Friday, October 24, 2008

This post is now in VIDEO!!! No on 8 PSA by Hav & Riese, Semi-Automatic Fun of Day 4 of 8 Against 8 and the first day of the rest of your life!

[Quick question: know any good websites to find cheap & interesting furniture? comment, let me know.] WE MADE A VIDEO PSA FOR 8 AGAINST 8 watch it now thanks.

Once the election is over, I'm gonna have to figure out what the F I'm doing with my life, but 'til then -- there's some good news! We've already surpassed the $8,000 goal for 8 Against 8 (!!!!), but the fight is far from over. We're continuing to fundraise through October 27th, which means you've still got plenty of time to donate money and/or give me your g-dforsaken photograph and therefore possibly win a copy of The L Word Season Five on DVD, an invigorating television series about what happens when people stop getting married and start getting "real." You can also win a DVD of Good Dyke Porn. Don't say I don't treat you right.

Check out this new video Vote No on 8 from the Feminist Majority Foundation -- Caroline & Heather are in it, and so is Rickie Vasquez/Wilson Cruz (you may remember all these kids from our NewNowNext awards videos) and the girl from Grey's Anatomy and Haviland's No.1 feeling Amy Brenneman.

These efforts and many like them are the reason why at least one "new statewide survey released by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) with funding from The James Irvine Foundation (PDF) has found that Prop 8 is now losing among likely voters, 52 percent to 44 percent." (@pam's house blend). As we learned through the AP's "Obama-McCain race is tightening" post yesterday, though, polls can be totally off base. We've also gotten press from SheWired, feministing,, The L Word Online, Pandagon, Gay Wired, Lavender Newswire, afterellen (obvs), Bilerco Project, Good as You, etc. I've also noticed a lot of y'all linking to us and it warms my heart every time. If you haven't already, do it now!

So please donate, please fight, and please indulge in a little vanity for me. (most recent 8 on 8 photo is always visible in the most recent 8 on 8 post)

So, remember -- if you donate, or if you send me a photo for the No-on-8 Quilt, you'll be entered in a drawing to win any of the following prizes:

1. A copy of The L Word Season Five on DVD (2 sets to give out)
2. A copy of The Best of Good Dyke Porn DVD (1 set)
3. Auto-Insomnia 'Zine #1 (2)
4. Auto-Gear of your choice (check the store page to see if your size is in stock)
Auto-Fun time!.

Quote: "I remember thinking; 'This is the beginning of happiness.' That's what I thought. 'So this is the feeling. This is where it starts. And of course there'll always be more.' It never occurred to me: it wasn't the beginning. It was happiness. It was the moment, right then." (The Hours: the screenplay, by David Hare)
1. The best thing I've read this week: Why I Blog by Andrew Sullivan (@the atlantic monthly)
2. Dating advice from Sarah Palin impersonators (includes Sara Benicasa!!) (
3. Hip Young People Hating Gay Marriage (@radar online)
4. My agent represents Brian Slattery -- I remember reading the proof of Spaceman Blues and literally being blown away by the first few pages (it's so rare that such excellent work will arrive on an agent's desk from a new writer). Here's an exclusive interview about his new book Liberation, a link to a free electronic version of SB. (@mediabistro)
5. Apparently the glut of crap free online writing will lessen in the new economy. Maybe someone will pay me someday for something. (@internet evolution)
6. The Insiders: How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin. [it wasn't such a surprise after all] (@the new yorker)
7. The Future of Words, by Dave Eggers -- it's from September, but I just read it, and I like it. (@esquire)
8. itube: Why 23, 201 people care that Justine Exarik just ate a cookie, by emily gould. (@technology review)
9. The Look is the Same, the Labels Have Changed: on Sarah Palin's makeover. (@nytimes)
10. The American Dream is a Biological Impossiblity. (@wired)
11. Seven Biggest Blunders of the 2008 election. (@salon)


ReneeG said...

Whoohoo!! I made it on the quilt! p.s. I don't want to be entered into the contest, I just wanted to show my support :)

Anonymous said...


West Elm

caitlinmae said...

as a whole, you've got some MEGAhotties for readers...
but Maggie clearly takes the cake. How can you hatemonger around SUCH A FACE??!!

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Marie Riese Lyn Bernard ... let it never be said you fail to go your own way. Ha.

Cheers to reaching -- and surpassing -- goals.

Bourbon said...

I hope Richard slaps that cunt in the first "hip" video. Also, they pan away from her at 1:02 too soon for my liking, I'm convinced that this is an attempt to cover up the fact that her head did a full 360 rotation after Fanta-pants agreed to read the website.

