Tuesday, November 21, 2006

VIDEO: Come All Ye Faithful, MTV2 Pillow Fight Starring Steph and Riese + Steph Go Skating!

I used to videotape everything. Yeah, everything. I mean HOURS of footage of my friends and I...doing...um...not a whole lot? This was a major hobby during my filmmaker-aspirant days at boarding school, when I made nice montages of the sunset and water lapping on the shore, etc. but mostly just 4-hour long epics of my life for my friends at home so they could put names with faces (myspace does this for us now). The dialogue was often very compelling, e.g.: "Hi Magali! I'm Marie's friend Ryan and this is Meg!" "Hi Magali, this is Meg! I think Marie is a BIG weirdo!" (even weirder though: my dear friend Jake totally loved watching videos of Ingrid these fantastic videos.)

I think there was a videotape backlash a few years ago. By then, we'd all sat through so many "Look at us in Stonehenge!" and "Friday Night at E-Mich!" videos that we all learned Enough is Enough. But Steph and I have whipped out my ancient fossil of a camera (we're thinking it's so old that it probably just looks like, super high-tech?) for a video-blog of sorts for her, maybe. More info on this later, pending more info.

So this is a little video festival. I think "video blogging" more or less is the epitome of our culture's inability to read some goddamn words, but making videos is actually fun even if I refuse to watch anyone's (except, obviously, those of my friends, e.g., Steph). And also until I put this MacBook on my charge card last week (yes Jenna, took your advice!), it took about 40 minutes and a lot of bizzare keystrokes to be able to watch any sort of youtube movie so I can't even imagine what you PC-Neanderthals are doing when you try to watch videos online, but the videos keep piling up, so let's do this.

1. Video One: In which my dear roommate MM does Christmas, heavy-metal style, in Twisted Sister's "Come All Ye Faithful." The best part of this is to realize that the fat guy in the red fleece is Dee's cablevision guy.

2. Video Two: In which Stephanie bleeds from the mouth and fights in her underwear, which promotes the rough-and-tumble spirit of MTV2 and the hot-and-heavy spirit of Stephanie herself.

3. Video Three: In which Stephanie and I go skating and act fantastic.

Okay go read a book.


Anonymous said...

I heart the videos. And as inappropriate as it is for me, sixteen (17 in February), to sexually objectify and et cetera: Hott!

marie lyn bernard said...

I think 16 is prime-time for objectification. Isn't that the like, point of being 16? Or something? Yeah it is.

haviland said...

Objectification is all a part of growing up, kiddo. Just make sure you're objectifying more than being objectified. Or something?

Riese, i truly think what this blog post is missing is some footage from The Posieden Adventure, summer '06 (aka the last night of the cruise).

The magic of melons and all that.

Let's watch "home for the holidays" and float.

steph said...

Being objectified can blow. The purpose of our work is to objectify ourselves so we are in control of our own power.
WE CHOOSE to lock ourselves in a cage wearing only our bathing suits.
WE DECIDE to make out in front of the masses.
and WE will be the ones charging admission and making MAD CASH.

As Pharrel once said,
"Shake your money maker
Like somebody's bout to pay ya"



haviland said...

Challah for the dollazzzz

i totally agree, miss steph

marie lyn bernard said...

True 'dat.

Although...even though I'm not making money from my blog, I still chose to put us up there lookin' crizazy, and therefore everyone, even--ESPECIALLY--16-year-old girls who are wise beyond their years, are welcome to come objectify us all they want! GIRL POWER!!!!!

Stephen, though, really, where are you on this? Prepping sweet potatoes in Jersey? C'mon....

dear dear chicago said...

yayyyy! congrats on the macbook! do you just love it? and white or black?