Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Top Ten: Twenty Six Years of Auto-Mechanics/Living

"Do you actually want to do nothing for your birthday, or do you just think that's clever?"
-Carly, re: my birthday wishes

Apparently, I turn 26 today. Perhaps Facebook, MySpace or Haviland told you about this. I'm being a weirdo about it this year; it's highly uncharacteristic. I mean, I write a blog, so clearly I enjoy heaps of unjustified attention lavished upon me at all times, and consequently I've always enjoyed birthday parties -- though, falling as they do in mid-September [prime-time for "life-changing events" such as starting new schools, living situations, jobs, various phases of self-destructive behavior], my birthday celebrations often attract a haphazard assortment of celebrants AND I'm often blessed by having my birthday coincide with Yom Kippur. In the past, when I was a better Jew, this meant I spent the day in temple starving and atoning for my sins when I should've been eating ice cream cake.

I've always been that girl who writes her birthday in your planner in marker with circles and stars. But this year ... it just seems kinda overwhelming -- I mean, it's awesome for people to call me and mail/send me things, OBVS . But the idea of having some sort of live in-person celebration is too much for me to handle ... feels inappropriate, feels like a lie ... I've mos defo become a Totes Weirdo, Solid Hermit, or The Bell Jar. Or I'm just going through a Phase. Or, as my therapist suggested, becoming agoraphobic like Emily Dickinson, my hero. I just wanna be alone. Like, maybe go somewhere and write my book or something.

See the thing is I'm supposed to be writing this book. And I've sort of let it fall to the wayside because it became a relatively significant aspect of my relationship and I needed to step back from it right afterwards, and now "right afterwards" is over, and I still haven't opened a single doc in the "Some of my Parts" folder (holla, Jenny Schecter!) since erum, June. And my agent is going to slaughter me with a machete.

OK are you ready for my thesis statement? Yeah you are! "This post attempts to do two things; one, reignite the author's interest in her own boring life and consequently fuel the fire of her "book," two, explore the 26 birthdays before this birthday in an effort to understand how we got here. Three, provide an easy reference point/timeline for readers to understand the ridic tangents that the author tends to go off on, often."

That's a trick thesis statement, because just "exploring" something is totes not enough, FYIez. You need more than that. But luckily this is my blog so I can do whatever I want. Even rehash my entire life via birthday celebrations, much to your total amusement I'm sure. I actually have my entire life journaled, which is useful for the book. But I can't find all the journals right now and I think some of them are still in Michigan. So I'm working with limited tools here.


Birth: 1981. Fetus, Illinois- I think I spent the day crying, probs. Good start.

One: Baybay, Illinois- Again, no memory of this. Probs: cried, ate something pureed like smashed up apricots or applesauce, was likely dressed up in a wig and/or ridiculous party hat by my father and then subjected to multiple photographs.

Two: Baybay, Michigan-I'd imagine somewhat similar to "one," but perhaps by then we had acquired Wig #2, The Blonde Wig, to compliment Wig #1, the black-curly-haired wig, offering additional sources of baby dress-up amusement.

Three: Baybay, Michigan- By this point, I was eating solid foods, right? I don't even know what three-year-olds look like. I hope when I have my own kids, they can give me a heads-up about these things so I don't have to look it up myself. "Mom, totes ready for solid food now, rock."

Four: Toddler, Michigan- Defo eating solid foods and reading. Also my brother was alive and probs still eating smushed-up foods.

Five: Eberwhite School, Michigan- I turned five in kindergarten 'cause I started when I was four. So I could read pretty much anything. That's all I got. Perhaps I received some books. To read.

Six: Eberwhite School, Michigan
I GOT THIS ONE. I had a party, wore a cute Margot Tennenbaum dress I'd totes wear right now if I still owned it, had a similar haircut to my present haircut, and participated in activities including bobbing for apples, making Mr. Potato Heads, and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. At some point I acquired a necklace made out of organic Froot Loops. Looks like a hot party, honestly. Now that I know my Mom was stoned for most of my childhood, I can see these memories in an even brighter and more beautiful light, like she was probs like "Oh man ... lets have the kids BOB for APPLES!" and my Dad was like "DUDEEEE."

Seven: Eberwhite School, Michigan-Urm. I think this may've been when I got the Bangles cassette, 'Walk like an Egyptian'? Went to Bill Knapps maybe?

Eight: Emerson School, Michigan- THIS IS THE YEAR I GOT THE SAMANTHA DOLL!!!!!

