Friday, September 07, 2007

Bring it Up, and Bring it In, And We'll Get You Fixed Up in No Time

i. And The Closet's Been Shaking With Bones

So I wrote this post here, then removed it 'cause I thought it was sort of whiny. I stated, re: my intention to write a new one: "If the old post was a petulant screaming child on a streetcorner, dripping popsicle onto his or her terrycloth separates, then the new post will be that same child the next morning in a cooler outfit not spilling anything. Perhaps this child'll be eating something more user-friendly, like a little cup of Tasti-D." There's a lot of problems with that analogy, clearly. Like that it's not true.

Yesterday was an amazing morning and I'm hoping that there'll be many more mornings just like it in the future, and then I'll just post pictures of sunshine and ice cream, like Cute Overload. Ha, just kidding, you can't take pictures of sunshine.

Also, Lozo and I are going to consolidate our blogs into one blog. What do you think? We're pretty much the same person, except different. I'm gonna learn the rules of football. Gmail Adsense might freak out over this idea: "L Word Ringtones! Yankees tickets! Get Over Your Ex! Hookers! COFFEE EXPOSED! Get bigger muscles! Meet lesbians!"

JK. (Kinda)

[Due to my erasure of the previous post, not to be confused with the band "Erasure," some comments might not make sense right now. It's mysterious, like Unsolved Mysteries, one of the best teevee programs of all time. Have you ever drank Sugar-Free Red Bull? I'm drinking some right now. It tastes like liquid hellfire.]

ii. You're Still In My Blood:

First graf, old blog: I would undertake a number of death-defying life-threatening actions right now in exchange for a back massage. I'd even undertake a girlfriend for that purpose. I've taken like, eight Bayer Back & Body Pain, and my back is still in pain. Why? I don't know. Something that happened during the half-minute/5.5 hours I was actually comatose last night.

[South of Nowhere Recap Here]

iii. Time, You've Got Me Running

This Friday night felt like college; strung out and fading then coming back strong then losing it then wondering if we had anything left in us and then going over it and then coasting and then crashing, leaving pages of accomplishment and emptied Red Bull cans in our wake. But we've targeted the ways in which it's unlike college, and the main one is that we're not going for a grade. Everything now is pass/fail ... you either get the job or you don't, you publish the article or you don't ... and this week is turning out to be one of the most challenging in terms of hours-to-work ratio that I've had in a long time.

I often wished I could grade query letters at the lit agency: "You're a great writer, this just won't sell, B+!" instead of giving out 1,000 rejection letters, 3 "let's take a look at the first 50 pages and then reject you" letters and one "send the whole thing, this might actually be awesome" letters.

My room is in an absolute state and I'm running out of cute underwear. Luckily, my not-cute underwear is still cuter than most people's underwear. My starred emails (star=Reply!) are sinking into Page 2 of my inbox, a.k.a. the no-reply zone. I don't think I've communicated with an extended family member in like, months. Apparently my cousin's given birth, and my other cousin's wife is about to give birth. Who knew? Probs most people but not me.

iv. Cute Overload

Wednesday!! We filmed some stuff for a thing that might lead to some better stuff. Look:

Converting To Digital

Let me feel your heart beat

You say potato, I say potato

High Kick

Just try it on!

Key Gripper

OMG Are We Really Doing This?
Let's do this every day, forever and ever,
except let's not wake up at 6 A.M the next time.

Hi Mom!


v. The Thunder and the Laughter

Back on the roof. Last week, Carly and I, seeking new perspective, held a meeting up here: as soon as we got up here, though, I realised I'd let the door close behind us [not the first time I've locked myself on the roof, obvs]. I wanted to crawl down that death-space between the buildings and try kicking in our bathroom window but Carly said she'd freak out if I did that, so I settled to climb the fire escape down to our kitchen window and remove the screen door and crawl in like a SWAT team. I felt slightly like MacGyver but also just slightly like a babysitter who'd just locked the kids out of the house, which I think I've mentioned I did once. Oddly enough, babysitting was one of the jobs I was best at of the myriad of occupations I've attempted over the years. I have a lot in common with toddlers.

