Thursday, January 24, 2008

Call to Arms/For Serious ... And Speaking of Winners

1. Firstly, Jo ... email me with your address and you'll receive some stickers, which you can use to tape people's mouths shut if they talk too much or have too many feelings. I obviously speak from experience.

Everyone nominate me for this.

Um -- JK!! apparently it's not working. As soon as it starts working again, I'll let you know. UPDATE : It is now working!

I saw that the grand prize includes a dyke duck, which's the world's first lesbian rubber duckie, and goddammit, I want that fucking duck.

You can nominate this blog or Auto-Straddle or both. Together we can end world hunger.

Here is the queer duck, as you can see, my life would not be complete if this duck was not in it.


Honey said...

Educate me about that James Joyce quote! Please please please!

Adam said...

I think I used to date that duck.

wordver: usiadik

Proof positive that these wordvers aren't random at all. Cmon.

Bridget said...

There's nothing like a lesbian rubber duck to make you feel pride in your community.

riese said...

honey - consider yourself edumucated.

adam - i AM dating this duck. they obvs aren't random but rather messages from higher powers.

bridget- there's nothing like WINNING a lesbian rubber duck to make you feel pride in your community.

eric mathew said...

well you ladies have my vote. and i am digging the pic...because
a.) you both look insanely happy.
b.) those teeth are white and to die for.

are you singing les miz on the beach? maybe do an impromptu production of good vibrations...

Vassar said...

Happy escape to sunshine, ladies!
For one of the first times in my life, I literally lol-ed at something. In the form of a flow chart:

oh! riese posted ---> haha hello riese and haviland ---> oh neat TLL, L word joke --->scroll down---> LOL (it was a low chuckle, as I feel best befits that sort of visual encounter.)

Lozo said...

that duck looks part chandler bing, part terminator, part, well, duck. you can't buy that in stores?

it's probably best my nomination didn't go through. i still say screw dorothy surrenders. if corey hart taught us anything, it's that you can never surrender.

asher said...

because of the l word, i just read part eric mathew's comment as "lez mis".

i'm assuming i'm not the first to notice this ridiculosity?

Kelly said...

Hi Ladies, I'm the editor over at TLL. You may just need to do a hard refresh (ctrl + refesh) to submit your nomination comments. I had an issue with a Wordpress plugin, but it should now be fixed.

Bridget said...

Go Riese Go Riese !!

---- howevs ------

let's not make too big a thing out of the duck or else there will be endless jokes about it b/t Phyllis and Joyce

and/or Alice will have 2 make a podcast about it

(poor boyria - he'll just mope about not having a T rubber ducky)

Ali said...

That duck is hilarious, particularly the frosted mullet. Who wouldn't covet such an object? I really hope you win and provide it with a lady-luvin' home.

Stephanie said...

haha, all the comments nominating you that I glanced at have some variation of "hands down totes" in them. sweet.

rouge à levres rouge said...

duck revival

minna said...

I don't usually comment, but I have to comment on the quote of the day. Because really? The Muppets Take Manhattan? Fucking priceless.

And p to the s: That prize is most awesome :)

Word ver is "hyjmeh", and I'm coming up all hymen.

Lozo said...

hey, speaking of broken promises, how about the answer to your post of lies already?

Lozo said...

this is bullshit. since i have the same answers as jo, i sure as shit better be getting some stickers in the mail.

Lozo said...

oh. nevermind. continue.