Nine: Thoreau School, Concord, Massachusetts- Probs went to Walden Pond or something. I got Paula Abdul's "Shut Up and Dance" cassette, that was exciting. I probs didn't have very many friends yet.

Ten: Emerson School, Michigan- We went to Flint for the weekend. Seriously, Flint. Like, Roger & Me Flint. My three best friends and I; stayed in a hotel and went to a restaurant with a big buffet, because I fucking LOVED BUFFETS, and then museums the next day because I LOVED MUSEUMS and we got astronaut ice cream, it melted in our mouths.

Eleven: Emerson School, Michigan
Activities cited in my diary as occurring for birthday-related festivities include: Champion House ("It's a Japanese steakhouse, they cook the food right in front of you. I got shrimp."), a scavenger hunt, a round or two of Tabloid Teasers, and pizza. Gifts received include "letter-writing stuff" and trolls.

Twelve: Emerson School, Michigan
My Dad had just moved out, so we were doing that thing where we pretend like things are still normal. I remember a sleepover, and that we cried all night; my friends and I. That was the beginning of our sick habit -- other girls were cutting or drinking, we were crying. It was a relief, I guess. It was something. You know, Kurt Cobain, etc.

Thirteen: Emerson School, Michigan

I'd just had my Bat Mitzvah so the b-day party itself was low-key. In the photos I'm wearing overalls, we're eating chocolate cake with our hands, there's green frosting. I feel like we went to Major Magics. God, I fucking LOVED THOSE OVERALLS.

Fourteen: Pioneer High School, MI- Before the advent of competition-style product tie-in reality television programs, it was still possible for someone to totally rock your socks simply by having a limousine parked outside your house on your birthday. Now we know that scene ("Oh my God! A PRIUS!"), but then it was perfect, and lovely, I was 14, my Dad told me my b-day was a surprise but wouldn't give details, I couldn't guess, it drove me crazy.

My diary: "Daddy gave me the best birthday party ever. He rented a limousine and me and my friends rode around for a while and went on a scavenger hunt. Everyone wanted to get in."

He took photos. But when he died about seven weeks later they hadn't been developed yet, and we never figured out what happened to that film, like so many things we never found after that.

Fifteen: Community High School, MI
We went to Cedar Point, ROLLER COASTER CAPITAL of the Midwest. Holla!!! Nice velour shirt, Riese. Thanks. This was the age where having a party wasn't cool anymore if there were no drugs or likker at it, so birthdays became more intimate or dinner-oriented affairs. You know?


Sixteen: Interlochen/boarding school- Diary, 9/23/97: "Today was my b-day. At first it was kinda sad, but things picked up. Ryan switched into 8th hour, which rocks. Then, when I got back to my dorm, I had all these packages, including one from Magali & Becky. I got so much FOOD yum! Then me and this girl Carly went and filmed stuff, that was kewl. She just got a new camera. Then I got to talk to my friends on the phone. Ryan is having an emotional crisis."


Seventeen: Interlochen/boarding school- Ryan was my best friend--my "soulmate"-- my everything. He'd just started college, I was starting my senior year at Interlochen. On the 22nd, I told Ryan about John and then Ryan yelled, I cried. He said scathing fatal things to me, stuff I never expected, but I guess I didn't really understand, yet, what he was going through.

The next day--my birthday--I couldn't make it out of bed or to class and my friends took turns visiting me on their off-hours. "There's no way Ryan can live without you," Krista assured me. No one believed that Ryan was honestly going to cut me out, but he did, for six weeks. It was like having my heart removed.

My friends dragged me to the cafeteria that night--the tables were covered in construction paper, a gigantic birthday card for me, and they blared Puff Daddy on Sheetal's boom box and sang to me until it was confiscated. Everyone was so sweet and so patient. The next day John asked me to be his girlfriend. I had to say yes -- I'd just lost Ryan over him, after all -- and I did. We were together all year.

Eighteen: Sarah Lawrence & NYC/living in Bronxville a house-dorm-thing, they're hippies, whatever

Everyone gave me cookies and cakes. Girls I'd just met made me sweet cards, I wrote in my diary: "I can't believe they love me so much. Why?" Ryan showered me with gifts, as was his way, including the stuffed dog named after him that I still sleep with, and took me to Chez Es Saada in the East Village; it's underground, the descending stairwell's littered with rose petals. Afterwards, we met up w/Meg at Madame X, and got served.