Anyhow so last week, near the end of our totes productive re-evaluation of direction meeting, this guy came up to the roof wearing a Wal-Mart style vest and he talked to us for about 15 minutes about why we shouldn't walk around on the roof. Something about the rain and how we'd fall through and die. We couldn't understand a word he said, his English was pretty bad, so mostly we concentrated on not looking at each other, lest we start cracking up, which would indicate right away that we didn't really intend to take his advice. I like to live on the edge, obvs. OF THE ROOF! JK. Remember this?:

Speaking of not sleeping: I slept for EIGHT HOURS LAST NIGHT. EIGHT!! (!!!)

Now I'm going to summarize my old post for you, which's good practice for me, 'cause I'm supposed to be summarizing our pilot right now. I have troubles with brevity [surprise!].

The post that was here before covered the following areas:

1. My inexplicable back pain, for which I tried a few remedies, including a pill identified as Robaxin (left over from when I slipped on the ice in 2003 and tried to go to work anyhow but I was bleeding through my shirt and couldn't walk, so my manager was like "Urm, go home weirdo,"), about ten Advil, marajuana, some Bayer, spaghetti, moaning, more moaning, and additional moaning. I mentioned that I'd like some Percocet, which I've never taken but I imagine must be good because it's addictive, and then Zoey (my roommate) came to my room with a Vicodin, which I'm still saving because I think the back pain is returning right now as I sit here on the roof.

2. Things that I don't do when time's tight, including returning/placing phone calls, laundry, socialising, MySpace, going to therapy and sleeping.

3. Things I still do when time's tight, which include going to the gym (didn't go today though!), eating too much food, emailing Crystal, and writing my blog.

4. I not-preached to the not-choir, which I acknowledged I do often, as Mr.Duane Reade, G.W Bush and Ilene Chaiken also do not read my blog, yet I continue to call out to them like a ghost in the night who is screaming a lot.

Sometimes, when I've been out of touch for too long, my close friends protest reading my blog on the grounds that it's not a substitute for speaking to me. I then explained why I think that's retarded, in summary:
4a. If you read it, that's less backstory I've gotta provide when we finally do talk, thus increasing the amount of you-time. 'Cause I love you and want to know about you, obvs.
4b. It stresses me out to talk to The Protesters, because I get overwhelmed thinking about all the stuff I've gotta go over that I've already discussed at far too much length already right here. There's plenty of private stuff left over to talk about, obvs, this is just a good starter.
4c. It's my writing, it's a big part of my life, and it matters to me, so I find it kinda hurtful when you don't. (I didn't actually say that, but it was implied by my caustic and abrasive sarcasm.) Maybe it does feel weird to be an intimate friend of mine and read something accessible by people that don't know me like you do, but even though it's called a "blog," I spend time on it, and it matters to me.

From SIX FEET UNDER, the best show ever to be on the TeeVee:

Nate: Why do you treat me like shit all the time?
Because I had a really fucked up life, and I use sarcasm to hide how ridiculously vulnerable I really am, okay? C'mon, Jesus, you know that.

vi. We'll Get You Fixed Up in No Time

I'm sure you're all on the edge of your proverbial seats regarding my back pain. Soooo ... last night I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill, which was bad idea Numero Uno. In my defense, I needed a brainstorming session and I can think really well when I run, and "Top Model" was on. In my offense, I ran for eight minutes. The rest of the time I spent on less demanding pieces of equipment, then got annoyed that it was so crowded (I'm used to the afternoon lull) and went right back home. Then I moaned for about five consecutive hours.

We have a subletter right now named Star, because Ryan is opening a show in Seattle. Because she's only here for a month, I can whine alot w/o worrying she'll worry that I might get annoying in the long term, and she still finds it endearing or at least pretends to. Also, she told me today that she DOESN'T KNOW WHAT A BLOG IS! So, there's that. What was the point of that? Oh yeah, she listened to me moan last night.

So, today: there's this place on 81st called Super Magic Fingers, and NO, that's not Haviland's uptown hideaway. [I love all the places in NYC with ridiculous names. You wonder why it is that nowhere along the "business creation" process did someone say: "Hey, P.S., 'No Pork Kitchen' is a stupid name or 'NO EFFIN APOSTROPHE'" or whathaveyou.] It's like, good massage place and it's cheap, and they fixed my back. Howevs, here I am on the roof, sitting with world's worst posture, thinking: Fuck. It hurts again. Also I just smoked like, 10 cigarettes in a row, and I don't smoke. Clearly I enjoy digging my own grave.

I think I saw your airplane in the sky tonight, through the window lying on the kitchen floor.

vii. Also ...

