Tuesday, October 07, 2008

PART TWO! Alice Pieszecki Interviews Sarah Palin ... like O like BAMA in your VLOG

Enough about mememememe, let's get to part two of the magical video of "Alice Pieszecki in Lesboland"'s exclusive interview with Sarah Palin. Part One is here. Then I'm going straight to bed, I promise. Goodnight moon, goodnight mouse, Vote or Die, What's the Deal Denbo?. That was just me free-associating. I do that sometimes.

Here's a video by Riese starring Haviland Stillwell and it's actually an interview that was filmed live in the famous Planet cafe in West Hollywood, California, the little town of big bad choices.

I'm excited for the debate tonight, I hope John McCain's arms fall off and Cindy divorces him for Sarah Palin and then they become like an older T.A.T.U, but for Jesus, so I can not buy their songs on itunes. Like ever.


Anonymous said...

our blog, and I already like you.



Anonymous said...

Whatever you said about McCain's arms falling off and Cindy leaving him for Sarah Palin and T.A.T.U and Jesus was amazing. I can't wait to watch the debate with you so we can sit there and yell at the teevee while we twitter everything.

'Ambien' isn't one of the tags? Whats going on here?

re: the vlog - the "BLT" thing was amazing.

mira said...

Where is all the love for this video?

I give it all my love, especially Haviland fuddling with her words and crushing the lebsians with god's hand.

Anonymous said...

Wait- that wasn't the Palin? Just when she was sounding coherent...
nice job you two, it made me laugh in an unprofessional manner at work and feel all warm inside. yay!

autumn m said...

The BLT.....Crushing the lesbians...vanilla lifestyle....and tapes about Jesus, these are just a few of the things that i laughed at. Absolutly wonderful.*content sigh*

Anonymous said...

I have nightmares about Max too.

eric mathew said...

omfg. your phenoms. i love that sarah palin dreams the l-word.

so good. i mean it looks a tad like a ransom video, but that makes me love it more.

t-minus 8 minutes to the debate.

oh did you see this? mabrick. so good.


can tinkerbell do sarah vlogs too?

Oo Lynnie oO said...

oh how i love this. such a good call to do this vlog.

Unknown said...

Again, really funny. The BLT line was my favorite. Great delivery.

Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin? That'd be one hot mess. Sarah Palin is frightening, and I cannot wait for her to shut up and disappear after this election. And Cindy McCain? She crazy, for reals.

Chloe said...

hahaha...this is hilarious! is it just me or was haviland a little more eloquent then the real palin? have you seen this yet?


Also! Random story...a guy I know from my building is going to the McCain party before the final debate dressed in Obama gear...I'm pretty excited to see how that goes!

riese said...

gunfighter: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I already like you too.

a;ex: I hope the experience of watching the debate and twittering while yelling at the teevee matched your expectations. I think "wine" should have been one of the tags, however.

mira: no one wants to give me any love, so thank you for your love.

rod: that's what i want -- warm feelings, unprofessionalism, and coherency. yay!

autumn m: yay! kansas for obama! crushing the lesbians was my favorite part, just for the record.

anonymous: it'd seem i also have nightmares about sarah palin.

eric mathew: oh yeah, sarah palin secretly wants to get into max's pants, poke around a little, and see what's going on in there. tinkerbell should do sarah vlogs but she hates sarah palin a lot and misses littlefoot.

ooo lynnie ooo: thank you. it is thanks to the support of you and many others like you that enable us to go on in the face of more profitable activities.

mary kate: i know, cindy mccain is a nut. well really i doubt anyone who marries that dude while he's still married to his disabled ex-wife carol, who was then given a job at the regan white house because nancy thought it was b.s. that mccain left carol for cindy. these are the things that mccain doesn't like to talk about, obvs.

chloe: haviland is way more eloquent than the real palin, i think. although i did use separate clips of all the choosing talk, and she managed to repeat that with palin-like zest.

i'm excited to see how that goes too! cheers!

Anonymous said...

fantastic, haviland. just fantastic. i agree with mira--"crushing the lesbians"--perfection! also, your facial expressions were dead on.

quick question though: who was that cute girl hanging out at the end there for a few seconds? hmmmmm?!