Then that weekend I hosted an 18th Birthday Cocktail Party. I needed all my high school friends in the same room. We mailed invitations -- remember that? When you actually had to MAIL invitations? Formal dress required. Since all of us, including our bartender, were underage and living in dorms, I got a hotel suite on the Upper West for the night using my savings from working that summer. Everyone came. It was perfect, except we wanted McFlurries at like, one a.m., and they'd turned off the machine already for some lame reason.

Nineteen: U of Michigan/living in the dorms
Group dinner at Seva -- vegetarian place -- my typical mishmash assortment of residential college kids, future sorority girls, and hall-mates. September birthdays are a good test at a new school of who's interested in your life, as in; being a part of it. And later: how lucky that Becky, who I barely knew then but ended up being my best friend, had come along. Samara got me a Super-Soaker 3000. Later, in the dorms, Jessie and I tried to open a cheap bottle of wine without a corkscrew and it exploded everywhere, crazy big eruption like champagne; Chianti all over her fresh white walls, like someone'd been killed and it'd been violent. She didn't wash it off for weeks.


Twenty: U of Michigan/living with friends- Fancy-pants brunch with my Mom and brother, Colliders [frozen yogurt & candy smash up delight] w/my boys. Mejiers [it's like Wal Mart] with Natalie: we stole handfuls of bulk candy and I listened to voice mails and waited for this boy to call. Eventually, he did, and we went out. I can't tell you what we did, it's too embarassing.
Diary, 9.24.01:
a) My life is fun and games.
b) My life is in shambles.
Reading tonight, gym tonight, birthday, homework, sex blah blah blah. Meanwhile, America is declaring war and people are buried in rubble in New York. Fuckin' A. I do no work. I sicken myself.

Twenty-One: U of Michigan/living with boyfriend off-campus- I'll tell you how it ended; dark blue-ish light, CT & I's bedroom. Screaming, crying. "I'm leaving!" I wasn't nearly drunk enough for my 21st, but my mind was everywhere and therefore crazy -- it was with Another Boy I'd Just Met, it was with my friends who loved me, it was with my mother, it was with myself, and I'd lost myself by this point, so that was a really far-away place for my mind to be.

My Mom wanted to buy me my first drink [ha!], so I met her at The Earle. In the dark reddish light, she told me more about her divorce than I'd ever been privy to before ... how there comes a time ... and CT, as if on cue, called cranky for directions to the restaurant we were meeting up w/my friends at.

I gave him just-barely-incorrect directions to Champion House; he used this as an excuse to show up in a rotten mood, pout all through dinner and refuse to speak to my friends: Natalie, Becky, Jessie, Bobby, Lauren. Also he'd done bad on a test or something, I don't remember. He clearly wasn't good at sucking it up.

We tried to let conversation fly around him. He responded to my friends' inquires about his state of being with "I've been better." His justification: "You know not getting directions right is my pet peeve." Which isn't even the correct usage of "pet peeve" and literally I was one block off, he coulda seen the place from where I'd accidentally led him. It's not like, the Labyrinth. It's Ann Arbor.

On our way to the car after dinner, he started in bitching about how he couldn't talk to my friends because they went to Michigan and he went to Eastern, he was poor and they were rich. I'd never thought before then that money mattered so much. I said maybe if he'd talked to my friends, he would've known that in fact they were not rich. I wondered how he could know anything about them when he never listened to me, and, after nearly a year of us dating, still hadn't read a single piece of my writing.

We went to his frat house and once we got there, I ditched him to hang out with boys who were nice to me. Then we got home and yelled at each other and I told him I would leave him. He said I was too drunk to drive.

He said we're so different, my friends and him.

I said, How's this for different? Let's sleep in different beds. Live in different apartments. Let me leave. Let me leave you. But he wouldn't. And we went on. I wanted to love him, was used to him -- was dying, was dead. Four months later, I ran after my life.


Twenty-Two: U of Michigan/living with friends including Natalie

The night before, SD begged to see me though I'd refused: "I don't want you to ruin my birthday." He promised he wouldn't, just needed to deliver a letter. He did. I thought it meant he had feelings that he wanted to do something about so I was hopeful (but actually it was just that he had feelings).The next morning, I wrote in my diary: "There's this dream I keep having about SD where he comes to me and tells me everything -- how much he loves me, how much I mean to him, that he knows that he did an undefendable thing and that he's sorry and he knows he doesn't deserve my apology." [NAME THAT TELEVISION SHOW REFERENCE!!]