This is Uh Huh Her, which Roy amazingly called "Mmm Hmmm Her" and Natalie called "Uh Oh Her":

"You say that you're broken,
I just wanna fix you.
Tell me what to do
baby I will listen
Days will go unwritten
All the things you're missing,
tell me what to do,
baby I can fix it."

-Uh Huh Her

Last week we saw them and then talked to Leisha Hailey. Also last week, Stef took Carly and I to see Northern State and they were also amazing. I've met a lot of blog people in real life lately. I guess that means it's almost time for Lozo and I to go to a strip club. First I just need to finish this stuff.


Mercury said...

First comment? I must be dreaming.

No, I know what you mean, I mean, I'm also busy maybe not that busy but busy I'm not filming or writing anything but I'm trying to have a life and also still finish the beauty school thing, but what really fucks up my week is when I stay up All Night for No Reason, that's stupid, don't do it.

Like, not even accomplishing anything, unless writing bad poetry in your journal is "Accomplishing something"

I miss you though even though you haven't really gone anywhere because there are no phone calls I'd've made that you'd've blown off returning or whatever etcetera so yeah. tired. I'm going to bed now coz its not late but I'm TIRED.

I hope with all my whatever anything that: you get all the things you want and that this something flourishes and that you pass versus fail and you're the next Ilene Chaiken except way hotter and wiser and better at writing

or if the vision has changed then it materializes however you want it to

and I'm sorry bout your back and the meds not working, that sucks ass. I actually have a lot of painkillers leftover from my repeatedly broken arm, I'd offer them to you, but I doubt they're stronger than what you're taking, and also, painkillers that are 4000 miles away dont do much good

difbedt - either different beat, like, "I dance to the beat of a different drum" or whatever htat lame bumper sticker usually says

or Different bed time, which it is, for you, and for me

stef said...

the bangs look really cute!

i kinda wish duane reade read your blog and decided to hire competent employees. when i used to have a real job and actually hired people, i refused to hire anybody who had ever worked at a) mcdonalds, b) white castle or c) duane reade. i wish the ceo of duane reade was named duane reade. except i think the original one was between duane and reade streets? whatever. i have no idea what i'm talking about.

anyway i am rooting for you on your mystery endeavor. you are going to kick ass.

Crystal said...

I question G.W's literacy, but I hope he does read this blog - purely in hope that it'll make him feel homesick and he'll return to the US. He's in Sydney and all the roads are closed and it's going to be a long trip home.

'Intimidated' does nothing for my street cred. Nor does saying street cred. Sometimes I wish I was one of those people that is too busy to return emails. Sometimes I bet you do too.

cait said...

i think it's funny you say 'obvs' in real life.

also, haviland looks so much like laura in that one picture, it's totally out of control

[nice shirt]

ANI said...

Vicodin : back pain = midol : cramps

or some other lame analogy like that

i had lots of vicodin left from a dental procedure, and i was very sad to see it slowly go, as there is nothing better for back/muscle pain

and no, it's not addictive, as far as i can tell

but then again, i don't really have an addictive personality...except for that whole smoking thing...

there is something very meta about you taking pics of filming with your macbook...

k-time said...

Ah back pain, I know that well. I'm on 'indefinate leave' from the forces, after smashing my tailbone while working earlier in the year. It sounds way worse than it actually was, or something like that, but yeah some serrrrious drugs take care of the pain that i feel on a day to day basis.

I wish you luck with everything that you are trying to accomplish, even though you probs don't need it cos you're bloody fantastic and will totally succeed!

riese said...

1. You do have the first comment! Aw yay, like old times!
2. It is "accomplishing something."
3. I miss you too, and the not-mountaintops.
4. Call me.
5. JK
6. I think my haircut is slightly cuter than Ilene Chaiken's, which is something.



I would've liked to call those places and be like "so, how'd Mr. ___ do at the fryer? How long were their register lines, on average?" In Michigan, the McDonalds employees were actually retarded. I actually think this is a genius idea, the program they had there with the special ed kids. Because then you can't be like "OMG, those kids are retarded," because they ARE, you know, and they're far more enthusiastic about doing a good job then some 16-year-old douchetard who wants money to buy his gross girlfriend a rhinestone.

