Friday, October 03, 2008

Autowin Exclusive! Alice Pieszecki Interviews Sarah Palin ... like O like BAMA in your VLOG

Hey there! Remember tonight when Joe Biden opened up a can of whoop-ass on Sarah Palin? That was cool. Not mooseburger-cool, but cool. No, cooler than that. I bet you're wondering about Haviland Stillwell, remember her, my best friend, she moved to Los Angeles, leaving me here in the dark and heartless city of non-angels. Well, I have a video. Maybe it's related to both Haviland and Sarah Palin, and maybe it's not. Maybe it's not stellar quality, but I know who we can blame for that. Um, well, I'm not going to blame all of man made actions on the quality of youtube videos, but I don't really think that's the point. The point is there's a problem, and I'm not fixing it. I wouldn't run this country if you paid me. JK. I'd do anything if you paid me. Hand job anyone?

Also, if you've got a youtube account, please rank it five stars. Some asshole voted 1 star, probs it was Piper, and we're trying to do some damage control. You know how I am about winning.


Anonymous said...

Leslie Lohan and her friend in the hat!

not just loling, but laughing intrusively loud.

stef said...

piper you little minx.

when haviland told me about this i thought it was gonna be you as alice interviewing her... i'm a little disappointed, honestly.. and haviland, that location doesn't look a whole lot like alaska to me. i gave it five stars anyway, cos i put my country first.

asher said...

i was totally just gonna write

"leslie lohan and her friend in the hat."

i guess mindy beat me to it. :)

eric mathew said...

I don't know who this piper is, but lemme tell you she's going down. People don't understand that 1 stars can really effing hurt a video. and then that hurts your feelings. HavStill did a phenom job and she looks so sharp in the white suit, but i enjoy the redish cami underneath to bring out her facial features. like always nice editing m'lady. was that cybill in that one part? I don't really know the show (tisk tisk) but I was watching an interview at work with Cybs and she said she will only be on two episodes this season. But her daughter will be back. Anyhoo, lemme tell you about what's happing down on main street usa, them kids by gosh are singing "Drill Baby Drill, Oil Inferno" and gosh darnitt I'm gonna help them, just like I am helping all those students in Mr. Heath's 3rd grade class, rememner don't stay up too late, the creationsim test is tomorrow *WINK*.

p.s. I love Jill (Jacobs) Biden. She is such a sweet lady, I say that from meeting her. She also dresses sharp. I can only imagine the tips Michelle and Jill talk about. Say the newest shady of MAC lip gloss.. BUT both women are insanely smart. I never knew Jill had an B.A., M.Ed., M.A., Ed.D. and Michelle has a BA and a JD. WOW! Anyway.. my throat hurts...

gossip gay

Anonymous said...

brilliant, haviland, brilliant! my fave: the boys, oh! and the girls, and the girls!...clobbered me during a little bumper boat game of who's got the nuclear weapon


Vashti said...

That was great. 5 stars.

I was definitely following your live-tweet of the debate tonight [not that I'm a creeper, just that I was on twitter commenting on every little thing too..] and yeah. YEAH. Some of my favorite Palin debate moments would have to be when she called Joe Biden "Senator OBiden" and when she said "He is the man we need to leave..." in reference to McCain [obvs just a slip of the tongue BUT STILL!].

a. said...

Well done!

Any Palin impressions from now on need winking every two or so minutes. Creepy.

dani said...

how brilliant! i think i have to rewatch it all day.

Anonymous said...

The VP debate ate my brain. Oh, whatever, Sarah Palin. Do you think Sarah Palin is more or less incompetent than Dan Quayle? Like, maybe she realizes the difference between real and fictional people, unlike Dan Quayle (lol Murphy Brown wtf), but she seems to think seeing Russia from Alaska is acceptable as knowledge of foreign policy. Hmmm.

Haviland as Sarah Palin was serious lols. Also loved Haviland in a power suit and how the video was spliced together, lol Ourchart.

Mercury said...

I thoroughly enjoy Sarah Palin spoofs but this was the best I've ever seen. OMG. I laughed so hard I cried. Thanks!

I am living proof that Alaska has queer people too. I don't know any foreigners either.

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused as to why Haviland took the glasses off for 90 percent of this thing. It's like doing an Obama impression and not being black.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

"My very best friend is a gay."


I heart you kids. Like this: <3

Bokolis said...

Hey, that's pretty good!!

The funny thing is, it's not that much of a spoof. Haviland as Palin is fitting, as having to look "less than her best" underscores that Palin is nowhere near the hottie that the "gotcha media" portray.

Palin is dangerous, even moreso that Bush. While Bush is a clueless know-nothing and revels in it, he, at least, is in on the joke.