My Mom came over in the afternoon with presents, told me "Marie, sometimes you've gotta just know when to cut your losses." Dinner @ The Macaroni Grill (my place of employment), where they'd ripped out the USA Today Crossword puzzle and put it on my chair, and we all got drunk and ate heaping plates of gooey pasta. I felt very blessed to have all these wonderful people in my life when I felt I'd neglected them so recently to chase this true mean love.


Twenty-Three: New York City/living with Krista in Sparlem- JH told me he was Really Good at Birthdays. I obvs did not believe him, but he was totes right. He took me, Krista and Ingrid to dinner at Atlantic Grill, got me a Tiffany's bracelet 'cause I'd joked to him that a Tiffany's bracelet is "Every Jewish girl's dream." "Rent" tickets, books -- dreamboat. Obvs on his birthday I had to do even better: a weekend in D.C., tickets to see Steve Nash play there, a hotel. That weekend was almost foiled when they refused to rent me a car because of my "moving violations" and him "not having a drivers license" but then we found a FLIGHT that was super-cheap and fast, and that's when JH said one of my most favorite things he ever said:

I'd dropped a "fuck" in my language and he goes: "Marie, do not use foul language in the Regan International Airport." Like how some people would shush you in church? Because Regan was his favorite president!! Can you believe it?


Twenty-Four: New York City/living with Krista in Sparlem- The end of the summer of my sweet romance with drugs and general trashwhoriness. Everything felt unstable then, everything, except the brief momentary but overwhelming sensation of that particular inhalation, that particular hand darting into the darkness and underneath. Of girls, and what I took to handle that. Ryan emailed me that day after months of non-communication. I worked; I believe there was a cake and some ceremony of sorts at the lit agency. Krista and I went to Cafe Mozart and shared everything, ate sweet food and talked about Who I Was Before Ryan, and who I Was With Ryan -- how crazy it is, how far we'd come since then, how long since I last saw him. For a moment the room was blurry as I almost cried, stabbed my salad. How far we'd come since then?


Twenty-Five: New York City/living on 106th
To: All my friends
From: Haviland Stillwell

Subject: And at the end of the day she'll be another day older ....

And that hot barely-there shirt on her back won't be keepin' out the HEAT...(10 points to whoever gets that reference)


which means.....

we are going to a girl on girl establishment and riese has one task and one task only!! --


Of course, I'll be piggy backing off of the cause, when I feel it's warranted...

If you are available and up to having mind blowing amounts of ass-kicking fun, email me back and i'll coordinate the details.
I won't subject you to another recap. But if you so desire, I obvs blogged about it.

So -- the theme of this -- no matter who I am or where I am or what's going on or how I feel I've failed or exceeded expectations, I've been consistently blessed with generous and kind friends who always rally together to celebrate that somehow I've managed to defy death for one additional year.

I can tell you about the birthday parties of all my friends from those missing years but not my own. Because I suppose it was theirs I really anticipated, because it was a chance to direct my focus onto someone other than myself, because "myself" didn't seem to be a very productive place to focus.

One day, I will grow old. Until then, there are stars to ride, invitations to consider. Today, I guess, I'm 26. That's how old my Mom was at my 2nd birthday. Crazy, right? Crazy.

Tomorrow I'm going to go for some long strategic walks. I have a lot of thinking to do.

When I feel like this/When I get so into myself
And lose track of where I'm going
and then lose track of how to get going again
feel myself slowing down/feel myself turning round
is this taken/when I feel like this
I get so sick/Tell myself, where are you going now
-Tegan and Sara

On the topic of having short hair that I play with all the time now--

Carly: You're like, worse than me.
Me: Hey what if I did like, 26 hairstyles for my 26th birthday? For my blog?
Carly: That would be AMAZING.

Right now I'm eating Chocolate Covered bananas from an Edible Creations Bouquet -o- Birthday Magic, so I can't really complain.


flynn said...

Happy birthday, yo. It's good to see that you have at least vague recollections of what you've done for the past X years. Because I honestly can't remember a damn thing except that I think I spent a lot of time watching the Super Bowl. Enjoy your walks.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

I too love buffets! So much so that I hit the all-u-can-eat Ponderosa Steakhouse to celebrate the end of my Jew-imposed day of starvation. It was glorious. Also, I impressed the people I went with. Really, that is a feeling I enjoy like no other. Because of this, I have often debated attempting to qualify for the Nathan's contest. I am certain I would hit double digits, with a max in my head of 15. However, my game day performance might well surprise us all.