I was part of the problem yesterday at Duane Reade because I totally waited in that long line with my exaggerated eye roll, then realised at the register that I hadn't brought my wallet.


crystal: I'm strongly considering a revision in which I include something I intended to include in the initial draft and then forgot about and that something would be "writing an average of 20 emails a night to Crystal,"but then I started thinking 'I wonder if Google could tell me how many emails a night I write to Crystal?" and then I got off on this tangental mode of thinking about how google spends so much time improving areas in which they are already fine instead of thinking about doing what I really need them to do.

I think that "chipping away, slowly , piece by piece, at Crystal's street cred" is part of what I do for The Rules of Engagement.

Unfortunately for G.W., I think he's pretty busy. Busier than me, and I am oh-so-important.


cait: ha! I wondered if you'd recognise it. The part where you said something about it being funny that I say "obvs" in real life was the part that inspired that brief interlude, but then I forgot what you said I said exactly. You did say something like that, right? I can't remember.


ANI: Yeah I don't have an addictive personality either. Hang on, need more coffee, BRB. I just completed an entire thought process related to the idea of advertising on craigslist for massage and vicodin as an exchange of some sort, and then I realised that I wasn't actually offering anything, I just want someone to give me Vicodin and a massage. You sold me on it, in any event. Because Midol is so like "hi, I'm Midol. I'm blue!" and not wrath-ful at all. I've never had trouble getting not addicted to painkillers because I don't like to be mellow, so I'm not too worried about it in that regard.


k-time: That does sound bad. But also a good way to get away from the forces and get free drugs, right? (maybe?)

Stephanie said...

my back was killing me the other night. my old doctor was like "too bad. have some motrin." and so i laid in my bed all day and whined. So I got a new doctor who said "you know what you need? flexoril." combined with a couple glasses of wine, i can forget pain even exists in my world.

carlytron said...

deep breath.
repeat: "this will all be over soon, then we can sleep for days."

and hopefully when we wake up we'll be superstars.

cait said...

i think maybe you told me someone said it made them feel better that you said obvs and jk in real life.. i can't remember, i think i was worried about my car being towed

i got an email this morning with many questions about this whole situation, also wondering why you were wearing that shirt, if it was mine, how you got it, wtf was going on, etc.

[lesbians love the internet ya know?]

riese said...

stephanie: I will give that wine thing a shot later tonight if nothing works out.

carly: [right] [deep breath.] This will allbeoversoon thiswillallbeoversoon.

cait: Hm, then this mysterious emailer will also love our show obvs, and henceforth, support your support of it. Duh.

Ollie said...

QUestion for you: Questions for you!
How do you write a book if you write a blog? Doesn't it drain you of writerade or something? ANd when do you find time to answer all these emails in any case? And if we are faithful readers we get to meet you? (This is not really a question for me because the Atlantic Ocean but)

I'm so sorry that your back is killing you.Maybe it is guilt. THat's what my Crazy-Aunt (doesn't EVERYONE have one?) says to me. Headache: sexual frustration. Backache: guilt. Itchy skin: depression (or cooties! my favorite word in English because it sounds cute to this French ear but means something repellent)
Good recovery!

riese said...


I don't. I should've put "writing that book" on the list of things that get lost like dust in the windstorm.

But actually no, writing this blog does not drain me of writerade. I have endless writerade.

I do feel guilty all the time about not returning phone calls, not writing my book, and not being caught up on email (did I say that I am? 'cause I'm not). Basically I always feel guilty for not doing whatever it is that I'm not doing whenever I'm doing what I'm doing. and for snatching candy from the hands of random babies, obviously. But how else am I gonna get candy, you know?

Lozo said...

i don't think the original post was whiny. however, you were being whiny about being whiny, which might be ironic.

do i like football? when i responded your e-mail last night, i just got home from my second fantasy football draft.

and i could totally teach you about football. i helped my roommate draft her team, and i have to say it's pretty awesome. you can teach me about shortening every word in the english language and adding an "s" to it.

caitlinmae said...

I think maybe the "making of" photos onset at Living It Out should go on Cute Overload... Look at those bangs! Look at haviland and her loads of hair! Look at Carly's cute camera! Look at how fucking adorable Vicky is!

I'm glad you're not in pain/grumpy any more. I liked what you had to say re: reallife friends reading the blog- in that you're writing for them, but they'd like to be more included in the blogworthy events. Is there a difficulty in determining how much disclosure is too much when pertaining to friends you know read/don't read?

You and your friends all seem to have really googleable names (as one of 15000 Caitlin Burkes, I am essentially ungoogleable.)

