Monday, May 05, 2008

Auto-Fun of the Day :: 5-5-2008

Happy Cinco De Mayo! If you live in NYC and plan to participate in the day's festivities, just remember, this isn't the Puerto Rican Day Parade, it's just Cinco de Mayo. So go to Senor Swanky's, Gabriella's, Rosa Mexicano, TGI Friday's, wherevs, have a margarita, and party like you're white as stuff white people like and it's the Rose Bowl (even if you're not white and don't like football, e.g., me, I'm 1/64th Native American). Following your activities, please take off your cape/flag and put your garbage (especially animal bones) in the garbage cans, thank you.

Also, look how cute Tinkerbell is in Hollywood! She's like, "Hi Hollywood, here I come! Wheeeee!!!!"

quote: "We become the stories we tell about ourselves." (Michael Cunningham)

1. When we went to the Spice Girls, Ginger Spice totally made serious eye contact with Haviland and probs that moment of intense connection what's inspired her to "hang up her hotpants and union jack boots, today embarking on a new career as a children's author." Also, in the car back from Newark, Cait told Stef on the phone that Hav was in the backseat with Ginger Spice, and Stef fully believed us for about 14 hours, 'til informed that no, there was no Ginger Spice, we're just assholes with requisite asshole in-jokes. (@guardian uk books)
2. I've read nothing for about a week except this article, three times. Seriously, just do it: "The Memory Addict" by Sam Anderson (@ny mag)
3. The National Magazine Awards: (@nsame)
4. "Hard Sell, Soft Touch and the Right Question": Barbara Walter's Memoir, Reviewed (@the ny times)
5. 50 Greatest Commercial Parodies of All time; including parodies from SNL, MadTV, In Living Color, SCTV, etc. Highlights include "Excedrin for Racial Tension Headaches," "Nikey Turkey," and "Compulsion by Calvin Klien." (@nerve/ifc)
6. Vote for the world's top public intellectuals. I don't know what that means but I feel like probs I should win maybe. (@prospect UK)
7. What happens when human beings (e.g., Miley Cyrus) become brand names (Hannah Montana) and then get their photos taken by actual artists: A Photographic Collision of Stars, in Living Color.
8. Inspirational PDF Magazines (@smashing magazine)
9. Attack of the Aristo-Brats! "Children of the rich and famous are taking over the world. Welcome to the new age of nepotism." (@radar)
10. "Infidelity" by Phillip White (@poetry magazine)


Anonymous said...

"Wherever you are
in me I’m there, though it’s not what you wanted."

Wait, I can't decide how this makes me feel after your last post, it's like groundhog day.

- Anonymous500

chaitee said...

God, that Anderson review on Burroughs - have read it so many times this week. SO GOOD.

Lozo said...

i love when you write like this. it moves me in a way that makes me recognize the pain and happiness in my own soul.

stef said...

ok to be fair, i am hearing impaired and heard "backstage with ginger spice," which sounded like ginger spice had actually motley crued haviland into some darkened back lounge somewhere... which was plausible. i mean, it's haviland.

you guys are still jerks.

dani said...

tinkerbell definitely needs some sunglasses...
I love Sam Anderson...I haven't heard of him before.
And: I just started reading with Tipping the Velvet.
I know...that's no topic here, but you really educate my thank you...once again.

Natalie J. said...

I'm stoked that there seems to be a reference to 'Stuff White People Like' in your post. Have you seen 'White Stuff People Like' though? Limited possibilities, hours of fun.

Loving your work.

asher said...

thanks for the inspirational pdf magazines and top magazines list links. how'd you know i was reworking my magazine for my portfolio today?

riese said...

anonymous 500 - it feels like back to the future a little bit, for me. what's that quote.

chaitee - before i had a sort of fake sam anderson crush, and now it's real love, and i don't know what to do with it.

lozo - thank you lozo. i mean, i have no words. that's all i can say, is thank you, you know. i don't deserve it.

stef - i am looking for a joke that has something to do with not being able to hear the music (jodi reference), your relationship to music, and that you said "hearing impaired." on a more serious note, yeah, we totally are jerks.

dani - one of her eyes is bigger than the other, we think that'll be a selling point.

natalie j. - ok, before looking, which would count as cheating, i'd like to mention that i like angels, vanilla ice cream, and blank sheets of paper.

asher - you can usually bet if it's design related, it's stolen from a;ex's shared items. i'd credit her every time, but if i started credited my real-life people every time they deserved it, that'd be a lot of footnotes, like this comment, which i think is already longer than yours. hm.

Natalie J. said...

Whilst I am on the subject of white things, and whilst I am able to get a response from a real live American person, do you have swans on your side of the pond?

Crystal said...

I love Hannah Montana. I don't have anything else to add 'cause I haven't had time to read the links yet. Anywho. Hi.

Adam said...

re: the Burroughs article

Can I get a link to the article the commenters were reading? I have a hard time imagining how what I read could be construed as a jealous snarky hack trying to 'take down' an ahead-of-his-time genius, but I love reading snark, so I'm sure I'd enjoy whatever it was that they read almost as much as I enjoyed the actual article.

Chloe said...

i'm 1/64 native american too! and also according to a recent family tree don't by my grandmother i'm apparently 1/something-th, maybe 64th? black.

it totes shows.

thought i'd share that fun little factoid.

eric mathew said...

the article was good. totes.

tink looks amazing. i wish i had her tan and her life., vodka tonics when wanted....

saw hedwig for the first time last night...entranced.

miss you & tink. hope your cinco was better than mine.

riese said...

natalie j - there are lots of swans in my imagination

crystal - yeah you love Hannah Montana

adam - they're actually talking about the sam anderson article about burroughs ...

chloe - i just want you to know that if you're also related to pochahantas, that we are related. you and me. etc.

eric mathew - if my cinco was better than yours, i am sad for everyone in the whole world but mostly for the people of mexico. i am talking crazy, it happens.

Adam said...

:::plugs his ears and goes 'la la la':::

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you, I was busy living in a world where people can read, and don't post insane shit in response to perfectly lucid and interesting essays.

riese said...

Adam - Look, I have one thing to say. I LOVE YOU AUGUSTEN!! OMG!!! LOL!!!! Wait, JK, I have something else to say, jerkhole, wait hang on, I need to quote Jonathan Swift really quickly. brb.

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