Thirdly, I was totes sober while typing this. Totes. Totally totes. For the record. Smooches.

Lozo said...

happy birfday, kiddo. i can't wait to eventually see you in person so i can compliment you on your hair. and shoulder.

Razia said...

I reallly liked this post. I understand where you're at because it's how I feel at every single one of my birthdays, I hate the attention. When they dimmed the lights at the restaurant on my 21st I clutched my friend's arm and begged her to be me but it was too late by then coz the damn waiting staff already knew it was me.

Happy Birthday, hope you have a ball no matter what you do.

dewey said...

Happy Birthday!!

Ollie said...

Joyeux anniversaire Riese! Je t'embrasse et te souhaite une année merveilleuse et parfaite. Bonne chance!

Every wish comes true if you say it in french, baby, remember this!

goneundercover said...

can't believe ive known you YEARS! happy birthday. the reading was great!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday!

BTW, I feel like there is some sort of connection between us now, because you went to school in Concord, which is only 30 minutes from where I spent the first 18 years of my life.

haviland said...

Happy Bday, obvs.

Remember Susan Powter. :)

stef said...

i already wished you happy birthday but heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy birthday! this was hilarious (i'm still stuck on your parents planning your party stoned - "WAIT WHERE'S THE CAKE?" "dude, wait - WHAT?"). and also i will teach you how to secretly have a mohawk for your 26 haircuts blog.

all your ads today are for things like trapeze party!!! and pinatas!!! and not men wearing panties. it is a refreshing change.

The Spaz said...

Hope you had a happy birthday lady! :)

MoonKiller said...

Happy birthday (y).

I hate birthdays. I'm always the one remembering peoples birthdays but no one remember mine. And my adorable parents are going away for my 16th this year so it'll most probably suck as usual.

cait said...

is the tv reference my so called life? i think it might be, but maybe not..

anyways, happy birthday!!

dewey said...

Now that I've read this properly and got past the part about it being your birthday today, I have a question.

Your 25th sounded like fun, so I read the blog about it but am still unsure, did you manage 25 kisses for your 25th?? If so that’s awesome and a birthday mission I think I may have to steal.

Happy Birthday!! Hope it rocked!

Nic said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope its fun no matter what you do!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday!

Great use of trashwhoriness. The Reagan thing made me laugh out loud.

Guls said...

Happy birthday riese, hope you have/had a good one even if you dont want to :))

m said...

i loved this post!! i'm totes all about the year references and this birthday one was quite amazing. i loled a lot, as always. feliz cumpleanos!

Latane_Blu said...

Happy Birthday! Reise

lain said...

My mother swore she would stop flying out of Washington National when they renamed it Reagan National. Kind of a big thing, since we're from DC. I think she's forgotten about her proclamation by now, but it's still taboo to use anything but "National" in our house to this day.

lain said...

Oh, and of course, Happy freaking Birthday. They will contiue to rally around you, I expect and predict.

carlytron said...

I was computerless all weekend, mostly, so I am now able to read this and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the interweb. Where are the 26 hairstyles? I will help if you want, I bought Jonathan's Dirt. You know. Jonathan Antin. Oh yeah!

riese said...

Thanks guys! Haviland said I've got the best "fans" ever, besides Dolly Parton. So yeah! I'm 26! HOLLA! Thank you for all your sharing and wishes of good cheer. None of you will get coal in your stockings this year. None of you! A few quickies--
-cait: yes. angela's dream, later echoed by jordan's letter -- which is brian's letter, etc.
-lozo: nice shoulder.
-goneundercover: I know right? Like ... when I met you, I was 22. That's fuckin' crazy.
-dewey: 21. Only 4 of which I had also kissed prior to my birthday. So many girls were like "oh, I'm here with my girlfriend," and Haviland and I were like "um, so?" but they were like "whatevs."

dewey said...

21! What a let down, I hope there was some kind of forfeit for not completing your task, like..... I actually have no idea what because obviously I’m joking. 21 is still quite impressive and a lot more kisses than I’ve ever had/am likely to have in one night, for a start I'm way to shy when it comes to random people I don’t know.

And those girls were obviously totally stupid to turn down a kiss just because they were with there girlfriend! You should of told them that your going to be famous worldwide one day, then they'd wish they hadn't said no!

cait said...

yesss. i kinda feel like i should automatically win something

The Brooklyn Boy said...