Vashti said...

AHHH!!!! RIESE! I just watched the video [I actually saw on Grace the Spot first though since Google reader subscriptions are in alphabetical order] and I LOOOOVE it!! I was just with my friend from the bay area [he voted no on prop 8 btw] and we were watching the "Yes on 8" ads.. There was a lot of yelling and me wanting to throw his laptop out the window. Then we watched all the No on 8 ads and felt much better. Then I came back to my room and saw this and felt awesome.

No on Prop 8
Save the rainforest
Help Darfur
Ewoks for Equality
Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin

Haviland said...

yay to voting no.

riese, amy brenneman is on private practice, not grey's anatomy. but good try.

also, i just talked about rachel maddow with julia sweeney for about 20 minutes. the country does have rachel fever!

stef said...

no on 8.
yes on fedoras, women in fedoras, men in fedoras, me in fedoras.
i'll make a quilt of supporters if i need to. i know i at least have carly on this one.
sorry haviland.

autumn m said...

some of autumn's fav. parts.....Proposition dont marry my ex-girlfriend. and, i'm an island. oh, good fun. ever notice how yes on prop 8 ads always seem so corny. like the actors really hate there lives and just need the money, so they agreed. what a world.

carlytron said...

stef, my fedora and i proudly support your proposition. sorry hav ... i think it's allowed if you look good, though. so i'm ok then ;)

ladies, this was fabulous. i think that the CA state gov't should be more concerned with trying to pass proposition don't marry my ex. that's something everyone can really get behind, gay or straight.

Haviland said...


First of all, Riese wrote this, but yes, it was based upon my frequent bitching about the style out here. It's not about the fedoras - yes, EVERYONE looks good in a fedora, I agree...but the point is more about the combination of that with the skinny jeans, the Ed Hardy tee, the oversized sneakers, that EVERYONE in weho wears, thereby taking all individuality out of the clothing...and as you all know from my costumes in the vlogs, I am all about individuality in costuming.

I hope that makes sense. You can all send me pictures of yourselves in your finest fedora now. ;)

Haviland said...

Also, I'd like to add - Carlytron -- the first time I saw this look, it was on you, and I LOVED it, bc let's be honest, you're hot and pull it off and it's your style...but then, a year and a half later, I see like 100 Carlytron-wannabes trolling around out here, and it's just annoying. Where's Carlyyyyyy, and why does everyone try to be you when they obvs cannot?

riese said...

I feel like Carly is the exception to the rule in many fashion situations. I'd argue that she remains one of about 5-6 people that can still pull off the tie. Really Carly should have her own fashion blog. Or start her own clothing line, like FUTCH!

Anonymous said...

Loved the video! I may have enjoyed it more without this massive hangover! Yay for gay rights!

Anonymous said...

I had to google "Fedora".

autumn m said...

i wasnt going to say anything, but i too had to google fedora. who knew.

asher said...

okay. now that i've read all the comments.

i support the fedora. i support skinny jeans.

i've tried big shoes - and can't make um work.

ed hardy can suck it.

and stef, i would totes join your quilt.

stef said...

if there's one thing i'm serious about, it's fedora rights - send me your fedora photos. also, alex, you looked good in my old one, you're in the quilt automatically.

word veri is obisifen, which is a medicated cream used to treat oversized sneakers and ed hardy t-shirts.

Vashti said...

Ewok's name is Toby.. Just fyi.

riese said...

renee: I know, you're such a hottie! That's good, that ups the chances one of the three stuffed animals will win, or the infant.

tess: thanks!

caitlinmae: I know, right? I'm torn between giving the cake to Laura's incredible hotness or Maggie's cute face. Or Tinkerbell.

brooklynboy: That's Marie Hussein Bernard to you!

razia: I know, I thought it was secretly a no on 8 video. 'Cause I was like, "see, totally, she can't even fucking DEFEND herself!!! Obvs she tells him to go to the website, asshat."

vashti: It never ocurred to me until just now that google reader is organized in alphabetical order. I amaze myself. There's a lot of No on 8 ads. Lots of famous people. Famous people don't want ot say Yes on 8, obvs. Save Darfur!

haviland stillwell: I said "that girl from grey's anatomy AND amy brenneman." not that they were the same person. but good try, prime time police

stef: I'd be in your quilt but I don't have a fedora ... it's a script though, you know, it's us, but it's us times a million and love.

autumn m: I don't know who agrees to be in those Yes on 8 ads, but if I was their gay friend, I'd be like, it's OVER, bitches.

carlytron: I agree. I mean my whole idea of what a family is, and what I believe in in life, and my sense of family values, would be totally fucked up if I had to witness the marriage of any of my exes to anyone else. Like, come on.