Abby said...

Hey does Carly ever wear the same thing twice?
I hope everything goes well, wish I could help!
I don't have any painkillers to offer , anything slightly strong will kill me so I tend to stay away from them. After living in Bali I have learned some awesome massage technique though.
Good luck with everything!

kate said...

this is for the pre-edited post i read last night – or, in your case, yesterday morning. i think most of it’s gone now. i miss school and all the hair-pulling and sleepless nights involved than how rapt/tired/gifted you feel after doing like 10 assignments in 3 days.

i’m a big fan of the hair. will never understand why they are called bangs though. ever.

i would like carlys guitar t-shirt. please? doesn’t mean i love your system failure any less. just differently

also, you can take last login off myspace

just realised this comment doesn't really contain any properly formed sentences. next time maybe.

carlytron said...

abby: I have several shirts that I wear at least once a week. It is mere coincidence that I appear to always wear different things.

kate: I love that shirt too much to ever part with it. Urban Outfitters, several years ago, mens tee.

caitlinmae: I wish that was my camera, but I borrowed it from my friend. DVX-100B, just a dream. Hehe.

Riese: The digitizing is going splendidly, no worries on the homefront.

riese said...

Lozo: So many people've tried to teach me about football, it's ridic. It just seems so complicated to me, you know? Like, why make a sport so ridiculously complicated when there're perfectly organic sports like basketball and soccer that actually make logical sense? I think "things I will never learn" might be my next top 10. You're so inspirational! Or, "inspis," as I might say.


caitlinmae: Totes cute overload! you are so right, I have adopted your heading above. You shoulda been there! We do have google-able names, that's true, and interesting. Although actually I'm one of 10,000 Marie Bernards. There's a whole bunch in France. That's why I started using my middle name actually, for google. I know, I'm a huge dork.

That's an interesting question about friends who read/don't read. I know I write at liberty about ex-somethings who I assume don't read, and with extreme caution about those that do. But with other kinds of friends ... hmmm. Good question. I'm thinking about it.


Abby: Yes, indeed she does, but she does have an exceptional wardrobe. Actually I think the guitar shirt is also in an SON recap, possibly?

I have awesome massage technique too, I wish I could apply it to myself. Also wish you could help! Wheee/waaa!



Why are they called bangs? I've got no clue. Are they called "fringe" over there? Because I like that. My bangs look awful right now as I've had a hat on all day. I should probably have a picture where I don't cop out of the whole thing by wearing a hat.

I didn't know I could do that on myspace, maybe I should!

I miss that rapt/tired/gifted thing too. I like the word "rapt." I'm going to start using it more often.


'tron: HOT.

k-time said...

Heh, I guess it does sound kind of bad, cos it is. Haha I like the way you think. It's going to be so hard going back to work after being out of it for so long, but I love my job and the people I serve with and cannot imagine doing anything else. But then again I'm only 19, so if it doesn't work out I have a lifetime of free drugs to look forward to!

Lozo said...

i am drunk. and maybe that's why inspis made me lmao pretty hard. "you are probs a totes inspis to me, obvs."

and yes, football IS complicated. i wouldn't be one of those teachers who's all, "marie, you IDIOT! this is SO simple! why won't you get this!" it takes time and effort. i would let you ask all the questions you wanted, because there are no dumb questions, just dumb people who ask questions.

i don't think you're dumb, and i wouldn't think you're dumb if you wanted me to explain four downs and whatnot, i just like that joke.

The Spaz said...

Riese I'm in the same boat as you in regards to football. I've had everybody and their mother try to explain it to me. Its not just that I don't get it, there's something wrong with me, I know they're explaining it for my own good but by the time I start to get close to comprehension I tune out. I just can't help myself.

FYI - Bangtails are a type of racehorse with tails that are cut into a straight edge, bangs were named for this straight edge look.

P.S. Why does it always take me two or three times to pass the word verification? I feel like I have some sort of hidden lexia...

haviland said...

1. I think I look a bit, um, criz-zay-zee in that pic! right?

2. riese, you're so cute, it like hurts to think of you.

3. every expression riese and i write is one we say "in real life" - totes, obvs, brill, lol, brb, jk, etc...

4. i'm in upstate ny and have just been in the most heterosexual circumstance other than the obvs -- the bachelorette party. wow.

Razia said...

To all the people who miss the cramming that comes with Uni life:

Wanna trade?

