Monday, October 20, 2008

8 Against 8

As y'all may or may not know, there's an initiative on the California ballot this year called "Proposition 8," which aims to change the California Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. The gays have had this right since June, and obvs all hell's broken loose. Gay marriage has killed 500 polar bears, inspired ten million men to cheat on their wives, unleashed a SARS epidemic amongst babies in Oakland and directly caused the entire adolescent population of La Jolla to marry their pet rabbits. Howevs, it's also resulted in some very lovely photos of Ellen & Portia, which's why I've joined the 8 Against 8 Campaign.

8 Lesbian Bloggers, 8 Days, 8,000 Dollars. The bloggers include Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend, Dorothy Snarker of Dorothy Surrenders, Grace Chu and Grace Rosen of Grace the Spot and Afterellen, Lori Hahn of Hahn at Home, Kelly Leszczynski of The Lesbian Lifestyle, Sugarbutch, and Renee Gannon of Lesbitopia.

Prop 8 would add a new section to the California constitution stating "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." Current polls predict that this ammendment will pass , thanks to crazies like these guys -- which's why we've come together against Proposition 8, begging you for money. I beg you guys for money a lot, but this time's different, 'cause I'm not selling t-shirts or 'zines. I'M SELLING FREEDOM, BITCHES!

Over the next 8 days I'll be rolling out My Top 8 Reasons why this cause deserves at least five of your hard earned dollars. I mean face it we're all broke now anyway, what's another $5-$500 bucks? That's what I tell myself every night when I order takeout. If 8 Against 8 reaches its $8,000 target, I'll stop talking about it and talk about other things. But 'til then you'll just have to hear about it, or read my South of Nowhere recap whenever I finish it, or read Lozo or Sloganx or call your mother, she misses you. Better yet, call my Mother, she misses me. Or my other mother. They're not married. It's totes illegal in Michigan. They had a commitment ceremony, I wore my Puma sandals, maybe we've discussed this before.

ANYHOW! for now, I'd like to invite you to send me a photo of yourself for my No on 8 Quilt (pictured in the current post of the day, which right now is Reason #8). It's like an AIDS quilt but less depressing. Just take a photo of yourself with a sign that says "No on 8" and send it to me at Photobooth is the best way to do it. Or you can do what Haviland did -- pick up a random dog from the street and then galavant around Los Angeles photographing yourself with No on 8 Lawn Signs. She's so clever and spry, that Haviland.

Anyone who sends me a photo for the No on 8 Quilt and/or donates to 8 Against 8 and forwards me their confirmation email will be entered in a drawing to win fun prizes. I won't actually ship these prizes 'til after November 4th, 'cause honestly I've got a shit-ton of stuff to do before then, like move into a new apartment, find a subletter for our third bedroom and furnish the place ... while continuing to blog, recap, work three jobs, exercise and occasionally catch some shut-eye.

But I'm 99.9% sure the grand prize will be a copy of THE L WORD SEASON FIVE ON DVD -- it comes out on DVD October 28th and I'll be running some promotional contests for it here and on AutoStraddle and on TLW Online when I actually get the DVDs (it might not be 'til November, I'm really not sure), but I'm prematurely ejaculating one copy for this cause. 'Cause that's the kind of girl I am. Another prize will be a copy of Auto-Insomnia #1, our fabulous 'zine -- if you've already got it, then you can win Auto-Gear instead or a date with Haviland (pre-requisites include: smokin' hot, have your shit together, no crazies, live in L.A).

If you don't want any gay prizes, you should donate anyway, otherwise you will probs not get into Heaven. Highest level of tzedakah is giving w/o recognition. Just saying.

What are you waiting for??!!! Send me your photo, weirdo! I'll put it up w/in 24 hours of when you send it to me. Give me your name, a link if ya want it ... and you can cover your face if you want.

Also, please spread the word to any major media outlets or minor media outlets you know of. Download the press release here and check out the website. That badge up there -- feel free to repost it anywhere with a link to


Torrie said...

Thanks for posting this Riese! I live in Oregon but called CA voters tonight in a volunteer phone bank run by our local LGBT rights organization. There are phone banks in a lot of states, so volunteer if you can!
Hopefully you won't have people tell you that gays hate God and don't deserve marriage, like I did.

eric mathew said...

yes riese love you. obvs haviland makes anything look hot even a lawn sign.

emailed you my pic. im not so hot, the sign is though.

