Sunday, April 09, 2006

Blogging Starts NOW: Wrap Me Up, Unfold Me

Little Girl Lost:

So, a public blog.

The kind of blog that someone I ...

1. Dated
2. Share DNA with
3. Sat next to in seventh grade Spanish (or 12th grade spanish...what up Gaia?!!)
4. Lived with in 1998
5. Live with now
6. See every day
7. Work with
8. Have applied to work for
9. Barely even know
10. Is obsessed with me (more people than you would think, seriously)

... can access and read.

I've kept a Livejournal for about 4 years, but the audience for that is fairly limited/intimate.

But--maybe it'll be good for me. I think, especially now, my personality has become kinda fragmented. And although there are far more important things in the world then the Generation X Search for Self, it might be a good idea for me to try to consolidate myself into someone I recognize, and therefore not feel this deep panic when someone random asks to be my friendster.

But I'm fairly certain that every post I make will fall into one of the following 10 categories:

10. So, today I was at ______ [Duane Reade, Gristedes, D'Agostino, Rite Aid] and my service was so bad that I ______ [yelled at the pharmacist, stole a Cliff Bar] and all the cashiers were just standing around like morons doing ______ [their nails, nothing]. How can they provide such terrible service?

9. If I ever get cable again, I would talk about the progression of my favorite programs, e.g., America's Next Top Model. Oh wait, except I don't watch that show anymore, it's over for me and Ty-Ty after she booted Kim with a swift kick of utter unfairness and possible homo-phobia, I mean, winner-phobia. I could also talk about The L Word, but the season just ended, or shows that piss me off as a feminist, like Room Raiders (not gay Room Raiders though, which rules) or those shows where women wear shiny dresses and cry a lot over douchebag guys that are seeking a wife who will fill the void left in their hearts following their 1987 Wash U graduation, when they left their Alpha Phi brothers behind.
P.S. Josh Lyman is so fucking dreamy. The West Wing is such government porn. (see photo)

8. Where's my money?

7. I am so funny! Here's what I said today that was funny:______.
7a) My friends are so funny! Here's what they said today that was so funny:______.
7b) Jon Stewart is so funny! KC and Elka from the Planet Podcast are so funny!

6. Links to things I have written, or mentions of things I've written being published.

5. I should stop eating so much candy.

4. Isn't it interesting, how technology has changed our world?

3. I miss _____. [Pretty generous list of people to pick from here.]

2. America is so fucked up! George Bush is dumb! Why can't gay people get married? Nebraska: WTF??!!!

1. I heart ____. (Mary Gaitskill, Eggo Waffles, the skyline, etc.)


Carl B said...

You love madlibs. I found this on my computer last week.

Last night at the house..... Fill in the blanks and save us all a story.

Last night we got ___ cases of Natty, and ___ didn’t throw in. That fuck still owes me _____$.

We played ____ games of beer pong and Eric (of course) peed on _____.

Shivy was so fucked up, and totally funny, he called out ______.

Gav, Mikey, Rob, Eric, Justin, and Bryan smoked like $__.__ worth of pot.

Bryan kept on hitting on _______but only ended up cockblocking himself.

That one AST/AGD/GDI ended up puking all over the _____.

Lauren was over for ___mins before she pissed off everyone.

_____ passed out in Walters room and he had to be the nice guy.

Jay took Heidi home and spent the night with her.

Mathias put on that new techno/rap/rock song called ____ and played it all night....loud.

Nate gave ____ “one more beer” and took her to the tiki lounge.

Eric had 1/2/3 toolboxes over and ended up making a fool of himself at ______.

Carl made out with that ugly bitch _____, and pissed off _____ by yelling _________________.

________broke ___________, but we can fix it later

Then _________ went home with Whicker.

Finally, Nick watched that movie called _______, and slept with _______again/for the first time.

marie lyn bernard said...

omg....we were so brilliant, so ahead of our time, carl b! so Really the last line is brilliant: "again/for the first time". why'd we hook you up with an ugly bitch? maybe i was just a lil jealous.

hey uh, aren't you supposed to live here already?

Carl B said...

Once i get over my complete and gripping fear of graduation then perhaps I can consider my life...

Lozo said...

it seems as though you were hetero when this blog started. josh lyman? really? and who is the marie lyn bernard commenting on riese's posts?