Wow I so admire how you can just be on a roof, I would be freaking out for at least the first fifteen minutes or so. Then I get used to it though and it feels normal, it's like I have momentary acrophobia and then I'm like ok this freaking out thing is too much work, whatever.

That was a good summary of your old post, I read it yday but didn't have time to comment. You'll do great summarizing your pilot.

basia said...

i feel like it would be kinda hard to say "obvs" in real life. like, i just tried it, and it's not easy at all, i mean, my mouth gets all tangled in itself. how do you do it??? maybe the b is silent? or the v??

waaaaaah, life is complicated.

Shannon said...

So is it weird that I had "Moneymaker" in my head as I read this entry?

Abby said...

There is this amazing stuff I found in Bali called 'Silver Clove' it's a kind of balm that you rub in to sore muscles etc.. even if you have a headache it works miracles. Maybe they have it at a Chinese medicine place...?
Speaking of Bali we have picked up the best tshirts there. Their department stores sell so many of them and they all seem to have trouble with the English language. We spend hours in Matahari lol at the crazy errors.

caitlinmae said...

I was upstate at a bachelorette party LAST weekend. Do you get to go someplace trashy/awesome like TORCHES? My housemates and I have been using at as a rallying call, in the vein of STEVE HOLT!
see you on Sunday?

Abby said...

Also I should say, Carly, the reason I noticed the wardrobe thing is because I love everything you wear and without sounding creepy it all looks great on you. I am also extremely jealous as I haven't had the money to buy new clothes in way too long.

Lozo said...

hey! WTF! you totally re-wrote this! i thought you just put a new top on it and kept the old one. i feel so deceived!

i actually was scrolling down and saw my name and that tipped me off. are we really going to a strip club?

riese said...

A few things.

1. I wish I'd gotten a lifetime of free drugs at the age of 19.

2. Wait ... maybe I did.

3. lozo, why don't you get drunk and comment? God, I make myself laugh really hard some time. Yeah we'll go to a strip club as soon as I finish all this stuff. It will be our first post on why don't we get drunk and auto-win.

4. it's not that people are mean to me about not understanding the rules of football, it's that football's just something I can't seem to wrap my ... head ... around. Why be so complicated? Also, I only like sports where you can see the player's faces. I think I'm going to write about this actually so stay tuned.

5. Speaking of tuning, that's what doesn't happen when people talk to me about football. and the spaz too, so i'm not alone in my not understanding.

6. I know the origin of the word bangs nowwww!!

7. reader: haviland is totes telling the truth. There's actually no expression I use on this blog that didn't originate in real life. We're very busy children with not time to say entire words obvs.

8. haviland is so criz-zay-zee HOT it hurts to look at her, or, rather, not look at her. Ta-dah.

9. Both Carly's wardrobe and the way that she wears it is exceptional, I have believed this about her from day one. One day when we are famous, this fact will be noted by TeenVogue. (not regular vogue, because no one really reads that, it's too heavy)

10. I still have not summarized the pilot.

11. Yes! I'd like to trade! I wanna go back to college. Life was so much simpler then. Though I can't say I was happier. Because I wasn't. Hm.

12. It is totes easy to say obvs in real life, you just have to get used to it. The speaking came first, the spelling second, therefore perhaps it's not so organic the other way around it?

14. Shannon, I'm hoping that is a sign.

15. Abby you should mail us one of those shirts, Carly will wear it. Also throw in some of that balm. The pain is gone now actually I just realised. yay!

16. caitlinmae: I actually linked to TORCHES on the Hudson. Then I got annoyed that their web copy is so lame. I want to re-write it for them and send it to them with an invoice.

17. Come and see what sets Torches apart from all the rest.

18. Would be an example of what I'm talking about. (17)

19. As I write this, I keep looking to the left and seeing Merc's "First comment? I must be dreaming." and it makes me smile.

