon me. And you know what's amazing, that's a good point about Crystal and I'd never even thought of that! But you know, you can't blame people for not noticing, our video was apparently so boring that some people couldn't even sit through it!

eric mathew: Yeah, it seems like a bizarre thing to bring to a real stage -- when so much of what he does is about breaking taboo ... i was surprised that hairspray worked so well, but clearly also it lost some of the original's appeal. but yeah, we'll see, I feel bad when shows close too.

supr: You think it infuriates you, you should see what kind of explosive acrobatics my head's been doing this week. OMG. (breathe, riese ... breathe ... zennn)

a;ex said...

OMG I can't even look at that message board anymore. It's really hurting my eyes/head/soul.

Maybe I'll enter a hot dog eating contest, but instead of eating them I just throw them down hallways, and then all the people are like "haha LOLZ that''s so funny@! its like Shane's leg's! totes voting 4 u!!" and then I win.

...I think I just lost it.