Friday, May 23, 2008

Auto-Fun & NEWNOWNEXT VIDEO of the Day :: 5-23-2008

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, fairies, ponies, unicorns, uh huh her groupies, tinkerbell and littlefoot, etc.: I'd like to share with you, before the auto-fun and the snack (graham crackers and peanut butter w/apple juice obvs), a short film. This film was created by me because last week we attended the Logo NewNowNext awards and now I'm supposed to have a video for The L Word Online documenting our efforts. That video will come. Just like rain, snow and me to Carly's office to teach me this g-dforsaken program (Final Cut Express). Using the four or five skills I mastered on FC today, I've assembled a little preview/teaser. I like the word "teaser," it's like oh! Is that a feather on your nose or are you just happy to tease me? Etc. I encourage you to visit the youtube page to view this, you can select "high quality" and it's way better. This video includes superstars like Me, Alex Vega, Caitlin's voice behind the camera, our friend Carly, Michelle Williams, Heather Matarazzo (and her GF Caroline who we know from Cruise '07), Wilson Cruz (RICKIE VASQUEZ!), Candis Cayne, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Eichner, The Dazzle Dancers, Heloise Williams and the Savior Fair, Michelle Paradise, Maeve Quinlan and Jack Mackenroth.

Also our super talented friend Robin does photography for them and so she made lots of memories for us:

quote: "We can so easily slip back from which we have struggled to attain, abruptly, into a life we never wanted; can find that we are trapped, as in a dream, and die there, without ever waking up. This can occur. Anyone who has lifted his blood into a years-long work may find that he can't sustain it, the force of gravity is irresistable, and it falls back, worthless. For somewhere there is an ancient enmity between our daily life and the great work. Help me, in saying it, to understand it." (Rainer Maria Rilke)

1) How to Judge a Book by Its Cover:"what makes a good blub?" (@the guardian uk books)
2) Possibly not just in it for the drama: La-Lohan & Sam I Am (@jezebel) Although I don't link to the blogs of people I know (in some way) in the auto-fun (see: shared items), I occasionally break that rule when Lozo turns three, or when Stef writes basically a Pulitzer-Prize worthy poetry series about the iconic lesbian couple, LOLohan and Sam-Ro. It's not to be missed, that's why it's linked here AND in the shared items. Forevs and evs. (@big-exit)
3) This year at Thanksgiving I can't forget to be grateful for the cutting-edge New York Times Thursday Styles Trends Pieces, like this one! "I Love What You Didn't Do To Your Chip Nails" : "Like untied high-tops, thread-worn jeans and bedhead, [chipped nail polish is] now part of a deliberate look." (@nytimes)
4) Cameron Mackintosh is trying to "rediscover the heart of Lez Miz." I hope it's in the first hour or so 'cause after that I drifted off. (@The Philadelpia Inquirier)
5) It's the guy they wouldn't let into the country! Sebastian Horsely interviewed: "The Dandy Man Can: Sebastian Horsely, lover of rock and Francis Bacon, gets deported for 'moral turpitude." (
6) Ellen DeGeneres asks McCain to walk her down the aisle. ( and the video is up at jezebel.
7) Thirteen Ways of Looking at Super Mario Bros (@yankee pot roast)
8) I LOVED THIS: "Exposed" by Emily Gould (@the ny times magazine)
9) Poem: "Neck" by Sarah Arvio : "I love you with all my soul / and all my I don't know what else to say / my friendishness and my girlishness." (@the new yorker)
10) I am not the only person on earth who reads while in traffic, in line, on the exercise bike, at the dinner table. This girl does too. She's also got tips on a site that offers books as disguised workish documents: "Wherever you may find the moment". (@reasons you will hate me.)


eric mathew said...

omg the film. wonderful. and it will be.

so happy to see heather in it. and that carly i love her style.

p.s. the only things new in les miz are that there is no turn-table and no which is sad because now i have to sing all the fantine parts.


eric mathew said...

oh and this is from the party:

caitlin said...

wow you can hear everything so much better than i thought you would! also, i just have one question- WHERE'S HAVILANDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!????!?!!!!????!!!!!!

also, in all seriousness, good job!

stef said...

i can't watch this yet but will later but i'm sure it's lovely (i feel like i say this in every post involving video, but bear with me).. the point of this comment is I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU POSTED A LINK TO SOME RANDOM PICTURE OF SAMANTHA AND LINDSAY AND NOT MY HAIKUS.

i feel so betrayed.

also, why would anybody sit through les mis when there's no haviland that was the only thing keeping me going.