Anonymous said...

Please consider another perspective...

sage said...

Riese i'm so glad you are a part of we will automatically win! obvs

carlytron said...

oooo look! an anonymous person wants you to consider another perspective. you know, the hateful & ignorant one. that other perspective.

cookies said...

I don't even have enough respect for the anonymous person to honor him/her with a response.

The only NO on Prop 8 video I like is THIS one:

I will take a photo and send it to you in a jiffy :D

rod said...

Thanks Anonymous! Incidentally, my close personal friend Shane has made these brownies, which may or may not be gay. Care to try?
Loving the passion Riese.

Queers United said...

thanks so much for participating in this, best of luck,

autumn m said...

if i was in cali, i would vote no on 8. but since im not, i will make a sign and take a picture with it, to show my support. cause of course, thats how i roll.

Haviland Stillwell said...

proud of you, rieslette!

Polly said...

Thank you, sister, for directing your prodigious talents and your boundless energy toward this. Judging from the heart and soul you put into your every day life, I feel like the No on 8 campaign just got a big ole shot in the arm/arse.

Daily I watch a steamroller roll closer and closer to me, and it's driven by maniacal Mormons, mostly, with some Knights of Columbus dangling from the driver's cab. And there's an infinite amount of $$ pouring into it. Infinite.

If we can ignite enough of us, queer folk and our allies, to give up even one frickin' weekend's worth of fun, even, and direct that $$ to No on 8, we would tear the roof off the sucker, as Mr. George Clinton and Mr. Bootsy Collins would say.

And chiming in w/ cookies -- more No on 8 video compilations, can be had here at LT's No on 8 blog:

Photo to follow, for yer quilt.

Jen said...

Funny post. I love your sense of humor:)

Here in Arizona we're facing something similar and this weekend we launched a grassroots campaign around an idea similar to your quilt. I would love it if you'd come check us out, and love you even more if you'd be willing to mention and link to us on your blog.

Thanks lady!

Danielle said...

And if you're in Florida be sure to Vote No On 2!!

a;ex said...

You chose the worst photo of me -- that's the last time I give you a choice!
Speaking of choices, I think I'll donate some money so I can try to gain some rights up in this bitch.

Can't wait for the Top 8 ;)

Also, go Carly.

stef said...

i went to the yes on 8 site and watched a video and kinda wanted to puke. i like weddings, ellen and portia had a vegan cake and they usually have an open bar. why limit myself to just straight weddings? gay weddings probs have better music.

if i have any moneys, i'll try to donate some. my bank account is in limbo.

Mercury said...

What gets me is that I really don't understand the other POV. I mean usually I can at least relate on a sort of vague abstract way but I honestly truly don't understand how anyone thinks it hurts THEM if someone ELSE gets married. Like, WTF? Why do you care? Mind your own business, we mind ours! We just want equal rights. As if their sacred institution wasn't really effed over anyway. Personally, about marriage, I don't want to anyway, but I really want the legal right.

I'm going to be a Republican for Halloween, I think. I hope I offend everyone.

Danielle said...

ps, you're on afterellen, that's so cool :)

A. said...

Ooooh an actual press release.

I'll try to get in a couple newscasts this week.

riese said...

HELLLOOOO INTERNET! I'm coping with the stress in my life right now the only way I know how -- alcohol. Let's begin.

torrie: I wish I lived in Oregon, because I live the mountains. I would volunteer, but I don't think I could sell someone a Carribean vacation on the phone, I am really bad on the phone. I mean it. For the record, I love G-d. Ani ahavah adonai, amen.

eric mathew: I know right? She really makes that dog look hot, too.

anonymous: Okay, done and done. I saw your website, I watched your video. Y'all are wrong. I'll be telling you why, exactly, over the next 8 days.

sage: You know what i always say, you lose some, you auto win some. For example proposition 8.

carlytron: But I love how it's cloaked in disclaimers ... "there's nothing WRONG with gay people, obvs ... we just don't want them to have civil rights. Look, we made a cartoon!"

