Monday, May 19, 2008

And ... We're Back!

This morning circa 8 A.M., the Verizon man added himself to the short list of "men who've recently seen me in my underwear" ... and by that I mean ... after a week of intense first worldian struggle resembling the struggle of people who are drowning and can't swim & the struggle of people who do not have real problems like me (Sia is the one with real problems, FYI) : I've got internet back now! For longer than random ten minute intervals! For reals reals! so I'll be responding to comments, posting, reading your blog, etc., with something resembling "regularity," really soon. Possibly even tomorrow, like Annie! Also, big up to Malcom X, apparently it's his birthday today and that's why Starbucks is closed.

Oh and, by request, here's Tink in her hot UH HUH HER-signed outfit. It's hard to read in the photo, 'cause reading is hard (just ask YouTube!) but Leisha wrote "HOT DOG," which coincidentally is the object Tom pondered shooting down a hallway in TLW Episode Five-Something: Blackout Sexathon. If you missed it, his final decision was to do Max like a man.

There's a lot of sexual references to men in this "post," I guess I may as well mention Lozo. That's all. Just throwing it out there for good measure. Ha ha measure ... um. OK, girls are hot, xoxo gossip girl.