20. That is all.

stef said...

omg wtf football? it takes forever to watch a game of football cos every time stuff starts happening, everybody has to stop and reposition and start all over again. i call bullshit. the game could be over in ten minutes if those pussies would just fucking keep playing when somebody falls down. srsly.

know what's a man's sport? badminton.

natalie said...

hi peaches! i like the bangs...and the recent posts (obvs, bc i am mentioned so many times!). i am sorry i am a Protestor. Your writing is amazing and i love reading it and i know it's important to you...and I will be much more diligent about the blog. I LOVE YOU! i, however, hate my life (like, the jobless-ness and the ohio thing and the fact that i have to fly so often and the back pain. the back pain is the worst, isn't it?!)
how are things?

cait said...

i wouldn't go to a place called 'magic fingers', i think it would scare me, and honestly, unless i know you, i don't want to know if you have magic fingers.

also people have dropped off many things for the save the auto-win empire drive that i am apparently now running out of my house. lemme know if you need/want it

Anonymous said...

marie i'd say we can trade massages but i acknowledge that you are a libra and therefore not likely to give massages but only receive them (i've done extensive tests on the likelihood of getting massages from the various astrological signs). i've accepted this and am still willing to offer you one, for free obvs. i think you'll like it...some recent recipients have said:
"this is the best thing i've ever felt in my life"
"jesus christ, whatever you do, don't stop"
or you can just ask natalie.
but you have to come to west hollywood to get it!
i hope the writing is going well.

kate said...

i'm just rapt to know what bangs refers to. briliant.

also maybe you should be trying to figure out aussie football instead - much less stopping & rearranging going on. also, no padding or helmets to get in the way.

riese said...

The best part of this comment is it's relevance, re: my inabilities to keep up with communication properly right now, as it includes comments to people I need to email/call ASAP and instead, am here, commenting to you! on my blog. ROCK. Also, I'm not sure if I've been staring at the computer screen for too long, or if my computer's about to crash. It seems to be softly vibrating, like the words are muddled on the page. I'm totes Bell Jarring it right now.


stef: EXACTLY. I might quote you on that.


nata: Hi cherry cobbler!!! You commented!! YAY!! You're only a half-protester now, and you do get bonus points for having a boyfriend and a meryl who read faithfully. Anyway, Ohio, yeah, Ohio. I love Ohio. Also, I love joblessness. Maybe I could come live with you in Ohio, I'd be close to my family that I never talk to. I think I just want to drive around in a car and sing really loudly, ideally "Build me Up Buttercup." Then we can sit in the Bravada and talk about our self esteem for three hours in the parking lot, then go to [Ann Arbor in order to go to] Mr.Greekssss ... whaddya say?


cait: I know, that sounds a little freaky, but I'd gotten a rec from a friend last year, and then checked it out on yelp and then THEN I went, and I was like, hands down totes awesome. I mean, it's ghetto and cramped, but my back does feel better, I must say.

Re: fund-raising drive = HANDS DOWN TOTES AMAZING. You continue to rock, obvs. Go team !


m: You had me at "for free obvs," but you HAD me at "[redacted]"

[The writing is ... taking longer than i thought it would. But it's good ... I think? And Final Draft helped out by crashing last night at 3 A.M. and erasing everything I'd done since sunset, which was awesome.]

My itunes, right now: I used to be free spirited, now I'm just free of sleep (T&S)

I think I've been writing you an email for a week now? It's going to be a slapshot affair, that email. Like a progressive blog entry ....

If before I wanted to come to West Hollywood 110%, now I want to come um, 125%? Before long, it'll be through the roof. oh! there it goes. Onto the roof, locked out, everything.

And actually ... you should also ask Natalie about my massages ... I've actually been trained properly, too, like by an Esalen guru dude. I should've put that on my list of skills, whenever that top ten happened. Maybe I did.

I'm on the cusp of Libra/Virgo ... does that mean I could defy expectation? I hope so. I like to switch it up, the giving/receiving. I'm flexible.


kate: Isn't Aussie football = soccer? I like it, I think. I've seen it happen, live and in person. My family is nuts for it, I think I could be.


Lozo said...

hey, can you like, blog or something? i hope you don't expect me to carry WDWGDAA-W and have us split the profits 50-50.

Abby said...

Oh man I am cracking myself up right now. The other day I was in the car with my gf, she was like, "I read that blog that you read, some girl wrote this comment saying she wanted you to work on her or something, massage her, then she was like oh yeah or mmm hhmm or something!"
I was laughing so hard after she said this which made it hard to explain to her that she had completely misread the comment and it said nothing of the sort. She has a way of doing the same thing with my words but that cracks me up too.
The massage thing has always been a sensitive issue with us because I tell her I only wanted a gf so I could have regular massages (I'm a Libra), she (Virgo) tends to start and then stops moments after and doesn't actually realise she has cos when I tell her she is like "what are you talking about? I am?"
Sigh. I do love her so.