Palin would stop at nothing to convince you otherwise and seek to eliminate all those that couldn't be convinced. Her power-trippy(See You Next Tuesday)-iness, from 5 time zones away, is already legendary. She'd definitely make a move- and by make a move, I mean to take him out- on him.

With his health, it wouldn't be all that difficult. Palin, while McCain's suga-daughta is away pushing Bud bottles or something, climbing on to of McCain, rides him to a coronary and...

caitlinmae said...

Again with the magical editing skillz!
This one didn't make me cry, but it was still spot on. Obama/Stillwell'12 (or CLINTON/STILLWELL '12)

autumn m said...

i must say, hilarious!!!! great country of Alaska!!! that was the best ever. so during the vp debate, at the very beginning when they walked on stage, did anyone else notice Palin's mic was on? she was shaking biden's hand and was all, "Nice to meet you......... Can i Call you Joe?? (insanely awkward giggle)". perhaps i'm the only one who thought it was funny. but i was laughing, and then i was like, Really sarah palin, really??? and basically Haviland rocks.

On another note that has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, gas prices here are under 3 dollars. $2.99 to be exact. just thought i would share the joy.

Unknown said...

That was hilarious. Haviland did a super job at being Palin and the ourchart bit was really funny. I laughed out loud for real.

riese said...

Mindy: I love it when people quote my jokes, and thereofre I love this comment.

stef: My favorite part about your feelings regarding the Election 2008 is your obsession with the Palin children. When everyone is tweeting about the debate you can count on Stef to reference one of Palin's many kin. If they are elected, continuing commentary from Stef regarding the Palin children will be the only thing keeping me from jumping off the bridge.

asher: That's okay, I like being complemented twice.

gossip gay: Eric Mathew you need to find out who Piper is right now. Also that cami is a dress, you may or may not get to see more of that later in the interview. Cybil's character was retarded, her daughter's is way cuter so I'm glad she'll be back. I love all the democratic spouses. I wish Sarah Palin was gay so she could have a first lady for me to love instead of her, 'cause I don't love her.

natalie: Hiiiii Natalie! I love you! Make sure your fam and everyone in Arizona sees it. :-)

Vashti: My favorite parts of the debate were every time Sarah Palin answered a question like she was trying to get enough words into her essay box for the test. I think I was too busy screaming to catch the O'Bidens, but I saw all the tweets about it.

A. Oh, dually noted. We'll incorporate that into our next one.

dani: Oh please do!

Anonymous: Funny you should mention Quayle -- an early cut of the video, before I got annoyed about some music issues and cut it out, flashed to a Time magazine cover of "the quayle factor" when Alice said " She's even beat out the biggest player in the history of Players!" referring to Shane. I think Sarah is way more incompetent than Quayle, fo'sho.

Mercury: Yay! Get ready for more! I feel like your state is so famous right now.

Dave: Haviland has issued a statement that she regrets not employing her glasses although as indicated in the start of the business Sarah Palin stated that she lost her glasses during a game of bumper boat who has the nuclear weapon at debate camp.

brooklyn boy: We heart you too, like all kinds of emoticons.

bokolis: hey, thanks!

I find Palin petrifying. For women ... for America ... and I don't understand why anyone thinks her performance in the debate was even halfway adequete. She didn't answer any questions. The only thing she did differently was speak directly to the camera, not tilt her head or sound like she was grappling for words as she did with KC. She just got some stage tips. The rest of it was same old crap.

caitlinmae: howevs, if they manage to win, that will make everyone cry. then i'll set myself on fire and it'll be a really good video.

autumn m: see, aren't you proud to be on our side? Gas prices here are still a million dollars. I know this because this morning I had to fill up Alex's mom's car and it cost 50 bucks, holy shit. I thought that "can I call you Joe?" was such a weird way to start. I thought it was gonna be part of some plan to do something terribly evil. I'm still not convinced that it wasn't.

mary kate: Our Chart and Sarah Palin - things that will always be funny, for almost the same reason (overconfident dictators doing weird stupid things that sound way better in theory than execution)

Becky said...

HAHAHA! i love it.
please post part 2.

Haviland said...

I love all y'all, darn right!

Can't wait to see parts 2 and 3 and Tina Fey's take on it tonight!

My heart is all warm and fuzzy.

Atherton Bartelby said...

I would have rated that a five even without you telling me to do so. That was frickin' AWESOME! Totally made of AutoWin!

carlytron said...

this was amazing.

riese said...

cookies: oh i will and soon!

haviland stillwell: hiii i love you! my heart is all cold but trying.

atherton: Yayayyy!

carlytron: thank you.

Chloe said...

this is almost as funny as the know...that one where sarah palin tried to not be ignorant and it didn't work out?