Saturday, July 07, 2007

Where Do Gay Sitcoms Come From? They Just Appear!

Seriously though. We actually did this? Go Team.

So ... tomorrow I'm getting on a boat with a lot of homosexuals and those who hang out with homosexuals or are partial to the practice, including: Haviland, Lainy, Heather, Jenn, Craig, Layla, Karen, Janet, Joy, Anne, Rosie O'Donnell and Erasure. Because I clearly have some sort of internet "problem," it's highly likely I'll be posting often from the ship. [And by often I mean at least once. Or twice?] I think it's one of those wireless ripoffs like Starbucks that only people with serious problems use. I am one of those people.

Thanks for bearing with me through this period of comment moderation. I'm hoping it'll be over soon, etc.

Also Carly used the three whole punch somewhat recklessly and my floor's covered in tiny white circles, like a snowstorm in like, Paper-Ville.

Dear Haviland,

I confess:
I have not packed
for the trip

which is tomorrow

Forgive me,
I'm no further along in the packing process
than I was when you were here at five in the afternoon.

Howeves I will not be late.
Nor will you. In fact,
chances are
you won't read this before I see you tomorrow
because you are far more responsible
than I am
but I would not be surprised
if you check your myspace.

Everyone keeps telling me it'll be good to get away. In a way, leaving the city right now terrifies me.

But like most things these days/and likely always, I know once I get there, it'll seem like just the thing; maybe even the only thing. Anything seems really important when you're staring right at it. I would like to stare at some french fries, or possibly a large deep body of water, or possibly an island.

Also by this time tomorrow I'll likely have listened to "We Are Family" 100 times and then will ram my head into a Bugaboo.


Mercury said...

Now it's 2:36. Have fun on your cruise. send me flaslight signals across the water. im really going to bed now. after I republish my unpublished post.

i mean. after I unpublish my republished unpublished post.



me sans sleep yeilds something mushy and awful, like this word verification: yjjwiay

Jaime said...

Have lots of fun and wear sunscreen!

(I have a questionable mole on my arm right now, and also always sound like a mom.)

But seriously, have a blast. I tried to look up the list of performers - I know they're always full of Broadway types, and I was curious if there's anyone I know. But no list! So all I can do is for a third time tell you to have a fantastic time. See you when you're back! OMG for real!

Jaime said...

And - duh - this is what I actually wanted to comment about - congrats on finishing the pilot! That was hella fast. I also bet it's brilliant. If you ever, uh, want to turn it into a play, lemme know.

Lozo said...

when reading the part with the list of names who were going on the big gay boat ride, i thought you were going on this trip with someone named jen craig. why? because i'm not smart. but still, the temporary thought that you knew jenny craig made me laugh.

my comments bring so much to the table.

haviland said...

There is a press release on with all of our names who are performing!

Riese, glad to see you finished...see you on the boat!

Razia said...

I had to google Bugaboo, for real. I hate kids, good luck. Seriously though, have a blast and keep the Skky pouring!

riese said...

merc: If you think that you sans sleep equals something mushy and awful, you should see:

1. Hey Paula
2. Me

Jaime: Thanks! I didn't bring sunscreen. I told this to Haviland a while ago. I don't know how long ago it was. A lot has happened since then I feel. Anyhow she was like "I did, obvs." I was like "ok." There was a show tonight. Hav sang mama who bore me. I stole all of Heather's rings and then gave them back. Also Andrea McArdle sang something she was wearing all white and it looked really good. And thank you for the congrats.

lozo: Yes, indeed they do. There is Jenn, with whom I am currently intoxicated. There is Craig, who I assume is asleep, like everyone else on this ship with good sense. There is no Jenny Craig on this boat. If there was, I'd be like, what's up, feed me, I was running around all day/night with various persons and need some like, well balanced meals ASAP. Wait. I just had fries and they were delicious.

haviland: I cannot respond to your comment because it feels like, super-meta/silly because I will see you really soon. I mean, by the time you read this, it'll be like a week from now. Basically this comment is a message in a bottle to you. Sending out an SOS ...

Also I've listened to We are Family twice so far and ahted it both times. Other than that, smooth effin sailing ... ha.

This's the kind of comment I'd feel comforted knowing I could get up in the morning and look at and analyze it's sensical-ability (yeah, totes just invented that word) but um, instead, I'll just like, whatever.

caitlinmae said...

if anyone deserves a vacation with LOTS OF SEXY HOMOS, it's you, lady.
Get really fucking tan (maybe even drink outdoors in the daytime??? with ERASURE??) The pilot is a real accomplishment. Especially in a particularly blue period. I hope you have a fantastic time as a reward.
I am incoherent. too much margarita

stef said...

congrats on the pilot... i changed my blog url, i'm a total friggin genius. maybe i will get rid of bloggings entirely. they are dangerous. have fun boating and homoing.

Lozo said...

hey, quit checking in with your comments. you're on a cruise. i need you well-rested when you get back so we can start planning our wedding.

lain said...

"Bugaboo expands the freedom of movement with the Bugaboo Frog; Bugaboo Cameleon, and the newest addition, the Bugaboo Bee, enabling modern mobility for modern parents in the modern world."

I will take one Cameleon in limited-edition denim. Thank you.

Crystal said...

I googled Bugaboo also.

Admitting your "problem" is the first step, I guess. Sometimes I wonder what your handwriting is like. That sounds creepy, doesn't it? It totally does, but I won't delete it. I have this theory that everyone who spends their life on the computer can't write properly. Myself included. Maybe I'll blog about it. And it'll be cutting edge. Just like your pilot.

carlytron said...

i am so proud of us. our show is brill.

also: i have drag queen eyebrows in those photos. which is pretty incredible, i think.

Gigi said...

Riese! I'm so excited that you're reading at KGB. I've been looking for an excuse to get over there. I'll be there with my posse (posse=me plus one or two). I think I owe you another drink or 5.

Annie said...

i was asked/forced to plug ourchart's writing contest on the blog today. naturally i wrote about tonya bursting into flames and jenny dressed as a gumdrop. thought of you and even threw an "obvs" in there. it was all very meta, this writing exercise. where's my cruise?

carlytron said...

I am commenting solely because the word verification is "fxxyy," and I think I'd be doing the internet, as a whole, a disservice if I did not.

Fxxyy = foxxyy (obvs, did I even need to write that out?), just like this Hott Lesbian Blogggg(etry).