It's dope to know that one's friends care enough to do the birthday thing for you. I was totally ready to pass this year, but people demanded I celebrate. I am a social pushover due to my predilection for the drinking and a good round of beer pong, thusly the magic happened.

Also, by September of his 24th year, my dad had proposed to my mother after six weeks of dating. This scares the hell out of me.

Bren said...

Happy belated birthday!

Rhee said...

Happy belated birthday Marie!

Theres no way on earth that I could remember all of my past birthdays, only one that comes to mind is a very drunken one...I remember more of the day after - very hungover!

Anyways, I hope you had a great day!
Rhee :)

Stephanie said...

happy birthday! this year was the first birthday is recent years where i didn't end up a suicidal crying mess on the floor. i took that for a small victory :)

I still get confused when people tell me they're flying in/out of Reagan. I'm all "uh, there's a new airport?" It was National before they named it after a president just because he went and died! Anyone can do THAT.

rk said...

happy birthday riese, may the bell jar lift!

Ryan said...

How long did it take you to write this?

goneundercover said...

you've got a present coming to you!

riese said...

Thanks kids! The cashier at Duane Reade just wished me a happy belated birthday too, so we're onto something. And basically I celebrated today w/hpsdiva.

-cait: Hm. I have a VHS of an MTV My So-Called Life marathon that I taped of the teevee in the mid-90s. Whaddya say? OR a vintage Seventeen magazine cover featuring Claire Danes in a hot pink corduroy jacket? A signed copy of my essay 'Why Shane is the New Jordan Catalano'?
-Ryan: 26 years.
-gu: yipeeee! I wanna blog about the reading but I'm waiting for pictures and, if it's good, video ... waa

Abby said...

Happy Birthday Riese, just a little older, but I think maybe a lot wiser. You have really earned a drink this year.
It was my gf's birthday on Friday and mine this Friday, I gotta a G-d awful stomach bug for my birthday which was just awesome. The first year my gf and I were together we spent way too much money on each other. This year we have no money but maybe that's a good thing...I generally don't enjoy birthdays because often it's a time for people to show me how well they don't know me (sounds ungrateful I know), but honestly, if you really knew me AT ALL you wouldn't give me the biography of Steven Spielberg! But I think I'm starting to get over that since the friends I have now are the ones that have stuck around for the long haul.
On a side note, we watched Napoleon Dynamite the other night mainly because I feel it's my duty to be informed. Vicky hated it at first, but now she keeps cracking herself by trying to imitate Napoleon.

Michelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday Riese! I really like birthdays! So I hope you felt special on yours. Mine is in exactly 1 month and 2 days and I kinda want to steal your idea and kiss 19 girls on my night. that okay with you? Ha. If you can please send me the rules to our internet relationship before October 26th it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Oo Lynnie oO said...

sorry im late! please do forgive me...

HAPPY BDAY! i really hope you enjoyed it...i love birthdays, i think they are fab. so whatever you wanted to do i hope you got to do it and had fun! yup yup :)

(my word veri = efran...which makes me think of efron....zac efron) ?!

kate said...

i feel like i’ve come to the party a little late, but – happy, happy birthday!

chocolate covered bananas - are they like the one’s from the banana stand? I thought they were made up…

AK said...

Happy Birthday all week. I was still three years out from my life's work when I was 26. Best of luck excavating the book from recent history. We need this book.

riese said...

Thanks kids, for all wishes belated and otherwise.
abby: I know right? I need like, 10 drinks asap. I like gifts people make most of all.
lynnie: thanksss!
kate: chocolate covered bananas are very real and very delicious.
michelle: You have my blessing. I have faith that our relationship is very strong, strong enough to withstand 20 fleeting pleasures.
ak: I'm tryin' ... ::breathes:: ... I actually started back into it today. Baby steps, I think?
oh and also b2 I wanted to say that I effin' love Ponderosa. They shut ours down, health code bla bla bla, and replaced it with a Boston Chicken or something. Back in Michigan.

Book Cannibal said...

Ah, I'm sorry for the belated birthday wishes - but Happy Birthday! I hope it was wonderful, though I'm not sure anything could top your 6th b-day party, which looked AWESOME.

Mercury said...

happy birthday belatedly obviously sorry that I suck so much and am only now commenting. you've had so many more birthdays than I've had. Also you started journaling when you were 11. that's remarkable.
I have not much else to say because it's late & I need to sleep. I'll catch up on the rest of your blog... some other day.