cookies: I just want you to know that I love kermit, and I LOL'ed on the subway when I saw your picture.

rod: I want those brownies. LET'S DANCE!

queers united: Hey no probs. If you're here, you're queer, let's dance!

autumn: i have a feeling if Prop 8 was in Kansas, it wouldn't pass. You're still my favorite new demcorat.

haviland stillwell: See, and I've had this funny feeling you could be doing a lot more with your life. What are you doing? Stop slacking! Ever since I've met you it's been like, what is haviland doing with herl ife? Nothing. I want to be proud of you, like I am proud of gay people, and how you are proud of me. wtf. This friendship is one sided. JK! I love you! I wish I was no on proposition 8, then I could afford a plane ticket to california.

polly: hey-yah! omg, you said so many nice things to me, i love you, also i love the word boundless! I don't understand where all these Morman steamrollers get their $$ from, is that what I'd have in the bank if I didn't drink or shoot heroin? Probs. JK about the heroin. I love all the videos. I want to have time to make one, we'll see how the week goes ... wheee!! Boundless energy! See just by saying that you give that to me.

I never have fun on the weekends, and I always belive that donating is better. I know a lot of people who've lost money in investments this week. I didn't lose anything 'cause whenever i have extra $$ I give it to causes, in case I die tomorrow.

And look everyone, I'm happy, give your money to the queers. It's a really big deal. I agree with you. Holler. Looking forward to the photo.

Also I think you wrote the only gramatically correct comment on this post.

jen: I will mention you and link to you. I can't wait to see what your icon looks like when it's bigger than icon size.

danielle: WORD! And go to space mountain, it's the best!

a;ex: That's the last time you give me a choice indeed. I'm pro-life anyway. I know we're already facebook married, so it's not a big deal for us, but I think you look really cute in all your photos, just FYI.

stef: I've been to an equal number of gay and straight weddings I think actually. My Mom played Shania Twain at her wedding, just saying, but i feel like the gay weddings in the metro NYC area will be way hotter. I just want this to be one step closer to Tegan and Sara getting married, 'cause before long incest will be legal too you know?

mercury: Me too! I mean I really tried too. I watched their movies. And I thought, "you are wrong." I mean I've even tried to understand a lot of the crazy shit Republicans say all my life, I've even had republican ex-boyfriends, but I don't get this shit. I mean I almost get the people who judge just 'cause they can ... but not the people who actively campaign against it. Like I maybe get the person who steps in the ballot and is like "oh hm, man & woman, that sounds better, whatevs," but anyone who like KNOWS the sides, and choosees the wrong one? I'm rambling. Drunk is still the best way to be I hear.

danielle: I've been more or less prostrating myself at their feet for years and I am constantly rebuffed. So basically today was the best day of my life, unfortunately I was out in the world and therefore totally unable to bask in the internet glory.

a. Omg! I love the news!!!!! Let me know if you want an interview, I'll talk and Hav can lip sync 'cause she's pretty.

stef said...

was it 'man! i feel like a woman'?? cos that song is fucking hot, not gonna lie.

riese said...

Actually now I'm thinking it maybe was someone else. It was that song that kept going "breathe" or whatever. I think. Faith Hill? I get them confused, all these girls with the flowy hair and the husbands and the country and the wheatfields. Or I could be remembering it incorrectly, I remember my Mom being like, okay, cut the music, it's been going on long enough.

stef said...

i mean, that's what i'd play at MY gay wedding, just sayin. line dancing and all. i'm never getting married ever though, so i vote no on proposition everything.

Joni.T said...

Great idea! Best wishes from lesbian activists from Germany!

Congratulations, what a wonderful idea!
Networking publicly makes us perfectly wonderful visible!
We European lesbians will hopefully come to learn about such cooperation.

Information about the campaign is provided both on my blog L-talk, and on my partner's, Konny's, site, Germany's most popular lesbian portal in order to spread information as far as possible.

All over the world the "NO ON 8" activism is being recognized by a lot of people, particularly by those who share your aims whole-heartedly. We, too, welcome your work directed towards lesbian political empowerment and more peaceful visibility for lesbians in our everyday lives.
We hope you will win the voting!

If there's anything you'd wish us to do to support 8against8, please let us know.