Dave Lozo said...

my goal is to one day be your quote.

stef said...

damn right.
you're excused.

Haviland Stillwell said...

riese, this looks really good...omg CARLY - teach her, babe, teach excited for our final cut vlogging future on the left coast! ooh vlogging ooh!

also, here i am, caitlin, here i am!

shannon said...

That chipped nails article annoyed the crap out of me. Mostly for the last line, which posited that while chipped finger nails are oh-so-trendy, chipped toe nails are just utterly unacceptable? Wtf, NYT Styles? That doesn't make any sense.

Sorry, love the auto-fun!

Jaime said...

That poem is FUCKING AWESOME. I will write an homage entitled "Don't Pull My Hair If We Kiss on the First Date, It's Fucking Creepy."

dani said...

I feel like dancin'!
this teaser teases like I want more.

A. said...

Lovely teaser. Always good to know that Carly is still alive.

Samantha Ronson makes Lindsay Lohan likeable.

Have you picked up This Book Will Save You Life yet? I finished it earlier this week, and the ending is indescribable. I'd even mail the thing to you at this point, MUST READ.

riese said...

eric mathew: you and carly are wearing the same outfit? ("you" = in your user icon). lez mis without haviland is sad, but it's also happy, 'cause now she's got more free time and less back pain from the turntable, holla.

caitlin: you're a master videographer for SURE. what if I said "haviland is up your ass, with the microphone," how'd you like them apples? Haha. Ha. Hm. thanks!

stef: woman! I HAVE A "NO LINKING TO PERSONAL BLOGS UNLESS THEY ARE BY PEOPLE I TOTALLY DON'T KNOW AT ALL IN ANY CAPACITY AND WHO SEEM TO BE POSSIBLY IN ANOTHER WORLD ALTOGETHER AND ARE WRITING about not themselves" POLICY. But -- good point. I mean, I try to only link to personal blogs that aren't about personal things, but that defo wasn't, like it didn't matter that I knew you, if it had been by a stranger on jezebel I would've linked to it, and therefore I feel it falls into yet another one of the arbitrary rule exceptions to my arbitrary self-imposed rules and omg am i still tpying.

No I really did like the haikus though, in fact, independently of a public forum Crystal and I even discussed our affection for the lohan haikus.

I had Haviland stillwell and a bottle of vodka, and I barely made it, so I don't know.

dave lozo: I can't believe you said that on Rilke day. I guess you could've said that on Plato day.

stef: have you watched the video yet?

haviland stillwell: oooVloggingooO!!! Also, we'll always vlog w/imovie, it's my first love.

shannon: I know, they have to keep us on our toes. (see that? what i did there?). But also, that's retarded, because almost everyone has chipped toenail polish, maintaining that shit is expensive and impractical. this is why i stay indoors.

jaime: That's the spirit!
Also, I think I will write an homage called "Please pull my hair on the first date, I might fall in love."

dani: me too! hm. someone should edit it stat!!!!

a.: I also feel encouraged by the ongoing alive-hood of all my friends. SHe works at logo, it's one big gay familyyyyyy.

Ok, I haven't. In my defense, I've been the worst reader ever lately. Music for Torching had an ending that made me upset. I'll put it next on my list. and I'll do that for you. I just wrote "me" on accident. I don't have to say "i wonder what that means," because I think we all know. mememe.

carlytron said...

Riese, I will teach you Final Cut and it will be amazing.

Hi, I'm alive, more from me coming soon (I think) in the form of SUPER AWESOME guest appearances in vlogs. My SUPER AMAZING JOB keeps me very very busy. Gotta make gay TV, gotta keep the people happy.