haviland: I defer to you in all matters fashion-related. Also I agree I feel like when Carly becomes famous, everyone will be immitating the Carly looks, and they will not be looking as good as carlytron. I agree with myself here.

lexi: hangovers, i feel, add a little sugar and spice to everything.

a;ex: it's a good thing google was already invented when you were born.

autumn m: well, not alex.

asher: in general i don't support skinny jeans, except on kate moss and sienna miller. and carlytron and stephanie (not stef, different stephanie). maybe i only feel this way 'cause haviland won't let me wear any.

i love oversized sneakers though. love them!

stef: i would totes join your quilt but I don't have a fedora. I don't even know if I have access to a fedora. I feel like a;ex wore a fedora in the tripping vlog we made?

vashti: If I remember that, I'll incorporate it into the next edit.

DH said...

Nice job ladies, very amusing and valid. Congrats on going over the $8k target, Californian lesbians auto-win. At least hopefully they will soon.

Anonymous said...

oh caitlinmae/riese: i tingle every time someone compliments maggie's cuteness. but, seriously, her face pales in comparison to her personality. that baby has charisma!

however, if she wins anything, can it not be a lesbian porno, please. i already have enough people thinking i'm an unfit parent.


eric mathew said...

you two. so silly. next step tv show. anyway at work they were doing a piece on piper. how awful. i could only imagine them showing clips of her putting 1 star on your videos.

Mercury said...

The quilt is looking awesome. Keep sending in pictures people. I want to log on tomorrow and see a quilt so long I have to scroll for an hour to see all the faces kthx.

And the vlog I mean PSA was fucking hilarious. They should air it. Forseriously, for rizzeals.

Mercury said...

to weigh in on the fashion discussion...

Fedoras get my thumbs-up. Also I don't need oversized sneakers cause my feet are already huge, but for those who have small feet, if you want to join my huge-shoes club you are welcome. there are no cute styles in these sizes. And skinny jeans look great on some people but they definitely are not my look.

Anonymous said...

oh! In terms of interesting furniture, check out props for today- I know they were selling stuff a few weeks ago and they provide props for snl, 30 rock, and other ny moviee teevee type things and clear out the inventory when it's not 100% camera perfect- would be worth a look if they are selling their stuff!

Oo Lynnie oO said...

Congrats on all the press. I put a link on my blog too =) and yea more pictures! I would love to have my face surrounded by even more beauties.

asher said...

btw - watchng but i'm a cheerleader again today....
just noticed, graham leans really well.

Anonymous said...

Lovely quilt, made all the more lovely for not including my picture. I support the cause, but my camera phone is SOL.

Re links: Rolling Stone has an excellent article on David Foster Wallace in the current issue (the new small format issue). The best I've read about his history of depression and final days.


Anonymous said...

"I'm a big believer in recirculating the babies we already have..."

hehe. very nice, guys. props.

Vashti said...

My friend would like to say that he "hella identifies with Propostion Don't Marry My Ex.. and the college thing."

I don't know why he won't comment for himself. He says he's not the blog commenting type. Whatevs. I'm just here to play the messenger.

PS - Freedom '90 has been stuck in my head since I first saw this vid. Thanks. =P

riese said...

izzy sparks: fingers crossed. re; hopefully they will win very soon.

maggie's mommy: I feel ilke part of what makes maggie magic is that her charisma really comes through in her face. and that face is saying "no on 8! please send porn!" or um, "please send a t-shirt"?

eric mathew: How exactly d we get to next step teevee show? I'm looking for a job that will pay me money to do things. Let me know i you have any leads.

mercury: I feel like the quilt you woke up to was possibly not as triumphnt as you'd hoped before bed-time, As to the fashion I also have large feet but like th sort of ridiculousness of wearing big-ass high top sneakers to relaly pump it up. same way i feel about doc marten boots. I hear it slims the legs. Lke in comparison.

caitlinmae: thanks! it'd appear they're not selling any og their stuff though. tell me when they are.

ooo lynnie oo more pictures! More beauties! more links!

asher: graham is sex.

anonymous: I believe that all quilts are made lovelier when including Len. But in lieu of lovely quilt, I will grab onto rolling stone and see what i sse.

chirpyvchi: srlsy, there are a shitton of babaies out there who need some serious parenting stat. for example; babypop. she's sleeping, but she could've used some warm milk and a lullaby.

vashti tell your friend he has excellent taste in all things and should probs be the king of denmark or at least a major prince of some sort.

Anonymous said...

"Suzy Orman makes my eyes bleed"
Loved it!